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He shall cry aloud; he shall shout amain; · He shall exert his strength against his enemies. 14 I have long holden my peace; shall I keep silence for


Shall I still contain myself? I will cry out like a woman

in travail; Breathing short, and drawing in ny breath with vio

· lence.
15 I will make barren the mountains and hills;

And burn up all the grass that is upon them :
I will make the rivers dry deserts;

And scorch up the pools of water. 16 I will lead the blind in a way, which they have not

And through paths, which they have not known, will I

make them go:
I will turn darkness into light before them;
And the rugged ways into a smooth plain.
These things will I do for them, and will not forsake


17 They are turned backward, they are utterly confound

ed, who trust in the graven image ; Who say unto the molten image, Ye are our gods ! 18 Hear, O ye deaf;

And, ye blind, look attentively, that ye may see! 19 Who is blind, but my servant;

And deaf, as he to whom I have sent my messengers?
Who is blind, as he who is perfectly instructed;

And deaf, as the servant of Jehovah?
20 Thou hast seen indeed, yet thou dost not regard;

Thine ears are open, yet thou wilt not hear. 21 Yet JEHOVAH was gracious unto him, for his truth's

sake; He hath exalted his own praise, and made it glorious. 22 But this is a people spoiled and plundered;

All their chosen youths are taken in the toils,
And are plunged in the dark dungeons:
They are become a spoil, and there was none to rescue

them ;
A plunder, and no one said, Restore.

23 Who is there among you, that will listen to this;

That will hearken, and attend to it, for the future? . 24 Who hath given Jacob for a spoil;

And Israel to the plunderers ?
Was it not JEHOVAH; He, against whom they have

In whose ways they would not walk;

And whose law they would not obey?
25 Therefore poured he out upon them the heat of his

wrath, and the violence of war :
And it kindled a flame round about him, yet he did not

regard it;
And it set him on fire, yet he did not consider it.

CHAP. 1 Yet now, thus saith JEHOVAH; .

Who created thee, O Jacob; and who formed thee, O

Israel :
Fear thou not, for I have redeemed thee;

I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.
2 When thou passest through waters, I am with thee; ..

And through rivers, they shall not overwhelm thee :
When thou walkest in the fire, thou shalt not be

And the flame shall not take hold of thee.
3 For I am JEHOVAH, thy God;

The Holy One of Israel, thy redeemer: .
I have given Egypt for thy ransom;

Cush, and Saba, in thy stead.
4 Because thou hast been precious in my sight,

Thou hast been honoured, and I have loved thee :
Therefore will I give men instead of thee;

And peoples instead of thy soul.
5 Fear thou not, for I am with thee:

From the east I will bring thy children,

And from the west I will gather thee together : • 6 I will say to the north, Give up;

And to the south, Withhold not:
Bring my sons from afar; . i

And my daughters from the ends of the earth :
In Every one that is called by my name,

Whom for my glory I have created;
Whom I have formed, yea whom I have made.

8 Bring forth the people, blind, although they have

And deaf, although they have ears.
9 Let all the nations be gathered together,

And let the peoples be collected.
Who among them will declare this;
And will tell us, what first shall come to pass ?
Let them produce their witnesses, that they may be jus-

tified; Or let them hear in their turn, and say, This is true. 10 Ye are my witnesses, saith JEHOVAH ;

Even my servant, whom I have chosen:
That ye may know, and believe me ;
And understand, that I am He.
Before me no god was formed;

And after me none shall exist. 11 I, even I, am JEHOVAH;

And beside me there is no saviour. 12 I declared my purpose, and I have saved :

I made it known; nor was it any strange god among

you : And ye are my witnesses, saith JEHOVAH, that I am

13 Even before time was, I am He;

And there is none that can rescue out of my hand:
I work ; and who shall undo what I have done ?

14 Thus saith JEHOVAH,

Your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel :
For your sake have I sent unto Babylon ;
And I will bring down all her strong bars ;

And the Chaldeans, exulting in their ships : 15 I am JEHOVAH, your Holy One;

The creator of Israel, your king.

16 Thus saith JEHOVAH;

Who made a way in the sea,

And a path in the mighty waters; 17 Who brought forth the rider and the horse, the army

and the warrior; Together they lay down, they rose no more ; They were extinguished, they were quenched like tow: 18 Remember not the former things;

And the things of ancient times regard not;
19 Behold, I make a new thing;

Even now shall it spring forth: will ye not regard it ?
Yea I will make in the wilderness a way;

In the desert, streams of water.
20 The wild beast of the field shall glorify me;

The dragons, and the daughters of the ostrich :
Because I have given waters in the wilderness ;
And flowing streams in the desert;

To give drink to my people, my chosen :
21 This people, whom I have formed for myself ;

Who shall recount my praise.

22 But thou hast not invoked me, O Jacob;

Neither on my account hast thou laboured, O Israel !
23 Thou hast not brought to me the lamb of thy burnt-

offering ;
Neither hast thou honoured me with thy sacrifices.
I have not burthened thee with exacting oblations;

Nor wearied thee with demands of frankincense :
24 Thou hast not purchased for me with silver the aroma-

tic seed; Neither hast thou satiated me with the fat of thy sacri

fices. On the contrary, thou hast burthened me with thy sins;

Thou hast wearied me with thine iniquities. 25 I, even I, am He;

I blot out thy transgressions for mine own sake; .

And thy sins I will not remember. 26 Remind me of thy plea; let us be judged on equal

Set forth thine own cause, that thou mayest clear thy-

27 Thy chief leader hath sinned ;

And thy public teachers have revolted from me;
28 And thy princes have profaned my sanctuary:

Therefore will I give up Jacob for a devoted thing,
And Israel to reproach.

CHAP. 1 But hear now, O Jacob, my servant ;
XLIV. And Israel, whom I have chosen :

2 Thus saith JEHOVAH, thy maker;

And he that formed thee from the womb, and will help

Fear thou not, O my servant Jacob;

And, O Jeshurun, whom I have chosen :
3 For I will pour out waters on the thirsty;

And flowing streams on the dry ground :
I will pour out my spirit on thy seed;

And my blessing on thine offspring. 4 And they shall spring up as the grass among the waters;

As the willows beside the aqueducts.
5 One shall say, I belong to JEHOVAH;

And another shall be called by the name of Jacob:
And this shall inscribe his hand to JEHOVAH;
And shall be surnamed by the name of Israel.

6 Thus saith JEHOVAH, the king of Israel ;

And his redeemer, JEHOVAH God of Hosts:
I am the first, and I am the last;

And beside me there is no God. ng And who is like me, that he should call forth this event,

And make it known beforehand, and dispose it for me,
From the time that I appointed the people of the des-

tined age ?
The things that are now coming, and are to come here-

after, let them declare unto us. 8 Fear ye not, neither be ye afraid : . Have I not declared it unto you from the first? Yea, I have foreshewn it: and ye are my witnesses. Is there a God beside me ?

Yea, there is no other sure protector; I know not any. 9 They that form the graven image are all of them vanity;

And their most curious works shall not profit.
Yea, their works themselves bear witness to them,

That they see not, and that they understand not: 10 That every one may be ashamed that he hath formed

a god,
And cast a graven image, that profiteth not.
11 Behold, all his associates shall be ashamed ;

Even the workmen themselves shall blush:
They shall assemble all of them; they shall present

They shall fear, and be ashamed together.

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