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Mr. Whistler to W. SHENSTONE, Esq.


Dear Sir,
HAVE not received your Letter above a

Week ago, being but lately come to Town, which is the true Reason why I have not anfwered it. Few Reasons, and none but good ones shall ever prevent me from presenting my Heart to you: but my Journey hither has been prevented, partly by ill Health, and partly by little, ill-natured, impertinent Accidents—This Suspense had had an equal Effect on my writing to you. I here end my most sincere Apology.

Now for News—I am in London ; for which Reason, I suppose I must not be excused; tho' I hate it, remember very little, and am most likely to blunder in the Recital of that little. The House of Commons have addressed the King to try MATTHEWS and LESTOCK, and six Captains, by a Court-Martial, and it is

thought, thought, some of them will be condemned. Poor GARRICK has been dangerously ill of a Fever this Week : but now, to my great Satisfaction, there are Hopes of his Recovery; nay, it is noticed in the Daily Advertiser, that he will perform a Part next Wednesday Night.

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I have been to wait on Lord D. He was very civil, and would fain have kept me till he had opened his Heart with a Bottle of Wine; at least, I imagined his forwarding the Bottle was with that Design; but I was engaged. I am to call upon him to go to Ranelagha Lord would be a pretty Nosegay in one's Hand, if he had the least Variety of Colours; nay, if he resembled any one Flower of a single Colour, except the Fuftus. Mr. F- I see sometimes, but he is not very attractive. I always did envy you the Power of Laughing at a Fool by yourself: but you are a World within yourself. Mr. P-K, I spent an Evening with lately very agreeably: but he lives so far off, at the Court-End of the Town, as separates us very much. Mr.

PNI often fee, and find him a very useful Perfon. were here, both agreeable and useful would


But if you


vanish, and a far superior Enjoyment take place. Mr. Graves promised to be in London for a Week, but his little Politics are, you know, very uncertain. I have ftruck a bold Stroke fince I have been in Town; I mean a laced Coat, for really Waistcoats cost as much, and are no Mark of Distinction after all. Sir T. HEAD comes to Town this Week ; but I believe, I shall not stay above a Week longer, so would have you direct to me at Whitchurch. I design to go to Court one Night. I must, as you see, write short, my Paper drawing to an End. It is with Pleasure I hear, that old People confess a Play is now worth seeing, and that GARRICK excels BETTERTON, &c. In the Diversity of his Genius, he must far exceed him; when we see him alternately in a Richard and Scrub, in a Lear, and Abel Drugger, he is truly astonishing. This Excellence of our dramatic Representations is another Reason to wish you here. CAMPIONI is a charming new Dancer. The Mefiah was performed last Night, but I could not go. But I must write no more Tattle. I have just been with Mr. SHUGBO


your Orders about the Pamphlets, and have picked out some myself, VOL. II.



ROUGH, and

viz. the Odes, the new Play, and the Poem on Sickness.

I wish there had been any better Prints to have enclosed in this Letter; I should have been glad to have sent them. The Pamphlets I have ordered to be fent immediately, directed to be left at Mr. Audley's, in Birmingham. The Regret I always feel for your

Absence will ever instruct me how to value you, that is beyond what the elaborate Conclusion of a Letter can express; therefore I will not endeavour to say how much, but in an unlimited Manner be fond to remain



April 13. George's Coffee-house.

I have no gilt Paper at Hand, which is a Fault; pray excuse it. Mr. PEMBERTON is with me, and begs his Service.

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I Generally write to you, becaufe, I want to

hear from you ; but having lately wrote to you, I now write because I want to see you. In short the Case is this : I shall be at Oxford in about three Weeks Time, or sooner, and I have Reason to think it will be the last Time I shall be there, I mean in my Gown. Now as I am willing still to retain an agreeable Image of the Place where I have spent so many happy Hours, I make this Request, that you would stamp the last Impression upon my Mind. I beg you would meet me there, and give me the Confirmation of your Friendship, which I shall esteem a greater Honour than all the Degrees the formal Convocation can bestow; and I think of you, as JUBA does of Cato, and declare, I would rather have your Praise, than Worlds for my Ad.


D 2

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