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An humble Roof, plain Bed, and homely Board,
More clear untainted Pleasures do afford;
Than ali the Tumult of vain Greatness brings
To Kings, or to the Favourites of Kings.

Cowl. Hor,
Then might I live by my own furly Rules,
Not forc'd

to worship Knaves, or flatter Fools; And thus secur’d: of Ease by Phunning Strife,

(Juu. With Pleasure would I fail down the fwift Stream of Life.rat.

Since Wealth and Pow'r too weak we find
To quell the Tumults of the Mind;
Or from the Monarch's Roofs of State,
Drive thence the Cares that round him wait:
Happy the Man with little bleft,
of what his Father left pofsefsd;
No base Desires corrupt bis Head,
No Fears difturb him in his Bed.
Thy Portion is a wealthy Stock,
A fertile Glebe, a fruitful Flock,
Horses and Chariots for thy Ease,
Rich Robes to deck, and make thee please :
For me, a little Cell I chuse,
Fit for my Mind, fit for my Muse;
Which fofc Content does best adorn,
Shunning the Knaves and Fools I scorn. Otw. Her.

À suddain Damp has fiez'd my Spirits,

And like a heavy Weight Hangs on their active Springs.

Dryd. D. of Guise. A Kind of Weight hangs heavy at my Heart, My flagging Soul Aies under her own Pitch, Like Fowl in Air too damp, and laggs along As if she were a Body in a Body, And not a mounting Substance, made of Fire. My Senses too are dull and ftupify'd, Their Edge rebated : Sure fome il approaches, And some kind Spirit knocks softly at my Breast To tell me Face's at Hand.

Dryd. Cleom. Some unborn Sorrow, ripe in Fortune's Womb, Now coming tow'rds me, grieves my inmost Soul. Shak.Rich, i.

Sure some ill Fate's upon me: Diftrust and Heaviness fit round my Heart, And Apprehension shocks my cim'rous Soul.

Ofw, Orpb. This Melancholy flatters, but unmans you ; What is it else but Penury of Soul ? A lazy Frost, a Numness of the Mind, That locks up all the Vigour to attempt, By barely crying, 'uis impoflible !

Diryd. Cleom.


It makes a Toy press with prodigious Weight,
And swells a Mole-hill to a Mountain's Height.
For melancholy Men lie down and groan,
Press'd with the Burthen of themselves alone.
Crush'd with fantastick Mountains they despair,
Their Heads are grown vast Globes too big to bear.
A little Spark becomes a raging Flame,
And each weak Blast a Storm too fierce to tame.
So peevish is the quarrelsom Disease,
No prosp'rous Fortune can procure it Ease.
Some absent Happiness they still pursue,
Dillike the present Good, and long for new.

Things which offend when present, and affrighe,
In Memory well painted move Delight.

Cowl. Remember thee! I, thou poor Ghoft! while Memory holds a Seat In this diftra&ed Globe. Remember thee! Yes, from the Table of my Memory rll wipe away all trivial fond Records, All Saws of Books, all Forms, all Preslares paft, That Youth and Observacion copy'd there; And thy Commandment all alone shall live Within the Book and Volume of my Brain, Unmix'd with baser Matter.

Shak, Haml. Something like That Voice methinks I fou'd have somewhere heard, But Floods of Woes beve trurry'd ic far off Beyond my Ken of Soul.

Dryd. Don. Seb. A confus'd Report Pass'd thro' my Ears ; But full of Hurry, like a morning

Dream, Ic vanilh'd in the Business of the Day.

Dryd. Oedip. 'Tis loft; Like what we think can never shun Remembrance, Yet of a suddsin's gone beyond the Clouds.

Lee Oedip.
MERCHANT. See Money.
So when the Merchant fees his Vefsel loft,
Tho' richly freighted from a foreign Coast,
Gladly for Life the Treafure he would give,
And only wilhes to eseape and live:
Gold and his Gains no more imploy his Mind,
Bur driving o'er the Billows with the Wind, (Fair Pen.
Cleaves to one faithful Plank, and leaves the reft behind. Rev.

I, in my private Bark already wreck'd,
Like a poor Merchant driv'n on unknown Land,
That bad by chance pack'd up his deareft Treasure

In one rich Casket, and fav'd only that ;
Since I must wander further on the Shore,
Thus hug my little, but my precious Store,
Resolv'd co scorn, and trust my Fate no more. Otw. Va Pref.

When Merchants break, o'erthrown
Like Ninepins, they strike others down.

Hermes obeys; with golden Pinions binds
His flying Feet, and mounts the western Winds.
But first he grasps within his awful Hand,
The Mark of fov'raign Pow'r, his magick Wand:
With this he draws the Ghosts from bollow Graves,
With this he drives them down to Stygian Waves;
With this he seals in Sleep the wakeful Sight,
And Eyes, tho'clos'd in Death, restores to Light
Thus arm'd, the God begins his airy Race,
And drives the racking Clouds along the liquid Space ;
Now sees the Top of Atlas as he flies,
Where, pois'd upon his Wings, the God descends :
Then, rested thus, he from the tow'ring Height
Plung'd downward with precipitated Flight;
Lights on the Seas, and skims along the Flood;
As Water-Fowl, who seek their fithy Food,
Less and yet less to diftant Profpc& Thow,
By turns they dance aloft and dive below:
Like these the Steerage of his Wings he plies,
And near the Surface of the Waters flies;
Till having pass'd the Seas, and cross'd the Sands,
He clos'd his Wings, and stoop'd on Lybian Lands. Dryd. Virg.

The Herald of the Gods.
His Hat adorn'd with Wings disclos'd the God,
And in his Hand he bore the Sleep-compelling Rod.
Such as he seem'd, when at his Sire's Command
On Argus Head he laid the snaky Wand. Dryd. Pal. Års.

MERCY. See Justice.
Offspring Divine! in Heav'n the most belov'd,
By whom ev'n Fate unchangeable is mov'd:
Her Looks so moying, such

celestial Grace,
So mild and sweet an Air dwells on her Face;
So tender and engaging all her Charms,
That oft th'Almighty's Fury she disarms:
Her Language melts Omnipotence, arrests
His Hand, and thence che vengeful Lightning wrefts. Blaca

To Threats the stubborn Sinner oft is hard,
Wrap'd in his Crimes against the Scorm prepard;
But when the milder Beams of Mercy play,
He melts, and throws his cumb'rous Gloak away.


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Lightning and Thunder, Heav'n's Artillery,
As Harbingers, before th’Almighty fly:
Those but proclaim his Style, and disappear;
The stiller Sound fucceeds, and God is there.

Heav'n has but
Our Sorrow for our Sins, and then delights
To pardon erring Man. Sweet Mercy seems
Its darling Attribute, which limits Justice;
As if there were Degrees in Infinite,
And Infinite would rather want Perfection,
Than punilh to Extent.

Dryd. All for Love
Curse on th'unpard'ning Prince, whom Tears can draw
To no Remorse; who rules by Lions Law;
And, deaf to Pray'rs, by no Submission bow'd,
Rends all alike, the Penitent and Proud. Dryd, Pål. Arc
But Kings too tame, are despicably good:

Dryd. For Goodness in Excess may be a Sin, Justice must tame whom Mercy cannot win.

Ev'n Heav'n is weary'd with repeated Crimes,
Till Lightning flashes round to guard the Throne,
And the curb'à Thunder grumbles to be gone. Dryd. D. of Gáife:

Now those profounder Regions they explore,
Where Metals ripen in vast Cakes of Ore :
Here, fullen to the Sight, at large is spread
The dull unweildy Mass of lumpish Lead.
There glimm'ring in their dawning Beds are feen,
The more aspiring Seeds of sprightly Tin.
The Copper sparkles next in ruddy Streaks,
And in the Gloom betrays its glowing Cheeks.
The Silver then, with bright and burnish'd Grace;
Youth, and a blooming Luftre in its Face,
To ch'Arms of thofe more yielding Metals flies,
And in the Folds of their Embraces lies.
So close they cling, fo ftubbornly retire,
Their Love's more vi’lent than the Chymist's Fire,

A Way there is in Heav'ns expanded Plain,
Which, when the Skies are clear, is feen below,
And Mortals by the Name of Milky know:
The Ground-work is of Stars, chro which the Road
Lies open to the Thunderer's Abode.

Dryd, Ovid,
A broad and ample Road, whole Duft is Gold,
Arid Pavement Stars, as Stars to us appear
Seen in the Galaxy that Milky-Way,
Like to a circling Zone, powder'd with Stars:

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MISER. See Content.

Like a Miser 'midst his Store, Who grasps and grasps till he can hold no more ; And when his Strength is wanting to his Mind, Looks back and sighs on what he left behind. Dryd. Tyr. Love.

At Midnight thus th’Usurer steals untrack’d, To make a Visit to his hoarded Gold, And feast his Eyes upon the shining Mammon. Otw. Orpl.

Slaves, who ne'er knew Mercy; Sour, unrelenting, Money-loving Villains, Who laugh at human Nature and Forgiveness, And are, like Fiends, the Factors for Destruction. Row. Fair Pen.

Beware the dang'rous Beauty of the Wanton,
Shun their Enticements: Ruin, like a Vultur,
Waits on their Conquests: Falfhood too's their Bus'ness;
They put false Beauty off to all the World,
Use false Endearments to the Fools that love them ;
And when they marry, to their filly Husbands
They bring false Virtue, broken Fame and Fortune. Otw. Orph.

You bear the specious Title of a Wife
To guild your Cause, and draw the pitying World
To favourit: The World contemns poor me ;
For I have lost my Honour, loft my Fame,
And stain'd che Glory of my royal House;
And all to bear the branded Name of Mistress.

[Spoken by Cleopatra.) Dryd. All for Love.
For now the World is grown so wary,
That few of either Sex dare marry ;
But rather trust on Tick e’Amours,
The Cross and Pile for better or worse :
A Mode that is held honourable,
As well as French and fashionable.

MISTS. See Clouds, Fog.
Ye Mists and Exhalations that now rise
From Hill or steaming Lake, dusky, and grey,
Tillthe Sun paint your fleecy Skirts with Gold ;
Eicher to deck with Clouds ch’uncolour'd Sky,
Or wet the thirsty Earth with falling Show'rs.

MONEY. See Gold.
Money being the common Scale
Of things by Measure, Weight, and Tale;
In all th'Affairs of Church and State,
Is both the Ballance and che Weight.

For Money is the only Pow'r
That all Mankind falls down before,




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