Truman and Korea: The Political Culture of the Early Cold War

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University of Missouri Press, 1999 - 261 من الصفحات
"Detailing for the first time the story of America's homefront during the Korean War, Truman and Korea fills an important gap in the historical scholarship of the era. Paul Pierpaoli analyzes the political, economic, social, and international ramifications of America's first war of Soviet containment, never losing sight of the larger context of the Cold War. He focuses on how and why the Truman administration undertook a bloody, inconclusive war on the Korean peninsula while permanently placing the nation on a war footing." "Based upon extensive research in the papers and official presidential files of Harry S. Truman, as well as many manuscript collections and records of wartime and government agencies, Truman and Korea offers a new perspective on the Korean War era and its inextricable ties to broader Cold War decision making."--Jacket.

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NSC68 and the Outbreak of the Korean War Toward a Piecemeal Mobilization AprilNovember 1950
An Entirely New War The Chinese Intervention and the Institutionalization of Rearmament DecemberJanuary 1951
Labors Cold Shoulder The Price and Wage Freeze and a CrisisFilled Spring FebruaryMay 1951
The Politics of Rearmament Guns or Butter or Guns and Butter? JuneDecember 1951
Crises of Confidence The Steel Crisis Congressional Intransigence and the Evolution of National Security JanuaryJune 1952
Toward a Tenuous Normalcy Decontrol and the Generals Arrival July 1952February 1953
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