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FEBRUARY, 1898-JULY, 1898




(Copyright, 1898, By Charles Scribxer's Sons]

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Accepted IIeroes, Certain, and Other Essays in Literature and

Politics, by Henry Cabot Lodge, 152
Accidents and Emergencies, by Charles W. Dulles, 74
Across the Everglades, by Lieut. H, F. Willoughby, 359
Across the Salt Sens, by John Bloundelle Burton, 353
Afloat on the Ohio, by Reuben Gold Thwaits, 5:25
Alaska, its History, Climate, and Natural Resources, by A.

P. Swineford, 530
American Contributions to Civilization, by Charles W.

Eliot, 514
American Mother, An, hy Mary L. Underwood, 357
American Wives and English Iusbands, by Gertrude Ather-

ton, 413
An Artist's Letters from Japan, by John La Farge. Ilustrated

Review, by Russell Sturgis, 13
Ars Recte Vivendi, by George William Curtis, 153
Artists, The Magazine, 108
Audubon and His Journals, by Maria R. Audubon. Illus-

trated Review, by Francis Wo. Halsey, 118
Auld Lang Syne, Rt. Hon. Prof. F. Max Müller. Illustrated

Review, by Maurice Kingsley, 102
Australia and the Islands of the Sea, by Eva M. C, Kellogg,

Authors and Publishers, by G. H. P. and J. B. P., 345
Awakening of a Nation, The, by Charles F. Lummis, 411
Barrie, J. M., Portrait, 49 ; Arcadia Mixture, 303 ; Introduc-

tion to G, W. Cable's "Grandissimes," 482
Beardsley, Aubrey, His Death, 214
Beleaguerell, by Herman T. Koerner, 416
Biographical Dictionary, by Chambers, 263
Bird Studies, by W. E. D. Scott, 531
Birds of Village and Field, by Florence A. Merriam, 262
Bishop, Isabella Bird, Portrait, 105
Blarlys of the Stewponey, by Rev. S. Baring-Gould, 355
Blue Ridge Mystery, The, by Caroline Martin, 239
Bonaparte, Napoleon, by William M. Sloane. Second notice,

Book Covers, Artistic, Reproductions of, 211, 212, 213, 474
Books Received, 75, 166, 261, 362, 118, 536
Booth, Edwin, Caricature of, 107
Boston Neighbors, Agnes B. Poor, 412
Boston Public Library, 16, 475
Boy I knew and Four Dogs, A, by Laurence Hutton, 518
Brady, Rev. Cyrus Townsend, Note, 20 ; Portraits, 20, 21
Bride of Japan, A, by Carlton Dawe, 144
Brooks, Phillips, House at Harvard, 206
Broom of the War God, The, by Henry N. Brailsford, 231
Brothers of the Book, The, 209
Browning, Mrs., Portrait, 208
Brunetière, M., Vote, 112
Burton, Dr. Richard, Note and Portrait, 19
Byron, Lord, The Works of, Edited by Rowland E. Prothero,

Vol. I; and The Works of, Edited by Ernest Hartley
Coleridge', Vol. I. Illustrated Review, by Frederick James

Gregg, 433
Cable, George W., in England, 482; J. M. Barrie's Introduc.

tion to his "Grandissimes," 482
Caleb West, Master Diver, by F. Hopkinson Smith, 438
Carita, by Louis Pendleton, 259
Carlyle, Thomas, Centenary Edition, 263
Carroll, Lewis, 15; Vote, 15
Celebrity, The, by Winston Churchill, 257
Chalmette, Clinton Ross, 68
Cheerful Yesterdays, by T. W. Higginson, 312
Children of the Sea, by Joseph Conrad, 350
Churchill, Winston, Letter, 350 ; Portrait, 387
City of Caliphs, The, hy E. A. Reynolds Ball, 358
Clark, Walter Appleton, Portrait, 109
Colonial Homesteads and Their Stories, by Marion Harland,

Conrad, Joseph, Note, 389; Portrait, 390
Continental Dragoon, The, by R. V. Stephens, 417
Copyright Law, 15

Correspondence, I. The Dumas Cycle, 50 ; II, The “Genti-

lesse" of Criticism, 113
Coues, Dr. Elliot, New Series of Historical Works, 214
Crook of the Bough, The, by Ménie Muriel Dowie, 522
Curiosities of Popular Customs, by S. Walsh, 263
Curtis, George William, Portrait, 131
Daudet, Alphonse, Sketch by M. L. Van Vorst, 31
Davis, Richard Harding, 15; Portrait by Emil Pollak, opp.

page 9: A Year from a Reporter's Note Book, 04: Portrait

by Penrhyn Stanlaws, 214; Portrait by Elliott and Fry, 309
Decoration of Houses, The, by Edith Wharton and Ogden

Codman, Jr. Illustrated Review, by Edwin H. Blashtield,

Decorative Heraldry, by G. W. Eve, 427
Desert Drama, A, by A. ('onan Doyle, 35.5
Dictionary of the Bible, A, by James Hastings, 105, 425
Disaster, The, by Frederic Lies, 354
Dodyson, Rev. Charles Lutwidge, 15
Dole, Nathan Haskell, Variorum Edition of Omar, 304
Doumic René, Portrait, 112
Duenna of a Genius, by M. E. Francis, 525
Dull Miss Archinard, The, by Anne Douglas Sedgwick, 414
Dumas Cycle, The, by E. H. Mullin, 50
Earth Breath, The, by A. E., 310
Eastern Journeys, by Charles A. Dana, 361
Eighty Years and More, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 346
Emerson and Other Essays, by John Jay Chapman, 342
Enchanted Burro, The, by Charles F. Lummis, 253
English Lyric Poetry, by Frederick Ives Carpenter, 163
Eugene Field Book, The, Compiled by Mary E. Burt and

Mary B. Cable, 531
Eugene Field I Knew, The, by Francis Wilson, 518
Evolution of France under the Third Republic, The, by

Baror. Pierre de Coubertin. Illustrated Review, by George
Merriam Hyde, 131
Evolution of the Idea of God, The, by Grant Allen, 212
Fairy Changeling and Other Poems, The, by Doru Sigerson,

Fantasias, by George Egerton, 413
Field, Eugene, Portrait, 476
Fire of Life, The, by Charles Kennett Burrow, 520
Flags of the World, The, by F. Edward Hulme, 261
For Love of Co ry, by Rev. Cyrus Townsend Brady, 20, 157
Fowler, Jacob, Journal of, 527
Fox, George L., Caricature of, 106
France, by John Edward C. Bodley, 516
Frederick the Great, History of, by Thomas ('arlyle, 164
Free to Serve, by E. Rayner, 250
French Literature of To-day, by Yetta Blaze de Bury, 429
French Volunteer of the War of Independence, A, 527
From the Other Side, by H. B. Fuller, 355
From Tonquin to India, by Prince Henri d'Orléans. 338
Futility, by Morgan Robertson, 111
Garland, Hamlin, 109
General Manager's Story, The, by Ierbert Elliott Hamblen,

Gentilesse of Criticism, The, by E. L. Cary, 113
George, Heury, The Works of, 263
Gillette, William, Playcright Series, by Richard Burton, 26
Girl at Cobhurst, The, by Frank R. Stockton, 107, 139
Gissing, George, Sketch of, with Portrait, 40 ; Review of the

Whirlpool, 38
Gladstone, W. E., Portrait, opp. page 379 ; Bagehot'- Forecast

(1860), 319 ; Note, 386 ; Portrait, 479; Letter, 180; Latin

Rendering of " Rock of Ages, " 48.?
Gleanings in Buddha-Fields, by Lafcadio Hearn, 437
Gloria Victis, by J. A. Mitchell, 68
Gods of Our Fathers, The, by Herman I. Stern, 535
Gomez, Marching with, by Grover Flint, 3:27
Gospel of Freedom, The, by Robert Herrick, 522
Great Stone of Sarilis. The, by Frank R. Stockton, 253
Group of French ('rities, A, 533
Gypsy Trail, The, by Paul Kester, 70

Halcyon Days in Norway, France, and the Dolomites, by

Wm. Bement Lent, 530
Half Moon Series, 19
Happy Exile, The, by II. D. Lowry, 256
Harvard Episodes, by Charles Macomb Flandrau, 159
Hassan : A Fellah, by Henry Gillman, 446
Hawaji, Our New Possessions, by John R. Musick, 149
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen, 436
Hawthorne's First Diary, by Samuel T. Pickard, 59
Head of the Family, The, by Alphonse Daudet, 523
Henley, William Ernest, Portrait, 205
Her Ladyship's Elephant, by D. D. Wells, 525
Here, There, and Everywhere, by Mrs. M. E, W. Sherwood,

Hero in Homespun, A, by Wm. E. Barton, 250
Historic New York, 311
Historical Sketches of New Haven, by Ellen Strong Bartlett,

History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age, by A. A. C.

McGiffert, 338
History of French Literature, A, by Edward Dowden, 431
History of Italian Literature, A, by Richard Garnett, 432
IIistory of Our Country, A, by Edward S. Ellis, 531
History of the l'nited States for Schools, by A. W.F. Gordy,

Hope, Anthony, Portrait, 25
Hope of the World, The, by William Watson, 71
How to Become a 'l'rained Surse, by Jane Hudson, 261
How to Name the Birds, by H, E. Parkhurst, 531
How to Play Golf, by H. J. Whigham, 319
Howard, Bronson, Playwright Series, by J. Ranken Towse,

Ideals, American, and Other Essays Social and Political, by

Theodore Roosevelt, 152
Idiomatic English, An Essay, hy Richard Burton, 467
Idle Hours in a Library, by Professor Iludson, 522
Illustrators: F.C. Yohn, 108 ; Ernest Peixotto and Walter

Appleton Clark, 109; Maxfield Parrish, 220
Imperial Lover, An, by Miss Taylor, 259
In Garden, Orchard, avd Spinney, by Phil Robinson, 436
In the Permanent Way, by Flora Annie Steel, 159
Interest of the United States in Sea Power,. Present and

Future, The, by Capt. A. T. Mahan, 220
Invisible Man, The, by H, G. Wells, 68
Java, the Garden of the East, hy Mrs. E. R. Scidmore, 359
Jimty, and Others, by Margaret Sutton Briscoe, 254
Jones, Henry Arthur, Playu right Seriex, with Portrait and

Bibliography of Plays, by J. M. Bulloch, 225
Judge, The, by Elia Peattie, 257
Juggler, The, by Charles Egbert Craddock, 156
Keats, John, Portrait, opp. page 297
Kelmscott Press, Addendum to Bibliography of, 429
King Washington, by Adeline Skeel and William H. Brear-

ley, 74
King's Highway, The, by Amelia E. Barr, 774
Korea and Her Neighbory, by Isabella Bird Bishop, 146
Lane, Thomas Henry, Note and Portrait, 473
Latimers, The, by Henry C. McCook, 250
Le Gallienne, Richard, 102
Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The, by F. G. Ken-

yon, 213
Life and Immortality : or. Sonl in Plants and Animals, by

Thomas G. Gentry, Sc.D., 105
Life and Letters of Harriet Beecher Stowe, by Annie Fields,

Life Histories of American Insects, by Prof. Clarence M.

Weed, 262
Life in Early Britain, by Bertram C. A. Windle, 73
Linton, W. J., Portrait and Note, 17
Literary News in England, by J. M. Bulloch, 46, 126, 232,

323, 120, 507
Literary Querist, The, by Rossiter Johnson, 77, 167, 265, 363,

419, 537
Literary Statesmen and Others, by Norman Hapgood, 153
Lochinvar, by S. R. Crockett, 253
Lodge, H. C., Portrait, opp. page 97
Londoners, The, by Robert Hichens, 519
Lorraine, Robert W. Chambers, 68
Lost Man's Lane, by Anna Katharine Green, 416
Lowell, James Russell, Memorial, 474
Lowell Memorial Park, The, 909
Macdonnell, James, Journalist, by H, Manesse, 433
Maclaren, Ian, Story by, 210
Mademoiselle de Berny, by Pauline B, Mackie, 357
Mahan, Capt. A. T., Portrait, opp. page 201 ; Note, 388
Making of the Canadian West, The, by Rev. R. G. Mac Beth,

Man and a Woman, A, by Stanley Waterloo, 258
Man Who Outlived Himself, The, by Judge A. W. Tourgée,

Manila Bay, Plan of, 172

Mann, Horace : The Common School Revival in the United

States. by Prof. Hinsdale, 201
Marchesi and Music, by Mathilde Marchesi, 61
Marching with Gomez, by Grover Flint, 327
Meir Ezofovitch, by Eliza Orzeszko, 414
Men, Women, and Manners in Colonial Times, by Sydney

George Fisher, 150
Meredith, George, His Birthday, 112
Mexico, Geographical and Statistical Notes on, by Matias

Romero, 411
Middleway, by Kate Whiting Patch, 356
Millin, Lloyd, Portrait, 306
Modern Architecture, by H. Heathcote Statham, 260
Modern France, by M. Lebon, 528
Müller, Max, 102 ; Portrait of, 217
Muses Up to Date, The, by Henrietta Dexter Field and Ros-

well Martin Field, 63
Music : How it came to Be What It Is, by Hannah Smith, 347
Musical Books, The Best, by Frank H. Marling : I, Histories

and Books of Reference, 329 ; II, Musical Essays, Criticism,
and Æsthetics, 417; III, Musical Biographies and Musical

Fiction, 510
Mystery of Choice. The, by Robert W. Chambers, 159
Navy Blue, by Willis Boyd Allen, 533
New Light on the Early İlistory of the Greater Northwest, by

Elliott ('oues, 55
Non-Religion of the Future, The, by M. Guyau, 242
Norman, Henry, Portrait, opp. page 467
Northward, Over the "Great Ice," by Robert E. Peary.

Illustrated Review, by P. G. Hubert, Jr., 488
Note on the Essay, A, by Brander Matthews, 201
Notes of Rare Books, by E. D. North, 51, 144, 241, 336, 505
Odyssens, by Mary E. Burt and Zenaide A. Ragozin, 535
Old Virginia and Iler Neighbors, by John Fiske, 53
One Thousand Men for a Christnias Present, by Mary B.

Sheldon, 533
Open Boat, The, by Stephen Crane, 352
Oriental Days, by Mrs. Lucia H. Palmer, 360
Outlines of ihe Earth's History, by Prof. N. S. Shaler, 532
Parables for School and Home, by Wendell P. Garrison, 535
Parrish, The Work of Maxtield, with Portrait and Illustra-

tions, by James B. Carrington, 220
Paul Kruger and His Times, by F. Reginald Statham, 526
Payn, James ; Portrait and Note, 389
Peary, R. E., U.S.N., Portrait, 111
Peixotto, Ernest, Portrait, 109
Penelope's Progress, by Kate Douglas Wiggin, 445
Personal Equation, The, by Harry Thurston Peck, 153
Physical Exercise for Literary Workers, by Philip G.

Hubert, Jr., 297
Pioneers of Evolution, by Edward Clodd, 72
Playwrights, English and American, Illustrated : I, William

Gillette, 27; II, Bronson IIoward, 113 ; III, Henry Arthur
Jones, 225 ; IV, Augustus Thomas, 323; V, Geo, Bernard

Shaw, 502
Poems, Mrs. Browning's, 164
Points in Minor Tactics, by Capt. Charles A. Smylie, 260
Pride of Jennico, The, Agnes and Egerton Castle, 257
Princeton College, Portraits of Presidents, 475
Princeton, OD nd New, by James W. Alexander, 531
Priscilla's Love Story, by Ilarriet Prescott Spofford, 147
Quiller-Couch, A. T., 16 ; Portrait, 211 ; New Edition of his

Works, 262
Ramuntcho, by Pierre Loti, 441
Ray's Recruit, by Capt. Charles King, 443
Realized Ideal, X, by Julia Magruder, 413
Red-Bridge Neighborhood, The, by Maria Louise Pool, 258
Revolutionary Pictures, 18
Robert E. Lee and the Southern Confederacy, by Henry A.

White, 72
Robertson, Morgan, Portrait, 388 ; Reviews of his books,

440, 411
Romance of Zion Chapel, The, by Richard Le Gallienne, 356
Roosevelt, Theodore, Note, 392; Portrait, 393
Rosenfeld, Morris, Note and Portrait, 305
Rorin the Bean, by Laura E. Richards, 535
Rossetti, Christina, by Mackenzie Bell, 315
Rossetti, Letters of Dante Gabriel, to Wm. Allingham, 315 ;

Recollections of, by T. Hall Caine, 315
Sack of Monte Carlo, The, by Walter Firth, 354
School for Saints. The, by John Oliver Hobbes, 247
Scimore, Eliza R., 307
Scott, Sir Walter, Temple Edition, 263
Señorita Montenar, by Archer P. Crouch, 147
Seven Months a Prisoner, by J. V. Hadley, 529
Sextodecimos et Infra, by W. L. Andrews, Ill.: I, 403; II,

Shadows. by M. A. De Wolffe Howe, 340
Shakspere, William, by George Brandes, 103
Shaw, Gto. Bernard, Playwright Scrits, by T. R. Sullivan,

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