The Works of Laurence Sterne, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Derby & Jackson, 1859

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الصفحة 336 - I wish, said my uncle Toby, with a deep sigh, I wish, Trim, I was asleep. Your Honor, replied the corporal, is too much concerned. Shall I pour out your Honor a glass of sack, to your pipe ? Do, Trim, said my uncle Toby. I remember, said my uncle Toby, sighing again, the story of
الصفحة 101 - and going across the room, with the fly in his hand, I'll not hurt a hair of thy head: Go, says he, lifting up the sash, and opening his hand as he spoke, to let it escape; go, poor devil, get thee gone, why should I hurt thee 1 This world surely is wide enough to hold both thee and
الصفحة 335 - but done our duties in it, it will never be inquired into, whether we have done it in a red coat or a black one. I hope not, said the corporal. But go on, Trim, said my uncle Toby, with thy story. When I went up, continued the corporal, into the lieutenant's room, which I did not do
الصفحة 418 - betwixt him and the gate—art thou for coming in or going out? The ass twisted his head round to look up the street. Well, replied I, we'll wait a minute for thy driver. He turned his head thoughtful about, and looked wistfully the opposite way. I understand thee perfectly, answered I: if
الصفحة 9 - At her return, she fell into a consumption; and one evening that I was sitting by her, with an almost broken heart to see her so ill, she said, " My dear Laurey, I never can be yours, for I verily believe I have not long to live ! but I
الصفحة 332 - account in an hour. Thou shall go, Trim, said my uncle Toby, and here's a shilling for thee to drink with his servant. I shall get it all out of him, said the corporal, shutting the door. My uncle Toby filled his second pipe ; and had it not been that
الصفحة 337 - of Dendermond, parallel with the allies, who pressed theirs so vigorously, that they scarce allowed him time to get his dinner : that nevertheless he gave up Dendermond, though he had already made a lodgment upon the counterscarp ; and bent his whole thoughts towards the private distresses at the inn ; and except that
الصفحة 335 - expiration of the ten minutes, he was lying in his bed, with his head raised upon his hand, with his elbow upon the pillow, and a clean white cambric handkerchief beside it. The youth was just stooping down to take up the cushion, upon
الصفحة 54 - consisted; so that I well remember, when he went up along with me to enter my name in Jesus' College in****, it was a matter of just wonder with my worthy tutor, and two or three fellows of that learned society, that a man who knew not so much as the names of his tools, should
الصفحة 280 - traveller, who comes weary to his inn, to be bound to begin his journey afresh ? There is no terror, brother Toby, in its looks, but what it borrows from groans and convulsions, and the blowing of noses and the wiping away of tears with the bottom of curtains, in a dying man's

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