Five Plays

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Oxford University Press, 1999 - 603 من الصفحات
"The five plays in this collection represent the complexity of Jonson's art as a playwright. His first important play, 'Every man in his humor' (1598), represents the high point of the 'humours' comedy with which Jonson is always associated. 'Sejanus, acted in 1603, is an experiment in tragedy on classical principles, and a disturbing analysis of political power. 'Volpone' (performed in 1606) and 'The alchemist' (performed in 1610) are Jonson's most distinctive comedies, set among a world of rogues and dissemblers, with a strong moral and satirical intention which exposes trickery and yet seems also to delight in it. The later comedy 'Bartholomew Fair', acted in 1614, is more tolerant of human weakness, and is now perhaps the most appealing of Jonson's plays"--Back cover.

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Ben Jonson (c. 1572-1637) was an English Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor. G. A. Wilkes is at University of Sydney.

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