Bottled Wisdom: Over 1,000 Spirited Quotations & Anecdotes

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Mark Pollman
Wildstone Media, 1998 - 170 من الصفحات
Bottled Wisdom is a collection of quotes, sayings, anecdotes and toasts on the subject of drinking. Pollman, a long-time bartender, began realizing that his customers and friends shared some pretty noteworthy sayings about the art of drinking. He started jotting them down on cocktail napkins and soon found himself a collectic, compiling his notes and scouring books and other sources for bits of wisdom related to the drinking experience. After more than twenty years, with a collection of over 18,000 entries, Pollman became a veritable encyclopedia of intoxicating references. The best of these became the core of Bottled Wisdom.Bottled Wisdom contains:
-- an abundance (over 1,000 entries) of memorable humor, advice and just plain fun
-- quotes from hundreds of famous and a few a few not-so-famous people
-- sources of material range from the literary (the New Testament) to the no-so-literary (Playboy Magazine)
-- a complete index of quote sources
-- over 100 fun illustrations
-- entertainment value you'll enjoy again and again All-in-all, the romance, hilarity, enlightenment and joyousness (and sometimes the seriousness) of engaging in spirits is brought to light. A complete reference, Bottled Wisdom actually covers the entire scope of the drinking experience.

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