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you can require; and I beg leave to re Marshal Soult from Seville, and I had, in commend him to your Lordship. consequence judged it wise, entirely to

Marshal Beresford's first letter to Lord raise the siege of Badajos, and prepare Wellington, dated Albuera, May 16, to meet him with our united forces, ra*here follows.-It appears, that after Ba ther than, by looking to two 'objects at dajos was invested, and the communica once, to risk the loss of both. Marshal tion between the different corps of the be- Soult, it appears, had been long strainsieging force destroyed by the sudden ing every nerve to collect a force which. flooding of the Guadiana, and the conse he thought fully sufficient to his object, quent destruction of the bridge, the for the relief 'of Badajos; and for this French, under Latour Maubourg, were purpose he had drawn considerable numby dexterous maneuvring of our troops bers from the corps of Narshal Victor South of Badajos, driven successively and Gen. Sebastiani, and also, I believe, from Llerena to Guadalcanal and Con- from the French army of the Centre. stantino. Subsequently the bridge hav- Having thus completed his preparations, ing been restored, and the preparations he marched from Seville on the 10th inst. for the siege being completed, the divi with a corps then estimated at 15 or sions of infantry fell back to invest Bá- 16,000 men, and was joined, on descenddajos more effectually, leaving the cavalrying into Estremadura, by the corps under in advance at Zafrå, Los Santos, and Gen. Latour Maubourg, stated to be Villa Franca. On the 2th, the garrison 5,000 men.' His Excellency Gen. Blake, of Fort St. Christoval made a sortie, and as soon as he learnt the advance of Marwere repulsed by Major-gen. Lumley. shal Soult, in strict confornity to the On the ioth, another sortie was made to plan proposed by your Lordship, proceedimpede the construction of batteries ed to form his junction with the corps against St. Christoval, which was repulsed under my orders, and arrived at Valverde by à part of the force under Lieut-col. in person on the 14th inst. where, having Fletcher, after the Enemy had obtained consulted with bis Excellency and Gen. possession of one of the batteries, which Castanos, it was determined to meet the was within 500 yards of the place : in Enemy, and to give him battle.-On findthis affair, our troops being exposed to ing the determination of the Enemy to rethe shot and shell of the town and fort lieve Badajos, I had broken up from before of St. Christoval, and the inusquetry that place, and marched the infantry to from the latter, sustained considerable the position in front of Valverde, except Joss, including the gallant Col. Turner, the division of the Hon. Major-gen. G. of the 17th Port. Regt.--On the 12th, L. Cole, which, with 2000 Spanish troops, Marshal Beresford, learning from Gen. I left to cover the removal of our stores. Blake that Soult had left Seville on the — The cavalry, which had, according to 10th, and after forming a junction with orders, fallen back as the Eneniy advanLatour Maubourg, which increased his ced, was joined at Santa Martha by the force to 15,000 men, had advanced and cavalry of Gen. Blake; that of Gen Casoccupied Guadalcanal and Llerena, and tanos under the Count de Penne Villaavowed his intention to attack and com mur had been always with it.-As remainpel the Allies to raise the siege of Bada- ing at Valverde, though a stronger pojos, immeiliately suspended operations sition, left Badajos entirely open, I de. against that place, and directed the re- terinined to take up a position (such as mioval of the guns and stores to Elvas, could be got, in this widely open country) which by the exertions of Lieut.-col. at this place; thus standing directly Fletcher, R. Eng. Major Dixon, of the between the Enemy and Badajos.-The Artillery, and the Portuguese Governor army was therefore assembled here on of Alentejo (Lieut.-gen. Leite), was the 15th inst. The corps of Gen. Blake, effected without the least loss, and all though making a forced march to effe:t the troops, except Brig-gen. Kemmis's it, only joined in the night, and could brigade, united on the 16th to meet the not be placed in its position till the mornattack, and oppose the march of Mar- ing of the 16th inst. when Gen. Cole's dishal Soult.

vision, with the Spanish brigade under Don Albuera, May 18. Carlos d'Espagne, also joined, and a little My Lord, I have infinite satisfaction before the commencement of the action. in communicating to your Lordship, that our cavalry had been forced on the mornthe Allied Ammy united here under my ing of the 15th inst, to retire from Sanţă orders, obtained on the 16th inst, after a Martha, and joined here. In the aftermost sanguinary contest, a complete vic noon of that day the Enemy appeared in tory over that of the Enemy, commanded front of us. The next morning our disby Marshal Soult; and I shall proceed position for receiving the Enemy was to relate to your Lordship the circum- inade, being formed in two lines, nearly stances. In a former report I have in- parallel to the river Albuera, on the forined your Lordship of the advance of ridge of the gradual ascens rising froin



that river, and covering the roads to Ba- , tremely favourable to the Enemy in formdajos and Valverde; though your Lord- ing his columns, and in his subsequent at. ship is aware that the whole face of this tack. The right brigade of Gen. Stewcountry is every where passable for all art's division, under Lieut.-col. Colborne,

Gen. Blake's corps was on the first came into action, and behaved in right in two lines; its left on the Valverde the most gallant manner; and finding road, joined the right of Major-gen. the that the Enemy's column could not be Hon. W. Stewart's division, the left of shaken by fire, proceeded to attack it which reached the Badajoz road, where with the bayonet; and, while in the aet commenced the right of Major-gen. Ha. of charging, a body of Polish lancers milton's division, which closed the left of (cavalry), which the thickness of the atthe line. Gen. Cole's division, with one mosphere and the nature of the ground brigade of Gen. Hamilton's, formed the 2d had concealed (and which was, besides, line of the British and Portuguese army. mistaken by those of the brigade when' The Enemy, on the morning of the 16th, discovered for Spanish cavalry, and theredid not long delay his attack; at eight fore not fired upon), turned it; and be. o'clock he was observed to bein movement, ing thus attacked unexpectedly in the and his cavalry was seen passing the rivu rear, was unfortunately broken, and let of Albuera, considerably above our suffered immensely. The 31st Regt. beright; and shortly after he marched out ing the left one of the brigade, alone esof the wood opposite to us, a strong caped this charge, and under the comforce of cavalry, and two heavy columus mand of Major L'Estrange, kept its of infantry, pointing them to our front, ground, until the arrival of the 3rd brias if to attack the village and bridge of gade, under Major-gen. Hoghton. The Albuera; during this time, under cover conduct of this brigade was most conspiof his vastly superior cavalry, he was cuously gallant, and that of the 2nd brifiling the principal body of his infantry gade, under the command of the Hon. over the river beyond our right, and it Lieut. col. Abercrombie, was not less so. was not long before his intention appear- Major-gen. Hoghton, cheering on his ed to be to turn us' by that flank, and brigade to the charge, fell pierced by cut us off from Valverde. Major-gen. wounds. Though the Enemy's principal Cole's division was therefore ordered to attack was on this point of the right, he form an oblique line to the rear of our also made a continual attempt upon that right, with his own right thrown back. part of our original front at the village And the intention of the Enemy to att and bridge, which were defended in the our right becoming evident, I requested most gallant manner by Major-gen. BaGen. Blake to form part of his first line, ron Alten and the light infantry brigade and all his second, to that front; of the German Legion, whose conduct whicb was done.The Enemy commen was, in every point of view, conspicuced his attack at nine o'clock, not ceas- ously good. This point now formed our ing at the same time to menace our left: left, and Major-gen. Hamilton's division and after a strong and gallant resistance had been brought up there; and he was of the Spanish troops, he gained the left to direct the defence of that point, heights upon which they had been for- whilst the Enemy's attack continued on med: meanwhile the division of the our right, a considerable proportion of Hon. Major-gen. W. Stewart had been the Spanish troops supporting the defence brought up to support them; and that of of this place. The Enemy's cavalry, ou Major-gen. Hamilton brought to the left his infantry attempting to force our right, of the Spanish line, and formed in con had endeavoured to turn it; but by the tiguous close colunis of battalions, to able manæuvres of Major-gen, the Hon. be moveable in any direction. The Por- W. Lumley, commanding the allied catuguese brigade of cavalry, under Brig.- ' valry, though vastly inferior to that of gen. Otway, remained at some distance the Enemy in number, bis endeavours on the left of this, to check any at were foiled Major-gen. Cole, seeing the tempt of the Enemy below the village.- attack of the Enemy, very judiciously As the heights the Enemy bad gained, bringing up bis left a little, marched in line raked and entirely commanded our whole to attack the Enemy's left, and arrived position, it became necessary to make most opportunely to contribute, with the every effort to retake and maintain them; charges of the brigades of Gen. Stewart's and a noble one was made by the division division, to force the Enemy to abandon of Gen. Stewart, headed by that gallant his situation, and retire precipitately, officer. Nearly at the beginning of the and to take refuge under his reserve; Enemy's attack, a heavy storm of rain here the Fuzileer brigade particularly discame on, which, with the smoke from tinguished itself. He was pursued by the the firing, rendered it impossible to Allies to a considerable distance, and as discern any thing distinctly.—This with far as I thought it prudent with his imthe nature of the ground, had been exa niense super.ority of cavalry; and I con


tented myself with seeing him driven force; Brig-gen. Lemos, and the Offiacross the Albuera.-Marshal Beresford cers of his personal Staff, are thanked then speaks highly of Majors Hartman and for the assistance they rendered. The Dickson, commanding the British and Marshal then states that the most perfect Portuguese artillery; also of Capt. Lefe- harmony suhsisted between the allies, and bre's horse artillery, and of one brigade that he experienced the most cordialasof Spanish artillery, all of which were sent and co-operation from Generals well served and fought. The Enemy took

Blake and Castanos; the former took and carried off one howitzer attached to the command of the Spanish troops, and Lieut.-col. Colborne's brigade, with 300 by his experience, knowledge, and zeal, prisoners, previous to the arrival of Gen. greatly contributed to the fortunate reHoghton's brigade. The Portuguese sult of the battle. Generals Ballasteros, division of Major-gen. Hamilton evinced Zayas, Don Carlos d'Espagne, and the utmost steadiness and courage, and

Count de Penne Villamur, are honourably maneuvered equally well with the Bri mentioned. Marshal Beresford then, after tish; and Brig.-gen. Harvey's Portuguese acknowledging the services of Lieut.-col. brigade, when marching in line across Arbuthnot, and recommending hin for the plain, gallantly repulsed a charge of promotion, concludes thus: “ I annex the enemy's cavalry. After Soult's main the return of our loss in this hard conattack was defeated, he relaxed in that tested day: it is very severe, and in adon the village, on which he could never dition to it, is the loss of the troops under make any impression, or cross the rivulet, his Excellency Gen. Blake, whe are killthough the troops were reduced there in ed, missing, and wounded, but of which order to strengthen other points. It is I have not the return. The loss of the impossible (continues Marshal Beresford) Enemy, though I cannot know what it to enumerate every instance of discipline is, must be still more severe. : He has and valour shewn on this severely con- left on the field of battle about 2000 tested day; but never were troops that dead, and we have taken from 900 to 1000 more valiantly or more gloriously main- prisoners. He has had five Generals tained the honouroftheir respective coun killed and wounded; of the former, Genetries. Every individual most nobly did bis rals of Division Merle and Pefin; and duty, which is proved by the great loss we Gazan, and two others, amongst the lathave suffered, though repulsing the Ene ter.--His force was much more conside. my; and it was observed that our dead, rable than we had been informed of, as particularly the 57th regt. were lying as Ilo not think he displayed less than from they had fought, in ranks, and every 20 to 22,000 infantry, and he certainly wound was in the front. --The battle com had 4000 cavalry with a numerous and menced at nine, and continued without heavy artillery. His overbearing cavalry cessation till two in the afternoon, when cramped and confined all our operations, the Enemy being driven over the Albuera, and with his artillery saved his infantry the remainder of the day was spent in after its rout.--He retired after the battle cannonading and skirmishing.-Marshal to the ground he had been previously on, Beresford then mentions, in terms of but occupying it in position; and on this high commendation, the following Offi- morning, or rather during the night, cers who materially conduced to the commenced his retreat on the road he honour of the day: Major-gen. W. Stew came, towards Seville, and has abanart, who received two contusions, but doned Badajos to fate. He left a would not quit the field; Major-gen. number of his wounded on the ground he G.L. Cole, Lieut.-col. Abercrombie, Major had retired to, and to which we are adL'Estrange (31st. regt); Col. Inglis; Ma ministering what assistance' we can. I jor-gens. W. Lumley,Hamilton,and Alten; have sent our cavalry to follow the Eneand Col. Collins, commanding a Portug. my, but in that arm he is too powerful brigade, whose leg was carried away ly for us to attempt any thing against him a cannon shot.The deaths of Major in the plains he is traversing.Thus we Gen. Hoghton and of Sir W. Myers, and have reaped the advantage we proposed Lieut.-col. Duckworth, are deepiy las from our opposition to the attempts of mented. - The Portuguese brigades of the Enemy; and whilst he has been forced Brig -vens. Fonseca and A Campbell, are to abandon the object for which he has likewise honourably mentioned. Of the almost stripped Andalusia of troops, inservices which the Marshal derived from stead of having accomplished the laughthe Officers of his own staff, those of ty boasts with which Marshal Soult ha. Brig-gen. D'Urban, 2. M. G. to the rangued his troops on leaving Seville, he Portug Army, are particularly noticed. returns there with a curtailed army, and Lieut..col. Hardinge, D. Q. M. G. to the what perhaps may be still more hurtful Portuguese; Brig-gen. Moziubo, Adjut.- to him, with a diminished reputation. gen. Lieut.-co!. Rooke, Assist. Adj.-gen. W: C. BERESIORD, Marsbal and Lilien. to the United British and Portuguese

P. S.

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P. S. Major.-gen. Hamilton's Division, goons, Capt. Holmes, Lieut. Wildman, and Brig-gen. Madden's Brigade of Por- and Adj. Chantry, slightly.- 3d foot or tuguese cavalry, march to-morrow morn Buffs, Captains Marley and Gordon, ing to re-invest Badajos, on the South Lieutenants Wood, Houghton, and side of the Guadiana.

O'Donnell, and Ensign Walsh, severely ; Officers killed and wounded between the Captains Stevens and Cameron, severely, 8th and 15th May inclusive.

the latter taken prisoner, Lieuts. Juxon, Killed.--Capt. Smith, 3d bat. 27th Shepherd, Hooper, Latham, Wright, and foot, Capt. Dickinson and Lieut. Mel- Titlow slightly.--Ist.bat.7th foo:, Lieut.ville, Royal Engineers.--Wounded on col. Sir W. Myers, and Lieut. S. B. Jobatthe 10th May :-Royal Engineers, Capts. Stone, both since dead; Captains CholRoss and Boteler, severely; and Lieut. wich, Singer, and Crowder, Lieutenants Read, slightly.--d bat. 27th foot, Lieut. Moultry, Wemyss, Henry, R. Johnstone, Col. M‘Lean, Lieuts. Gordon and Dob- Gibbons, and Moses, slightly; Lieutebins, slightly ; Major Birmingham (since nants Prevost, Mullisis, Jones, and Mordead); Capt. Pring, severely; lieut, gan, severely 2d bat. 7th foot, Brevet Levinge, Ensigns M'Coard and Hanley Lieut.-col. Blackeney, Capt. Orr, Lieute

Ist bat. 40th foot, Lieut.-co). Har nants Irwin, Healy, Wray, Orr, and court, Major Thornton, and Lieut. Street, Seaton, severely; Capt. Magenis, left slightly; Lieuts. Thoreau and Strawben arm amputated; Capt. Parleton, Lieutezie, severely; Capts. Heyland and Wood, nants Penrice, Lorentz, Holden, Frazer, Lieuts. Kelly, Butler, and Brown.-5th and Acting Adjutant Meagher, slightly. bat. 60th foot, Capt. Prevost, severely. - Ist bat. 23d foot, Lieut.-ool. Ellis, -97th foot, Lieut. Coppinger and En- Captains Hurford, M‘Donald,

Stainforth, sign Downing, severely; Lieut. Daunt, First Lieutenants Harrison, Treeve, and slightly; Lieut. Kettlewell and Ensign Thorpe, Second Lieutenants Castles, Dowman, lost an arm. - 17th Portu- Harris, Ledwich, and Adjutant M'Lellan, guese Regt. Col. Turner, severely; Capts. slightly; First Lieut. Booker, severely. Buquet and Maxwell.

2d bat. 28th foot, Capt. Gale, severely; Officers killed, wounded, and missing Capt. Carrol, Lieutenants Crammer, on the 16th of May.

Cottingham, Shelton, and Ensign InKilled. Major-gen. D. Hoghton.-3d gram, slightly. -- 29th fout, Lieuto-col. Dragoon Guards, Lieut. Fox. Ist bat. White, Lieutenants Stannus, Popham, 3d foot, or Buffs, Capt. Burke, Lieut. and Briggs, Ensigns Kearney and HaHerbert, Ensigns Chadwick and Thomas, milton, and Adj. Wild, severely; Major -2d bat. 7th foot, Capt. Erck, Lieut. Way, Captains Hodges, Tod, and Nestor, Archer.- 1st bạt. 23d foot, Capt. Mon- Lt.Brooke, and Ensign Lovelock, slighttague, Second Lieut. Hall. - 29th foot, ly.-- 2d bat. 31st foot, Capt. Fleming, Capt. Humphrey, Lieut. Duguid, En- Lieutenants Butler, Gethin, and Cashell, signs King, Furnace, and Vance.--2d and Ensigns Wilson and Nicholson, sebat. 34th foot, Capt. Gibbons, Lieut. verely; Capt. Knox, slightly. - 2d bat. Castle, Ensign Sarsfield.-- 2d bat. 39th 34th foot, Captains Widdrington and foot, Lieut. Beard. - Ist bat. 48th foot, Wyatt, Lieutenants Hay and Walsh. Lieut.-col. Duckworth, Lieuts. Page 2d bat. 39th foot, Capt. Brine, Lieuteand Ansaldo.2d bat. 48th foot, Lieuts. nants Hart and Pollard, and Ensign Liddon, Loft, and Drew; Ensign Roth- Cox, severely.--Ist bat. 48th foot, Capt. well. Ist bat. 57th foot, Major Scott, Parsons, severely; Captains Wilson, Capt. Fawcett.21 bat. 66th fout, Capt. French, Bell, and Morrissett, Lieutenants Benning, Lieut. Shewbridge, Ensign Crawley, Herring, Wright, O'DonCoulter. - 2d Light bat. King's G. L. aghue, Duke, M'Intosh, and Vincent, Lieut. Whitney.

Ensign Collin, and Adj. Steele, slightly. Portuguese.-Staff, Surgeon Bollman. 2d bat. 48th foot, Capt. Watkins,

23d regt. P. B. Bandeira, J. Joze Licutenants Johnstone and Vander Montro.

Meulen, severely; Captains Waugh, Wounded. - Major-gen. Hon. G. L. Drought, and Wood, slightly; LieuteCole, Major-gen. W. Stewart, Capt. nants Shea and Sharp, Ensigns Norman Egerton (2d bat. 34th foot, Dep. Assist. and M‘Dougall - 1st battalion 57th Adj.-gen.), Capt. Baring (1st light bat. K. foot, Lieutenant-colonel Inglis, Major G. L. Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Alten), and Spring, Captains Shadforth, M'Gibbon, Capt. Hawker, Royal Art. all slightly; Jermyn, Stainforth, Hely, Kirby, LieuCapt. Waller (103d foot, Dep. Assist. tenants Evatt, Baxter, M.Farlane, Dix, L.M. Gen.), Capt. Rouveria (Sicilian reg. Hughes, Sheridan, Veitch, Myers, and Aid-de-Cainp to Major-gen. Cole), Capt. M‘Dougal, Ensigns Torrens and JackWade (42d foot, Aid-de-Camp to Major- son, slightly; Lieutenants M'Lachlan gen. Cole), and Lieut. Thiele (Royal and Patterson, severely.-5th bat. 60th German Art.) all severely. - 4the Dra- foot, Lieut. Ingersleben, slightly:- 2d


bat. 66th foot, Capt. Ferns, Licutenants Total Portuguese Loss. I General Hicken, Harvey, L'Estrange, Chambers, Staff, ! Staff, 2 Serjeants, 98 rank and and M'Carthy, and Ensign Mack, file, 9 horses, killed; I General Staff, slightly; Lieutenants Codd, Hand, and 1 Lieut.-Colonel, 1 Major, 5 Captains, 5 Crompton, and Ensigns Walker and Lieutenants, a Ensigns, 1 Staff, 14 Hay, severely. --- Ist light bat. K. G. L. Serjeants, i Drummer, 230 rank and file, Major Hartiis, Capt. Rudorf, Lieut. 9 horses, wounded; 1 Drummer, 25 rank Hartwig, Ensign Smalhausen, and Adj. and file missing. Fahle, slightly: -- 2d light bat. K. G. L. A third letter from Marshal Beresford Capt. A. Heise.-Portuguese regt. Col. to Lord Wellington, dated Albuera, Collins.

May 21, refers to an accompayning inMissing. -- R. German Art. Lieut. tercepted dispatch from Gen. Gazan te Bluntenbach. 4th Dragoons, Capts.

Marshal Soult. Sir W. Beresford says, Spending and Phillips.--3d foot, or Buffs, “ After the severe battle we had, it is Lieuts. Annesley and Hill. -- 2d bat. satisfactory to know that the Enemy's 48th foot, Majur Brooke, Capts. Camp loss was not exaggerated, and you will beid and Allman, Lieuts. Ellwood, Mar see by Gen. Gazan's letter to Marshal shal Sach, Brotheridge, and Wood, En Soult, that in killed and wounded it sign Gilbert.

cannot be less than 8000 mnen-left dead General Loss on the 10th.-1 Captain

on the field and taken, we have the 2 Serjeants, 29 rank and file, killed;

knowledge of pear 3000; Gen. Gazan i Colonel, 1 Lieut.-Colonel, 2 Majors,

states that he has more than 4000 Captains, 10 Lieutenants, 4 Ensigns,

wounded with hiin; 320 were at Almen9 Serjeants, 4 Drummers, 381 rank

dralejo by the same letters; Gazan says and file, wounded; 12 rank and file

many have died on the road, and which missing

we know must have been the case, as it

is in the few first days that the bad General Loss on the 8th and 15th May.

cases die in numbers, and a precipitate 1. Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Ensign,

retreat and want of convenient carriage 3 Serjeants, 61 rank and file, killed;

must incre:use the mortality: thus we can 1 Lieut.-colonel, 4 Captains, 4 Lieu.

scarcely calculate the loss of the Enemy tenants, i Ensign, 12 Serjeants, 2 from these data at less than 9000 men. Drummers, 180 rank and file, wounded; Our advance was close to Azuchial and í Lieutenant, 22 rank and tile, missing.

Almendralejo, and I propose putting a Total British Loss on the 16th at Albuera. strung column of infantry in march

General Staff, 1 Lieut.-colonel, 1 towards those places to-morrow morning, Major, 7 Captains, 13 Lieutenants, 9 and shall accompany it.” Ensigns, 31 Serjeants, 4 Drummers, 815 rank and file, 54 horses, killed;

Admiralty-Office, June 4. General Staff, 4 Lieut.-colonels, of Vice Adiniral Sir J. Saumarez, Bart, Majors, 43 Captains, 81 Lieutenants, and K. B. has transınitted to J. W. 20 Ensigns, 6 Staff, 132 Serjeants, 9 Croker, esq. a letter he had received Drummers, 2426 rank and file, 26 horses, from Capt. Lowe, of his Majesty's sloop wounded I Major, 4 Captains, 8 Lieu the Diligence, giving an account of his tenanis, 1 Ensign, 28 Serjeants, 10 having, on tlie 9th of last month, cap. Drummers, 492 rank and file, 17 horses, tured a Danish row-boat privateer, missing.

carrying two swivels and sixteen men.



-his approach to Albuera, and his dis. The Moniteurs bave lately published position for the engagement there, three official docuinents. The first was, exactly as General Beresford had done. a dispatch from Massena, dated Sala [See Gazette, page 659.] During the manca, May 14, referring solely to the engagement, he says, he learned from a actions which took place between the Spanish prisoner, that Blake had joined 5th and 9th, in the neighbourhood of with 9,000 men. Deeming the contest Almeida.--The second, Gen. Brennier's no longer equal, the allies being 30,000, report of the evacuation of Almeida; in and the French 18,000,- he abandoned which he asserts, that not more than his design, the relief of Badajos ; but 60-men of bis garrison fell during their his own loss is estimated at 2,800 men, bazardous, but well-conducted retreat. and ours at 9,000. The British, he adds, -The third, a dispatch from Marshal took nu prisoners, except: “ two or three Soult, containing the details of the hundred wounded, who were left on the ever-memorable battle of Albuera. field.!"-though previously, he said, 'hè Soult describes his breaking up at Se maintained the position he had gained ville--bis junction with Latour Maubour; at the commencement of the battle

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