An Introduction to the Fifth Book of Hooker's Treatise of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity

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Originally published in 1907. Contents Include - The Character of Hooker's Writings and Work - The Puritan Position - The Life of Hooker - The Preface to the Treatise, and the First Four Books - The Fith Book - The Sequel of the Fith Book - The Outcome of the Hooker's Work - Kox, Gilby, Goodman, and Whittingham - The Parliments of 1566 and 1571 - Disiplina Eccleia Sacra - A Book of the Forme of Common Prayers, Administration of the Sacraments, & c., Agreeable to Gods Worde, and the Use of the Reformed Churches - The Editions of Hooker's Treatise of the Laws of Ecclessiastical Polity - Hacket's Conspiracy - The Last Three Books of the Treatise, and the Opuscula

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