A Deconstruction of T.S. Eliot: The Fire and the Rose

الغلاف الأمامي
Edwin Mellen Press, 1996 - 299 من الصفحات
This study examines the deconstructive themes and methods which inform T.S. Eliot's prose and poetry, and demonstrates how Eliot had developed the principles now enshrined as deconstruction well before Jacques Derrida intervened in the area of literary analysis. After a brief introduction, the initial chapter is devoted to an in-depth anaysis of Derrida's major texts. Chapter two begins the analysis of Eliot with particular attention to those theoretical pronouncements that anticipate the direction of Derrida's thought. Further chapters forge a link between Derrida and Eliot's essays on literature; and extend the analysis into more of Eliot's works.

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