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violence, and attended by a total change in the fundamental laws of a commonwealth, have a natural tendency to throw a power into the hands of their leaders, which, however disguised, must in truth be unlimited and dictatorial. The restraints of law and usage necessarily cease. The factious among the partisans of the revolution, and the animosity of those whom it has degraded or despoiled, can seldom be curbed by a gentler hand than that of absolute power; and there is no situation of human affairs, in which there are stronger temptations to those arbitrary measures of which the habit alike unfits rulers and nations from performing their parts in the system of liberty.

If, on the other hand, a plan of Constitutional Reform were heartily adopted by an Administration, it might reasonably be hoped that the benefits of such an adoption would extend beyond the immediate effects of the Reform itself. It would be a pledge that the Ministers who adopted it, would carry a liberal, popular, and reforming spirit into every branch of their Administration; that they would not only practise economy and retrenchment, and observe moderation in enforcing, as well as lenity in executing the laws, but employ the utmost zeal in all subordinate, though important improvements; that they would undertake the reform of the Criminal, and, where necessary, of the Civil Code; that they would begin the gradual abolition of restraints on Industry and Commerce; and complete the still unfinished fabric of Religious Liberty. Such a Government, which must derive its chief hopes of strength from popular support, would honestly desire to consult the opinions, and, as far as possible, to satisfy the wishes of the people. A fair trial would then be made, whether the people could be conciliated by confidence, and would support a Government that put its trust in them. On the issue of the experiment, the existence of such an Administration must depend. By its failure, the situation of the country could hardly be made worse than it now is. By its success, the King of England, reinstated in the hearts of his people, at the head of a contented and united nation, would resume bis high station in the system of Europe, and, as became a Constitutional Monarch, mediate with decisive effect between the contending powers of Revolution and Despotism; instead of beholding, as at present, the strength of this great nation palsied by internal distractions; his Ministers, despised by his Royal Allies for inability to aid them; and their professions of neutrality scorned by those nations struggling for liberty, who see English Councils still directed by members of the Congress of Vienna.

PHILOLOGY An Arabic Vocabulary and Index for Richardson's Arabic Grammár, in which the Words are explained according to the Parts of Speech, and the Derivations are traced to their Originals in the Hebrew, Chaldee, and Syriac Languages ; with Tables of Oriental Alphabets, Points, and Affixes. By James Noble, Teacher of Languages in Edinburgh. 10s. 6d.

POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. The Speech of Thomas Lord Erskine, on moving that a List of Witnesses, in support of the Bill of Pains and Penalties, be forthwith delivered to the Queen. ls.

The Cheltenham Mail Bag ; or, Letters from Gloucestershire. Edited by Peter Quince the younger.

Letters from Mrs Delany (widow of Dr P. Delany) to Mrs Frances Hamilton, from the year 1779 to 1788; comprising many unpublished and interesting Anecdotes of their late Majesties and the Royal Family. Svo. 6s. 6d. boards.

Collections relative to the Claims at the Coronations of several of the Kings of England, beginning with Richard II., being curious and interesting Documents, derived from authentic Sources. 8vo. 5s.

The Political Quixote ; or, the Adventures of the renowned Don Blackibo Dwarfino and his trusty Squire Seditiono, in quest of the Penny Subscription. 48. boards.

An Epistle from William Lord Russell to William Lord Cavendish, supposed to have been written the evening before his Execution. By the Right Hon. George Canning. 4s.

An Analysis of the True Principles of Security against Forgery, exemplified by an Inquiry into the sufficiency of the

American Plan for a New Bank Note. By Sir William Congreve. 8vo. 12 Plates. ll. ls. boards.

The Grounds and Danger of Restrictions on the Corn Trade considered. 8vo. 4s.

A Report of the Proceedings in the House of Peers, on the Bill of Pains and Penalties against the Queen. 8vo. No. 1, 2, and 3. 1s. each sewed.

Reflexions on the present Difficulties of the Country, and on relieving them by opening new Markets to our Commerce, and removing all injurious Restrictions. 3s.

The Naval and Military Exploits which have distinguished the Reign of George III., accurately described, and methodically arranged. By J. Aspin. Coloured Plates. 145. boards ; 15s. bound.

Vol. I. of a New Series of Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. Royal 8vo. 1l. 11s. 6d.

A View of the present Order of Succession to the British Throne, exhibited in a Genealogical Table of Descendants from George II. By Edward Baker. On a sheet of double elephant, and coloured, 10s. 6d. ; 'on canvass and rollers, 15s.6d.

A Catechism of Political Economy. By Jean Baptiste Say, Pro

fessor of Political Economy at the Royal Athenæum of Paris. Translated by John Richter. 6s. boards.

The Report presented to the Magistrates and Town of Dundee, en 21st September, 1820, by the Committee appointed by them for examining the Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons. ls. 6d. sewed.

THEOLOGY. Discourses, illustrative of the Designs of Christianity, and of some parts of its Internal Evidence. By Daniel Dewar. 8vo. 12s.

The School Prayerbook; being a Week's course of Prayers. 2s. boards.

Lyric Hymns. By Edward Atkyns Bray. 2s.

Further Correspondence in the Matter between the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the Vicar and Curate of Frome. 88. 6d. sewed.

Sermons, Explanatory of the Gospels. By H. Hughes. 2 vols. 8vo. ll. ls. boards.

Sacred Lectures. By J. Hodgson. 12mo. 6s. boards.

Sacred Literature; comprising a Review of the Principles of Composition laid down by the late Robert Lowth, in his Prelections on Ísaiah, and an application of the principles so received, to the Illustration of the New Testament; in a series of Critical Observations on the Style and Structure of that Sacred Volume. By the Rev. John Jebb. 8vo. 15s. boards.

Sermons; Doctrinal, Practical, and Occasional. By the Rev. Wm. Snowden. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Lectures on the Temper and Spirit of the Christian Religion. By M. Allen. Crown 9s. boards.

Lectures on the Holy Trinity. By E. Andrews. 7s. boards.
Vol. I. of Sketches of Sermons. 12mo. 4s. boards.
Vols. III. and IV. of Scripture Portraits. By the Rev. R. Ste-

12mo. 10s.
Dialogues on Pure Religion. By J. Thornton. 5s. boards.

A Discourse of the Creatures, designed to magnify the Supercreation Grace of God in Election. By Thomas Goodwin. 65. 6d. bds.

A Series of Sermons on various Subjects of Doctrine and Practice. By the Rev. G. Matthew. 2 vols. 8vo. ll. ls. boards.

The History of Religious Liberty, from the earliest period to the Death of George III. By the Rev. R. Brook. In 2 vols. 8vo. To. subscribers, il. ls.

Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth of the Revealed Religion. By Thomas Erskine, Esq. Advocate. 12mo. 2s. stitched.

The Christian's Annual Journal and Record of Literature for 1821 ; with a portrait of the Rev. G. Burder. 2s. 3d.

The Application of Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life, in a Series of Discourses. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. 8vo. 8s. boards.

The Sermons of Dr Isaac Barrow. 5 vols. 8vo. 21. 12s. Gd. boards. VOL. XXXIV. NO. 68.



Richard Baynes's Catalogue of an extensive Collection of Ancient and Modern Books. 3s.

BIOGRAPHY. Impartial Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of her Majesty Queen Caroline, from her earliest infancy. By J. Nightingale. Part I. 28. 6d.

The Life of Queen Anne Bullen, with Notes, forming No. 7. of Smeaton's Tracts. 5s. 6d.

Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Religious Connexions of John Owen, D.D. Vice Chancellor of Oxford, and Dean of Christ Church, during the Commonwealth. By the Rev. Wm. Orme. 8vo. 12s. boards.

Biographical Illustrations of Worcester. By John Chalmers, Esq. 8vo. 15s. boards.

Memoirs of the Life of. Andrew Hofer; containing an Account of the Transactions in the Tyrol, during the year 1809, taken from the German. By Charles Henry Hall. 8vo. 78. 6d. boards.

Memoirs of the late Rev. James Scott, one of the Ministers of Perth, containing Extracts from his Diary. By the Rev. W. A. Thomson, one of the Ministers of that City.

Trial of the Queen, Nos. 1. to 23. 8vo. Is. each.

The Life of the late George Hill, D.D. Principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews. By George Cook, D.D. with Portrait. 8vo. 10s. 6d.


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Exercises for: Greek Verse; consisting of extremely literal Translations from the Anthologia, &c. By the Rev. Edmund Squire. 78. boards.

Aristarchus Anti-Bloomfieldianus; or, a Reply to the Notice of the New Greek Thesaurus, inserted in the 44th Number of the Quarterly Review. By E. H. Barker. To which are added, the Jena Reviews of Mr Bloomfield's Edition of Callimachus and ÆschyliPersæ, translated from the German. 8vo. 45. 6d.

Translation of Homer's Iliad. By William Cowper. 6s. boards.

Carmina Homerica, Iliad and Odyssea by Knight. 4to. 11. 58, boards.


Edda ; or, the Hermit of Warkworth ; a Melo-drama. By Edw. Ball. 2s.

A Dramatic Synopsis ; containing an Essay on the Political and Moral Use of Theatres. 5s.

The Persian Heroine ; or, Downfall of
Tyranny. By Bonnell Thornton, Esq. 2s.
Exchange no Robbery. 3s. 6d.

Prometheus Unbound; a lyrical drama, in four acts, with other Poems. By Percy Bysshe Shelley. 8vo. 9s.

EDUCATION. The New System of Musical Education, as announced and ex.

Travels through England, Wales, and Scotland, in the year 1816. By Dr S. H. Spiker, translated from the German. 2 vols. 12mo. 14s. bds.

A Tour through a part of the Netherlands, France, and Switzer. land, in the year 1817. By Thomas Heger. 8vo. 10s. 6d. bds.

A Tour in Normandy, undertaken chiefly for the purpose of Investigating the Architectural Antiquities of the Dutchy, with Obser. vations on its History, on the Country, and its Inhabitants. By D. Turner, Esq. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 21. 128. 6d. bds.

Works Imported by BoosEY & Son, Broad Street. Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Chiffres, Lettres initiales, et Marques figurées, sous lesquels les plus célébres Peintres, Dessinateurs, et Graveurs, ont désigné leur Noms, &c. &c. Par M. F. Bruillot, employé au Cabinet d’Estampes de sa Majesté le Roi de Baviere. 4to. sewed, 21. 10s.

Lucas Cranach's Prayerbook, beautifully engraved on Stone, after the Original Drawings in the Royal Academy at Munich ; with descriptive Text in German. Folio. sewed, 14s.

Views of the principal Greek Monuments in Sicily, drawn from Nature, and on Stone, in a highly finished style. By F. Gärtner. Two Parts, large folio, with 16 Plates, and French and German text. 71. 10s.

Martini's New Systematic Cabinet of Conchology, in Latin and German. 11 vols. 4to, with 215 coloured Plates. 351.

Drouville's Voyage en Perse pendant les Années 1812–1813. 2 vols. 4to. Illustrated by upwards of 60 Lithographic Prints, 46 of which are executed by the celebrated Russian artist, Orlowsky. 11l. 11s.; coloured, 131. 13s.

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