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As the heat by a thick cloud, the triumph of the for

midable shall be humbled.
6 And JEHOVAH God of Hosts shall make,

For all the peoples, in this mountain,
A feast of delicacies, a feast of old wines;
Of delicacies exquisitely rich, of old wines perfectly re-

17 And on this mountain shall he destroy

The covering, that covered the face of all the peoples ;

And the vail, that was spread over all the nations. 8 He shall utterly destroy death for ever; And the Lord JEHOVAH shall wipe away the tear from

off all faces; . . .
And the reproach of his people shall he remove from

off the whole earth:
For JEHOVAH hath spoken it.
9 In that day shall they say:

Behold, this is our God;
We have trusted in him, and he hath saved us:

This is JEHOVAH; we have trusted in him ;

We will rejoice, and triumph, in his salvation.
10 For the hand of JEHOVAH shall give rest upon this

And Moab shall be threshed in his place,

As the straw is threshed under the wheels of the car. 11 And he shall stretch out his hands in the midst thereof,

As he, that sinketh, stretcheth out his hands to swim : .
But God shall bring down his pride with the sudden

gripe of his hands.
12 And the bulwark of thy high walls shall he lay low:
He shall bring them down to the ground; he shall lay

them in the dust.

CHAP. 1 In that day shall this song be sung:
XXVI. In the land of Judah we have a strong city;

Salvation shall he establish for walls and bulwarks.
2 Open ye the gates, and let the righteous nation enter;
3 Constant in the truth, stayed in mind:

Thou shalt preserve them in perpetual peace,
Because they have trusted in thee.

4 Trust ye in JEHOVAH for ever;

For in JEHOVAH is never-failing protection.
5 For he hath humbled those, that dwell on high;

The lofty city, he hath brought her down:
He hath brought her down to the ground; .

He hath levelled her with the dust. 6 The foot shall trample upon her;

The feet of the poor, the steps of the needy. 7 The way of the righteous is perfectly straight;

Thou most exactly levellest the path of the righteous. 8 Even in the way of thy laws, O JEHOVAH,

We have placed our confidence in thy name ;
And in the remembrance of thee is the desire of our

1 soul. 9 With my soul have I desired thee in the night; Yea with my inmost spirit in the morn have I sought

For when thy judgments are in the earth,

The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. 10 Though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet will he not

learn righteousness: In the very land of rectitude he will deal perversely;

And will not regard the majesty of JEHOVAH. 11 JEHOVAH, thy hand is lifted up, yet will they not see : But they shall see, with confusion, thy zeal for thy


Yea the fire shall burn up thine adversaries. 12 JEHOVAH, thou wilt ordain for us peace : For even all our mighty deeds thou hast performed for

us. 13 O JEHOVAH, our God! Other lords, exclusive of thee, have had dominion over

us :

Thee only, and thy name, henceforth will we celebrate. 14 They are dead, they shall not live;

They are deceased tyrants, they shall not rise: i
Therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them;

And all memorial of them thou hast abolished. 15 Thou hast added to the nation, O JEHOVAH;

Thou hast added to the nation; thou art glorified:

Thou hast extended far all the borders of the land. 15 O JEHOVAH, in affliction have we sought thee;

We have poured out humble supplication, when thy

chastisement was upon us.
17 As a woman that hath conceived, when her delivery

Is in anguish, crieth out aloud, in her travail;

Thus have we been before thee, O JEHOVAH.
18 We have conceived; we have been in anguish; we have,

as it were, brought forth wind :
Salvation is not wrought in the land;

Neither are the inhabitants of the world fallen.
19 Thy dead shall live; my deceased, they shall rise:

Awake, and sing, ye that dwell in the dust!
For thy dew is as the dew of the dawn;
But the earth shall cast forth, as an abortion, the de-

ceased tyrants.
20 Come, O my people; retire into thy secret apart-

ments :
And shut thy door after thee:
Hide thyself for a little while, for a moment;

Until the indignation shall have passed away.
21 For behold, JEHOVAH issueth forth from his place,

To punish for his iniquity the inhabitant of the earth :
And the earth shall disclose the blood that is upon her ;
And shall no longer cover her slain.

CHAP. 1 In that day shall JEHOVAH punish with his sword;
XXVII. His well-tempered, and great, and strong sword;

Leviathan the rigid serpent,
And Leviathan the winding serpent:
And shall slay the monster that is in the sea.

2 In that day,

To the beloved Vineyard, sing ye a responsive song. 3 J. It is I, JEHOVAH, that preserve her:

I will water her every moment;' :
I will take care of her by night;

And by day I will keep guard over her.
4 V. I have no wall for my defence:

O that I had a fence of the thorn and brier!
J. Against them should I march in battle,
I should burn them up together.

5 Ah ! let her rather take hold of my protection. V. Let him make peace with me!

Peace let him make with me! 6 J. They that come from the root of Jacob shall flourish,

Israel shall bud forth; .
And they shall fill the face of the world with fruit.

7 Hath he smitten him, as he smiteth those that smoto

him? And like the slaughter of those that slew him, is he

slain? 8 In just measure, when thou inflictest the stroke, wilt

tħou debate with her; With due deliberation, even in the rough tempest, in

the day of the east wind. 9 Wherefore on this condition shall the iniquity of Jacob

be expiated;
And so shall he reap the whole benefit of the removal

of his sin;
If he shall render all the stones of the altar,
Like the limestones scattered abroad;

And if the groves and the images rise no more. 10 But the strongly fortified city shall be desolate;

An habitation forsaken, and deserted as a wilderness.
There shall the bullock feed, and there shall he lie down;

And he shall browse on the tender shoots thereof. 11 When her boughs are withered, they shall be broken ;

Women shall come, and set them on a blaze.
Surely it is a people void of understanding;
Wherefore he, that made him, shall not have pity on

him ; And he, that formed him, shall show liim no favour. 12 And it shall come to pass in that day, JEHOVAH shall make a gathering of his fruit, from the

flood of the river,
To the stream of Egypt; .
And ye shall be gleaned up,

One by one, O ye sons of Israel !
13 And it shall come to pass in that day,

The great trumpet shall be sounded;
And those shall come, who were perishing in the land

of Assyria ;
And who were dispersed in the land of Egypt :

And they shall bow themselves down before JEHOVAH,
In the holy mountain, in Jerusalem.

CHAP. 1 Wo to the proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim,

And to the fading flower of their glorious beauty!
To those, that are at the head of the rich valley, that are

stupified with wine !
2 Behold the mighty one, the exceedingly strong one!

Like a storm of hail, like a destructive tempest;
Like a rapid flood of mighty waters pouring down ;

He shall dash them to the ground with his hand.
3 They shall be trodden under foot,

The proud crowns of the drunkards of Ephraim :.
4. And the fading flower of their glorious beauty,

Which is at the head of the rich valley,
Shall be as the early fruit before the summer;
Which whoso seeth, he plucketh it immediately;
And it is no sooner in his hand, than he swalloweth it.

5 In that day shall JEHOVAH God of Hosts become a

beauteous crown, And a glorious diadem, to the remnant of his people : 6 And a spirit of judgment to them that sit in judgment; And strength to them that repel the war to the gate

[of the enemy). 7 But even these have erred through wine, and through

strong drink they have reeled; The priest and the prophet have erred through strong

drink; They are overwhelmed with wine ; they have reeled

through strong drink; .
They have erred in vision, they have stumbled in judg-

8 For all their tables are full of vomit,

Of filthiness, so that no place is free.
9 “ Whom (say they] would he teach knowledge; and to
. " whom would he impart instruction ?

“ To such as are weaned from the milk, as are kept back

“from the breast? . 10 6 For it is command upon command; command upon


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