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most afraid of inserting this, left it should seem to injure the superlative Efteem I have of

you: but I must add, that I consider a Mixture of Weaknesses, and an ingenuous Confession of them, as the most engaging and sociable Part of any Character ; if I did not, I could not allot them you, whose Manner is so distinguishedly amiable.

Since I left Cheltenham, I have been at Mr. B—'s, in Bishop's-Castle. I rode one Morning with him about three Miles, that I might fay, I had been in Wales, and feen Brecon, Caderidis, and Plinlimmon, with an extensive Chain of other Mountains, I called at a small Alehouse, where the People lived all the Winter without any Glass in their Windows. I was wondering how they could live fo, in a more cold Country than you have, perhaps, experienced. The Wife said, “ True it was, she could like Glass very well."

“ Yes," says the Hufband, “ Glass is very genteel, that it is.” “ Nay, says the Wife, “ not for the Gentleelness neither, though it is very genteel, that's the Truth on't.”

This Circumstance struck me a good deal, that they should discover the genteelness


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of Glazing, and never once think of its Expediency. Mr. B- is a Man you would like upon Acquaintance, though, as I remember, you had fome Objection to the Superfluity of his Wit. We shall, in all Probability, have frequent Interviews with him at Bath, London, &c. He would fain have seduced me to have travelled into Portugal, &c. with himself, and one Mr. Moore, his Neighbour; an agreeable, modest Man, and late Member for Bishop's-Castle. I declined it for two Reasons; first, on ACcount of the Expence, and secondly, that I could not think of spending two Years in this Part

Life abroad, dead to one's own Country, and procuring, at best, very perishable, and useless Friendships in another. If I could have ftaid, I was to have gone with him to a Wellh Sessions, fraught with Irascibility. He is a Justice of Peace there.

of my

As to good Acquaintance, though I much desire it, I have as literally a Genius for avoiding, as any one ever had for procuring it. I cannot approach within fifty Yards of Servility for fear of it.



I want

I want fadly to talk to you about a thoufand Things. I have some Notion of spending a Week at Mr. D—'s. Act sublimely, and give me the Meeting then, notwithstanding.

Though I was enamoured with the Politeness of Mr. W—'s Conversation, I should not, perhaps, have been very forward to express my Sentiments, if you had not intimated, that he made favourable mention of me. I begin to grow a little pleased with Prudence, and I think it a Debt one owes her, to reserve one's Encomiums till one knows any one's mutual Sentiments; for certainly, he that happens to commend an Enemy, happens to condemn himiclf. I beg my Compliments.

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I lelieve poor J. Đ— is alive-Farther I C. nnot learn.


I did not think it possible, I could have len so much engaged by love as I have been ot ate.-Poor Miss C_!


It must necessarily be an Honour to a Girl, to have pleased a Man of Sense, (I know not but I am vain in supposing myself of that Number) let his Station be how low foever. Now it must be a Disgrace to captivate a Fool, however high it be; the former is the strongest Evidence of Merit, the latter of the Want of it.

Now I talk of Vanity, I beseech you never check yourself in your Letters—I don't purpose it; and I think it makes as pretty a Figure in the Letters of a Man of Taste, as it does in the Embroidery of a Beau. I am as much yours, as human Nature will admit of.

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L E T T E R V.



Dear Sir,
THEN I promised you some Poetry for

Mr. S, I am afraid that, through my Desire of recommending myself to his Family, my Tongue out-run my Wit. If I laid any Şort of Stress upon what I was to fend, I am very fure it did so; and when you have read the Trifles enclosed, you will be of the fame Opinion.


It is probable, however, that I had an Eye to a larger Ode of mine, upon the Subject of rural Elegance, which I have not now Time either to correct or to transcribe; but which I will not fail to communicate to them upon fome future Occasion.

Or if my Promise regarded a Translation of the Mottos here, I shall have the best Opportunity of performing it, when I take the Free


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