Palmyrene Aramaic texts

الغلاف الأمامي
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996 - 458 من الصفحات
Palmyrene Aramaic Texts is a compendious edition of the published Aramaic inscriptions from ancient Palmyra (Tadmor) in Syria as well as Palmyrene inscriptions from elsewhere in the Roman empire. The book has three main parts: a bibliography, the texts, and a glossary. Nearly all of the individual Aramaic texts are accompanied by an indication of provenance, present location, genre, relations to other texts in the same group, and bibliographic references. For multilingual inscriptions, the related Greek or Latin text is given. The extensive glossary supplies the place of notes or translations of individual texts and contains definitions, grammatical analyses of all attested forms, and citations (with translations) illustrating the contexts in which a word occurs. The book includes an English-Aramaic index to the glossary, a list of personal names, and a number of concordances of text references, including museum numbers, to facilitate relation of this edition to earlier works in the field. Three maps are also included, for location purposes. Palmyrene Aramaic Texts is a contribution to Palmyrene studies that will be useful as well within the fields of Semitic studies, biblical studies, ancient history, and history of art. Publications of The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project

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Delbert R. Hillers is professor emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at the Johns Hopkins University. His books include Covenant: History of a Biblical Idea, also published by Johns Hopkins. Eleanora Cussini teaches at the University of Padova, Italy.

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