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THEATRICAL REGISTER. brooke, K. B. ; G. Drummond; J. Whar.
Drury Lane COMPANY,

ton; W. Payne; Hon. E. Bligb; W. Earl At The Lyceum Theatre, STRAND.

Craven; Lord W. Bentinck; E. Earl of

Cork; Hon. H. G. Grey ; Hon. E. Paget; May 20. IVhere to find a Friend ; a Co

A. Wetham; Sir B. Spencer, K. B, to be medy, by Mr. Lee, author of “ Grieving 's

Lieutenant-Generals in the Army. a Folly.” The language is correct, and the sentiment moral; and, although it T. Nepean, ditto ; T. R. Charleton, royal

Colonels-B. Fisher, royal engineers ; does not contain much to please, it has nothing that offends.

artillery ; H. de Hinuber, king's German legion, with temporary rank; Sir C. Ship

ley, knt. royal engineers; H. Bell, royal HAYMARKET THEATRE.

marines; T. Strickland, ditto; T. Mahou, June 10. The Royal Oak; an Histori

9th light dragoons; W. T. Dilkes, 3d foot cal Play, in three Acts, by Mr. Dimond., guards; H. Rudyerd, royal engineers; The plot is founded on the concealment of J. Oswald, 35th foot; J. Gashard le Mara Charles II, in the branches of the Oak,

chant, military college; J. M. Hadden, after the battle of Worcester ; but it vio

royal artillery ; W. Doyle, 620 foot; J. lates historical truth. Charles, after his

Hatton, 66th foot; Pinson Bonham, 69th adventures in the Oak, finds refuge in the

foot; J. Burnett, military superintendant house of Col. Windham, and the Parlia

of hospitals; W. Anson, 1st foot guards; ment officers having entered in search of J. Bourchier, of the late royal Irish Artilhim, young Windhaın delivers himself up

I. Brock, 49th foot; G. W. Ramas the fugitive Prince, whose person was

say, 60th foot; R. Craufurd, on half-pay unknown to them. Charles is then made

of 60th foot; E. Howarth, royal artillery ; to repair to the tent of Fairfax, Command J. Dorrien, royal horse guards; T. Deser in Chief of the Parliamentary Army, brisay, royal artillery; č. Terrott, ditto; and there to prevail upon this Chief not

W. Fyers, royal engineers; G. Glasgow, only to suffer young Windham to escape,

royal artillery ; R, Winter, royad marines; but also to permit Charles himself to go

W. Bentham, royal artillery; E. Stehelin, at large. This is certainly made an inte.

ditto; J. A. Schalch, ditto; H. Hutton, resting incident in the piece, having all the

ditto ; T. Barrow, 5th West India regiaccompaniments of parental terror and

ment; J. S. Farley, 63th foot; J. Wood, anxiety for the fate of young Windham,

on the half-pay of the Liverpool regiment; with the addition of the anxious solicitude

H. Churchill, of the late horse grenadier of his intended bride. The piece termi

guards; J. Jenkinson, on half-pay of the nates with the escape of Charles from the

Sheffield regiinent; T. Lewis, royal macoast on board a vessel.

rines; T. Dunbar, 3d West India regia June 21. The Round Rovin; a Musi

ment; R. Williains, royal marines; L. cal Farce, by Mr. Dibdin ; which, like all Desborough, ditto; A. Keith, 65th foot; his productions, aims to display the gene

J. Mackelcan, royal engineers; J. T. Layrous character of the English tar. The

ard, 54th foot; J. Skinner, 16th foot; J. piece being unfavourably received, the

Meredith, royal marines; R. H. Farmer, Author has withdrawn it, in order to make ditto ; Watkin Tench, ditto ; J. S. Saunsuch alterations as may insure it a better ders, 61st foot; L. Maclean, Quarterreception on its next representation.

Master-General in the West Indies; G,
Wilson, royal artillery ; S. Rimington,

ditto; D. Ballinghall, royal marines; D. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Shank, Canadian fencibles; Æ. Shaw, on R. WARD, esq. Clerk of the Ordnance, half-pay of the Queen's rangers; G. Dyer,

vice Hon. Cropley Ashley Cowper, royal marines; A. Hay, 1st foot; J. J. now Earl of Shaftesbury. --- Lieutenant- Barlow, on half-pay of the Cheshire fenci. colonel H. Torrens, 89th foot, his Military bles; W. Minet, 30th foot; W. M. PeaSecretary

cocke, Coldstream guards; Sir J. DougWar-Office, June 4. The Prince Regent las, knt, royal marines; J. Pare, on halfhas been pleased to appoint,

pay of 96th foot; W. P. Clay, on halfMajor-Generals --F. Baron Dreschsel, pay of 40th foot; C. Wale, 66th foot; T. with temporary rank; C. Baron Linsingen, Hull, 62d foot; J. Kemmis, 40th foot'; with ditto; R. Aytoun; G. Rochfort; F. R. Burne, 39th foot; J. 0. Vandeleur, Grose; H. R. Gale; J. Spens; W. Scott; 19th light dragoons; C. Pye, 3d dragoons; R. Tipping; A. Campbell; A. Trotter; Sir W. Aylett, knt. on half-pay of the 6th F. Fuller; Sir J. AMeck, bart. ; G. V. garrison battalion ; J. R. Fletcher, 6th Hart; J. Robinson ; G. Warde; Hon. T. dragoons; R. Browne, 12th light dragoons; Maitland ; R. Bright; W. Ramsay ; J. H. M. Gordon, on half-pay of the 16th Campbell; J. Skerrett; H. Oakes; C. foot; A. J. Goldie, 6th dragoon guards ; Campbell; Sir G. Prevost, bart. ; W. R. B. Long, 15th light dragoons; R. H. Waller; M. Archdall; Sir J. C. Sher- Sheaffe, 49th foot; A. Daft, on half-pay


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of 4th foot; G. Airey, 8th foot; R. S. P. J. Parry, on half-pay Steele's late reDonkin, Quarter-Master-General in the cruiting corps; D. Ximenes, 62d foot; W. Mediterranean ; Hon. E. Stopford, 3d Spearman, 2d dragoon guards; T. Wesfoot guards ; G. Cooke, Ist foot guards ; ton, on balf pay of 14th garrison battalion; T.J. Backhouse, 47th foot; J. Wilson, W. C. Spring, 57th foot; D. Colquhoun, 4th Ceylon regiment; W. Eden, E4th foot; on half-pay late 7th garrison battalion ; F. G. V. Lake, 60th foot; G. T. Walker, B. H. Young, 58th foot; W. B. Neynoe, 50th foot; J. A. Vesey, on half-pay of 27th foot ; T. Carnie, 6th foot; J. Ross, 29th foot; R. Stovin, 17th foot; K. Mac- 28th foot; J. K. Money, Om half-pay kenzie, on half-pay of 15th foot; Sir J. Armstrong's recruiting corps; T. Lyster, Dalrymple, bart. 3d foot guards ; F. J. Cape regiinent; A. Henry, 58th foot; P. Wilder, 35th foot; Hon. G. de Grey, Aid T. Robertor, 8th foot; S. Higgins, on halfde-Camp to the King ; S. Hawker, ditto ; pay 12th West India regiment ; D. Jones, to be MAJOR-Generals in the Army. 6th foot ; G. Gray, 30th foot ; T. Pearson,

Lieutenant-Colonels---Sir C. Imhoff, knt. 230 foot; A. Meade, on half-pay of regi4th garrison battalion; G. Gordon, on ment of Malta ; R. Nixon, 28th foot ; half.pay of 4th foot ; D. Macdonald, 57th W. F. Spicer, 78th foot; R. M'Nab, 91st foot; Arch. Stewart, 1st foot; Alex. foot; R. Payne, 46th foot; J. Stafford, 634 Adams, 78th foot; J. C. Halkett, on half- foot; to be Lieu7.-COLONLLs in the Army. pay of 55th foot, Hon. G. Macdonald,

BREVET. 1st foot guards; T. N. Powiet, on half To be LIEUTENANT-Coloxets in the pay of 95th foot; Sir E. G. Buller, kot. Army-Major D. L. Gilmour, 95th foot, 87th foot; S. Need, 24th light dragoons; Major J. R. Coghlan, 6is! foot; Major A. M. E. Jacob, on half-pay of 68th foot; 'T. Petrie, 79th foot; Major. W. Woodgate, L'Estrange, inspecting Field-officer; Sir 60th foot; Major G.H. B. Way, 29th foot; T. Brooke Pechell, bart. of the late horse Major 0. Macintosh, 85th foot ; Major C. grenadier guards; W. Latham, 7th dra. C. Patrickson, 430 foot; Major G. G. C. goon guards; D. De war, on hall-pay of L'Estrange, 31st foot; Major R. Arbutis.. unattached Officers; G. Kinnaird Dana, not (unattached). 6th garrison battalion; J. Moore, 23d light To be Majors in the Army-Captain draguous; E. Baynes, Nova Scotia fenci. M. Mackenzie, 71st foot; Captain A. bles; N. Levitt Peacocke, 71st foot; J. Brown, 79th foot; Captain P. Crueber, 1st Stirlmg, 42d foot; T. Steele, 90th foot; P. light dragoons of King's Gerinan legion, Maxwell, 7th dragoou guards; R. Youns, with temporary rank only ; Captain G. T. 8th foot; B. Leighton, 4th dragoons ; Napier, 52d foot; Captain G. Krauchen. Henry M. Mervin Vavasour, of the late berg, 1st light dragoons of King's German horse grenadier guards; E. Vicars, 21st legion, with temporary rank only ; Caplight dragoons; J. Meller, invalid artil tain G. Scovell, 57th foot; Captain W. F. tery ; H. R. Knight, 4th garrison battalion; P. Napier, 434 foot; Captain M. Shawe, R. Douglas, 55th fuot; S. V. Hinde, -32d 74th foot; Captain J. Cameron, 95th foot; foot; B. Glegg, on half-pay of the 91st Captain H. Balneavis, 27th foot; Captain foot; Hon. J. Ramsay, 20 foot; L. Mo- Hon. E. C. Cocks, 16th light dragoons; sheim, of the depôt at Lymington; F. StreiCaptain S. R. Chapman, royal engineers, cher, York light infantry volunteers ; C. Captain R. Armstrong, to be Major in Grant, Aid-de-Camp to his Royal High- Portugal only. ness the Prince Regent; J. Lyon, 97th Dr. Waller, Physician to the garrison foot; W. Gifford, 434 fuot; A. Gore, 33d of Portsmouth, vice Meik, deceased. foot; J. Orde, 99th foot; J. Baron de Son War-office, June 11. His Serene Highpenberg, De Roll's regiment; C. B. Eger ness the Hereditary Prince of Orange, ton, 44th foot ; T. S. Beckwith, 95th foot; Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army. to be Colonels in the Army.

Whitehall, June 12. Right Hon. Charles Majors-J. Campbell, on balf.pay 68th Yorke, Sir Richard Bickerton, bart, vicefoot; H. Shadforth, on half-pay Queen's admiral of the blue, James Buller, esq., rangers; J. B. Haffey, 18th foot; A. Ha- William Domett, esq. vice-admiral of the milton, 30th foot; M. W. Lee, 96th foot; white, Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, kot. Hon. J. French, on half-pay 121st foot; R. Lu Frederick Robinson, and Horatio Walpole, cas, on half-pay York rangers; A. Lloyd, esq.commonly called Lord Walpole, Com98th foot; J. M. Hamerton, 44th foot; A. missioners for executing the office of Lord Chaplin, 2d Ceylon regiment; J. Pringle, High Admiral. 6th garrison battalion; A. Light, 25th foot; J. Wood, 32d foot; D. Campbell,

Civil PROMOTIONS. Ath foot ; G. A. Tonyn, 31st foot; Henry FREDERICK Edgcumbe, esq. a CommisThornton, 40th foot; Andrew Davidson, sioner of the Victualling Board, vice 15th foot; Tho. Chamberlain, 24th foot; Boscawen, deceased. J. Hicks, 32d foot; E. Faunce, 4th foot ; G. Bridges, esq. elected Alderman of F. Muller, 1st foot; F. Barclay, 56th foot; Lime-street Ward, vice Jacob, resigned."



MARRIAGES. REV. James Scott, Weston super Mare 1811, REV. W. Tyner, rector of UpR. Somerset, vice Beadon, resigned.

April 25.

marden, and vicar of CompRev. James Brown, B. D. Minting V. ton, Sussex, to Miss Sarala Colston, of Lincolnshire.

Croydon. Rev. Horace Parker, Chaplain to the April 30. At Forglen House, W. Gowan, Forces in Spain and Portugal.

esq. of the Bengal establishment, to He. Rev. Gilbert Heathcote, M. A. Andover len, daughter of Sir George Abercromby, V. Hants, and Rev. William Evans, B. D. bart, of Birkenhog and Falkland. Bishop Sutton cum Ropley R. Hants, both May 18. Richard Marter, esq. of Bourvice Howley, resigned.

ton-on-Water, Gloucestershire, to Jane, Rev. T. L. Strong, Titsey R. Surrey, youngest daughter of Pettus llarman, esq. vice Moreton, resignedl.

of Charles-street, Cavendish-square. Rer. R. Pickering, B. D. Winterbourne June 1. At Wargrave, Berks, Barrett Abbas with Steepletou R. Dorset, vice March, esą. of Remeuham, Berks, to Mrs. Bown, deceased.

Low, of Wargrave Lodge. Rev. W. Ward, B. D. to the prebendal

June 6. At Shenfield, Essex, William stall of Wilsford and Woodford, in the ca. Drodrick, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Mari. thedral church of Sarum, vice Brereton, anne, third daughter of the late George deceased.

Selby, esq. of Twizell House, NorthumRev. H. C. Orde, Wheathamstead R. "berland. Herts, vice his brother, deceased. (See p. Hon. and Rev.W. H. Dawnay, of Sessay, 597.)

Yorkshire, to Lydia, only daughter of the Rev. John Ahier, curate of St. Helier's, late J. Heathcote, esq. of Conington CasTrinity R. Isle of Jersey, vice La Cloche, tle, Hunts. deceased.

June 8. James Basevi, esq. to Charlotte Rev. Arthur Onslow, D.D. dean of Wor- Eliza, third daughter of G. Robinson, esq. cester, Lindridge R. vice Evans, archdea. Queen's-square, Bath. con of that diocese, resigned.

June 10. James Brown, esq. of HareRev. James Meakin, prebendary of hill Grove, near Leéds, to Charlotte, third Worcester, Wolverley V. vice Onslow, re daughter of the late Matthew Rhodes, esq:. signed.

June 11. - Cholmeley, M.D. Physician Rev. Algernon Peyton, B. A. the rich to Guy's Hospital, to Eliza, third daughter rectory of Doddington, Isle of Ely. (See of the late W. Havard, esq. of South Lain

beth. Rev. J.T. A. Reed, Walford with Ruar June 19. Lieut. col. Robert Camden dean V, near Ross, Herefordshire.

Cope, of Loughgall, co, Armagh, to Mary, Rev. Brian Broughton, M, A. Long Dit youngest daughter of the late Samuel ton R. Surrey.

Eliot, esq. of Antigua, and sister of the Rev. William Page Richards, LL. B. Countess of Errol, Lady Despencer, and Abbotstoke R. Dorset.

Lady Cosby. Rev. T. Barnaby, B. D. Edwin Loach R. June 15. Edward Fenshawe, Captain Worcestersh, with Tedstone-Wafre Chap. of Royal Engineers, to Frances Mary, Herefordshire,

second daugliter of Lieut.-gen. Sir Hew Rev. C. A. Wheelwright, Little Bytham Dalrymple. R. with Castle Bytham annexed, Lincolns. June 18. J. R. Spencer Phillips, esq.

Rev. J. Carter, librarian of the Bristol of Writtle, to Anna Maria, eldest daugh-
Library, a minor canon of Bristol cathed. ter of Sir J. Tyrell, bart. of Boreham

House, Essex.

June 19. At St. George's, Hanover1811, AT Arbuthnott House, Viscoun- square, John Tyrrell

, esq. to Clarissa June 5. tess Arbuthnott, a daughter. Eliza, only daughter of William Merle,

At Duff House, Scotland, Lady J. Tay- esq. of Colliers Wool, Surrey. lor, a daughter.

June 21. At Putney, Waller Clifton, esq. The wife of Henry Comyns Berkeley, of the Admiralty, to Elinor, second daugh. esg. of Lincoln's-inn-fields, a daughter. ter of Daniel Bell, esq. of Highlands, Put

June 6. Ąt Ham Common, the lady ney Heath, of Sir Henry C. Montgomery, bart. a son. June 22. Rev. A. Peyton, rector of Dod

June 15. At Ryde, Isle of Wight, the dington, Isle of Ely, (see col. 1.) to Isa. lady of Lieut.-gen, Sir George Nugent, a bella Anne, youngest daughter of T. Hus

Siy, esq. M. P. of Gathorn, co. Meath. June 26. At Egglesfield House, the wife Henry Albers, esq. of Great Coramof the Rev. John Morris, a daughter. street, to Lucia Lucretia, second daughter

June 30. At Winchmore Hill, Mrs. Har- of N. A. Martinius, esq. of St. Helen's-place. vey Coinbe, a son.

June 24. At Llanelweth, J. Thomas, Lately, At Carlsrhue, the Grand Duchess esq. of Pencenig, to Miss Gwynne, of of Baden, of a Princess.

Llanelweth Hall, both co. Radnor.

col. 2.)



June 25. T. Daniell, esq. of Aldridge where he distinguished himself by many Lodge, Staffordshire, to Mary, third daugh- publications worthy an acute and liberal ter of Samuel Smith, esq. M. P. of Wood- politician. He was a rare example of ball Park, Herts.

splendid talents, devoted to the purest phiRev. J. Griffin, of Preston Candover, lanthropy ; and of profound scholastic Hants, to Catharine, daughter of the late knowledge, blended with the most endearJ. Stepbenson, esq.

of Bedford-square. ing social virtues. During the last ten June 26. By special licence, Lord Burg. years, severe sickness withdrew him from hersh, eldest son of the Earl of Westmore those public circles, of wbich his wit, elolaud, to Miss Wellesley Pole, daughter of quence, and urbanity, had rendered him the Hon. W. P.

the ornament; but his memory will be June 27. Mr. A. Borradaile, second son treasured while those who knew him exist. of W. B. esq. of Fenchurch-street, to Eli P. 197. a. The late Rev. Dr. Maske. zabeth, eldest daughter of R. Borradaile, lyne, baving at an early period of life given ¢sq. of Bedford-bill, Surrey.

proots of his abilities as a mathematician Lately, J. Soane, esq. of Lincoln's-inn- and astronomer, went to Barbados, noder fields, to Maria, third daughter of James the appointment of the Board of LongiPreston, esq. of Sewardstone, Essex, tude, for the purpose of trying Mr. Harri

M. Tucker, esq. to Margaret, daughter of son's marine time-keeper, for which the the Rev. James Douglas, rector of Middle inventor claimed the premium offered by ton, Sussex, and Chaplain to the Prince. Parliament. His first publication was a

R. Smith, esq. of Tibbington House, to quarto pamphlet, with a view to the imMiss Fereday, daughter of S. F. esq. Et provement of practical navigation, intingshall Park, Staffordshire.

tituled, “ The British Mariner's Guide," Thomas Hughes, esq. of Stroud, to published in 1763. His reput ion was Mary, third daughter of the late Rev. by this time so completely established, Richard Huntley, of Boxwell Court. and his talents were so highly appreciated,

Rev. John Waltham, rector of Dorlas. that, on the death of Dr. Nathanael Bliss, ton, Staffordshire, to Miss Fletcher. in 1765, he was appointed to the situation

At Mugdock Castle, Hugh Tennent, esq. of Astronomer Royal to his Majesty. In of Glasgow, to Miss B. Grahain, daughter 1767, he published, by order of the comof J. G. esq. of Mugdock Castle.

missioners of longitude, an account of Mr. In Dublin, by special licence, Edward John Harrison's watch. In 1774, the Hood, esq. of Middle Mount, Queen's president and council of the Royal Society county, to Catharine, second daughter of brought out in a folio volume, at the pub. Timothy Driscoll, esq. of Harcourt-street. lic expense, his Tables for computing the

In Dublin, William Monsell, esq. of apparent Places of the Fixed Stars, and Tervoe, to Olivia, daughter of Sir A. J. reduciug Observations of the Planets. In Walsh, bart. of Ballykillecaven, Queen's 1776, he produced the first volume, in county.

folio, of his. Astronomical Observations, The Hon. H. R. Crofton, (Aid-de-Camp made at the Royal Observatory, at Greento Gen. Sir J. Cradock), youngest son of the wich, from the year 1765. The continuaJate Sir E. C. bart. to Mary, eldest daugh- tion of this important work has since been ter of T. Hemsworth, esq. of Limerick. given to the world in the same form, in

obedience to his Majesty's command. In ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS. 1792, Dr.M.presented the publick with the Pages 39, b, 136. The legacy of the invaluable Tables of Logarithms, by the late Sir Francis Bourgeois to Dulwich Col- late indefatigable Michael Taylor, who Jege is more extensive than was supposed. sunk under his task and died when only He has left the whole of his pictures, be five pages of his work remained unfinished, sides 10,0001. to keep them in due preser- bequeathing to the world a most remarkyation, and 20001. for the purpose of re able monument of buman industry. Dr. pairing the gallery in that place for their Maskelyne had always encouraged ihe dereception. He has also bequeathed lega- sign, and now took upon himself to finish cies of 1000?. each to the Master of the the work, to which he prefixed a most College, and the Chaplain ; and the Fel. masterly introduction, rendering the whole lows of the College are to be the residuary a very complete performance. legatees, and are to possess, for its advan P.399. b. The late Rev. Thomas Mahon tage, all the rest of his property, of every died March 9, at Castle Kelly, co. Galway, denomination.

aged 70. He was only brother of the preP. 92. a. The late Rev. Dr. Vardill sent Lord Hartland, and second son of was educated in King's College, New York, Thomas Mahon, esq. Knight of the shire of which he was elected principal, ani for Roscommon from 1762 to 1782. He appointed Regius Professor of Divinity. was born June 3, 1740, married July 19, When America claimed independence, he 1784, Honoria, second daughter of Denis resigned his bright prospect there, and em. Kelly, esq. of Castle Kelly; by whom he braced the cause of the mother country; had issue, 1. Thomas; 2. Denis, a Lieu.


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tenant in the 9th light dragoons; 3. Mau. apostle of the English reformation; these rice, died young ; 4. John ; 5. Anne; ancestors he was often accustomed to con6. Jane.

template with pleasure, in common with P. 601. a. The late Mrs. Westenra several others of considerable religious died May 14. Col. W. is uncle of the and scientific merit. The nature of his present Lord Rossmore.

family connexions early devoted him to P. 604. a. The late Viscount Longue- commercial pursuits; and while yet in his ville was one of his Majesty's most Hon. minority, he sustained a principal share Privy Counsellors, a Governor of the coun in the superintendence of one of the most ty of Cork, a Trustee of the Linen Manu. extensive establishments of its kind in facture, and one of the representative Europe. At different periods of the AmePeers of Ireland. His lordship was born rican revolution and independence, he Oct. 9, 1734, married Nov. 8, 1756, Mar thrice visited that Continent: the first time, garet, only daughter of Richard White, in the spring of 1774, on professional enesq. of Bantry (grandfather of the present gagements connected with the preceding. Viscount Bantry), but had no issue by her, Here his numerous and respectable introwho died in April 1809; the title of Vis- ductions, supported by his personal merils count Longueville therefore becomes ex and conciliating manners, acquired him tinct, being the 13th Irish peerage which the esteem of numerous individuals in difhas failed, since the Unior in Januury 1801, ferent spheres of life, amongst whom were for want of male heirs. The late Viscount General Washington, Dr. Franklin, and embarked early in active political life, and other distinguished characters of each parwas for many years representative in par. ty; while his address in the management liament for the city of Cork, previous to of a very arduous confidence, and his abihis attainment of the peerage. He enjoyed lities as a merchant, were acknowledged a great share of influence in the distribu. by competent judges to have been, in tion of the Crown patronage, in conse many respects, unrivalled. On a similar quence of his parliamentary interest; but occasion he was also absent in Austrian he invariably declined any office or situ Flanders. In one of his Transatlantic exation of emolument for himself, though cursions, he explored with much taste and his friends and relatives ever found in him gratification, the magnificent scenery of an active and strenuous patron. His loss the Northern provinces. The vicissitudes will be particularly deplored by his te and disappointments which he experienced nantry, among whom he constantly re in some of the former and following ocsided, unless when attending his parlia. currenices, were frequently great and painmentary duties, and whom he was ever

ful; but his genuine principles of sentiready to aid with his advice and admoni ment and action, both of a religious and tion. By his lorilship's decease, a con civil nature, remained unshaken and un. siderable estate devolves to Lord Viscount corrupted ; and he retired from the ultiBantry and his brothers, which the late mate close of his prospects, in consequence Viscount enjoyed under the will of his of events mostly of a national description, brother-in-law, Hamilton White, esq.; but and independent of his controul, in the the Longueville estates, amounting to full maintenance of hereditary integrity. near 20,0001. per annum, are principally Notwithstanding his varied and active ocdevised to his male heirs, John Longfield, cupations, he had read much; his library, esq. of Longueville, formerly member for though small, was select and valuable, and Mallow, and Colonel Mountifort Long- his conversation and anecdotes from so field, member for the city of Cork: to the many different sources, enlivened with latter, his lordship has bequeathed his great constitutional cheerfulness, were inbeautiful seat of Castle Mary, situated on telligent and agreeable. His talents and the harbour of Cork, and a large personal general accomplishments, as well of an furtune.

useful as ornamental nature, were othera P. 606. a. The late Mr. Daniel Roberts wise of no common rank; and during å was the son of Mr. John Roberts, of Brise subsequent seclusion of above twenty tol, afterwards of London, by Amelia, sea years, he devoted bis principal attention, cond surviving daughter of Mr. Thomas next to the care of his children's educa. Daniel, both merchants of superior esti tion, to medical botany and chemistry, in mation and character; the second pos which his acquisitious were freely rendered sessing an exteusive influence in the former subservient to philantlıropic feelings, and city, where the subject of this notice was though his native liberality was often subborn on the 12th Dec. 1753. He was the jected to imposition, it was never prefourth in Siveai descent from John Roberts, eluded froni exertion by preceding inştanan eminent personage m the early history ces of ingratitude or deceit. His integrity of the people called Quakers, and the has been already adverted to, and his turn tenth from logh Tyndale, of Hunt's Court, of mind was peculiarly independent; but in Nibley, esq. father of the celebrated in bis high sense of religion, benevolence, Gent. Mag. Suppl. LXXXI. Part I,


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