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Holy Spirit to be his comforter, and his good an to repent of his former offences, and to "redeem gels to be his guardians, and direct those who are the tiine past,” by a double diligence for the future, to advise and prescribe the means of his restora- if thou shalt in mercy raise him up again. Let tion, and bring him to praise thee again in the the remainder of his life be thine, and let nothing assemblies of thy saints upon earth; or (if thou separate him from thy love and service, but let it hast otherwise disposed in thy wise counsels) to be his whole care and study to provide oil for his praise thee in the great assembly of saints and lamp, and prepare for eternity; that so "all the angels in heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord days of his appointed time he may wait till his and only Saviour, to whom with thee and the change come," and be ready whensoever his Lord Holy Spirit

, be all praise, love and obedience, shall call him. Amen. world without end. Amen.

For a sick Person who is about to make his Prayer for the Grace of Patience, and a suitable

Will. Behaviour in a sick Person lo Friends and

O LORD, who puttest into our hearts good Attendants,

desires, and hast inclined thy servant to set his Help thy servant, O thou merciful Redeemer house in order," as well in relation to his tempoand lover of souls, to undergo this load of afflic- ral, as his spiritual, concerns, grant that he may tion, which thou hast laid upon him, with pa- do it with exact justice, according to the rules of tience. “Lead himgently by the hand to "the our own religion, and the dictates of right reason. waters of comfort," and let thy rod” and “thy He un feignedly thanks thee for thy great mercies, staff supporthim, now that he is obliged to "walk in having so liberally provided for him, that he in the valley and shadow of death."

may be rather helpful than chargeable to any, and Let him consider thee, O blessed Jesus, in all die a benefactor and not in debt. thy weary pilgrimage and sufferings here upon We charitably hope, that what he is now earth, before thou enteredst into glory, “that he about to dispose of, was all procured by fair and be not weary and faint in his mind.”

righteous dealings, that he may comfortably feel, If relief does not come from thee so soon as he that "it is more blessed to give than to reexpects or desires, enable him still to hold out with ceive." long-suffering, and to wait with patience for it. Let him be ready, with good Zaccheus, to make And whatsoever thou doest with him, O Lord, let restitution in the best manner he is able, and to him be "dumb, and not open his mouth” to mur- say with Samuel: mur or repine, because it is thy doing.” Make “Behold here I am: witness against me before him acquiesce and rest satisfied, even in the bit- the Lord; whose ox have I taken, or whose ass terest dispensations of thy providence; and let no have I taken, or whom have I defrauded ? whom pains or sufferings ever drive him from thee, con- have I oppressed, or of whose hand have I residering that no“ temptation hath befallen him”ceived any bribe to blind mine eyes therewith ? but " what is common to men.”

and I will restore it." And, together with this patience towards thee, Lord, give him strength to order all things in give him patience, O merciful Lord, towards all as due and regular a manner as if he were well. those who kindly and charitably minister unto him, Let his memory be perfect, and his judgment and attend about him.

sound, and his heart so rightly disposed, that he Keep him from being humoursome, and show- may do nothing amiss, or through partiality, but ing crossness to their good counsels, or from being that justice and integrity may be seen through causelessly angry, and exceptious against their the whole conduct of his will. kind endeavours. If any evil accidents or indis

[If rich, add this.) cretions happen, let him not presently be outrageous to aggravate them, or break out into any re

Let the light of his charity likewise shine gloproachful or unseemly behaviour against them; 1 riously before men, that out of the abundance but let him be pleased with the least expression of thou hast been pleased to bless him with, he may their kindness, and interpret every thing favour- plentifully, give to the poor and distressed, though ably; and on 'all occasions let him make it his no othervise related to him but as they are memstudy to oblige those who are obliging to him in bers of Jesus Christ, and brethren and sisters of this time of necessity, receiving with thankfulness the same communion. their good offices, and praying God to reward them,

Let him, O let him, now O Lord, and at all for his Son Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

times, if thou shouldest graciously continue him

here any longer, make to "hinself such friends A Prayer for spiritual Improvement by Sickness of the unrighteous mammon, that when these fail, (From Dr. Inet.)

they may receive him into everlasting habitaO MERCIFUL Father, who scourgest those whom

tions." Amen. thou lovest, and chastisest those whom thou wilt

A Prayer for a sick Penitent. receive; let thy loving correction purify thy ser

(From Mr. Kettlewell.] vant, and make him great in thy favour by his present humiliation. O let him learn "thy sta Righteous art thou, O God, in all the pains tutes" in this school of affliction :" let him “seek and sorrows which punish our sins and try our thee early" in it; and when his "heart is over- patience, and we have none to accuse and comwhelmed, lead him to the rock of salvation." plain of for the same but ourselves. This is the

Let thy "rod” awaken him from his former acknowledgment which thy servant makes, whom security in sin, and let him sensibly find that thou thou hast now afflicted. He receives it as the "chastisest him for his profit, that he may be par- chastisement of a sinner, and is willing to bear taker of thy holiness."

chastisement for his sins, that he may thereby be Teach him, by this proof of thy fatherly cor- reclaimed from them. Correct him, O Lord, that sertion, to be more dutiful for the time to come; I thou mayest not condemn him; and let him be

judged by thee for his sins, and judge himself for A Prayer for a sick Person that wants Sleep. them here, that he may have nothing but mercy without judgment to receive at thine hands here

(From Bishop Patrick.) after.

Adored be thy love, thy wonderful love, O But judge him, O God, with mercy, and not in most gracious God, who hast so many ways exthine anger. Judge him not according as his sins pressed thy bounty towards us. Thy mercies in have deserved, but according as his weakness can Christ Jesus surpass all our thoughts; we are not bear, and according as thy compassions are wont able to number all the other blessings thou hast to mitigate thy judgments: and let his afflictions bestowed upon us. How much do we owe thee work in him a true repentance, “not to be repent for the quiet sleep of but one night! We see, ed of,” and prove a happy means, in the hand of in this thy poor afflicted servant how much we thy mercy, to reclaim him perfectly from all the ought to thank thee for this single blessing, that errors into which he hath fallen; and to confer our eyes, when we would close them, are not held that rest and peace upon his soul, which is denied waking. to his body; for our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Pardon, good Lord, our ingratitude for this and Christ's sake,

all the rest of thy undeserved mercies: and be Thoc smitest him, O gracious God, that thou pleased graciously also to visit him, who still lanmayest cure him; and punishest his sin, that thou guishes on his sick-bed, looking up to thee from mayest thereby amend and reclaim the sinner; whom cometh our help. Renew his wasted spirits and he is weary of his sins, which have brought with comfortable sleep; compose him to a sweet upon him all these sorrows, and which, as he seems and undisturbed rest; refresh him thereby so sen now deeply sensible, will bring infinitely worse, sibly, that he may be restored to such a degree of unless he prevent the same by his timely and sin- strength, as may make him able, in some measure cere repentance.

affectionately to acknowledge thy goodness, when Help him, therefore, to search them out; and thou hast dealt so bountifully with him: or if thou when he sees them, let him not stop at any one, delayest to bestow that blessing on him, in the but steadfastly resolve to renounce and amend all? multitude of his thoughts within him, let thy Let thy love make him hate every evil way, and comforts delight his soul. If he still continues render his purposes against them strong and reso without any rest, grant that his mind may rest lute, and his care in fulfilling the same, vigilant and repose itself in the bosom of thy dearest love, and patient; and grant that the remainder of his and may feel the most sensible consolations from days may be one continual amendment of his for-heaven, not only quieting, but greatly rejoicing mer errors, and dedication of himself to thy service. his heart. Preserve the use of his understanding, He desires life, only that he may serve thee; Lord, and let the enemy have no advantage of him; but continue and confirm him in this


make him able to say, "I will wait patiently for Lord cure his folly by his misery; and teach the Lord, till he incline his ear unto me, and hear him by the loss of his ease, to purchase the bles- my cry.- , hear his prayer, O Lord, and give sing of true repentance, and the comfortable hopes ear unto his cry: 0, spare him, that he may reof thy merciful acceptance thereof; through our cover strength before he go hence ;" * for Jesus Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Christ's sake. Amen. A Prayer for a sick Person who intends to re

A Prayer to be said when the sick Person grows ceive the blessed Sacrament.


(From Bishop Patrick.] O THOU infinite and eternal Spirit, from whom every good motion of our hearts proceedeth! who

O LORD, look down from heaven, in pity and both quickenest the dead, and after thou hast compassion, upon this thine afflicted servant, who given life, givest the increase: increase, we beseech is not able now to look up to thee: the more sorrowthee, the good seeds of thy grace, which thou hast ful his condition grows, the fitter object he is ofthine sown in the heart of thy servant, by inclining him infinite mercies;

who acceptest

, we humbly hope, to receive the sacrament of the body and blood of of the submission he made of himself, in the bed our Lord, in which thou art more immediately ginning of his sickness, to thine almighty wisdom present, to illuminate the faithful, and to comfort and goodness. And therefore, since it is thy and refresh all that are “weary and heavy-laden pleasure to suffer his distemper to proceed to this with their sins."

dangerous extremity, do thou no less graciously 0, cause thy face thus comfortably to shine love him, and delight in him, than if he could stil upon thy distressed servant, who now intends to give up himself to thy blessed will. draw near to thee in this sacrament, as thou hast

And hear, Ö most merciful Father, our prayers commanded him.

in his behalf, when he can no longer commend Help him, in the mean time, O Lord, to fit and himself to thy mercies. Pardon, good Lord, parprepare himself for this holy communion: fill his don all his sins; impute not to him any of his soul with reverence and godly fear; with earnest former follies; lay not to his charge his not imdesires and longings after divine life; with serious proving, or misusing, his reason and understand repentance for all his past offences, and hearty re-ing, which we carnestly, but humbly, entreat thee solutions of living for ever after unto Jesus, who to restore to him, together with such a measure of died for him. 0, let him meditate upon his thy divine grace, as may quicken and assist him bleeding Saviour with a “broken and a contrite to employ his thoughts to the best purposes, heart,” which thou hast promised“ not to despise:"' especially in meditating on thy mercies, in studyforgive him all that is past, and give him grace ing thy praise, and in exhorting all others to love for the future, to “ live more soberly, righteously, thee, to trust in thee, and sincerely obey thee. and piously, in this present world," if it shall be thy good pleasure to continue him in it.

* Psalm xl. 1. and xxxix. 12, 13.


And while he remains thus deprived of his prayers for our brother, that this image of death reason, be pleased to quiet and compose his spirits, may not be converted into death itself, but that he or to prevent all furious motions there, or quickly may live to proclaim thy power and to celebrate to abate such violent passions, if any arise: for thy praises longer upon earth. which end, be pleased to remove all frightful ima But if it be thy will to remove him hence in this ginations far from him, and suffer not the evil one insensible condition, O pardon, we beseech thee, to approach him; preserve him from doing any all his offences, and accept of the preparation and harm, either to himself or to any others. “For- repentance that he was able to make before the sake him not, O Lord our God, be not far from Jistemper prevailed upon him in so deadly a manhim. Make haste to help him, O Lord our sal- ner. Receive him, O Lord, into the arms of thy vation."*

mercy, and accept him, for thy well-beloved Son's “So will we give thanks unto thee for ever.” sake; that so this short night may quickly be.

“We will be still praising thee, and showing turned into everlasting day; and, after these dark forth thy loving kindness to those who succeed us. shadows are removed, he may find himself in a

"That they may set their hope in thee our God, heaven of happiness, where, “in thy light he may and not forget thy works, but keep thy command-see light” for ever. Amen. ments." Amen.

A Prayer for One who hath been a notoriously A Prayer for a Person, when Danger is appre

wicked Liver. hended by excessive Sleep.

O LORD God, of infinite goodness and compas(From Mr. Kettlewell.]

sion, whose mercies are over all thy works; who O MERCIFUL God, let not this deep sleep, which makest the sun to shine, and the rain to descend, is fallen on thy servant, prove the sleep of death; upon the “unjust” as well as the “just," and art make it the sleep of a recovering person, to relieve kind even to the most unthankful; we humbly and revive him: and awake him out of it in thy beseech thee, to look down in mercy upon this thy due time, to offer thee praise, and to labour still unworthy servant, who hath so long" trampled among us in doing thee honour and service.

upon the riches of thy goodness, not knowing that

it should lead to repentance." But if thou art pleased to take him to thyself, Lord, remember and accept of all his former

Let thy rod, therefore, awaken him now to a

sense of his condition, whom thy goodness hath prayers and repentance, faith and patience. Look not upon his sins, but to pardon them; hands, notwithstanding his continual abuse of it.

not reclaimed, and let him still find mercy at thy nor on his weaknesses, but to pity them: and when he awakes in the next world, let him find wicked man turneth away from his wickedness

Thou hast promised, O Lord, that, "when the himself surrounded with light and bliss, instead which he hath committed, and doeth that which of gloominess and sorrow, and awake to eternal is lawful and right, he shall save his soul alive." life.

Lord, hear us for this thy weak servant in dis- O make good this thy promise to thy servant here, tress. Hear our prayers for him, who seems not who stands in so much need of it.

“Hide thy face from his sins, and blot out all able now to offer up any prayers to thee for himself. And accept both him and us to the blessed his iniquities:" though they be " red as scarlet," enjoyment of thy love through Jesus Christ our yet do thou make them “white as snow," by reLorů. Amen.

pentance, which we beg of thee to give him, and to accept, though late, through thine infinite mer

cies. A Prayer for a Person lying insensible on a

Simon Magus, though in the “gall of bitterness, Sick-bed.

and the bond of iniquity," was exhorted to repent, O thou Preserver of men, who knowest the and to pray for pardon: and therefore we hope frailty of our constitutions; how soon our senses the gate of life is still open for our brother, though may fail us, and our understanding depart from he hath so long shut himself out of it, by going us; to what accidents, disturpers, and decays, on in a course that leadeth to the "chambers of our weak nature is subject; even such as may death." make the most acute and judicious quickly be Blessed Lord, let thy terrors at length awaken come as fools; and the ablest and strongest, weak him out of this lethargical condition, before he is and insensible; O look down, we beseech thee, overtaken by thy judgments. AMict him here, upon thy servant, who now lies in such a weak that thou mayest spare him hereafter. Soften his and insensible condition.

heart, that he may bewail his ill-spent life, like The less able he is to assist himself, the more Mary Magdalen, with tears of contrition. need hath he of our prayers, and of thy tender O quicken him to a sense of his duty, and of mercy to him. () thou great Creator of the world, his danger, before it be too late : and when thou who broughtest light out of darkness, and mailest hast brought him to his right mind, receive him, all things out of nothing, and canst restore our we beseech thee, as the compassionate father did dead bodies again after they are mouldered into his prodigal son, or the shepherd his lost sheep. dust, be pleased to repel the clouds of darkness Thou, O Lord, who didst pardon the thief upon which now have taken away the light of our bro- the cross, hear our prayers for our brother, in these ther's understanding, and rendered him a com- his great, and, for any thing we know, his last panion for the dead.

agonies. Quicken him again, O Lord, and restore him And as the fore-mentioned instances are lively to his former senses, that his soul may bless and significations of thine unbounded goodness, and praise thy holy name.

were written for our comfort and instruction, that Hear our petitions, O Lord, and receive our none should despair of pardon; so with the great

est confidence we now recommend this our dis• Psalm xxxviii. 21, 22

tressed brolher to thy divine protection, beseeching

thee to forgive all that is past, and to receive him, weak and helpless creature, but much more so at last into thine “everlasting habitation." Amen. now in her present condition, when thou hast

added weakness to weakness, and made her to A Prayer for One who is hardened and travail with much sickness, together with the burimpenitent.

den of child-bearing.

O Lord, be thou graciously pleased to proporLORD God Almighty, who art the “Father of tion thy strength to her weakness, and as pains our spirits,” and who turnest the hearts of men and sorrow take hold upon her, inspire her with as thou pleasest; who hast mercy on whom thou fresh vigour and courage to rely upon thee, her wilt have mercy, and whom thou wilt thou haru- only support in time of need, and the rock of her enest; let thy merciful ears be open, we pray thee, salvation. to the supplications which we now offer to thy Let her not be disquieted with the fear of any Divine Majesty, in the behalf of this thy servant, evil, since none can happen unto her without thy who appears insensible of his sin and folly, and permission; but give her grace patiently to resign on whom all means to lead him to repentance herself to thy blessed will in all things, who have hitherto seemed vain and ineffectual. Take knowest what is best for her, and wilt lay no from him, we humbly entreat thee, all ignorance more upon her, we trust, than thou wilt enable and hardness of heart: remove from him all pre- her to bear. judice against, and contempt of, thy sacred word and ministry: let him no longer “make a mock health out of sickness; and make her, in thy good

Bring strength, O Lord, out of weakness, and of sin,” but be sensible that the wisdom he has time, a joyful mother of a hopeful child, which hitherto gloried in, is the greatest and most dan- may do good in its generation, and be an instrugerous folly. Open thou his eyes, that, he may ment of thy glory here, and a blessed inhabitant

see the wonderful things of thy law.” Show of thy heavenly kingdom hereafter. Amen.
thy mercy upon him, and grant him thy salvation.
Convince him of the vanity and madness, as well

A Prayer for a Woman in the Time of her as danger, of his past ways.

Travail. His understanding, we fear, is now darkened, and his heart hardened through the deceitfulness

(From Bishop Patrick.] of sin: 0, do thou enlighten his dark mind, and O most Mighty Lord, who hast given us innulet him at last see the beauties of holiness, which merable pledges of thy love, and encouraged us to have so long been hidden from his eyes. Take trust in thee for ever, and to expect with quiet and from him this “stony heart, and give him a heart patient minds the issue of thy wise and good proof flesh.” Awaken his slumbering and inatten- vidence; we most humbly commend thy servant, tive soul, that it may delight in things agreeable in this her extremity, to thy care and blessing; to its nature, and be employed in things that beseeching thee to give her a gracious deliverance, make for its everlasting peace. O give him un- and to ease her of the burden wherewith she laderstanding, and he shall yet live. Thou that bours. We ourselves are monuments of that canst revive souls which are dead in sin and tres mercy which we beg of thee. Thou didst preserve passes, and make even such as lie in the grave of our weak and imperfect frame, before we were corruption to become glorious saints and even mar- born. Thou hast succoured and supported us tyrs for religion, hear our prayers for our brother, ever since, many times beyond our hopes, and who seems to be on the brink of destruction ; and always beyond our deservings. We commit ourpity poor sinners that have not pity on themselves. selves, and every thing belonging unto us, most

It is the unhappiness of being long accustomed heartily unto thy hands; remembering that thou to sin, that we are not soon made sensible of our hast the same power and goodness still, by which errors, nor easily made to know them. It is the we came into the light of the living. We cannot pride of our nature to be unwilling to acknowledge desire to be better provided for, than as thy infinite our faults, and to confess our sins: but let thy wisdom judgeth most convenient for us ; unto that grace, O God, teach us to deny this ungodly lust. we refer ourselves, beseeching thee, if it be thy Do thou humble in us all high and vain imagina- good pleasure, that her deliverance may be as tions ; suppress all proud thoughts and haughty speedy as her cries unto thee; or her patience as opinions of ourselves. Give us all (and particu- great and long as her pains. Thou who ripenest larly thy servant, for whom we are now inter- the fruits of the earth, and then givest us the gaceding) a sense of our own vileness; give us un- thering of them to our comfort, blast not, we befeigned repentance for all the errors of our life seech thee, the fruit of the womb; but bring it to past; that, being cast down, thou mayest raise us maturity, and deliver it safe into thy servant's up, and become merciful to us, miserable sinners. hand as a new pledge of thy goodness to her, to

Let us all find, by blessed experience, that " we be an instrument of thy glory, and a future comgrow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord fort and blessing to thy servant, who travails in so Jesus Christ;" and that “his commandments” are much pain with it now. Or if thou hast othernot "grievous" to us, but rather the delight and wise determined, Lord, give her grace to submit desire of our souls; that so at last we may be to thy holy will, and to rest satisfied in thy wise presented to him "holy and unblameable, and un appointments, and never to distrust thy goodness reprovable in his sight.” Amen.

and care over her. Hear us, O Father of mercies,

and pardon hers and all our offences, and pity our A Prayer for a sick Woman that is with Child. infirmities: make us more thankful for what we

have received, and more fit for the blessing which O God, the help of all that put their trust in we now request; and prepare us for all thy future thee, the support of the weak, and the relief of the mercies, either in this lite, or in the next, ihrough needy; look with pity upon this wonan thy ser- thy infinite love and compassion declared to us, in vant, who at best acknowledgeth herself but a Christ Jesus our Loru. Amen.

A Prayer for a Woman who cannot be delivered shut itself upon her: but thou hast graciously without Difficulty and Hazard. assuaged her pains, and turned her sorrows into

joy. O Lord God of all comfort and consolation, Lord, we will ever adore and magnify thy who art the refuge of the distressed, and the help mercy, which has dealt so lovingly with her, and of all that depend upon thee; we thy unworthy praise thy truth and faithfulness, which have not servants do now offer up our supplications at the suffered her hopes to fail. We will never forget throne of thy majesty, in the behalf of this thy how mindful thou hast been of the low estate of servant, who is in great pain and misery. Thou thy handmaid; for she has been supported by thy hast been pleased to bring the child to the birth, power, O blessed God, in her greatest weakness. but there is not strength to bring forth. On this She has tasted thy goodness in the midst of all account, thy servant is in violent agonies, crying her pangs and sorrows. out in her pangs, and pouring out her soul to thee Perfect, O Lord, that deliverance to her which in prayer. O grant that “it may be in an accepta- thou hast most graciously begun, and let her not ble time."

be lost, after the wonders which thou hast already “Thou art our salvation; thou shalt preserve done for her. us from trouble; thou shalt compass us about with Continue her patience, and her humble desongs of deliverance.” O let thy servant feel these pendence on thee, under the pains and accidents blessed effects of thy goodness; and as thou hast to which she is still exposed. Support her spirits, brought to the birth, enable her, we beseech thee, and raise her up again in thy due time. Thy to bring forth, that she may rejoice in the work- mercy and power are still the same, and will be manship of thy hands, and tell of all thy wondrous the same for ever. O let them still be shown for works.

her recovery, as they have been already for her Consider the low estate of thine handmaid, and delivery; let them be shown upon her, that she deliver her soul from death, her eyes from tears, may praise thee inore and more. and her feet from falling. “Gracious art thon, O But if, in thy paternal providence, whereunto Lord, and righteous; thou preservest the simple, we pray she may willingly commit herself, thou and helpest those that are in misery." Help thy hast determined otherwise concerning her, thy servant therefore now, we humbly entreat thee, blessed will be done. Dispose her either to life or who stands in so much need of it. Accept her death, as thou pleasest, only in both to thy mercy: tears, and assuage her pain, as shall seem most and whether living or dying, let her still please expedient for her.-And forasmuch as she putteth thee, and be thou her portion. O perfect her reher whole trust in thee, give her strength and pa- pentance, and give her patience whilst she lives, tience proportionable to all her pains and agonies. and peace when she dies, and after that, the hapSupport her spirits under them, and, if thou pleas- piness of a blessed eternity, which thou hast preest, carry her safely through the same, and "make pared for all that truly fear thee; through Jesus her to hear of joy and gladness, that the bones Christ our Lord. Amen. which thou hast broken may rejoice." “Restore unto her, O Lord, the joy of thy sal

If the Child be living, this may be added: vation, and uphold her with thy free Spirit; then shall she teach transgressors thy way, and sinners

PRESERVE likewise her tender infant, O Father shall be converted unto thee. Deliver her” from of mercies, and let its own weakness, and our this great affliction, "O God, thou God of her cries, commend it to thy care. salvation, and her tongue shall sing aloud of thy and as it increases in years and stature, let it in

Keep it also afterwards in health and safety, righteousness."

Thy mercies and power are still the same, crease in wisdom, and in thy fear. We beg not and will be the same for ever. O let them now be for it wealth or greatness, but wisdom to know shown in this thy servant's delivery, as they have and to serve thee. For, O Lord, we do not desire þeen formerly on the like occasion; that so, by life, either for ourselves or it, but that we may having fresh instances of thy loving kindness, she live to thee, and grow daily in love and thankfulmay still praise thee more and more.

ness for all thy mercies, and in faith and patience, O perfect her repentance, and pardon her sins. and all holy obedience, which may fit us for the Give her patience whilst she lives, and peace when happiness which thou hast promised; through she dies, and after death, the happiness of a blessed Jesus Christ our only Saviour and Redeemer.

Amen. eternity, which thou hast promised and prepared for all that love and fear thee; through Jesus

Prayers for a Sick Child. Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Visitation Office.] A Prayer for Grace and Assistance for a Wo

O ALMIGHTY God and merciful Father, to man after Delivery, but still in Danger. whom alone belong the issues of life and death;

look down from heaven, we humbly beseech thee, [From Mr. Kettlewell.]

with the eyes of mercy upon this child, now lying O Father of mercies, what thanks can we upon the bed of sickness : visit him, O Lord, with worthily give unto thee for thine unspeakable thy salvation ; deliver him in thy good appointed goodness to this thy servant and her helpless in time from his bodily pain, and save his soul for fant, and for the wondrous things which thou thy mercy's sake; that if it shall be thy good pleahast done for her! The pangs of death com- sure to prolong his days here on earth, he may passed her, and she found trouble and sorrow. live to thee, and be an instrument of thy glory, by The mouth of the pit was opened, and ready to serving thee faithfully, and doing good in his

generation; or else receive him into those hea

venly habitations, where the souls of them that *This is to be omitted, if it be the first child. sleep in the Lord Jesus enjoy perpetual rest and

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