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The Comité, 1897

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الصفحة 193 - It is likewise ordered that muskett bulletts, of a full boare, shall pass currantly for a farthing a-piece, provided that noe man be compelled to take above XII pence att a tyme in them.
الصفحة 81 - We have supposed Mr. Rittenhouse second to no astronomer living: that in genius he must be the first, because he is self-taught. As an artist he has exhibited as great a proof of mechanical genius as the world has ever produced. He has not indeed made a world; but he has by imitation approached nearer its Maker than any man who has lived from the creation to this day.
الصفحة 206 - But the chief design of a national mint is to subserve the interests of the people at large preferably to a few large owners of bullion or coin. The interests of the public and of depositors are not always concurrent in the matter under discussion. Depositors of large amounts call for coin in a form which gives the least trouble to count, and banking institutions, in addition to that, may prefer it in a form not likely to be drawn out. Many who present their checks at these...
الصفحة 70 - America," and his failure to mention the Kabal, together with the other potter's appurtenances (herewith shown), as illustrating its use, in the possession of the Museum of Science and Art of the University of Pennsylvania for the past two years.
الصفحة 76 - Rittenhouse was never so little himself as to suffer himself to be taken off his guard on this occasion. This province is willing to honor him as her own ; and believe me, many of his friends wondered at the newspaper article ;* and regretted that he should think so little of his noble invention as to consent to let it go to a village ; unless he had first found on trial that his friends in this city had not spirit to take it. For if he would wish to be known by this work, and introduced to the best...
الصفحة 222 - Fr. Leonardo Levanto, Provincial que fue dos veces de la Provincia de S. Hypolito Martyr de Oaxaca, y una de la de S, Miguel, y Santos Angeles de la Puebla, Prior tres veces del Convento Grande, y otras tres del Convento de Recoleccion de NP Sto Domingo Soriano, Comisario del Smó...
الصفحة 66 - PHILADELPHIA. rT~'HE object of this Bulletin is the publication •* of new material acquired by the Museum of Science and Art of the University of Pennsylvania with accounts of explorations conducted by the Museum and original investigations based upon its collections. The subscription price is One Dollar per year (four numbers). Communications should be addressed to THE EDITOR OF THE BULLETIN, Museum of Science and Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
الصفحة 199 - CASTLE.'' If we may rely upon the statement of an English writer of the day, Mr. Wood's coin did not meet with a very cordial reception in America, for the pamphlet says: " Wood obtained a patent for coining small money for the English...
الصفحة 10 - ... after a greatly interrupted study of it for over seven years I reluctantly yield the solving of the enigma to others, having got no nearer an explanation of it than when I first began, contented, however, with the conviction that the usual attribution assigned to it has been disproved.
الصفحة 249 - American Numismatic Manual. By Montroville Wilson Dickeson, MD Philadelphia, 1860. A Practical Guide to the Detection of all Counterfeit, Spurious, Raised, Altered and Photograph Bank Notes. By TH Gilbert. Philadelphia, 1861. A History of the Bills of Credit or Paper Money issued by New York from 1709 to 1789. By John H. Hickcox. Albany, 1866. Heath's Government Counterfeit Detector. Boston, 1870. The Early Coins of America. By Sylvester S. Crosby. Boston, 1878. Varieties of the Copper Issues of...

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