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the House of Commons, of Mr Lancaster's System of Education. By John Bowles, Esq. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Cursory Reflections on the Measures now in Agitation in favour of the Roman Catholics of the United Kingdom. Svo. 2s. 6d.

The British Cabinet of 1806; or, Memoirs of the Illustrious Personages who composed the late Administration. 5s. boards.

· The Substance of Three Speeches in Parliament, on the Subject for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. By- G. Hibbut, Esq. M. P. 2s.6d.

Means adequate to the present Crisis and future Prosperity and Happiness of the Empire ; or, Proposals for the proper Management of Public Affairs, and for procuring an immediate, advantageous, secure, and permanent Peace. 55. .

A Letter addressed to Sir Francis Burdett, Bart. on the Conduct which the Electors ought to pursue in the present awful Crisis. 6d.

Two Dissertations on the Catholics. By a Clergyman. 12mo. 3s. boards. :

A Sequel to the Serious Examination into the Roman Catholic Claims ; containing a more particular Inquiry into the Doctrines of Popery, as formerly held, and as now professed, with Remarks on some late Publications of Mr Keogh, Mr Quin, Sir John Throckmorton, and Dr Millner. By the Rev. Thomas Le Mesurier. 35

A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Durham. 2s.
Observations on the Catholic Bill. ls.

Suggestions arising from the Abolition of the Slave Trade for supplying the Demands of the West India Colonies with agricultural Labourers. By Robert Townsend Farquhar Esq. 2s. 6d.

Plain Facts ; or a Review of the Conduct of the late Ministers. 2s. 6d.

A few Observations on the Danger of admitting Catholics into Offices, either Civil or Military, recommended to the Serious Consideration of all Parties. By a Magistrate of the County of Berks. ls. 6d.

Letters addressed to the Right Hon. Lord M. on the late Expeditions to the Spanish Main ; and on the Expediency of a gradual and sytematical Emancipation.

Considerations upon the Trade with India, and the Policy of continuing the Company's Monopoly, 4to. 7s. 6d. boards.

Thoughts on the Present Crisis of our Domestic Affairs. By Another Lawyer. 2s. 6d.

The Fallen Angels! a brief Review of the Measures of the late Administration, particularly as connected with the Catholic Question. 48.

A Letter, stating the Connexion which Presbyterians, Dissenters, and Catholics, had with the recent Event. . 9d.

. li 4

A Reply to Observations on what is called the Catholic Bill. By a Protestant Clergyman. 3d.

STATISTICS. An Essay on the Study of Statistics, containing a Syllabus for Lectures, and intended to assist the inquiries of inexperienced Travellers. By D. Boileau. 2s. 6d. boards,

THEOLOGY. A Scriptural Lecture on Heads; or, the Triumphs of Grace Divine in Jesus Christ the Second Man, the Lord from Heaven, over all the Evils of the First Man. 2s, 6d. sewed,

Supplement to the Signs of the Times; with an answer to Mr Faber. By J. Bicheno, A. M. 2s.

A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Hanwell, in the county of Middlesex, on Feb. 2, 1807. By the Rev. John Bond, A.M. ls.

A Second Defence of Revealed Religion; in Two Sermons preached in the Chapel Royal St James's. By Richard Watson, D. D. Lord Bishop of Llandaff. 35.

Luther's Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, with the Life. By the Rev, Erasmus Middleton, B. D. 8vo. 96. boards.

Religious Union, Perfective, and the support of Civil Union. 8vo. 3s.

À Scriptural Lecture on Heads; with a Supplementary Address to Mr Robert Winter on his late Sermon, By a Neighbour, 2s.6d.

Critical Remarks on Dr Tatham's Two Addresses to the Mem. bers of Convocation. ls.

Essays to do Good, addressed to all Christians, whether in Private or Public Capacities. By Cotton Mather, D. D. Revise ed and improved by G. Burder. 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Domestic Discipline, and Youth admonished, two Sermons. By D. Tyremán. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

An Appendix to Dr Watt's Psalms and Hymns. By Dr Williams and Mr Boden. 12mo. large print, 5s.

Toplady's Prayers enlarged. Is. 6d.

A Short Epitome of the History and Doctrine of the Holy · Bible. By Mrs Wilson, ls, 6d.

The Churchman's Remembrancer. Vol. I. 10s. 6d. boards.

Parochial Divinity; or Sermons on various Subjects. By Charles Abbot, D.D. F.R.S. 8vo. 9s. boards.

Lectures on Systematic Theology, and on Pulpit Eloquence. By the late George Campbell, D.D. F.R.S. Ed.

Seventy Sermons on the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity. By William Joy Young. 2 vol. 8vo.' 14s. boards.

Sexaginta Conciones ad Fidem et Usum Christianæ Religionis spectantes, novis typis accuratè Manuscripta imitantibus mandatr, a Presbytero Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ compositæ ; or, Sixty Ser,

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mons written by a Clergyman of the Established Church, printed in the Manner of Manuscript, and done up separately for the Pulpit. 31.

Two Sermons preached in the Parish Church of St Philip and St Martin, Birmingham; at the request of the Governors of the Blue Coat School in that Town, on Sunday, April 26th, 1807. By the Rev. John Eyton, A. M. 2s.

A Sermon preached at St Mary Magdalen's Church, Taunton, at the Visitation of the Worshipful John Turner, May 19. 1807. By the Rev. Thomas Comber. ls.

Lectures on Scripture Facts. By the Rev. William Bengo Collyer. · The Duties of a Marriage State, or Pastoral address; designed also as a general Illustration of the Form of Solemnization of Matrimony. By Bazil Wood. 9d.

A Fourth Address to the Members of Convocation, respecting the new Statute upon Public Examination. By the Rector of Lincoln College. 6d.

Sermons and Letters by the Rev. William Alphonsus Gunn. 8s. 8vo. bound. The Glorious Hope of a Last World. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Picture of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; containing a Guide to the Town and Neighbourhood, a History of the Roman Wall, and a particular Account of the Coal-Mines. Illustrated by a New and Correct Plan of the Coal District, including the Rivers Tyne and Wear, the Collieries, Streets, Roads, Towns, Villages and Gentlemens' Seats ; a Plan of Newcastle, and a Descriptive Vignette by Bewick. 5s. · Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet. Vol. I. with 50 plates, 15s. Large paper ll. 45.

Caledonia ; or, an Account Historical and Topographic, of North Britain, from the most Ancient to the Present times, with a Dictionary of Places Chronographical and Philological. To be completed in 4 vols. By George Chalmers, F. R. S. and S. A. Vol. 1. 4to. 31. 35. boards. Imperial 41. 14s.

Blomefield's Topographical History of the County of Norfolk; containing the whole Matter which is in the five Folio Volumes, with all the Plates re-engraved, and a Portrait of the Author. Il vol. royal 8vo. 18s. each; royal 4to. 21. 2s. each.

Delineations of St Andrews : being a particular Account of every Thing remarkable in the History and present State of the City and Ruins, the University, and other interesting Objects of that antient ecclesiastical Capital of Scotland. By James Grier. son. 12mo. 5s. boards.

A Description of the Cathedral Church of Ely, with some Account of the Conventual Buildings, with Plates. By George Millar. 128. 8vo. boardse

The New Picture of Scotland, being an Accurate Guide to that Part of the United Kingdoms, with Historical Descriptive Accounts of the principal Buildings, Curiosities and Antiquities. With Plates. 18mo. 2 vol. 98.

TRAVELS. Travels through the Canadas ; containing a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on some of the Rivers and Lakes; with an Account of the Productions, Commerce, and Inhabitants of those Provinces. To which is subjoined a Comparative View of the Manners and Customs of Several of the Indian Nations of North and South America. By George Heriot, Esq. 4to. 21. 12s. 6d. boards ; with a separate Atlas, 31. 13s. 6d.

The Present State of Turkey; or, a Description of the Political, Civil, and Religious Constitution, Government and Laws of the Ottoman Empire. By Thomas Thornton, Esq. 4to. 11.1s. bds.

The Stranger in England; or, Travels in Great Britain. From the German of C. A. G. Goede. 3. vol. 8vo. 155. boards.

Observations on a Journey through Spain and Italy to Naples, and thence to Smyrna and Constantinople. 2 vol. 8vo. 10s. Od. bds.

A Tour through Holland, along the Right and Left Banks of of the Rhine, to Darmstadt, in the Summer and Autumn of 1806, with numerous and beautiful Engravings. By Sir John Carr. 42s. 4to. boards.

Journal of a Tour through Ireland. By Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Baronet. 10s. 6d. 8vo. Boards.

Travels in the Year 1806, from Italy to England through the Tyrol, Syria, Bohemia, Gallicia, Poland, and Livonia ; containing the particulars of the Liberation of Mrs Spencer Smith from the hands of the French Police, and of her subsequent Flight through the Countries above mentioned. Effected and written by the Marquis De Salvo, Member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature of Turin, &c. 7ş. boards.

The same work in Italian. 10s. 6d. boards.

The Travels of Bertrandon de la Brocquiere, (Counsellor, and First Esquire Carver to Philip le Bon, Duke of Burgundy) to Palestine ; and his Return from Jerusalem overland to France, during the Years 1432 and 1433, from a Manuscript in the National Library at Paris. Translated by Thomas Johnes, Esq. With a Map of Tartary. 8vo. 12s. boards.

In our review of Mr Colebrooke's Treatise, at page 29th of the present Volume,

it ought to have been mentioned, that the measure of the permanent settlement of the revenues of Bengal, to which we have there given such, mcrited praise, was originally suggested by Mr (now Sir Philip) Francis, in a plan fubmitted by him to the Court of Directors, so long ago as the year 1776, and published in England in 1782. We have reason to believe, also, that Lord Teignmouth, though he approved of the principle of that measure, resisted its immediate execution, and was, in this respect, rather an opponent, than a coadjutor, of Lord Cornwallis.


Bundling, a curious mode of courtship is

New England, 109.
Buonaparté. See Dumourier.
Burnett's view of Nie present state of Po-

land, general character of, 438. De-
fcription of the scenery of Poland, 442.
Villages, towns, &c. ib. Inns, 443.
Provisions and manufactures, 444. E-
normous wealth of some of the great
nobles, 445. Polish hospitality, ib.
Houses, 447. State of the peasantry,
448. Female manners, 451. Parti-
tion of Poland has not diminished the
wealth or population of the country,
453. Probable policy of France to-
wards, ib.

Acre, account of, 331.
Africa, prevailing prejudices against, fet

in a new light, 202.
Aga, 261. :
America. See Janson.
Arragon, population of the provinces of

the kingdom of, in the 16th certury,
compared with what it is at present,

Astronomy, Trdian. See Bentley.
Atoms, gravitation explained by the ope-

ration of, 146. Epicurus's theory of,

Austerlitz, affairs of the allies capable of

retrieval, until the battle of, 372.
Austria, no chance of success against

France on the Continent where the is
not the chief actor, 386.

Bailly, M., charge brought against him
by Mr Bentley, on the subject of In-

dian astronomy, 457.
Beattie, Dr. See Forbes, Sir William.
Beattie, Mr Montagu, account of the

death of, 182.
Begler-begs, the governors of the greater

provinces among the Turks, 261.
Bengal. See Colebrooke.
Bentley on the Indian astronomy, 455.
Knowledge of the astronomy of the
Orientals when first brought to Eu-
rope, 456. What the object of the
present work, ib. Charge brought by
the author against M. Bailly, 457.
Inquiry how far it is well founded,459.
Account of the Indian system of astro-
nomy, 459. Reasons for believing it

of very high antiquity, 463.
Berg, anecdute of the grand duke of, 282.
Bey, 261.
Birob, Deputy, on the Catholic bill, 124.
Boppart, description of, 281.
Boroughs, venal, remarks on, 420. : *
Boscovich, objection sated by, to the doc-

trine of gravific atoms, 148.
Boulogne flotilla carefully maintained in a

serviceable state, 5. Vaft army can be

embarked there in a single day, 6.
Brocquière, Bertrandon de la, travels of,

329. Holy places visited by, in Palef-
tinc, &c. 330.

Cæfalpinus, his arrangement of vegetables,

Cali-Yug, commencement of, a celebrated

epoch among the Indians, 463
Capmany, Qüestiones Criticas, 422. Va-

rious caufts to which the decline of the
supposed wealth and power of Spain,
in former times has been ascribed, ib.
Prefent weakness, &c. of, not a proof
of her decline, but of the increased
power of her neighbours, 424. View
of the state of the commerce and ma-
nufactures of, at different periods, 427.
Of her agriculture and population, 433.

Account of the author, 438.
Carr's Stranger in Ireland, 40. General

character of, 42. Resemblance between
the style of the author and that of the
celebrated George Falkener, 44. Anec-
dotes, 40. Detcription of the quarter-
fellions at Killarney, &c. 49. State of
education in Ireland, 53. Prices of la-
bour, 56. Thrashers, 57. Catholic c-
mancipation, 58. Character of the

Trith, 60.
Carr's Tour in Holland and Germany,

271. Author's way of writing books,
ib. Journey between Delft and the
Hagoc, 275. French not fo odious in
Holland as is generally believed in this
country, 277. Account of the Wood
near the Hague, 278. Dutch theatre,
279. Defcription of the banks of the
Rhine, 281. Anecdote of the grand
duke of Burg, 282. French coascripts,

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