Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, المجلدات 9-10

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Cambridge Philosophical Society., 1898

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الصفحة 186 - President, in the chair. The following were elected Fellows of the Society : — Mr.
الصفحة 368 - The electric state of the gases was examined by leading them into an insulated inductor, connected to one pair of quadrants of an electrometer. The other pair of quadrants, the case of the electrometer, and the screen inside which the inductor was placed, were connected to earth.
الصفحة 222 - IN THE CHAIR. The following were elected Fellows of the Society : HM Leake, Sc.D., Christ's College.
الصفحة 338 - PRESIDENT, IN THE CHAIR. The following Communications were made to the Society : 1.
الصفحة 110 - Pearson was elected a fellow of the Society. The following communications were made to the Society: — (1...
الصفحة 150 - The most peculiar effect was a complete loss of time-relation ; time seemed to have no existence. I was continually taking out my watch, thinking that hours must have passed, whereas only a few minutes had elapsed. This, I believe, was due to a complete loss of memory for recent events.
الصفحة 183 - ... earth in all probability slightly exceeds that of steel. In a remarkable paper " On the Period of the Earth's Free Eulerian Precession," read to the Cambridge Philosophical Society, May 25, 1896, Professor Larmor showed how to estimate the effect of the elastic yielding of a rotating solid on the period and character of the free precession of its axis of rotation, and again confirmed the high effective rigidity of the earth from another point of view. The observed prolongation of the Eulerian...
الصفحة 126 - ... determined if the capacity of the system is known. The effective capacity of the system consisting of the discharging vessel, the connecting wires, and the quadrants of the electrometer depends to a large extent on the charge in the electrometer, and increases so quickly with the charge that the rate of movement of the spot of light reflected from the mirror of the electrometer increases but slowly when the charge in the electrometer is increased beyond a certain value. The reason for this is...
الصفحة 12 - B up to the narrowest part (diameter 0.80 in.), and then made conically divergent to the discharging end. The results of the experiments are given in the following table : The fact that B discharges more than A is very noticeable...
الصفحة 187 - PRESIDENT, IN THE CHAIR. The following was elected a Fellow of the Society : AL Bennett, BA, Christ's College.

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