Vietnam and America: A Documented History

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Grove Press, 1985 - 524 من الصفحات
No single event since World War II has marked this country's foreign policy and national image as deeply as did the war in Vietnam. Vietnam and America is a complete history of that war, as documented in essays by leading experts and in original source material. It presents generous selections from the documentary record, dispels distortions, and illuminates in depth both sides of the history of America's encounter with Vietnam.

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Vietnam and America: a documented history

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The editors of this important anthology participated in the "teach-in'' movement of 1965, which mobilized the academic community against U.S. policy in Vietnam. Patterned after Gettleman's bestselling ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


Editors Introduction
Founding of the Communist Party of Indochina 1930
Japan and France
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