The Mysteries of Udolpho (Annotated)

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Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-The Mysteries of Udolpho, is a novel written by Ann Radcliffe. It was published in the summer of 1794 by G. G. and J. Robinson of London in 4 volumes. It is the author's fourth and most famous novel. The mysteries of Udolfo tells the adventures of Emily St. Aubert who suffers, among other calamities, the death of her father, supernatural terrors in a dark castle, and the machinations of an Italian bandit. It is often cited as the archetypal model for the Gothic novel. The Mysteries of Udolfo plays a leading role in Jane Austen's The Northanger Abbey, in which an impressionable young woman, after reading Radcliffe's novel, begins to see her friends and acquaintances as gothic villains and victims, with amusing results. The mysteries of Udolfo is the gothic romance by antonomasi.Packed with incidents of physical and psychological terror; remote and dilapidated castles; supposedly supernatural events; a melancholic and twisted villain; and a persecuted heroine. To this Radcliffe adds extensive descriptions of exotic landscapes in the Pyrenees and Apennines. It is framed in the year 1584 in southern France and northern Italy.

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Review: The Mysteries of Udolpho

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