The Controversial Jesus and the Critics

الغلاف الأمامي
Clements Publishing Group, 2001 - 324 من الصفحات
Written as a response to the recent proliferation of "historical Jesus" books and TV documentaries, The Controversial Jesus and the Critics, interacts with some of the most vocal and media-saavy skeptics of the historic and biblical portrait of Jesus Christ. Alleged "challenges" to the church, such as the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls and theories about the place of Paul in the early church are evaluated and critiqued from an informed evangelical perspective with fairness and accuracy. This book is a helpful resource for thoughtful Christians attempting to discern what is fact and what is fiction in the debates over the origins of Christianity and its relationship to ancient and modern Judaism. "The Controversial Jesus and the Critics combines scholarly response with a pastor's appeal. It focuses on the narrow issue of history, but also ranges more widely to broader issues facing the churches. It is an apologetic of a holistic sort. It engages a broader sweep of human concerns."?Clark H. Pinnock Arthur Paterson Lee is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, and of New College. He has pastored churches on both sides of the Atlantic. During his ten years of Ministry at Tremont Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts, he received a honorary doctorate from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Most recently he has served as interim minister at Yorkminister Park Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada. He has been described as a "scholar with a pastor's heart."

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