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posed was established at Vienna by the either the English or African languages. Emperor Joseph II.; who, though justly Yet these have been for some time the accused of restless rash and innovation, great nurseries of our agents in Barbary. is allowed by all candid men to have had And it is much to be regretted, that a constant eye to the amelioration of the though the Barbary powers have always many and vast countries under his so- signified an earnest desire to have wellvereign power, and to have made many bred linguists from Britain, they have improvements. In this academy of com- not been treated with a proper degree of merce, the pupils are instructed in a consideration in this respect. variety of foreig anguages, and in the

If it were at all necessary to illustrate art of design and drawing. It is well the connexion between a command of known, that the Emperor was so intent languages and a wide range of commerce, on the extension of coinmerce, that he it might be mentioned, that it is the made an effort for the establishment of widely diffused language of the Kuran, an Oriental Company at Embden. In that has opened so vast a field of coolsubserviency to his great commercial merce to the Mahomedang. views, he founded the academy just The facilitation which such a ready mentioned.

command of agency and correspondence If there be a country on earth that is calculated to afford to various and exhas an interest in any academy for in- tensive commerce, would contribute, in struction in the languages of Maritime the same proportion, to the increase of States, in different quarters of the world, the public Revenue; so that, were an it is Great Britain, and if there be one academy forinstruction in the languages spot better adapted than another to its of all great commercial nations to be establishment, it is Malta. It were cer- established wholly at the public expence, tainly to be wished, that instead of fo- there cannot be a doubt that it would reign interpreters and agents, often very be ultimately refunded to the publick, imperfectly qualified for the business with large increase. But at Malta, such they undertake, and not always to be de- an academy may be founded, witbout impended on for their fidelity and honesty, posing any burthen on the publick. All we should have faithful interpreters and the property in the island of Malta which agents of our own nation, whether for belonged to the antient order of the the purpose of mercantile correspond- Knights of St. John, has, in right, de ence, or the transaction of business in volved to the Crown of Great Britaill. person, at factories or other stations; This property may be converted into a persons qualified to understand clearly, fund for the support of proper masters and both to speak and write with fluency and a few scholars. The grand Library Arabic, Turkish, Moorish, modern Greek, and the public buildings are at the disLatin, Italian and other languages, or posal of his Majesty's civil Commissioner, dialects of the same original language. who is at liberty, with the consent of his The policy of all civilized nations has Majesty's Ministers, to appropriate some generally provided for a due supply of part or quarter thereof to public halls, public functionaries, in every department and the residence of the masters and of importance, by furnishing the means scholars on the foundation. We say on of a suitable education; and, of late, the the foundation, because it may be reasame measure has been resorted to by sonably presumed that some, nay not a the East India Company, in establishing few, of the natives of Malta will be disa college for the instruction of youth in posed to send their sons to the proposed the Persian and Arabic tongues, and in college; where they may be instructed the history of the past and present state in the English language as well as the of Hindostan, and the Peninsula of In- others above mentioner; and thereby be dia, and the countries with which our well qualified to act in the capacities of Possessions in the East have or may have consuls, commercial interpreters, and most intercourse. Why should less at- agents, and as travellers under the patention be paid to the Mediterranean tronage of various literary and liberal coast of Africa, so inviting to commerce, individuals, or societies for the exploraand the formation of new political con- tion of unknown regions, and the adnections ? Should the appointment of vancement of both natural and civil Consuls, or other interpreters and agenta, history. From Great Britain and Ireland depend on chance? Or the interese that too, ingenious and spirited young men any person may have to procure a si- might resort to the seminary at Malta, tuation for himself under government, as tbe best preparative for such employhuwever unqualified ? A man born and ment as has been stated; than which bred in the Western Isles, or the High- none can be imagined more creditable lands, and Northern parts of Scotland, or more. pleasant. In a word, besides cannot well be supposed to be master of the scholars on the foundation, others


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may attend the college of Malta in the author of this Memorial may perhaps
same manner, as other students, besides submit his thoughts to the publick at a
the Bursars or scholars, do in our uni- future period; in the mean time, it is of
versities, particularly those of Scotland, importance to observe, that both at
where they board and lodge in the uni- Malta, and any settlement or settlements
versity towns, or very near vicinity, at that might be made by Great Britain in
tend the hours of instruction, and repair the Greek islauds, it would be of the last
to their own lodgings during the inter- consequence to make provision for pub-
vals between the different meetings of lic worship : instruction in the doc-
the classes. From the moderate expence trines and duties, and the due and so-
of living in Malta, many youths from lemn performance of the holy rites of
Great Britain and Ireland would be in- the Christian religion. The alleged in-
duced to make the knowledge of the mo- difference and disregard of the English
dern languages a profession, and prove to religion seems, indeed, to render such
useful schoolmen on their return home, provision indispensibly necessary.
and as linguists abroad. From the cir- The reign of his present Majesty has
cumjacent countries too, as Spain and been nobly distinguished by voyages of
Portugal, France, Italy, the Grecian discovery performed at the public ex-
islands, and Asia Minor, nay, and from pence, from the exalted motive of ad-
all commercial countries, particularly vancing knowledge, and thereby multi-
Russia, if she retain her posts on the plying the resources of mankind, and
Euxine and the Caspian, it is not extra- particularly for the purpose of introdu-
vagant to anticipate, that young men cing arts and civilization among savage
may be attracted in process of time to pations. There cannot be conceived any
the Commercial Institution at Malta: design more humane, more beneficial to
in which case, the acquirement of the the world at large, or more worthy of a
languages most fitted for commercial King. In proportion to the extended
agents, and persons travelling for other intercourse of men and nations, known
purposes, would be greatly facilitated by ledge is extended; and knowledge, as
social converse among ingenious youth has been well observed by Lord Bacon,
of different nations.

is power:.“ Homo, Naturæ interpres at
In proportion to the knowledge ac- que minister, tantum potest quantum
quired by nations of each other's lan- scit; natura enim obtemperando vinci-
guage, mutual intercourse would be tur.”
promoted, and the asperities that arise But to carry our researches into the
from national antipathies be worn away. inland regions of Africa, where perhaps
A liberal and enlarged sphere of sympa- civilization never prevailed, and into
thy would contribute more to the exten- those of Asia, formerly civilized and po-
sion of commerce, than the most suc- lished, but now fallen into obscurity and
cessful arms.

barbarism; to explore regions on the That this seminary may be the more Terra Firma, almost as much unknown alluring to the different nations on the to us as the islands were formerly in the Mediterranean shores, it might perhaps. Pacific ocean, and with whom we are more be thought advisable in case of success nearly connected by various relations, is in the first attempts, to add some pro- a design not less humane, wise, or glofessorships in the liberal arts and sciences. rious. By travels, as well as voyages, The air of Malta is serene, pure, and sa- new objects are discovered-new phenolubrious. From its local situation in mena, natural and moral; remains of the centre nearly of the antient civilized antiquity are found, and new productions world (for a large portion of the North of nature discovered. Traces are found of Africa acknowledged the dominion of nations now extinct; and tribes and and influence of the Romans), it is cal- nations are found to exist in new and culated to enliven a thousand recollec-' unheard-of circumstances or situations. tions of the progress of civilization from Thus, the whole map of human nature, the cradle of arts, and sciences. No to use an expression of the late illustriwhere could an university be more hap- ous Mr. Edmund Burke, is unfolded ; : pily established for a citizen of the world. the superfluities, as well as the wants

If the colonization of some islands in of different countries are found out ;) the lonian Sea by the English, should go new political relations are formed; and. hand in hand with the establishment, all the sons of men, brought back as and gradual improvement of a college at it were again into one family, have it Malta, the advantages which might re- in their power to co-operate for general: sult from such joint establishments are improvement in all that gives grace, dig-, incalculable. On this subject, the colo- nity, and comfort to life. Now, the ese nization of certain Grecian islands, the , tablishment of a school for the languages GENT. MAG January, 1811,


of the nations around the Mediterranean flourish to the extent reasonably to be and the Black Sea, would evidently serve expected, it might be improved into an as a means for the attainment of all University for all manner of literature these objects. Commercial, political, li- and science; than which no Institution terary, and scientific correspondence, and could redound more to the Interests of journeys to remote countries, would be Britain, and the Glory of his present Mafacilitated; travelling, whether for gain jesty's reign. or more liberal ends, would be made easy; the sphere of commerce would be

IRISH News. enlarged, and a thirst after knowledge Jan. 13. Three female servants of P. more and more excited by gratification. Mahony, esq. near Killarney, having un

It is not to be denied, that we are by thinkingly placed some coals of fire in a no means so careful to cultivate an ac- room which had no chimney, two of them quaintance with foreign nations, and were found lifeless next morning, and the thereby to extend our power by moral third was with difficulty recovered. influence, as our neighbour's the French. Jan. 14. A desperate affray occurred They have at this moment hundreds of in the streets of Howth between the la. emissaries in Persia, Arabia, and Africa, bourers employed at the new harbour. employed in cultivating an acquaint- The parties engaged amounted to 300 ance, not only with the highest, but men; and, after a severe conflict, were with all classes of the natives, for pur- parted by the exertions of Lord Howth poses commercial, political, and liberal. and Mr. Lyster, aided by a detachment Their' connexions and influence in Turkey of the military. Many of the rioters are are well known: the great number of tra- so severely cut and maimed, as not to be vels in the Turkish dominions, published expected to survive, and six of the ringbyFrenchmen,shews how attentive France leaders are lodged in gaol, has ever been to this rich and interesting Jan. 15. A horrid murder was compart of the world. The decline of the mitted this night near Causheen, county English factories * in Turkey is fully ac- of Clare, on James O'Brien : the decounted for by trade with India, and the ceased, in company with his son, reAmericans having been for 20 years the turning towards home, was tired at by carriers of Europe. This circumstance is some unknown assassin, who lay in consomewhat unfortunate; inasmuch as it cealment for him, near his own dwelmay appear in the sight of the Turks, ling, when the unfortunate man received with whom every thing is uniform, fixed, the contents of a loaded musket, and inand stable, a mark of declining power. stantly fell; but the murderers not being By the establishment recommended at satisfied that he was dispatched, and Malta, seconded by settlements in the having heard him utter some sentences, Grecian islands, our trade in the Levant they immediately approached him (the would be naturally revived, and carried son having departed for assistance), and to great extent and great advantage. with savage brutality, before they re

It is proposed, that, even at the out- tired, nearly severed the head from the set, the papils shall be instructed not body, ouly in languages, but arithmetick and The Commissioners appointed by Parthe art of drawing. The Professors of liament to enquire into the nature and English anú other tongues most com- extent of the several bogs in Ireland, monly known, or most easily acquired, with the practicability of draining and might consist of travelling Fellows from cultivating them, have made their First the Universities; one of whom might be Report; in which they state, that the in holy orders, and officiate as the priest bogs comprize more than one-fourth of of the college. Skilful assistants are to the entire superficial extent of Ireland, be had at Malta, and in the University of or about one million of English acres ; Catania in Sicily. But though it be the that they form, as far as they have been interests of commerce, in the formation examined, a mass of the peculiar subof such political connexions as these may stance called peat, of the average thick require, that is the only object proposed ness of 25 feet, no where less than 12, by the establishment of an Anglo-Maltese nor found to exceed 42. This substance College, in the first place, if this should varies materially in its appearances and

properties, in proportion to the depth at * Some years ago, the English Levant which it lies. On the upper surface it is Factory Company in Smyrna counted covered with moss of various species, and 300 merchants of great consideration, to the depth of ten feet composed of a with their apprentices and servants. This mass of the fibres of similar vegetables company, computed at 14 or 1500 opu- in different stages of decomposition; gelent persons in one city, made it cheerful nerally, however, too open in their texand busy.

ture to be applied to the purposes of


fuel. Below this is a blackish turf; at was totally consumed by fire. No part of
a greater depth the fibres of vegetable the furniture could be saved.
matter cease to be visible, the colour of Jan. 17. An atrocious disposition has
the turf becomes blacker, and its pro- been manifested at Mare-field, on the
perties as fuel more valuable. Near the borders of Ashdown Forest (Surrey) to
bottom of the bog it forms a black mass, which the Curate, the Rev. Mr. Bingo
which, when dry, has a strong resem- ham, has fallen a victim. For some time
blance to pitch or bituminous coal, and previous threatening letters had been
having a curvilinear fracture in every di- sent; but at one p. m. on Thursday se'n.
rection, with a black shining lustre, and night, Mr. B. having heard a noise, got.
susceptible of receiving a considerable up, went down stairs, and perceived a
polish. The Commissioners divided all man quitting the house. He attempted
the boys, containing above 500 acres, to open a door, but was obstructed by a
in the counties of Kildare, Kirg's part of the furniture raised against it;
County, Tipperary, Westmeath, and he then went round to an outward door,
Longford, into seven districts, which which he had bolted within before he
they assigned to an equal number of went to bed, and found it broken open,
engineers, with directions to examine and some furze faggots burning which
and report thereon. Only one of the had been brought into the room, and the
reports has been made out, namely, that furniture placed round them. The fire
in the Eastern division; which, accord- was so rapid, the parsonage being prin-
ing to the engineer, may be drained with cipally of wood, tha it was with diffi-
facility at an expence of about 147,0001. culty any lives were preserved. Two of
and which would gain 22,490 Irish, or the children were obliged to be thrown
36,430 English acres, and be convertible out of the window, and two were nearly
to all the purposes of husbandry. suffocated before they could be extricated.

Jan. 18. Lately a barn belonging to

Capt. Boultbee, of Bunny, in the neighJan. 13. The ship Cumberland, Bar- bourhood of Nottingham, was accident. ret master, which arrived in the Downs ally set on fire and consumed, together this night from Quebec, sustained a gal- with a quantity of corn. The accident lant contest with four French lugger was occasioned by the servant-man privateers the same morning, between taking some live coals to thaw the Dover and Folkestone. Two of them, pump, which communicated to the during a heavy fire with musketry, ran building, and set it in flames. The loss alongside, and boarded the Cumberland. is estimated at 2001. The crew bad previously retired to the Jan, 19. A serious accident lately cabin; but, as soon as about 20 men had occurred on-board the Jason, a vessel come on-board, the captain ordered the lying in a part of Boston Deeps, called ship to be cast off from the privateers, Clay-pole, about four miles from the and immediately, at the head of his men, town. Business calling the Master away, . rushed forward, and cleared the deck, before he quitted the ship he took the the greatest part of the boarders being precaution to lock up the cabin, in killed, and the remainder jumping over- which some swivel cartridges and a quanboard. This attempt was repeated four tity of gunpowder were stored. During different times, and frustrated in like - his absence, the mate of the vessel, to manner; and the privateers, at length relieve the tediousness of waiting for a finding that their threat to give no fair wind, imprudently forced open the quarter only animated the crew cabin-door, took out some powder, and greater exertion, and having a main- sallied forth to shoot sea-fowl, leaving mast and bowsprit carried away, de-, on-board only a lad, about 14 years old. sisted and sheered off. Mr. Caward, The boy, thus situated, amused himself chief mate, was wounded in the shoul- by fetching a handful of powder, and der, and one seaman has since died of bis throwing it by small quantities into the wounds. The Enemy is supposed to have fire; but having, it is conjectured, scatlost 60 men: Capt. B. killed three him- tered some between the cabin and the self. The Cumberland's crew consisted fire-place, the flame ran along the train, of 26 men; those of the privateers of and instantaneously communicating with 270. The Lords of the Admiralty bave, the main body of the powder, produced a as a mark of their satisfaction at the gal- tremendous explosion, which blew away lantry exhibited on the occasion, granted the whole of the stern of the vessel, and each of the crew of the Cumberland a caused her to sink, with a full cargo of protection from the impress for 3 years. oats on-board,

Jan. 14., The Pavilion near Scarbo- Jan. 21. The Elizabeth brig, a Ply, pough, the seat of R. Williamson, esq. mouth trader, loaded with bale goods,


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caught fire while lying in Ramsgate har

Monday, Jan. 21. bour, and though every exertion was The baneful effects resulting from used, the greatest part of the vessel and sleeping in a room with charcoal burncargo were destroyed.

ing, were exemplified at Bayswater ; Jan. 21. The new aqueduct cast-iron where a poor woman, delivered but a bridge of the Grand Junction Canal, over few days before, with her husband, was, the river Ouse, below Stoney Stratford, on the door being broken open, found was opened with tħe usual ceremonies. suffocated, with the infant alive, and The whole length of the iron work is 101 sucking at the mother's breast. feet; it is wide enough for two boats to

Wednesday, Jan. 23. pass each other, and has a towing-path This evening a fire broke out on the of iron attached to it. The bridge is firm premises of Mr. Bolland, hatter, in Jewigand tight in every part, and displays not street, Westminster, occasioned by a boy the least appearance of strain

from the leaving a candle burning near a quantity great weight on every part. The open- of shavings. The work-shop was entirely ing of this aqueduct, and the passage of consumed. trade over the embankment, are expected

Thursday, Jan. 24. to add 500l. per month to the revenues of A fire broke out this morning, in an the Company

out-house at a baker's in Goswell-street,

which destroyed the whole of the preDOMESTIC OCCURRENCES.

mises where it began. Friday, Jan. 11.

Friday, Jan. 25. Antonio Cardoza (a Portuguese), Mary A fire broke out this night, at a wheels Rogers, and Sarah Browne, were indicted wright's yard in Whitechapel, which enat the Old Bailey Sessions for the wilful tirely consumed the premises. murder of J. Davis, a waterman, by give

Sunday, Jan. 27. ing him several stabs in the back with a At 12 o'clock the Prince of Wales, acknife. The two latter were disreputable companied hy the Earl of Moira, Lords semates; and, having quarrelled in the Dundas and Keith, arrived at the Chapel street with the deceased, called upon Royal, St. James's; when the service of Cardoza, who was known to them, to the day began, which was read with espouse their quarrel, which he imme. great solemnity by the Rev. Mr. Pridden, diately did by stabbing the deceased. The and the Litany by the Rev. Mr. Hayes. learned Judge stated a distinction to exist On the Bishop of London (the Dean of between the cases of Cardoza and Sarah the Chapel) and the Rev. Mr. Holmes' Browne. There was a quarrel and heat (the Sub-Dean) entering the altar, to of blood between ber and the deceased, read the Communion-service, they turned but none between him and Cardoza. to the Royal closet, and made their obejCardozą was found guilty of Murder, sance to the Prince, as is customary when Sarah Browne of Manslaughter, and the King is present. A Sermon was Mary Rogers acquitted.--Cardoza was preached by the Rev. Mr. Maddy, from executed on Monday the 14th, opposite Acts, iv. 12; after which the anthem of Newgate. He persisted to the last in “ God is our Hope and Strength” was asserting his innocence. Previous to his sung; and at a quarter past two o'clock being brought from the press-yard, he his Royal Highness descended from the cried bitterly; but, on mounting the closet, and, followed by the three above scaffold, he acted with becoming forti Noble Lords, went up the aile of the tude. After being suspended the usual Chapel, and took his seat under a catime, the body was conveyed to St. Bar- nopy, and the Lords on the opposite tholomew's Hospital for dissection. side of the Altar; when the Sub-Dean Friday, Jan. 18.

presented to the Prince a gold dish, and This night a fire broke out in a sugar- his Royal Highness put in his offering, baker's warehouse at Puddledock, which and afterwards the same was presented destroyed the premises, with a great to the Lords attending him. The Dean, quantity of goods.

after taking the sacrament himself, adSaturday, Jan. 19.

ministered it to his Royal Highness, and A snake, 14 inches long, and weighing to the three Noble Lords, and Mr. Madthree-quarters of a pound, was shot in dy, who had preached. On his Royal the fields between Primrose Hill and Highness leaving the Chapel, he was Hampstead.

again received with military honours. Monday, Jan. 21.

Wednesday, Jan. 30. This night a fire broke out in a house We have great pleasure in saying, that in Oakley-street, Lambeth, wbich to his Majesty's bealth has much improved tally consumed the same.

during the present month. He has been The same night a fire broke out, about able to walk on Windsor Terrace several Beyen

o'clock, in some premises in Cock- times, accompanied by his Physicians. pill, Shadwell.


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