A World to Gain: The Battle for Global Domination and why America Entered WWII

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CLAIRVIEW BOOKS, 2004 - 213 من الصفحات
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"There are only two possibilities: either Berlin will be capital of the world or Washington" --Adolf Hitler. November 1941

World War II cannot be understood fully unless it is seen for what it was: a struggle for world domination between the United States and Nazi Germany. Based on both Allied and German sources, Toughill's firsthand research examines the nature of that rivalry and, for the first time, provides convincing answers to many unanswered questions about the war. For example: Why did Hitler declare war on the United States? What is the truth behind the Allies' policy of "unconditional surrender"? Why did the Germans stand behind Hitler in the face of overwhelming odds? Why did the Allies leave Berlin to Soviet dictator Stalin?

At the center of this absorbing book is U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the man who helped rid the world of a great evil and, in the process, made the U.S. the most powerful country on earth--all at "virtually no cost." The means for achieving this extraordinary feat is examined in fascinating detail, using new evidence (including forged Cabinet Papers) so startling that it will force a major reappraisal of World War II.

Toughill gives particularly close attention to Roosevelt's advisors--William "Wild Bill" Donovan, the President's spymaster who cunningly helped to push America into the war; Douglas Miller, who publicly called on America to attack Germany "from the West"; and George Marshall, the President's Chief of Staff, who urged a "complete military defeat of Germany."

Understanding the exact nature of what happened during that dreadful conflict is key to ensuring that Europe never suffers such a catastrophe again, and this book takes an essential step toward fulfilling that task. Roosevelt justified his wartime policies on the grounds that they offered a reasonable guarantee of world peace for fifty years. Those fifty years have passed, and world peace continues to elude us.

A World to Gain is required reading for understanding the personalities and reasoning behind the U.S. involvement in World War II.

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Thomas Toughill has labored in a whisky distillery, been an intelligence office in Hong Kong, and a bodyguard for Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon. A graduate of Glasgow University in history and German, and a former infantry officer in a Scottish Regiment, he now lives in the Mediterranean with his wife and family. His first book, Oscar Slater: The Mystery Solved, was published in 1993. It is an exposé of how a German Jew, often called the Scottish equivalent of Alfred Dreyfus, was framed by the British authorities for murder. The book forms part of the law course at Edinburgh University.

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