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must follow before any fulfilment can be accomplished. And let them discern from every vision what I shewed thee of the fallen fruit that was withered and dried up; but the good fruit, remained to grow good. The fallen fruit in some hath already appeared, according to the vision I shewed thee; and the black veil that is.round them, hatlı been discovered; while others remain stedfast and unshaken; yet these are but shadows; they are not the fulgiment of the visions I shewed thee of true believers and preended believers: and yet they see already some likeness to appear; but the end is not yet, to have the fulfilment appear; the one to ripen and grow good, to be welcomed into the joy of their Lord; and the fallen fruit to be cast away. These are not yet fulfilled, because, ye must discern from these visions, how I compared them with my Gospel ;-of the net cast into the sea, gathering in good and bad; but it is the END záill prove the fulfilment, and the separation, when they End the net to be full, and the end is come, to separate the whole. These are mysteries men do not discern, and therefore they place the shadows for the suhstance; as some have simply judged of the woman, that she was the fulfilment of the vision I shewed thee, without discerning she is but a shadow, and is some likeness of what I sliewed thee in the vision, by her body being dried up : but the substance must follow, to fulfil what I told thee of the shadow. But here let men discern, at what lime this woman appeared, and at what time I ordered thee to pen the vision, and what is the title of the book : a Warning to the World. ---And let thein discern the world is the whole earth,--all nations, kindreds, and people,- it is not one nation that is the world, but the whole of the nations at large, ---to all that hath breath, under the sun. This, let men discern, is the world, which is the title of the book where

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the woman and the skeleton is mentioned. And ye know also the skeleton that was seen in the cave of the Bishop,—the first prophecy I ordered thee to put in the hands of the ministers; this, discern, was first in death. But now let them discern, the like. ness of the woman appeareth in life : and let them discern in what manner I ordered thee to open thy prayer-book, and the place where I directed thy hand at the end of the Psalms, and the beginning of the prayers on the seas. And let them discern what hath already followed by sea and land, since the shadow in this woman appeared.

And let them discern what prayers was on thy right hand for men to make in their distress. And now I tell thee when men are come to make those prayers in heart, and life, seeing how they have rejected my warnings, my invitations, and laughed at my threatenings : when they are come this to discern, by the dangers they see they are surrounded with, and to acknowledge their own faults, then they will find my deliverance near. And let the Psalms be mentioned, where they epd, and what prayers begin.

My prayer book opened at the 11. verse of the 147. Psalm, and the Psalms ended on the first side. The form of prayer to be used at sea was the beginning of the other side, and ended with these words in the 5th prayer: “Olet not our sins now cry against us for vengeance, but hear us thy poor servants, begging mercy, and imploring."

This, let all men come to with a true acknowledgment of what is said in the prayers, that they have refused to hear MY SMALL STILL VOICE, that hath been warning them of the end : and then they will find their prayers to be answered, for then will I be Israel's shepherd and Joseph's guide. This let men weigh deep together, what is said in the psalms on the one side, and the prayers on the other; and what is said in the warning to the world..

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Then they may draw a clear judgment from the
shadow that hath appeared in the woman, if they
discern at what time that woman appeared; and
what shadows of all things that I shewed thee before
in dreanis and visions, that hath already appeared
before the ten years are up, that I mentioned- to
thee in 1801. And this they may discern from the
wars and tumults that hath happened abroad, and
the distresses at home. The different fruit in the
believers, and the persecution that I shewed thee
that would be in the unbelievers, when the LIVING
WATERS gushed out in true believers. The like-
ness of all these visions hath appeared plain to all
men ; for though they are filled with unbelief, yet
they hear and see the persecution is great; but it
do not shake the true believers; they stand stedfast,
as I told thee by the fruit that I shewed thee in
thy visions; and compared with my Gospel. And
this truth is known, and proved by all, because
thy enemies prove the one, and the steadfastness
of believers proves the other. Then, as they have
already seen the shadows, I tell them the substance
will follow, and also the end of every vision. But
here, I shall leave men to draw their own judge
ment from what I have already pointed out to thee,
of the type and shadow of Ann Moore. Let them
know she is no fulfilment, but a Sign, that the
fulfilment will follow of what I told thee should
follow, the likeness of the women I shewed thee in
the vision.

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In the following pages I shall give an answer

to Mr. Hann's book and hand-bills, stuck up
in various parts of London, cheating the
public in my name.

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I SHALE now answer R. Hann, to the forgery of my pame in handbills, which are exhibited in various parts o the town in the following words:

Just Published, Price 6d.


Dreadful Judgments,
That are to fall un England next year, 1$10;


to take place in 181. The above hand-bill is a forgery to impose upon the públic in my name, as there is no time specified in my writings when the judgments of the Lord will be in this land, or when the millennium will take place. But this Hann bath fixed a time himself concerning the inillennium; for he sent a letter to me to know when the time was that it would take place. This was before he published his hand-bill. I sent for answer that it would be suddenly, and unaware,-in a day and hour no one knew, according to the Gospel. And I referred him also, for an answer, to the xxiv. St. Matt. 50. The Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of. And in this manner I was warged by the Spirit it would be, so that we should know not the time before it came. Therefore, in bis hand-bill, by his fixing a time, he is forging lies, in my name; and all this, after I had told him we should not know the time. But he says he collected it from my vritings: which is impossible for him to do. I have before taken pains to convince him of his errors,, by letters, for the sake of his sister, who appears to be a strong believer in my visitation ; saying, she clearly discerned the work from the beginning, looking to the promise that was made to the women in the fall, and from the manner it was explained, that the promise must be pleaded for before it was fulfilled. But it was a promise the Lord bad made that he wquld fulfil. This, she,

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HANN'S SPIRIT DIFFERENT FROM HIS SISTER's. 615 said, she clearly discerned from the Scriptures; and further said, we had a sure foundation to build upon, as she had weighed the visitation to me with the Scriptures. Now it was for her sake I wished not to publish against her brother, if I could have convinced him; but all my attempts were fruitless. In answer to my feeling for his sister,' I was ordered to call the Gospel to my remembrance; for here the meaning of our Saviour's words was before me, and why he spoke in the manner he did to his disciples, saying, he that loveth brother or sister more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that cometh to me, and hateth not brother and sister, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. To these words I was answered--That they appeared as a contradiction to mankind, because I cominanded men to honour their parents, and to love one the other as I loved them. But I ask thee how these words can appear clear to the un, derstanding of men? that I should command them to hate one another? And now thou seest the division before thee in a brother and sister, that professed to be my disciples together, and who were joined in the Spirit as well as the flesh. The brother is fallen back, who began in the spirit and now ends in the flesh. Therefore I tell thee of the sister, if she do not hate the Spirit she sees her brother is now in, she cannot be my disciple. For though he is her brother after the flesh, yet, she will hare his conduct and the spirit he is led by, if she be a true disciple of mine, to believe in my Gospel and the fulblment of my words. There are many who hath persecuted others through unbelief, that will hereafter hate themselves for what they have done, and take up their cross and follow me, as Paul did. Here I have shewn thee the meaning of the words that many do suunble at.

This answer does truly convince me, that I should not be worthy the name of a disciple, or the calling wherewith I am called, if I should now be silent to the falsehoods and abuse that R. Hann hath brought forward against the Spirit by a misrepresentation of the whole; charging God foolishly, and wrongfully, by the manner his Books are placed. Therefore I now think it my duty to bring forward my writings and point them out, that all men may see the fault is in man but not in God.-- Wrong judgments have been drawn from my writings, but that do by no means prove them false; we must nue charge

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