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Flintoff, Owen. 1. Rise and Progress of the Laws' the Discoveries to the East, West, North, and South; with full of England and Wales, Lon., 1839, 8vo. This work should descriptions of all the countries discovered; judiciously compiled, accompany John Reeve's Hist. of the Eng. Law. 2. Intro- English Hackluyt and Purchas; much more complete and full

and free from that great mass of useless matter which swells our duc. to Conveyancing, 1840, 8vo. This is a new ed. of than the Latin De Bry, and, in fine, the noblest work of this nathe 2d vol. of Blackstone's Comment., adapted to the pre- ture."-LOCKE. sent state of the English Law. 3. Law of Real Property, Floris, Pet. Williamson. Journal of his voyage 1839, '40, 2 vols. 8vo. An excellent work. The 20 vol. to the East Indies. See Purchas's Pilgrimes, p. 319; 1625. is an enlarged edit. of his Conveyancing. The works of Flower. Heraldic Visitation of the County Palatine Mr. Flintoff occupy the first place among legal treatises. of Durham in 1575, edited by Philipson, Newc., 1820, fol.

Flloyd, or Floyd, Thomas. 1. Bibliotheca Bio. 100 copies on small and 20 copies on large paper. graphica: A Synopsis of Universal Biography, ancient "This is the first instance of a heraldic visitation being made and modern, Lon., 1760, 3 vols. 8vo. 2. Chronol. Tables public by means of the press.” of Univ. Hist., 1762, 2 vols. 8vo.

A few copies only were printed, at the expense of N. J. Flood, Rt. Hon. Henry, d. 1791, a distinguished

Philipson. orator of the Irish House of Commons, wrote some poetical

Flower, Benj. French Constitution, &c., 1792, &c. pieces, pub. in the Oxford Collection, and pub. some

Flower, Christopher. Serms., 1660, '66, '69. Speeches, 1787, &c. His Life and Corresp., by W. Flood,

Flower, Henry. Gout and Rheumatism, Lon., 1766,

8vo. appeared in 1838, Lon., Sro. Flood, Robert. See FLUDD.

“A mere quack advertisement."-Bibl. Brit. Florence of Worcester, d. 1118, a monk of great

Flower, John. Serm., 1669, 4to. erudition, was the first chronicler who wrote in England alleges the malt tax to be impolitic and unjust. If Eng;

Flower, Richard. Beer and Brewers, 1802, Svo. after the Norman Conquest. Chronicon ex Chronicis ab land would abolish her “ beer and brewers altogether, Initio Mundi vsque ad annum Domini 1118 deductum. she would be greatly benefited. Intemperance is the Accessit etiam Continuatio vsq. ad Annum Christi 1141, Lon., 1592, 4to. The continuation is anonymous. Re? greatest foe which a country can cherish in her bosom. printed, etc., Francf., 1601, fol.; and see Collection of

Flower, Richard. 1. Letters from Lexington and Historians edited by order of the Record Commission, vol. the Illinois

, Lon., 1819, 8vo. Written in June and Au

gust, 1810. i., pp. 522–615; 615–644.

"The writer appears to have been free from the usual English " Leland gives an exaggerated estimate of his character. His prejudices, and speaks well of the country and its inhabitants.”— chronicle is little better than a compilation from the Chronicle of Rich's Bibl. Amer. Nova. Marianus Scotus, and from the Saxon Chronicle. The part which relates to our own island is almost a literal translation from the

2. Letters from the Illinois, [1820, '21,] 1822. With a latter work. An anonymous continuation of the chronicle of Letter froin Mr. Birkbeck, and a pref. and notes by Benj. Florence from 1118 to 1141 is of much greater value than the chro- Flower. See a review in Lon. Quar. Rev., xxvii. 71. nicle itself."- Wright's Biog. Brit. Lit.

Flower, Robert T. The Radix; Logarithms, 1771. Florian, John. 1. Human Knowledge, Lon., 1796, Flower, Thomas. Serm., 1754, &c. 8vo. 2. Guide to the Hist. of Eng., 1801, '04, 8vo. 3. Lect. Flower, Rev. W. B. 1. Sunday Eve Musings and on the Sciences and Philos., 1806, 2 vols. 8vo.

other Poems, Lon., 1843, cr. Svo. 2. Classical Tales and Florilegus. See MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER. Legends, 1847, 18mo. 3. Reading Lessons for the Higher

Florio, John, the Resolute-for so he styled himself Classes in Grammar and other schools, 1848, 12mo. Com. -d. 1625, was a native of London, but a descendant of mended by the Archbp. of Canterbury, the Bps. of Lon the Florii of Sienna. He took great delight in philology, don, Exeter, Lichfield, &c. 4. Tales of Faith and Provi. and offendeđ the less scrupulous dramatists of the day by dence, 1849, 18mo. Theolog. Treatises, 1847–52. declaring that

Flower, Wm. Sliding Rule, Lon., 1768, 8vo. “The plaies that they do plaie in England, are neither right Flowerdew, A. Poems, 1803, 8vo; 3d ed., 1811. comedies, nor right tragedies; but representations of histories with

Flowerdew, D. C. Orders in Court, 1807. out any decorum.” Shakspeare retaliated this assault by ridiculing Florio

Flowre, John. Church of Christ, 1658, 12mo. in his character of Holofernes, the Schoolmaster in Love's Combustion of Hay Stacks, &c., Phil. Trans., 1694.

Floyd, Edward. Locusts in Wales; Spontaneous Labour Lost. “ The character of Holofernes, however, while it caricatures the

Floyd, John, an Englishman, visited the Continent, peculiar folly and ostentation of Florio, holds up to ridicule, at the

became a Jesuit in 1593, and returned to England as & same time, the general pedantry and literary affectations of the missionary. He pub, several controversial tracts against age; and amongst these, very particularly the absurd innovations Chillingworth, Crashaw, Hobb, and other. Protestants, wbich Lilly bad introduced."- Drake's Shakspeare and his Times.

1612-37. See Dodd's Ch. Hist.; Bibl. Brit. 1. Florio bis first Fruites: which yeelde familiar Speech,

Floyd, Thomas. Perfit Commonwealth, 1600. merie Prouerbes, wittie Sentences, and golden sayings.

Floyd, Thomas. See FLLOYD. Also a perfect Introduction to the Italian and English

Floyer, Sir John, Knt., M.D., 1649-1734, a nativo Tongues, Lon., 1578, '91, 4to. 2. Dialogues of Grammar, of Hinters, Staffordshire, educated at Oxford, was noted Italian and English, 1578. 3. Florios Second Frytes to

for his zeal (a most laudable one) in promoting the genebe gathered of twelve trees, and his Garden of Recreation ral use of the cold bath. He pub. several professional yielding six thousand Italian Prouerbs, 1591, 8vo. 4. A works-Touchstone of Medicine, Lon., 1687, 2 vols. 8vo; Worlde of Wordes; or most copious and exact Dictionarie, works on Baths, on Asthma; a Comment on 42 Histories in Italian and English, 1597, '98, fol. Warton (Hist. of described by Hippocrates, 1726, 8vo, &c.; Two Essays, Eng. Poet.) says that the first ed. was in 1595, but we pre- 1717, 8vo, and the following curious vol.: fer the authority of Wood. Augmented, and pub. under

The Sibylline Oracles— trans. from the best Greek Co. the title of Queen Anne's New World of Words, 1611, fol. pies and compared with the Sacred Prophecies, especially New ed., enlarged by Gio. Torriano, 1659, fol. Even the

with David and the Revelations, and with as much history ed. of 1611 " For the variety of words was far more copious than any extant exactly fulfilled. With Answers to the Objections made

as plainly shows that many of the Sibyl's predictions are In the world at that time."—Alhen, Oxon.

5. Trans. into Eng. of the Essays of Michael, Lord of against them, 1713, sm. 8vo. Montaigne, 1603, ’13, '32, fol.

* This is the best English translation of the Sibylline Oracles, “The independence of his (Montaigne's) mind produces great but as it furnishes a tolerably accurate account of the controversy

and is curious not only iw a version of these singular pruductions, part of the charm of his writings; it redeems his vanity, without respecting their truth and authenticity, of which Sir John appears which it could not have been so fully displayed, or, perhaps, so

to have been a firm believer."-Ormo's Bibl. Bib. powerfully felt. In an age of literary servitude, when every province into which reflection could wander was occupied by some

The name of Floyer will strike many of our readers despot; when, to say nothing of theology, men found Aristotle, pleasantly, for it will remind them of our gruff friend Dr. Ulpian, or Hippocrates, at every turning to dietate their road, it Johnson. It was by Floyer's advice that the “Infant Her. was gratifying to fall in company with a simple gentieman who, cules" was sent to London to be touched by Queen Anne with much more reading than generally belonged to his class, had the spirit to ask a reason for every rule.”- Halam's Lit. Hist. of

for the King's Evil, and Johnson Europe.

A very short time before his death strongly pressed the Editor 6. Trans. of A Narration rel. to Nauigation, &c. to Newe

of these Anecdotes to give to the publick some account of the life

and works of Sir John Floyer, ' whose learning and piety.' the Dua Fraunce; from Ramutius, 1580, 4to. See Bliss's Wood's tor said, 'deserve recording.'”-Nichols's Lil. Anec., v. 19. Athen. Oxon.

Sir John suffered greatly from the asthma, and when Ramusio was the editor of the excellent collection of Johnson was labouring under the same ailment, he refers Navigation e Viaggi, maps and plates, 3 vols. fol., Venetia, to the experience of the physician: Giunta, 1588-83-56.

“Nor does it lay close siege to my life; for Sir John Floyer, whom " Ramusio's collection of Voyages and Travels, the most perfect the physical race consider as author of one of the best books upon work of that lature in any language whatsoever; containing all it, panted on to vinety, as was supposed. [Sir John is supposed to


bave been older than he claimed to be.j"— Letter to Langton, March which have made his native town so deservedly famous 27, 1784.

He occasionally beguiled the tedium of bis voyages by ** I am now looking into Floger, who lived with his asthma to writing very creditable poetry, a specimen of which, exabout his ninetieth year.”—Letter to Dr. Broch lesby. July 20, 1781. But in less than five months the “mourners went about

tracted from his Journal, will be found in Macy's History

of Nantucket. the streets" for one who was so short a time before clinging with such tenacity to the remains of life!

Folger, Peter, 1618–1690, a native of England, set

tled at Martha's Vineyard in 1635, and removed to NanFloyer, Phil. The Proctor's Practice in the Eccles.

tucket in 1662. He married Mary Morrill; his daughter Courts, 2d ed., enlarged by Thos. Wright, Lon., 1746, 8vo.

Fludd, Robert, M.D., or de Fluctibus, surnamed Abiah was the mother of the celebrated Benjamin Franklin. "The Searcher," from his investigations in philosophy, He wrote a poem, finished April 23, 1676, entitled A Lookmedicine, mathematics, &c., 1574–1637, was devoted to oc ing Glass for the Times.

“The author addresses himself to the governors for the time cult sciences, and “compounded into a new mass of ab- being; speaks for liberty of conscience, and in favour of the Anasurdity all the mysterious and incomprehensible dreams baptists, Quakers, and other Sectaries, who had suffered persecuof the Cabbalists and Paracelsians." He was a native of tion. ... The poem appeared to be written with a manly freedom Bearstead, Kent, was educated at St. John's Coll., Oxf., and and a pleasing simplicity." —DR. FRANKLIN. afterwarde spent six years in travelling in Europe. As a The following is a specimen of this splendid effort of physician be attained great eminence. He wrote treatises genius: oa alchemy, philosophy, medicine, theology, &c., "mostly

“I am for peace and not for war,

And that's the reason why written in Latin, and as dark and mysterious in their lan

I write more plain than some mon do, guage as in their matter." See a list in Athen. Oxon. A

That use to daub and lie. collective edit. of his works was pub. in 6 vols. fol., Op.

But I shall cease, and set my name penb. et Goud. To be complete, there should be 17 parts.

To what I here insert;

Because to be a libeller, See Cat de la Vallière, No. 1784; Lowndes's Bibl. Man.,

I hate it with my heart. ii. 729.

From Sherbon town where now I dwell, “He was esteemed by many scholars a most noted philosopher,

My name do I put here an eminent physician, and one strangely profound in obscure inat

Without offence, your real friend,
He was a zealous brother of the order of Rosa-Crusians, and

It is Peter Folger.”
did so much doat upon the wonders of chymistry, that he would
refer all mysteries and miracles, even of religion, unto it.”- Athen.

This was pub. in 1675, and reprinted in 1763. It is now Oxon.

very rare, but the reader will find it in that valuable work, " His books written in Latin are many, great, and mystical. The which none of our readers should be without, E. A. and last some impute to his charity, clouding his matter with dark

G. L. Duyckincks' Cyc. of Amer. Lit. language, lest otherwise the lustre thereof should dazzle the un.

Folger is described as an derstanding of the reader. The same phrases he used to his pa

“ Able, godly Englishman, who was employed in teaching the tients; and seeing conceit is very contributive to the well-working of physic, their fancy, or faith natural, was much advanced by his youth in reading, writing, and the priveiples of religion by cato elevated expressions."Fuller's Worthies of Kent.

chising."- Prince's New England. See Allen's Amer. Biog. Dict.;

B. Franklin's Works. This babit of “mystifying" patients, by using "elevated expressions,” was not contined to the physicians of Fludd's Gloucester, 1139; Bishop of Hereford, 1148; of London,

Foliot, Gilbert, d. 1188, a monk of Cluny, Abbot of day. Fuller proceeds to remark:

1163. "His works are for the English to slight or admire. for French

He wrote Expositio in Cant. Canticorum, edidit and foreigners to understand and use: not that I account them

Patr. Junius, Lon., 1638, 4to, a number of Letters, &c. more judicious than our countrymen; but more inquiring into Some have been printed in the Epistolæ S. Thomæ, and be held so good as crystal, which (some say) are prized as precious many are in MS. in the Bodleian Library, &c. See Wright's

Biog. Brit. Lit. pearls beyond the sens."-Ubi supra.

Foliot,Robert,d. 1186,Bishop of Hereford, 1174,wroto Fludyer, John. Expos. of the C. Prayer Book of the

a treatise De Sacramentis Veteris Testamenti. — Ubi svpra. Ch. of Eng., Lon., 1739, fol. Serm., 1756, 8vo. Flutter, J. Notes of a Bookworm, consisting chiefly tiquary, was educated at Saumur, and at Clare Hall, Camb,

Folkes, Martin, 1690-1754, an eminent English anof Extracts from old and scarce works, 1827, 12mo.

In 1741 he succeeded Sir Hans Sloane as Pres. of the Royal Fly. Alamanack for 1662, 8vo. Fly, Henry, D.D. 1. Serm., 1794, 4to. 2. Serm., their Weights, Intrinsic Values, &c., 1736, '45, 4to. New

Society. Tables of English Gold and Silver Coins, with 1798, 4to. 3. Serm. preached Oct. 19, 1803; being the day ed., much improved, pub, by the Society of Antiquaries, appointed for a Public Fast, Lon., 1804, 8vo. Fobes, Perez, LL.D., d. 1812, aged 70, minister of edit

. by Dr. Andrew Gifford, 1763, 2 vols. 4to; 1772, 4to. Raynham, graduated at Harvard Coll., 1762; Prof. in the Trans., 1717, '37, '45, '70. An interesting account of this

Con. on astronomy, antiquities, and nat. bist., to Phil. Coll. in R. Ísland, 1786. 1. Hist. of Raynham. 2. Fun!. learned antiquary will be found in Nichols's Lit. Anecdotes Serm. on Prest. Manning, 1791. 3. Election Serm., 1795. from materials originally drawn up by Dr. Bịrch. See a

Foe, De. See De Foe.
Fogg, A. Medical Observations, Newc., 1803, 8vo.

Catalogue of the entire and valuable library of M. Folkes, Fogg, Ezekias. Comfort for the Sicke, 1574.

sold by auction, 1756, Lon., 1756, 8vo.

"Mr. Martin Folkes may justly be ranked among the most useful Fogg, Laurence. 1. Two tbeolog. treatises, Chester, as well as splendid literary characters of which this country can 1712, 8vo. 2. Theologiæ Speculativæ Schema, 1712, 8vo. boast. The collection was an exceedingly fine one; enriched with 3. Election, 1713, 8vo.

many books of choicest description."-- Dibdin's Bibliomania, Fogg, Peter Walker. Dissert., Grammat. and Phi- Folkingham, or Follingham, W. 1. Epitome of Jos., Stockp., 1796, 8vo. 2. Elementa Anglicana, 1797, 2 Surveying Methodised, Lon., 1610, 4to. 2. Compound Ale, yols. 8vo.

1623, 12mo. 3. Brachigraphy, or Shorte Writing, 8vo. See Folchard, or Folcard, flour. 1066, a French monk Donaldson's Agricult. Biog. who settled in England, wrote the Life and Miracles of Follen, Charles Theodore Christian, J.U.D., b. John of Beverley, and is said to have composed biogra- Sep. 4, 1796, at Romröd, in the Grand Duchy of Hessephies of St. Bertin, Bishop Oswald, St. Adulf, and St. Bo. Darmstadt, perished in the conflagration of the steamboat tulf. Vide Acta Sanctorum Mensis Maii, tomus ii. fol., Lexington, Jan. 13, 1840. He held several responsible posiAntv., 1680, pp. 168–173. The Life and Miracles of John tions in Europe and the United States, and from 1831 to of Beverley. Mabillon Acta Sanctorum Ordinis S. Bene- | 1834 was Prof. of the German Language and Literature in dicti, Sæculum ii., pars 1, fol., Paris, 1672, pp. 108-112. Harvard Coll. For some years before his death he officiated The Life and Miracles of St. Bertin, pp. 434, 435. An as a Unitarian minister, and in May, 1839, received a call abridged copy of the life of John of Beverley.

to a congregation at East Lexington, Mass. 1. German “As a writer there is little in Folchard's style to distinguish him Grammar, Bost., 12mo. 2. German Reader. 3. German from the common writers of bis age.”— Wright's Bing. Brit. Lil., q. v. Versification of the Gospel of St. John, 12mo. A collectivo

Foley, James. French Delectus, Lon., 1815, 12mo. edit. of his Works, edited by his widow, Eliza Lee Follen, Foley, Ricbard. Pract. Ct. G. Session, Lon.,1792,8vo. was pub., in 5 vols. sm. 8vo, in 1841, and in the same year Foley, Rev. Robert. 1. Lett. to Dr. Priestley, Stourb., Mrs. Follen pub. a Memoir of his Life, 12mo. Reviews of 1793, 8vo. 2. Defence of the Ch. of Eng., Lon., 1795, 8vo. the Life and Writings of Prof. Follen will be found in the

Foley, Robert. Laws rel. to the Poor, from the 43d Democratic Rev., vii. 466; Chris. Examiner, xxviii. 87; Eliz. to the 3d Geo. II., with Cases, &c., Lon., 1739, '43, xxxiii. 33; and Life by H. J. Raymond, in Biog. Ann., 1841, '51, '59, 8vo.

8vo. Foley, Samuel, Bishop of Down and Connor. Serms., Follen, Eliza Lee, formerly Miss Cabot, a native 1683, 4to. Giant's Causeway. Phil. Trans., 1694. of Boston, was married in 1828 to Prof. Charles Follen,

Folger, Peleg, 1734–1789, a native of Nantucket, (see above.) She has pub. several works, the principal of Hlass., was employed for a number of years in the fisheries which are Sketches of Married Life, The Skeptic, and a



Liso of Charles Follen, just noticed. She has also given | Navy. Vindication of his conduct against the Misrep. of to the world The Well-Spent Ilour, Words of Truth, Ger- McArthur and Clarke in the Life of Nelson, 1807. man Fairy Tales, Hymns, Songs and Fables, Selections Foote, H. S.. Texas and the Texans, Phila., 1841, from Fénélon, Birthday Poems, and Nursery Songs. The 2 vols. 12mo. See Lieber's Essays on Property, &c., 148. larger part of her poetry will be found in a vol. pub. in Foote, James, minister of the Free East Church, Boston in 1839, entitled, Poems on Occasional Topics. Aberdeen. 1. Lectures on the Gospel according to Luke, Folliot. Fast Serm., Lon., 1798, 4to.

Edin., 6 vols. sm. 8vo; 2d ed., 1849, 3 vols. fp. 8vo; 3d Follisius, Jacob. Jacobi Follisii Edinburgensis ca- ed., 1857, 2 vols. 8vo. lamitosæ Pestis elegiaca Deploratio, 4to.

“There lectures are characterized by the valuable qualities a' Folsom, Charles. i. Cicero's Orations; English good sense, scriptural sentiment, and perspicuous style.”—Edin

. Notes, Bost. 2. Livy; English Notes.

“Very practical and useful.”—Bickersteth's C. S. Folsom, George, grad. at Cambridge Univ., 1822 ;

2. Treatise on Effectual Calling, 1846, fp. 8vo. in 1844 was elected to the Senate of the State of N.Y. 1. Hist.

“We cordially recommend this little volume as well adapted to Sketches of Saco and Biddeford, Saco, 1830, 12mo. 2. Mexico awaken the careless, and to instruct and encourage the thoughtin 1842, N. York, 1842, 18mo. 3. Letters and Despatches ful.”Baptist Mag. of Cortez; trans. from the Spanish, 1843, 8vo and 12mo. Foote, Samuel, 1722-1777, “The English Aristo

“This stirring narrative of toll and adventure, addressed by phanes," a native of Truro, Cornwall, was of a highly rethe celebrated conqueror of Mexico to his Sovereign, although respectable family. After pursuing his studies at Worcester plete with the most romantic interest, has hitherto escaped an Coll., Oxf., and at the Middle Temple, he went upon the English translator. a tone of honest sincerity, and with a scrupulous attention to stage, where, not meeting with the success he desired, he truth, these Letters, or Dispatches, after being published sepa- determined to turn dramatic author, and write pieces suited rately as they were received in Spain, seem to have been overlooked to his capacities as an actor. In 1747 he opened The and forgotten wbun in the lapse of time the original editions had Little Theatre in the Haymarket, with a piece of his own, disappeared from the public eye.”—Extract from the Preface. called The Diversions of the Morning, which was very

This is a traus. of the second, third, and fourth letters of successful. We need not marvel at this when we consider Cortez, from the ed. pub. in Mexico in 1770 by Lorenzana. that he represented real characters, and imitated their Mr. Fólsom must not forget the request of Mr. Rich that voice, gait, and gestures, in the most striking manner. he would favour us with traus. of other letters of Cortez. Thenceforth the Little Theatre, Haymarket, was under4. Address before the Maine Hist. Soc., Sept. 6, 1846, 8vo. stood to be the regular summer resort when the other two

Folsom, N. S. Crit. and Hist. Interp. of the Pro- theatres were closed. phecies of Daniel, Bost., 1842, 12mo.

of the following comic dramatic pieces of his composiFonblanque, Albany, b. 1800, a son of John de tion-taken from Biog. Dramat.-twenty were pub. 1. An Grenier Fonblanque, the eminent lawyer, was for many Auction of Pictures, 1748. 2. Taste, 1752. 3. The Eng. years proprietor and editor of the London Examiner, which lishman in Paris, 1753. 4. The Knights, 1754. 5. The obtained great reputation through his literary abilities. Englishman returned from Paris, 1756.6. The Author, Much of the matter in his work entitled England under 1757. 7. The Minor, 1760. 8. The Orators, 1762. 9. The Seven Administrations, puh. in 1837, 3 vols. p. Svo, origi- Lyar, 1762. 10. The Mayor of Garrat, 1764. 11. The Panally appeared in his editorial columps. Upon Mr. F.'s tron, 1764. 12. The Commissary, 1765. 13. Prelude on acceptance of a post in the Board of Trade, the Examiner opening the Theatre, 1767. 14. The Lame Lover, 1770. passed into the charge of Mr. John Forster.

15. Piety in Pattens, 1773. 16. The Bankrupt, 1776. 17. Fonblanque, John de Grenier, 1759–1837, an The Devil upon Two Sticks, 1768. 18. The Maid of Bath, eminent English lawyer, Senior King's Counsel, and 1771. 19. The Nabob, 1772. 20. The Cozeners, 1774. Senior Bencher of the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple. 21. The Capuchin, 1776._22. A Trip to Calais, 1778. 1. A Treatise of Equity, 1792, '93, 2 vols. 8vo; 4th ed., 23. The Tryal of Samuel Foote, 1763. 24. Diversions of with Francis's Maxims of Equity, 1812, 7 vols. 8vo; 5th the Morning, 1747, 58. 25. Lindamira, 1805. 26. The ed., 1820, 2 vols. 8vo; 4th Amer. ed., by Anthony Laussat, Slanderer. Left in MS., 27. The Young Hypocrite. For Brookfield, 1835, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. The original of this particulars respecting dates see Biog. Dramat.; and see a work was an anonymous treatise, pub. Lon., 1737, fol., notice of some other works, ascribed to him, in Bibl. Brit. ascribed to Henry Ballou. Mr. F. added as much as he Dramatic Works, 1778, 4 vols. 8vo. Frequently reprinted found, both in quantity and value, and gained great repu- in 2 vols. 8vo. Life, 1788, 8vo. Memoirs of his Life, and tation by his labours.

some of his Writings, see Cooke, WILLIAM. “Few works have attained such universal approbation, or heen Foote was as much famed for his numerous powers in more generally read. The notes are copious, perspicuous, and learned, and the authorities are full and pertinent."--Hoffman's social life as he was on the stage. Of this we have az Leg. Stuu, 400.

amusing evidence in the following story, related by Dr. It has been pretty much superseded, both in England

Johnson: and America, by Maddock's Chancery and Chief-Justice

“The first time I was in company with Foote was at Fitzher

bert's. Having no good opinion of the fellow, I was resolved Dot Story's Commentaries on Fquity Jurisprudence.

to be pleased; and it is very difficult to please a man against his 2. Doubts, &c. rel. to Bullion Comunittee's Recommenda- will. I went on eating my dinner pretty sullenly, affecting not tion, 1810, 8vo. 3. To Electors, 8vo.

to mind him; but the dog was so very comical, that I was obliged Fonblanque, J. S. M., Com. of Bkrupts., son of the

to lay down my knife and fork, throw myself back in my chair, preceding Fonblanque. 1. Bkrupt. Statutes, 1825, 8vo.

and fairly laugh it out. Sir, he was irresistible.” 2. Medical Jurisprudence, 1823, 3 vols. 8vo, in conjunc

Boswell remarks:

“Foote told me that Johnson said of him, “For loud, obstrepa tion with J. A. Paris, M.D.

rous, broad-faced mirth, I know not his equal."" Fonblanque, J. W.M. Cases in the several Cts. of

It is not difficult to guess at the secret of Foote's succeso the Com. of Bkruptcy. Act 1849, Lon., 1849–51, Pts. 1 and 2. with Johnson :

Fond, John. System of Music, Lon., 1725, 8vo. "He (Foote) was, perhaps, the only man among the set, totally

Foord, or Ford, Anthony. Summary of the Sacra- independent of Johnson's monarchy; he had an intrepid wit and ments, Lon., 16mo. Sine anno.

pleasantry of his own, and was fearless of any colloquial antagon Foord, Edward. See FORD.

nist."--Colman's Random Records. Foord, John. Expos. lib. Psalmorum, 1646, 4to.

See Boswell's Life of Johnson; Cooke's Life of Foote; Foord, Joseph, a minister of the Ch. of Scotland. Davies's Life of Garrick. 19 Serms., Edin., 1719, 8vo; 3d ed., 1759, 12mo.

Foote, Samuel, Jr. Reform; a Farce, modernized Foot, James. Penseroso; or, The Pensive Man in from Aristophanes, Lon., 1792, 8vo. Eis Solitudes; a Poem, in six Books, Lon., 1771, 8vo.

Foote, Wm. Henry, D.D. 1. Sketches of North

2. Sketches Foot, Jesse, 1744-1827, an English surgeon, pub. Carolina, Hist. and Biog., N. York, 1846, 8vo. several professional treatises, The Life of John Hunter: 20 Series, 1855, 8vo.

of Virginia, Hist. and Biog., 1st Series, Phila., 1849, 8vo; 1794, 8vo; The Life of A. R. Bowes and the Countess of Strathmore, 1810, 8vo; The Life of Arthur Murphy, 1811, early settlements made by men of strong minds, ready bands, and

“And now, kind reader, you shall be introduced to some of those Ato; and some other works.

brave hearts, the elements of whose character, like the country Foot, John, surgeon. Appeal, 1769, 8vo.

they choso, have been developed in the prosperity of Virginia." Foot, Peter. Agricult. of Middlesex, 1794, 4to

Introduction. “Always reckoned a superior work."-- Donaldson's Agricult. Biog. Forbes. Eloge de la Ville Edinbourg, divisé en quaFoot, Rev. Wm. A Charge, Lon., 1753, 8vo. tres Chants, par le Sieur de Forbes, Edin., 1753, 12mo.

Foote, Lt. Andrew H., Commander U. States Navy. Forbes, Alexander. An Anatomy of Independency, Africa and the American Flag, N. York, 1854, 12mo. An Lon., 1644, 4to. interesting work.

Forbes, Alexander, Lord Forbes of Pitsligo, d. 1749, Foote, Capt. E. J., Rear-Admiral of the Blue, R. an adherent of the exiled Royal family, commanded :



troop of horse in the Rebellion of 1745. After the battle and of Gloucester, Mass. He pub. A Family Book, Serms.,
of Culloden ho fled to France, but returned to Scotland in &c., 1761-92, &c.
1749. He is supposed to be the prototype of the Baron Forbes, F.E. 1. Six Months Service in the African
of Brawardine in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley. He wrote Blockade, Lon., p. 8vo. Five Years in China, 1842-47
Moral and Philosophical Essays, 1763.

1848, 8vo. 3. Dahomey and the Dahomans, 1849–56.
“ His lordship is said to have been a man of good parts, great 2 vols. p. 8vo, 1851.
honour and spirit, and universally beloved and esteemed." See

Forbes, Francis. 1. New Husbandry, Lon., 1778, Park's Walpole's R. & N. Authors.

8vo. 2. Improvement of Waste Lands, 1778, 8vo. Forbes, Alexander. Hist. of Upper and Lower Cali

"The practical part is nothing."-Donaldson's Agricull. Bing. fornia, Lon., 1839, 8vo.

Forbes, G. H. Prize Essay on the Goodness of God, “This work furnishes us with a striking illustration of the wretchedness of man, if he lives without exchange and well-de Edin., 1849, 8vo. veloped property, even though surrounded by a bountiful nature.” Forbes, J. G., of the city of New York. Sketcher -Lieber's Essays on Property and Labour, p. 140; and see pp. 148, of Florida, 1821. 149.

Forbes, James, 1749–1819, a native of London, con. "A valuable work. The author was one of the first of the Anglo nected with the civil service of the East India Company. Saxon race to explore this, till lately, unknown country : he reaped 1. Letters from France in 1803-04, Lon., 1806, 2 vols. 8vo. the reward of his enterprise by securing the possession of the great quicksilver mines, now worked by the firm of which he is the 2. Reflections on the Character of the Hindoos, and the head."

importance of converting them to Christianity, 1810, 8vo. "A work of superior excellence and most useful instruction."- 3. Oriental Memoirs : a Narrative of Seventeen Years' Re. CRANCELLOR KENT. Forbes, Alexander P., D.C.L., Bishop of Brechin. S. America, and Journals of Four Indian Voyages. Em

sidence in India, including Observ. on parts of Africa and 1. Comment. on the Te Deum, 1850, 32mo. 2. Short Es- bellished with 95 fine engravings, by Charles Heath, plan. of the Nicene Creed, Oxf., 1850, '62, 8vo.

Forbes, Arthur, Earl of Granard. 'A True Copie of Storer, Greig, Angus, and Wageman, Lon., 1813–15,
Two Letters brought by Mr. Peters, &c., Lon., 1642, 4to.

4 vols. 4to. Pub. at £16 168. Some copies have 27 addit. Forbes, Daniel. Case of Ileus; Med. Com., 1785.

Plates, by Thomas and Wm. Daniell, also sold separately Forbes, David. A Prophesie of Doomsday, 2d ed., of Nat. Hist. are beautifully cold. See a list of the 122

[at about £2 28.) to complete former copies. The Plates Edin., 1631, 18mo.

This Forbes, Rt. Hon. Duncan, 1885–1747, a native engravings in H. G. Bohn's Guinea Cat., 1841. of Culloden, studied at Edinburgh, Utrecht, Leyden, and splendid work, with the addit

. 27 plates, can now be proParis, and, after his return from the continent in 1707, tion of it we must refer the reader to the London Quart.

cured for about eight guineas. For an extended descrippractised as an advocate; Solicitor-General from Scotland, Rev., xii. 180–227. Mr. Forbes compiled this work from 1717 ; Lord Advocate, 1725; Lord President of the Ct. of his original materials of 150 folio vols., containing 52,000 Sessions, 1737. In the Rebellion of 1745 he zealously opposed the Pretender, and was so much

chagrined at the pages of MS. letters and drawings.

- The volumes were published at his own cost, and a work more ungrateful refusal of government to reimburse his expenses splendid or more complete in its decorations we have seldom seen.” thereby incurred, that he fell a victim to a fever produced - Lm. Quar. Rev. by excitement of mind. 1. Thoughts on Religion, Natural * The drawings and collections of Mr. Forbes seem almost to ex. and Revealed, Edin., 1735, '43, 8vo. Trans. into French literary monument to his

name may fairly be considered the es

ceed the powers of human industry and perseverance, and this by Father Houbigant.

sence of his extraordinary researches. The whole work is very * President Forbes was a considerable Hebrew scholar, of the school of Hutchinson. The system of that singular writer appears

entertaining as well as instructive.”- Lon. Lit. Gaz.

“Of all the works which have been published on India, this, to greater advantage in this small volume than in any of his own

perhaps, is the most sterlingly valuable."--Lon. Allas. works, or those of his other followers."-Orme's Bibl. Bib.

“It is to be regretted that this very splendid and expensive 2. Letter to a Bishop resp. some imp. Discov. in Philos. work was not published in a cheaper form, as it abounds in most and Theol., Lon., 1735, 4to. Also trans. into French by striking pictures of the manners, customs, &c. of India."-StevenFather Houbigant. 3. Reflections on the Sources of In- son's Voyages and Travels. credulity with regard to Religion, Edin., 1750, 2 vols.

Since the above was written, Mr. Forbes's daughter, 12mo, or 1 vol. 12mo. Posth.

the Countess de Montalembert, has pub. (in 1834) ar. "A little jewel. I knew and venerated the man; one of the abridgt. of the Oriental Memoirs, in 2 vols. 8vo, with a greatest that ever Scotland bred, both as a judge, a patriot, and a 4to Atlas of 85 Plates, of which 24—those of Nat. Hist.-Christian."- BISHOP WARBURTON.

are beautifully cold. Such copies were pub. at £5 158. 6d., 4. Works, with a biog. Sketch of the Author by J. Ban- and can now be had for about £2 158.; or the Atlas alone Datyne, Esq., Edin., 1816, 8vo. Works, 2 vols. 12mo. See for £1 158. Meinoirs of the Life and Writings of Duncan Forbes, Lon., Forbes, James D., Prof. of Nat. Philos. in the 1748, 8vo; the Culloden Papers, 1815, 4to; Lord Wood-Univ. of Edin. 1. Travels through the Alps of Savoy, houselee's Life of Kames ; Chambers's Lives of Illust. and Lon., 1843, imp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1845. Dist. Scotsmen; J. H. Burton's Lives of Duncan Forbes “This work contains ample and exact details in topography. ... and Lord Lovat, Lon., 1847, p. 8vo; Edin., Lon. Quart., and It abounds with daring and hazardous adventures, contados no N. Brit. Reviews.

tices of occasional catastrophes that have befallen less fortunata " Ilis natural talents were of the very first order, enlarged by an

explorers, presents interesting discoveries with new deductions, excellent education, completely disciplined and fully matured by

and is clothed in a style and diction entirely in keeping with the habits of intense study, and of minute, and at the same time, ex.

beauty and grandeur of the subject. ... We have perused the tensive observation; and they were all employed most honourably American Journal of Science and Arts.

work with intense pleasure and large instruction." ---Silliman's and conscientiously in the real business of life."-LORD Woon

"Es ist unstreitig eines der gediegensten Werke die seit längerer

Zeit über die Alpen erschienen sind. . . . Zugleich ist die Dar Forbes, Duncan. 1. E. India and Col. Guide, Lon., stellung so geschmackvoll, und die theoretischen und abstrakteren 1841, 12mo. 2. Hindustani Manual, 1845, 2d ed., 1848, Untersuchungen sind so geschickt verflochten mit historischen und 18mo. 3. Hindustani Gram., 1846, 8vo. 4. Hindu Reader, beschreibenden Stücken, dasz man das Buch mit immer Steigen. r. Svo. 5. Persian Gram., r. 8vo. 6. Bagh-0)- Bahar: Tales

den Interesse zu Ende liest."-Leonhard's Jahrbuch. in Hindustani, 1846, r. 8vo. 7. Dict. Hind.-Eng., Eng.- Review.

* Tbis elaborate and beautifully-illustrated work."- Quarterly
Hind., 1846, 8vo. The most copious dict. of the kind in “Pregnant with interest.”—Elinburgh Review.
u portable form. 8. Oriental Penmanship, 1849, 4to. 2. Norway and its Glaciers visited in 1851, Edin., 1853,

Forbes, Prof. Edward, 1815-1854. 1. Hist. of r. 8vo.
Brit. Star Fishes, Lon., 1841, demy Svo and r. 8vo. This Forbes, James Grant. Sketches, Hist. and Topog.,
vol. is uniform with the Brit. Quadrupeds and Brit. Rep. of the Floridas, N. York, 1821, 8vo.
tiles, by Prof. Bell, and the Brit. Birds and Brit. Fishes, “A wretched compilation from old works."—N. Amer. Rev., XXVI
by Mr. Yarrell.
“ Discloses a world of wonders round our shores. The illustra-

“ Contains much valuable information.”—Ib., xiii. 98.
tions, in which fancy is made to enlighten science, are very beauti- Forbes, John, 1570 ?-1634, originally a minister of
ful." - British Critic.

the Ch. of Scotland, became minister at Middleburg, ir 2. Inaugural Lect. on Botany, 1843, 8vo. 3. Synopsis of Holland, about 1611. 1. A Treatise tending to clear tŁ thu Brit. Naked-eyed Pulmograde Medusæ. Ray Society, Doctrine of Justification, Middle., 1816, 4to; 1636. 2. Cer 31 issue, 4th year, 1847. 4. In conjunction with S. Han- taine Records touching the Estate of the Kirk in the Year ley; Hist. of Brit. Mollusca, 1853, 4 vols. 8vo, £6 108. r. 1605 and 1606, pub, with Wm. Scot's A pologetical Narrafro: plates cold, £13. 5. Zoology of the Voyage of H. tion rel. to Kirk of Scotland, Elin., 1846, 8vo. M. Ship Herald, 3 vols. r. 4to. 6. In conjuction with Prof. Forbes, John, of Corse, 1593–1648, second son of Huxley ; Mollusca and Radiata of the Voyage of H. M. Bishop Patrick Forbes, was educated at King's Coll., Sbip Herald. Preparing for publication, (1855.)

Aberdeen, and in Germany; Prof. of Divinity and Eccles. Forber, Eli, D.D., 1726–1804, minister of Brookfield Hist., King's Coll., Aberdeen, 1619; ejected for refusing




o sign the Covenant, 1640. He resided for two years in / of the 0. Test., trans, from the Institutio Intersretis Fe Holland, and is sometimes confounded with John Forbes, teris Testamenti of J. H. Pareau, Edin., 1835-38, 2 vols ante. His Irenicum pro Ecclesia Scotiana, Aberd., 1629, 12mo. This work also forms vols. xxi., xxiv., of the Edin. 410, written to compose the religious dissensions of Scot- Cabinet Library. land, and the Institutiones Historico-Theologicæ, Amst., “It is a very useful compendium of the principles of sacred her 1645, fol., have been greatly admired. A collective edit. meneutics applied to the Old Testament. The translation is faith

ful and accurate." - Horne's Bibl. Bib. of his works was pub. by Prof. Gurtler, of Deventer, and George Garden, of Aberdeen, in 1703, 2 vols. fol. Opera

Forbes, Robert. Collec. of Scot. Poems, with a Col. Omnia, inter quæ plurima Posthuma cum Vita Auctoris, lec. of Scot. Proverbs, by Rev. David Ferguson, 1777, 12mo. Amst.

Forbes, William, 1585–1634, a native of Aberdeen, " The most valuable book of the kind that any student can pos- and educated in that city and abroad, became Principal of sibly make use of. He will there see a complete history of all the Marischal Coll., Aberdeen, and Rector of the Univ. He controversies that have distracted the Church of Christ, deduced was the first Bishop of Edinburgh, but died in three months through every age, with their minutest branches and subdivisions. after bis consecration. The proper authorities are always set down, so that nothing needs siderationes modestä et pacificæ Controversarium, de Jus

After his death was pub. bis Con. to be taken on trust." --WOTTON.

“Forbes was an excellent man, a profound scholar, and masterly tificatione, Purgatorio, Invocatione Sanctorum et Christo writer.”-Dr. Williams's C. P.

Meditatore, Eucharistia, Lon., 1658, 8vo. This was edited “Much learning and piety in his works.”—Bickersteth's C. S. by Dr. Thomas Gale. It is in course of republication, 4th Forbes, John, of Delft. Serm., Delft, 1642, 12mo. ed., in the Lib. Anglo-Cath. Theol., vol. i., 1850, 880; vol. Forbes, John. Cure of the Afflicted, Lon., 1643, 12mo. ii., ire presume, may be expected shortly. Forbes, John. Songs and Fancies to several Musi

Forbes, William, Prof. of Law, Glasgow. 1. Bills cal Parts, with a brief Introduc. to Musick, Aberd., 1632, wf Exchange, Edin., 1703, ’18, 12mo. 2. Church Lands 4to. 2. Mariner's Everlasting Almanack, 1685.

and Tithes, 1705, 12mo. 3. Remarks on James Gordon's Forbes, John. Epigrammata, Lon., 1739, 4to. Observ, on No. 2, 1706, 12mo. 4. Justices of Peace in

Forbes, John, D.D., minister of St. Paul's Church, Scot., 1707, 12mo. 5. Law of Election, M. P., for Scot., Glasgow. Theory of the Differential and Integral Calcu- 1740, 8vo. 6. Jour. of the Session, 1714, 12mo. 7. Insti. lus, Lon., 1838, 8vo.

tutes of the Law of Scot., 1722–30, 2 vols. 8vo. “One of those brilliant beacons which will long illuminate the Forbes, Sir William, 1739–1806, a native of Pitpath of science."-Scottish Guardian. Forbes, John, LL.D., of Donaldson's Hospital, Edin-sligo, in conjunction with Sir James Hunter Blair, founded


the first banking establishment in Edinburgh. burgh. Symmetrical Structure of Scripture, Edin., 8vo.

Dr. Forbes is a profound and accurate scholar;' he has brought of the Life and Writings of James Beattie, LL.D., inclumuch learning, both oriental and occideutal, to bear on this voding many of his original Letters, Edin., 1806, 2 vols. 4to; lume."-Bibliotheca Sacra,

1807, 3 vols. 8vo; 1824, 2 vols. 8vo.

See BEATTIE, "A most valuable commentary on the passages adduced, as well JAMES, LL.D. as the key to the further comprehension of the sacred writings in * For what Sir William Forbes has written in these volumes, we general."--Oh. of Eng. Quar. Rev.

can easily forgive him; but he cannot esca pe censure for much of Forbes, Sir John, M.D., D.C.L., Physician to her what he has published. . . . Protesting, as we bare alwars done, Majesty's Household, editor of the Brit. and For. Med. Against the multiplication of needless quartos and the publication Rev., one of the editors of the Cyc. of Practical Medicine, of ordinary epistles, we cannot avoid saying that his book is a (see Dunglison, ROBLEY, M.D., No. 8,) &c. 1. Observs. great deal longer, and a great deal duller than we are bound to

tolerate."--LORD JEFFREY: Eilin. Rev., X. 172. on the Climate of Penzance, &c., Lon., 1828. 2. A Manual

Forby, Rev. Robert, Rector of Fincham, Norfolk. of Select Medical Bibliography, Lon., 1835, 1. 8vo. This 1. Lett. to Bp. of Norwich rel. to Bible Society and Miss'y otherwise excellent work bas one capital defect,--the want Society, 1815, 8vo. 2. Vocabulary of Norfolk and Suffolk, of an Index Nominum. We marvel at so great an over- by Turner, Lon., 2 vols. 8vo. New ed., 1840, 2 vols. p. 8vo. sight. 3. Illust. of Modern Mesmerism, Lon., 1846, 8vo.

Force, Peter, President of the National Institute at 4. Treatise on Diseases of the Chest, 8vo. 5. Genl. Index Washington, D.C. His library of works relating to America to the Brit. and For. Med. Rev., 1849, 8vo. 6. A Phy- is perhaps the largest ever collected in the U.S. 1. The sician's Holiday; or, A Month in Switzerland during the National Calendar, and Annals of the U. States for 1833, Year 1848; 1849, p. 8vo; 3d ed., 1852. " Those who contemplato a thorough or a partial tour through 2. Tracts and other Papers relating principally to the

Washington, 1833, 12mo, pp. 336: continued for a few years. Switzerland will find A Physician's Holiday very useful."'. Lon. Spectator.

Origin, Settlement, and Progress of the Colonies in N. 7. Memoranda made in Ireland, 1852; 1852. 8. Sight- America from the Discovery of the Country to 1776, 1836 Seeing in Germany, &c., 1855, p. 8vo; 1856. 9. Nature 47, 4 vols. r. 8vo. and Art in the Cure of Disease, 1857, cr. 8vo; 2d ed., 1858. 6. With these slight abatements, (see article) we regard the vo

Forbes, John, M.D. Physiological Effects of Alco- lumne In-fore us as a very valuable contribution to the materials of holic Drinks, Bost. 2. Water-Cure; or, Hydropathy, Phila.

our early history, and as highly creditable to the capacity and dili

rence of the editor. ... We intended. had the liinits of this articla 3. Homoeopathy, Allopathy, and Physic, 1816, 12ino. permitted, to give some account of another work projected by Mr.

Forbes, John H., and John Jardine. Decisions Forre, in connection with Matthew St. Clair Clarke, under a conin Ct. of Sess., Nov., 1801-July, 1807, Edin., fol.

tract with the Government of the United States, to be entitled Forbes, Major John. Eleven Years in Ceylon; l of which is gigantic, and the execution of wbich would be a task

• The Documentary llistory of the Revolution ;' a work, the plan Field Sports; Nat. Hist.; Antiq., Lon., 1810, 2 vols. 8vo. truly Jlerculean. The plan contemplates the publishing of erery

Forbes, Leslie. Speech in H. of Com., 1817. doenment relating to the history of the United States, whether Forbes, Murray. Gravel and Gout, Lon., 1793, 8vo. printed or manuscript, from the origin of the colonies down to the

Forbes, Patrick, 1562-1635, Lord of Corse and Bad Adoption of the Federal Constitution. The work will occups at ron of O'Neil, a native of Aberdeenshire, educated at Aber

least twenty-five volumes, and the cost of fifteen hundred copies is

stimated at four hundred and eight thousand dollars. We hope deen and St. Andrews, Chancellor of the Univ. of Aberdeen, that the work, in some modified form, will go on; although we was made Bishop of Aberdeen in 1618. His Lord-hip pub. very much f-ar that this large historical drag-net will sweep up some serms., 1635, 4to, and two theolog. treatises, 1611, 27,

some rubbish as well as much valuable material. Should the first but is best known by his Commentarie upon the Revela

volume ever appear, we shall take an opportunity to go more at

larce into the subject."-J. G. PALFREY: X. Amer. Rev., xliii. 27+ tion of St. John, Middleb., 1614, 4to. A trans., loy his son, John Forbes, (see ante,) was pub. at Amst. in 1616, 3. American Archives: Documentary History of the 4to. This includes his two tbeolog. treatises noticed above. American Revolution ; 4th Series, 6 vols., Washington,

“ The Commentary is brief, but discovers some le:truing and at. tention to the meaning of the Apocalypse. The author was one

1337-16; 5th Series, 3 vols., 1848–53,-in all, 9 vols. fol. of the most respectable of the Scottish divines who embraced iipisOwing to a misunderstanding in regard to the law author cupacy."--Orme's Bibl. Bib.

izing the publication of this most valuable work, it was In 1635, 4to, was pub. Funerals of Patrick Forbee, of discontinued while Mr. Marcy was Sec. of State of the Corse, Bishop of Aberdeene, consisting of serms., orations, U.S. See Clarke, Matthew St. Clair, and N. Amer. epitaphs, and other pieces on the death of the good Bishop | Rev., xlvi. 475. . 4. Record of Auroral Phenomena ObThis was reprinted by Charles Farquhar Shand, Esq., Ad served in the Higher Northern Latitudes; Smithsonian vocate, Edin., 1845, 8vo, for the Spottiswoode Society.

Contrib., Washington, 1856, 4to. His contributions on "Few such literary monuments have been raised to the memory

the subject of Arctic Discovery were considered as auof distinguished individuals as the Funerals of Bp. Patrick Forbes.), thority by Dr. Kane. Vide Prefaco.

Ford, Miss. 1. Letter. 2. Music Glasses, 1761, '62. Forbes, Patrick, M.D. Full View of the Pub. Ford, Anthony. See Foord. Transac. in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth, Lon., 1740, '41, Ford, David. Funl. Serm., Lon., 1794, Evo. 2 vols. fol.

Ford, David Everard. 1. Rud, of Musi, Lon 2. Forbes, Patrick, D.D. Principles of Interpretation Orig. Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 1833. 3. Chorazin, 1841,


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