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*Fly! fly! There is Stocko! All the Kaffirs will now be done.' The dogs howled, our men cheered, the clefts and rocks resounded from the noise and reports of arms. The Kaffirs fled in numbers; we killed forty-three, took some goats, destroyed some cattle, found two waggons which the Kaffirs had taken at Burns-hill, but were obliged to leave them, being without oxen. We kept possession of this stronghold. We have lost to-day seven brave men on our side.

While these operations were proceeding, the military column came up to the edge of the Amatola and fired a few cannon shots into the wooded fastness, and moved on, keeping well in the open.

The Kaffirs very quickly perceived the difference between the two modes of warfare. They took a prisoner, who said that the Kaffirs were deceived by Sir A.'s commando, else their plan was to rush on the troops and stab them all in one heap." I said to the prisoner,“ You are mistaken. The troops are the bravest men on earth; they would have conquered you and killed all." "No," says he; "they ran from the Kaffirs at Burns-hill." “Well, that is the commander's fault. The men must obey the orders; if the bugles sound to lay down, they must do so.

Mr. Molteno now proceeded with Sir A. Stockenstrom and Mr. Du Toit to Fort Beresford, where they met Sir Peregrine Maitland. Upon coming up with this force, Commandant Du Toit, of Beaufort, said, ""Well, gentlemen, you were not at the appointed place;” and they both answered me, "that they had never seen such fighting.” About ten o'clock in the morning the bugle is sounded, they commence and go with a strong force before the poorts, sound the bugle, fire two or three cannon shot into the kloofs, and then says the colonel in command, “It is too late now; we must come back to-morrow and attack the Kaffirs;” and would not allow any of the burghers to go in the bush and fight the Kaffirs or take their cattle, and kept

It is interesting to recall the fact that this is exactly what the Zulus afterwards did at Isandhlwana.


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From a sketch by Captain W'. R. King.

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