Philosophical Magazine: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental and Applied Physics

الغلاف الأمامي
Taylor & Francis., 1867

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الصفحة 480 - Thus the law of universal attraction becomes pure Metaphysics if we withdraw from it the verifiable specification of its mode of operation. Withdraw the formula " inversely as the square of the distance and directly as the mass," and Attraction is left standing a mere
الصفحة 507 - The conclusions he had thus been able to arrive at are the following : — (1) That the surface of the chalk in the Valley of the Somme had assumed its present form prior to the deposition of any of the gravel or loess...
الصفحة 556 - ... the highest temperatures to which it is likely to be exposed even under very exceptional climatic conditions. The only influences which the addition of that amount of carbonate to gun-cotton might exert upon its properties as an explosive would consist in a trifling addition to the small amount of smoke attending its combustion, and in a slight retardation of its explosion, neither of which could be regarded as results detrimental to the probable value of the material.
الصفحة 98 - The creaking of my boots sets it in violent commotion. The crumpling or tearing of a bit of paper, or the rustle of a silk dress, does the same. It is startled by the patter of a rain-drop.
الصفحة 439 - Nothing can give a notion of the charm which he imparted to these improvised lectures, in which he knew how to combine animated and often eloquent language with a judgment and art in his experiments which added to the clearness and elegance of his exposition. He exerted an actual fascination upon his auditors ; and when, after having initiated them into the mysteries of science, he terminated his lecture, as he was in the habit of doing, by rising into regions far above matter, space, and time, the...
الصفحة 128 - Were it not for the ice, the summers of North Greenland, owing to the continuance of the sun above the horizon, would be as warm as those of England ; but, instead of this, tho » Tyndall, " On Heat,
الصفحة 263 - Lenarto has no doubt come from such an atmosphere, in which hydrogen greatly prevailed. This meteorite may be looked upon as holding imprisoned within it, and bearing to us, the hydrogen of the stars.
الصفحة 346 - U-tube, one metre in length, whose sides were moistened internally with water, while the tube itself was cooled by being immersed in a vessel of cold water. On passing atmospheric air in a favourable state through this apparatus, at the rate of three litres per minute, the test-paper was distinctly tinged in two or three minutes, provided no heat was applied to the glass globe. But when the temperature of the air, as it passed through the globe, was maintained at 260° C., not the slightest action...
الصفحة 436 - ... Europe. They prove to us that we could not by any re-arrangement of the relative positions of land and water produce for the northern hemisphere a climate which would explain the phenomena in a satisfactory manner. We must," he continues, "admit that we are face to face with a problem whose solution in all probability must be attempted, and, we doubt not, completed by the astronomer.
الصفحة 383 - I observed that the flame of the last-mentioned burner exhibited pulsations in height which were exactly synchronous with the audible beats. This phenomenon was very striking to every one in the room, and especially so when the strong notes of the violoncello came in. It was exceedingly interesting to observe how perfectly even the trills of this instrument were reflected on the sheet of flame. A deaf man might have seen the harmony.

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