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This Day were published, in Three Octavo Volumes, Price $1. 16s.

ALSO, An Edition in the original French, in Three Vols. 8vo. Price £1.16s.







Do what you ought, happen what may."

LONDON: Printed for LACKINGTON, Hughes, HARDING, MAVOR, and Jones, Finsbury-square. Sold also by W. Blackwood and Co. and ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh; MARTIN KEENE, Dublin, and by all other Booksellers.

The work here offered to the public, under the title of Historical Due cuments and Reflections on the Government of Holland, will not be uninteresting in the present day, and is capable of furnishing valuable materials for history. It is translated from the original manuscript copy, transmitted to this country for publication by the author, which is deposited in the hands of the publishers, where it may be seen.

Its authenticity is indisputable. It is easy to discern in the slightest particulars that character of frankness and moderation, that enlightened philanthropy, for which the author was particularly distinguished. The work may be considered in two points of view. In the first it belongs to the department of history: the events of the celebrated period it retraces, though known, acquire an additional interest from the pen of their historian. The rank he filled on the stage of the world initiated him into the secrets of cabinets; deriving facts from their very source, an actor or . eye-witness in most of them, the veracity of the writer is a pledge of their accuracy. The historical part comprises all that period after Louis Bonaparte ascended the throne of Holland, till the time when he chose rather to resign the sceptre, than become the subaltern tyrant of a people, whose destiny had been committed to his care: this part displays more especially a full deseription of the interior administration of Holland; the particular views of Louis for the happiness and independence of that kingdom; his

long resistance to the opposite system of Napoleon in this respect; and the motives that finally made him determine to retire, and brought on the union of Holland with France:—particulars not less interesting respecting the family of Bonaparte, its origin, the condition of the members of it at the time of the union of Corsica with France; the fortune and elevation of Napoleon and his brothers, the conquest of Italy, the expedition to Egypt, the consulship, the empire, the peace of Tilsit, &c., and the proposals then made to the English government by France and Russia:—the invasion of Spain; the renunciation of Charles IV. and Ferdinand VII. the refusal of Louis Bonaparte to ascend the Spanish throne; his opinioni on the political causes of that disastrous war, &c.

Taking this work in a second point of view, we may consider it as a collection of political and private memoirs relating not only to Louis Bonaparte and his family, but to other personages equally remarkable. From the following summary the reader will be enabled to form an idea of the attractions it presents. The motives, hitherto secret, of the marriage of Louis with the daughter of Josephine; the causes that led the married pair mutually to agree to a separation; the circumstances that preceded and followed the dissolution of Napoleon's marriage with Josephine; political reasons that induced Napoleon to refuse different princesses, whose hands were offered him, and to prefer the daughter of the Emperor of Austria ; -correspondence of Napoleon with his brother, and of the French ministers with the Dutch ministers ;-in fine, a number of new and curious anecdotes, which render this work truly deserving the attention of the public.

Little need be added respecting the author: his political career pertains to the historian, and it is the business of history to decide upon it. But it is a pleasure to do homage to his private virtues : his book every where displays that touching simplicity, that love of mankind, which form the basis of his character. It is particularly remarkable for a singular degree of impartiality; while neither the truth of its pictures, nor the interest attached to its details, is at all injured by the author's modesty in speaking of himself, or his reserve in speaking of others. Unquestionably there is an elevation of style, which genius itself does not always employ: but at least as a work, in which every thing breathes goodness without weakness, philosophy without ostentation, and a prudent though courageous freedom, we venture to affirm, it cannot fail to be justly valued by its readers; and will be considered as a record, at once curious and authentic, of a period for ever memorable,

Books just published by Lackington and Co. Finsbury-square.


Elegantly printed in three volumes folio, with One Hundred and Ninety-four fine

Engravings on copper and wood; and Three Hundred and Fifty-seven Armorial Subjects attached to the Pedigrees, price 26. 58.,

THE HISTORY of the COUNTY PALATINE and CITY of CHESTER; compiled from original Evidences in Public Offices, the Harleian and Cottonian MSS., Parochial Registers, Private Muniments, unpublished MS. Collections of successive Cheshire Antiquaries, and a personal Survey of every Township in the County. By George OrMeROD, LL. D. F.R. S. and F.S. A.


In two volumes 12mo. price 14s. in boards,
TRAVELS in ENGLAND, WALES, and SCOTLAND, in the Year 1816.
By Dr. SPIKER, Librarian to his Majesty the King of Prussia. From the German,


In two 8vo. volumes, price 11. 4s. in boards,
A VOYAGE to SOUTH AMERICA, performed, by Order of the American
Government, in the Years 1817 and 1818, in the United States' Frigate Congress.
By H. M. BRACKENBRIDGE, Esq. Secretary to the Mission,


Elegantly printed, in 8vo. price 15s. boards, A GUIDE to the LAKES in CUMBERLAND, WESTMORLAND, and LANCASHIRE. Illustrated with Twenty beautiful Copper-plate Views of Local Scenery and a coloured Map; intended as a Companion for the Tourist in an Ex. cursion through the Lakes. By J. ROBINSON, LL.D., Rector of Clifton, Lancashire.


In fivè volumes 8vo, and one 4to., containing a Series of Coins, through a period of

1800 years, including the Sovereigns and Crown Pieces, price 61. 6s. boards, ANNALS of the COINAGE of BRITAIN and its Dependencies, from the earliest Period of authentic History to the present Time. By the Rev. Rogers RUDING, B. D. Vicar of Maldon, in Surrey, F. S. A.


In 8vo. price 7s. boards, METROLOGY; or, An EXPOSITION of WEIGHTS and MEASURES; chiefly those of Great Britain, Ireland, and France; containing Tables of Comparison, and Views of various Standards; an Account of Laws and Local Customs relating to the Subject; Parliamentary Reports, Documents, &c. By P. KELLY, LL.D.

In this Publication the three French Systems of Metrology are explained ; namely, the Ancient System ; the Metrical or Decimal System of 1795; and the Systême usuel of 1812. This last method is now published for the first time in English.

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Elegantly printed in a pocket volume, with a beautiful Frontispiece and Vignette,

engraved by Scott, price 5s.6d. boards, A TREATISE on GREYHOUNDS, with Observations on the Treatment and Disorders of them. By An Old SPORTSMAN. Second Edition.

. “ Nec tibi cura Canum fuerit postrema."-VIRGIL.

Books just published by Lackington and Co. Finsbury-square.


Elegantly printed, in two pocket volumes, with two fine Portraits, price 14s. in boards,

MEMOIRS of COUNT GRAMMONT: By Count HAMILTON. Translated from the French, with Notes, Illustrations, and a Sketch of the Life of the Author.

These highly distinguished Memoirs owe their celebrity as much to the picquant graces of the narrative, as to the rich store of secret anecdote which they contain, of distinguished characters during that important period of our History, the Usurpation, and the Reigns of Charles and James II. Hitherto they have been only offered to the public in a form too expensive to admit of general circulation-they are now presented at a price calculated to obviate that objection.


Very neatly printed in a pocket volume, price 5s. in boards, APPARITIONS; or, The MYSTERY of GHOSTS, HOBGOBLINS, and HAUNTED HOUSES, developed. By JosEPH TAYLOR.

A large impression of this popular work having been sold within a few months, it is now republished, with the addition of many curious and interesting stories. The opinions of the various critical Journalists have been highly commendatory ;-that of the Monthly Reviewer is as follows:

“ This Collection of Stories is well chosen, and offers a fund of amusement that is cheap at the price of Five Shfllings. By putting such a book as this into the hands of children, parents will more effectually guard their minds against weak credulity than by grave philosophic admonition.”


In a large duodecimo volume, price 6s. neatly bound, THE BIBLE CLASS BOOK; or, SCRIPTURE READINGS for EVERY DAY in the YEAR; a Selection of the most impressive Parts of the Sacred Scriptures, in Three Hundred and Sixty-five Lessons. Adapted to the Use of Schools and Families.

A large impression of this work has been sold within twelve months; being recom. mended by many intelligent and well-disposed persons as a corrective of infidelity, it has been revised throughout with great diligence, and is offered, as a book from which the most beneficial results may be expected, if placed in the hands of the Young, the Unwary, or the Sceptical, and particularly if given to Servants and Mechanics.

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Handsomely and closely printed in columns, in four volumes royal 4to., with com

plete Indexes, price 151. 15s. boards, ATHENÆ OXONIENSES: the History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their education in the University of Oxford from the Year 1500. To which are added FASTI OXONIENSES: or the Annals of the said University. First written by ANTHONY A Wood, M.A. of Merton College; and now very considerably augmented, in Text and Notes, by the Rev. PHILIP Bliss, D.C.L. Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford.


Elegantly printed in 8vo., with a beautiful Portrait of the Son of NAPOLEON, by

WRIGHT, from a fine original miniature by ISABEY, price 8s. in boards, A SYSTEM OF EDUCATION for the INFANT KING of ROME, and other PRINCES of the BLOOD of FRANCE, drawn up by the IMPERIAL Council of STATE, with the Approbation, and under the personal Superintendence, of the EMPEROR NaroLeon.

This extraordinary production was found in the cabinet of Napoleon, at St. Cloud. It is published with the strictest fidelity, and the Original Manuscript is deposited at the Publishers, where it may be seen.

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