A Bone to Gnaw for the Democrats

الغلاف الأمامي
J. Wright, 1797 - 175 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 150 - Bacchus' blessings are a treasure, Drinking is the soldier's pleasure: Rich the treasure, Sweet the pleasure, Sweet is pleasure after pain. Soothed with the sound, the king grew vain; Fought all his battles o'er again, And thrice he routed all his foes, and thrice he slew the slain!
الصفحة lxxii - This has induced me to lay aside a second castigation which I had prepared for him, though I do not think it expedient to omit what I had formerly written. HERE on the rack of Satire let him lie, Fit garbage for the hell-hound Infamy.
الصفحة lxxi - Be full as hard, and near as thick, as thine ; " Yet has the world admiring on it read " Many a keen gibe, and many a sportive line. " While nothing from thy jobbernowl can spring " But impudence and filth ; for out, alas! " Do what we will, 'tis still the same vile thing, " Within, all brickdust—and without, all brass.
الصفحة 96 - The prefs was fuftocatcd with their addrefles and letters of fraternity, which were fwallowed by the mob, for whom they were intended, with an appetite which generally characterizes that clafs of citizens. But, all of a fudden, when they were in the height of their work, mangling the carcafe of the government, the magiftracy fouced down upon them, like an eagle among a flock of carrion crows. Here was...
الصفحة 143 - Europe with consternation, the infamy and horrors of which have been dwelt upon by so many eloquent writers of all religions, and that has held Charles IX. up to the execration of ages, dwindles into child's play, when compared to the present murderous revolution, which a late writer in France emphatically calls a St. Bartholomew of jive years.
الصفحة 175 - Preface addressed to the people of Great Britain. " You will plunge your Country into an Abyss of eternal Detestation and Infamy, and the Annals of your boasted Revolution will serve as a Bloody Buoy, warning the Nations of the Earth to keep Aloof from the mighty ruin.
الصفحة 105 - We are told you are ignorant; we wish you to enjoy liberty, without which no people was ever enlightened. We are told you are uneducated and immoral; we wish you to be educated, and your morality improved, by the most rapid of all instructors — a good government.
الصفحة xviii - On t' other fide there flood deftru&ion bare ; Unpunifh'd rapine, and a wafte of war. Conteft, with fharpen'd knives, in cloifters drawn, And all with blood befpread the holy lawn. Loud menaces were...
الصفحة 58 - Marat is a little man, of a cadaverous complexion, and a countenance exceedingly expressive of his disposition; to a painter of massacres, Marat's head would be inestimable. Such heads are rare in England, yet they are sometimes to be met with at the Old Bailey.
الصفحة 114 - Farewell,' continue the United Irishmen, ' farewell, great and good man; but, before you go, we beseech a portion of your parting prayer' (down upon your marrowbones, reader) 'for Archibald Hamilton Rowan, Muir, Palmer, Margaret, and Gerald, who are now, like you, preparing to cross the bleak ocean. Farewell! soon will you embrace your sons on the American shore, Washington will take you by the hand, and the shade of Franklin look down, with calm delight on the first statesman of the age, extending...

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