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PRELIMINARY MATTER. . . . . . . . . . . 1

Man a snuffing Animal-Lady Snuffers-Introduc-
tion of Tobacco - Nicot - Raleigh -- Drake - The
Pouncet Box-Sneezing Powder-Louis XVI.- Papal
persecution of Snuff-Restoration-Anne-Georgian


Remedy for Headache and Weak Sight-Perfumed
Snuff injurious — Sneezing — Sociability — Sterne-

Swift-Poetic Inspiration-Song.
VARIETIES OF SNUFF. . . . . . . . . . . 19

Bolangaro— Martinique- Princeza — Welsh- Lundy
Foot's Irish Blackguard-Lambkin's Cork-Paris-
Façon de Paris-Scotch- Masulipatam—Cephalic-
Grimstone's Eye Snuff—Lord Rochester-Natchi-
toches—Mathews-Hardham's 37— Violet Strasburg
-Queen Charlotte-Gillespie-Prince's Mixture-
Macouba-Latakia—Anstruther and Norcot Mixtures
-Varieties—Snuff Monopoly in France-Process of
Snuff-Making — Dutch and English Tobacco Mer-
chants—Jesuits' Snuff-Misstatements corrected—A

Snuffy Song.
Snuff Shops, SIGNS, AND Papers. ..... 49

Fribourg and Treyer–Fribourg and Pontet-Pontet
Junior-Watton-Harrison—The Skinners--Kilpack
-Procter--Currey—Taylor-Beynon and Stocken-
Hudson - Arnet – Pain - Edwards — Highlanders -
Black Boys-Female Figure-Quaint Device-Snuff

SNUFF-BOXES . . . . . . . . . : .. . 60

Inappropriate receptacles-French taste-Chinese
Fox Hunt-Laurence Kirk-James Sandy-Cumnoc
---Curious Boxes - Sarcophagus - Robert Burns -
William Pitt-Duke of Gloucester— Napoleon and
Louis XVIII.- Gold Wicker-Diamonds-Hogarth-
Mulberry Tree — Platoff — Moorish Box - Nelson's
Coffin-Bark Boxes—Maria Foote-Diplomatic Boxes
-Emperor of Austria—Ninety-second Mull-Song.

SNUFF-TAKING . . . . . . . . . . . . 93

Snuff a Tell-tale-Duchess de Berri—Nose hunger
- Stolen pinch — Pledging in Snuff - Sneezing –
Catullus-Cowley-An upset-Robbery-Madness-
Execution-How to Smooth Snuff-Stage Snuff-Test
of Love--A Taker's Courtesy-Ma Tabatiere--Lon-
gevity-A Black Pinch-Surrender to Snuff-Pupil's
Bribery — A Disinfecter — Bloomfield — Late Sitting
-Deliberate Aim-Extract—Airing Snuff-Attitudes
-Noses “Bottle, Grecian, Snub, or Roman”—The

Handkerchief-Patterns -A Slip of the Tongue.
Snuff-TAKERS . . . . . . . . . . . . 152

George IV.- King of Hanover-Dukes of Cam-
bridge and Sussex-Princess Hesse Homburg—Dukes
of Devonshire and Buccleuch — Marquis of Ely-
Lords Alvanley, Airlie, Arbuthnot, Panmure, and
Abercrombie - Louis XVIII. – Duke of Orleans -
Frederick the Great—Mrs. Siddons—John Kemble-
Brummel-Sir Henry Cooke-Theatrical Touchstone
- Dramatic Censor — Steevens the Commentator —
Count Boralowski-Donald Macpherson-Earl of Har-
rington - Prince Talleyrand— Prince Metternich -
Napoleon-Lady Holland --Conclusion-Acrostic.


2reliminary Matter.



We shall not, emulating Fadladeen, begin, "Ere we consider the qualities of the powdered vegetable in question, it will be necessary to review the history and effects of all the substances that have ever been reduced to particles, since the creation of man.” We wish to be clear in every respect. They vainly seek to prove a practice clean who write on it in an impure style. There are certain bitter and dirty words, as well as immodest allusions, in a competitor-volume, which will disgust refined readers, more than tobacco in any form can do.

Our aim is to be, if not “merry and wise,” at least decent in our levity ; for we would gladly win both Gown and Petticoat to assemble 'neath our Bandana flag.

Some writers represent Man's superiority over other animals to consist in dressing, some in cooking, some in laughing, some in kissing, some in talking. But dogs and monkeys submit to be clad; brutes will eat cooked food; the yaffil, the hyæna, laugh; the Cheshire cat grins; doves bill; cows and horses lick each other's lips ; parrots, jays, starlings, can speak; yet where is the specimen of inhuman mortality that takes snuff ? No; snuff - taking is peculiar to the reasoning, responsible, 'tarnal crittur, that sets him unapproachably above all quadrupeds, all other bipeds : let the eagle soar his highest, man is still “ a pinch beyond.”

In England, especially among the decent and superior classes, there are fewer inveterate smokers than constant snuff-takers. To average, “year round,” three cigars a day, or rather, an evening, would constitute a Briton a notable votary to the pungent leaf. There certainly are extreme cases, but no lessons can be drawn from them; they are the exceptions, proving general rules. Your * dozen-pipe-man,” though real, is remarkable ; so “ let him trot by!” But who counts the pinches of your true snuffer ? The last moment ere he sleeps, the first when he awakes, he applies with habitual instinct to his box. If a bad sleeper, there go two pinches, at least, to each waking. Then, during his visible hours, how few are the minutes that elapse between one and another visit to la tabatiere. His digits friendlily guide the soothing dust to his profile’s most prominent feature; and as un pris is digested, a successor is in demand.

The idle may carry on flirtations, that end in-smoke; the persevering, incorporate their very souls with their own beloved dust.

Then, if strength lies in numbers, be it remembered, that we have many even young ladysnuffers ; while we know of but one, even welldrest female in this realm, who smokes. We believe she also rides without a side-saddle.

In India and the Havanna, pipes and cigars are “so craftily qualified,” that females seem less degraded by their use ; but nowhere would a little pinch humiliate them.

We have read a poem, which, after lauding the Miss Brunton (Lady Craven) to the skies,

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