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strike me: I like it, because I know it is a natural, and thereby, a fincere Thought by my own Heart. I am so far gone that Way, that I can hardly enjoy any Thing extraordinary, without my Friends are with me, especially those whom I know it would particularly strike: but next to gratifying a Friend, is the observing, how new and extraordinary Objects work upon a natural Genius; I'll suppose it a Ge. nius; I think it is one of the highest Entertainments in Life; when I can meet with such, and have an opportunity, I love to read a Play to them, though I know I run the Hazard of being laughed at for my Pains ; but I don't care, the Pleasure pays me for all the malicious foolish People can say, and you

know the natural Criticisms of Sir ROGER DE COverLF¥ were not thought unworthy the Norice of the Britijh Speelator. For my Part, I have often thought that it is one of the Amusements of the Supreme Being, who planted first che Pasions in us, to observe the Workings and Effects of them. A public Audience gives me Pleasure upon Trust, for though I know no one there, I always conclude there are some Geniuffts.

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I am

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I am of your opinion, with Regard to Mrs. at present; for I think, if her Heart be really engaged, which I very much doubt, Dishonour in Love is the blackest of all dishonest Actions, and of the worst Consequence-But his precursive Steps were the Extremity of Folly, conducted with the Extremity of Folly; but he may be happy (and I wish he may be happy) in any State of Life. I. think our Visits to Dick J- are fatal; his own Mother lay a dying when we were at Henley. I am very glad to hear


have had so many Amusements. It is always agreeable to me, whenever I hear you have met with a fowery Meadow in your sublunary: Walk. If I have any Tafte, your Hercules is an elegant and truly poetical Poem, and superior to L-'s: if it is not, I resign my Taste, for I'll pin it upon your Poem. I don't pretend to Criticism; but my Passion for SHAKESPEARE, Milton, Pope, &c. has made me believe, that I have some natural Taste for. Beauty. I am much obliged to you for the two genteel Copies of Verses; they are very pretty, and much to my Fancy. As for Odes,


you have expressed my Sense of them all on that of Dr. AKENSIDE; they perplex and fret one more than they please, and may be described by the Title of one of SHAKESPE Å RE’S Plays, viz. "Much Ado about Nothing.

I have no News to send you from hence, that will be in the least entertaining to you. I am in Hopes Mr. GRAVES will settle at Whitchurch about Whitsuntide. I have been much out of Order for this Week, by a Cold that I caught in attending my Works; and my Foot gives me ugly Apprehenfions at present. : I continually please myself with the Thoughts of seeing you at Whitchurch ; but would never have you make an Inconvenience of what I would have be a Pleasure to you I'd have you choose your own Time, that you may be quite unembarraffed : for my Part, I think the sooner the better; only I would beg the Favour of one Line to prevent all ill Accidents. I think 'tis a Method which should ever be user}; and I wonder at my own Imprudence, and my own Good Fortune last Time I came to the Leafowes

. I' long to see you, and shall be all this Summer at Whit

church, church, ready to receive you. Indeed, if I

should have the Gout, as I something fear it, I. would let you know, for that would interrupt all our Pleasure. I beg my Compliments to Mr. DOLMAN : you have likewise the Compliments of this place.

With Wishes to see you, and Compliments grounded upon the utmofi Sincerity, I am,

Dear Sir,

yours to an Excess,


Whitchurch, April 13,


Mr. Whistler tó W. SHENSTONE, Esq.

OU see that I am as eager to answer your

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if my Letter gave you Pain, I affure you, that yours laas equally perplexed me.


I am

in great Hopes, you have misinterpreted my Sense, in Regard to Mr. G--; and by as much as I can recollect, I believe you have. He always speaks of you with the utmost Respect in your Absence, and is much less fevere even upon what he calls your little Faults, than when you are present: all that I hinted at, was some little Shyness he lately shewed to me, on the Account which you and I have often mentioned. I have heard you say, you have cxperienced the fame from him on the like Score. But you could not possibly be now included, being absent; no, I assure


I only spoke of myself ; and his Fault towards me would have been imperceptible, but to the Delicacy of Friendship; nor been have worth communicating, but to one whom my Love would animate against the like Failing. I declare to you, the Sentence which included Mr. G4s Name, was the only one which regarded him ; what followed, though I confess that gave Rife to it, was only to fhew my different Sentiments, and I own my Esteem for Friendfhip carried me a great Length. I have been very particular to satisfy you, as well as to justify Mr. G“, and by that Means to jus


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