The Cornhill Magazine, المجلد 13;المجلد 86

الغلاف الأمامي
William Makepeace Thackeray
Smith, Elder., 1902

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الصفحة 553 - With darken'd eyelids, and their lashes yet From his late sobbing wet. And I, with moan, Kissing away his tears, left others of my own ; For, on a table drawn beside his head, He had put, within his reach, A box of counters and a...
الصفحة 249 - This Figure, that thou here seest put, It was for gentle Shakespeare cut; Wherein the Graver had a strife with Nature to outdoo the life: O, could he but have drawn his wit As well in brasse as he hath hit His face, the Print would then surpasse All, that was ever writ in brasse. But, since he cannot, Reader, looke Not on his Picture, but his Booke.
الصفحة 251 - Soul of the age! The applause, delight, the wonder of our stage! My Shakespeare, rise! I will not lodge thee by Chaucer, or Spenser, or bid Beaumont lie A little further, to make thee a room: Thou art a monument without a tomb, And art alive still while thy book doth live And we have wits to read and praise to give.
الصفحة 250 - Sweet Swan of Avon! what a sight it were To see thee in our waters yet appear, And make those flights upon the banks of Thames, That so did take Eliza, and our James!
الصفحة 650 - What is it to be a gentleman? Is it to have lofty aims, to lead a pure life, to keep your honour virgin; to have the esteem of your fellow-citizens, and the love of your fireside; to bear good fortune meekly; to suffer evil with constancy ; and through evil or good to maintain truth always?
الصفحة 805 - Accordingly he, with two or three others, went down into the hold, and closing up all the hatches, filled several pots full of brimstone and other combustible matter, and set it on fire, and so continued till they were almost suffocated, when some of the men cried out for air. At length he opened the hatches, not a little pleased that he held out the longest.
الصفحة 545 - Her true beauty leaves behind Apprehensions in my mind Of more sweetness, than all art Or inventions can impart. Thoughts too deep to be expressed, And too strong to be suppress'd. LETTERS, UNDER ASSUMED SIGNATURES, PUBLI SHED IN THE REFLECTOR. LETTERS. THE LONDONER. TO THE EDITOR OF THE REFLECTOR.
الصفحة 106 - And the hooded clouds, like friars, Tell their beads in drops of rain, And patter their doleful prayers; — But their prayers are all in vain, All in vain...
الصفحة 818 - ... of those unhappy spirits who, throughout the Middle Ages, were continually spending superhuman strength in building in a night inaccessible bridges and uninhabitable castles, or purchasing with untold treasures souls that might have been had for nothing, and invariably cheated of their reward.
الصفحة 253 - Pr'ythee, lead me in: There take an inventory of all I have, To the last penny ; 'tis the king's : my robe, And my integrity to heaven, is all I dare now call mine own.

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