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At Gilmorton, Leicestershire, William In Red Lion-street, Holborn, Mr. EmaChandler, gent.

nuel Thorley, many years an eminent Jan. 10. At Dudley, after a short ill- linen-draper there. ness, in his 35th year, Mr. Daniel Hughes, In Cooke's-court, London, Mr. Thomas mercer and draper,

Ward, solicitor, brother of John W. esq. At Gretna-green, aged 79, Mr. Joseph of Marlborough. | Paisley, the celebrated Coupler. He was At Braehead-abbey, parish of Paisley, born at Kerkandrew-up-Esk, in Cum- aged 95, Marian Sproull

, who married in berland, and early in life was bound ap 1723 James Stevenson, by whom she had prentice to a tobacconist. He soon left only one son and one daughter. She has his trade, to follow the employment of a left 15 grand-children, 40 great grandfisherman; and he was allowed by his children, and 10 great great grand-childcontemporaries, from his uncommon She had seen seven generations, five strength and agility, to be the most ex of whom were alive at one time. pert man in the use of the lister, for the At Mansfield, aged 74, Anne wife of Mr. destruction of salmon, of any ever heard Thomas Parkin, sen. grocer and baker. of. His delight was in talking of juvenile At Mansfield, aged 77, Mr. James Mar. feats of activity, and the immense quan- riott, corn-dealer. tities of brandy he could have drunk, Jan. 12. Aged 77, Mr. Thomas Robinwithout feeling the smallest effects from son, of Willoughby, near Sleaforel. intoxication. He was accustomed to re Aged 82, Mrs. Smith, widow, mother of late, in the presence of concurring wit Mr. Joseph S. of the Royal-Oak, Lincoln. nesses, that he frequently swallowed The infant daughter of Andrew Lougha pint of unadulterated brandy at one 'nan, esq. of Bedford-place, Russell-square, draught. He dwelt with complacency on Mrs. Jackson, of Skinner-street, Soa celebrated achievement of which he mers-town. shared the glory of a great brother drinker : At Windsor, in her 59th year, the wife they consumed, without any assistance of William Gorton, esq whatever, no less than ten gallons of Mrs. S. Young, of Lewin's-mead, Bristol. brandy in three days. For the last 40. Mrs. Eaton, relict of the late Mr. Peter years of his life he is supposed to have E. of Bristol. drank not less than two bottles of brandy At Innox-hill, near Frome, John Vin, daily, (See our vol. LXXVII. pp. 707, cent, esq. an eminent surgeou. 802.)

Jan. 13. At Cromwell, near Newark, at Suddenly, aged 78, Mr. John Terry, an advanced age, the wife of James Bradship-owner, of Brook-street, Hull. ley, gent.

In his 67th year, the Rev. Chas. Walker, lu Cleveland-court, St. James's-place, reqtor of Nimbridge, Gloucestershire, and in bis 76th year, Patrick Clason, esq. in commission of the peace for that county. Samuel, youngest son of Mr. Falbows, He was formerly fellow of Magdalen of Great Charles-street, Birmingham. college, Oxford ; M. A. 1769; B. D. In Upper Guildford-street, Mrs. Hinck1783. .

ley, relict of the late Dr. H. many years Mr. John Hunt, second warehouse treasurer of the college of Physicians. keeper of H. M. Excise of Bristol.

At Westbourne-place., King's-road, aged At Thoresby-park, near Ollerton, Notts, 65, William-Thos. Lewis, esq. comedian, the Rev. Mr. Saltreen (a near relation of He was born at Ormskirk, in Lancashire, Lady Manners.) While he was skaiting March 4, 1748-9. His grandfather was a in the park, the ice suddenly gave way, Clergyman, rector of Trahere, in Caer. and he was drowned before any assistance marthenshire, and second son of Erasınus could reach him.

Lewis, esq. (private secretary to Mr. HarAt Annadale, có. Antrim, aged 61, the ley, minister to Queen Anne) the confi. Hon. William-John Skeffington, Constable dential friend of Pope and Swift, whose of Dublin-castle, and formerly M, P. for name appears so often in their correspond30 years for the borough of Antrim. He

His father, Mr. William Lewis, was the third son of Clotworthy S. 4th Vis served his time to á linen-draper on Towercount and first Earl of Massereene, by hill, but quitted business for the stage. He Elizabeth, only daughter and heiress of performed in Dublin at the same time with Henry Eyre, esq. of Rowter, co. Derby, Garrick, under the direction of the then and brother of Clotworthy, the late, and manager, Mr. Sheridan. In 1749, young of Henry, the present and third Earl of Lewis was carried to Ireland, and educated Masserecne and sixth Viscount.

at a grammar-school at Armagb, kept by Jan. 1 . !o Great Russell-street, Blooms. a Mr. Heapy, whose son lost a leg in the þury, the wife of Mr. Furbor, of Lewisham. service of the East-India Company, and in

At Blackheath, Alexander Massen, es consequence thereof obtained a considera

In Castle-street, Leicester-square, in able post in the India - house. Mr. Lewis his 65th year, Thomas Thompson, esq. : went on the stage very young, and early In Berkeley-squ. James Adamson, esq. distinguished himself at Edinburgh, under



the management of Mr. Digges. In 1771 gradually declining for some length of he was at Dublin, and by his perform- tiine; and the misery occasioned him by : ance of Belcour, drew the town to the Lit-. the death of a most amiable daughter, tle Theatre, Capel-street, where he was about 12 months since, quite overcame engaged in opposition to Mr. Mossop, who him. It brought on a train of low and af attempted the same part at the rival thea Aicting disorders, which baffled the exertre, Crow-street. In the gay scenes Lewis tions of his medical advisers, and finally was superior, but Mossop had the advan terminated bis existence, whilst in the arms tage in the impassioned ones; it was, how of his unhappy family. He has left a most ever, one of Mossop's worst characters. amiable lady to lament his loss, formerly Happily for Lewis, Macklin

was in

Miss Leeson, of Covent-Garden Theatre, Dublin when he was performing, who, on whom he married in Dublin, about 30 years his return to England, made so favourable since, by whom he has had several sons a report of him to Mr. Colman, the-una and daughters, the majority of whom are nager of Covent-Garden, that he imme. now living. His ektest son went out to diately sent for him. His first appearance India, with recommendations equal to any was October 13, 1776, in his favourite ever sent from this country, and which, to character of Belcour. Mr. Colinan was so the credit of both father and son, were vowell satisfied with Mr. Lewis, that he al- luntarily offered and given; he has also a lotted him, in the same season, a principal son on the stage, who has acquired much part in his then new Comedy of The Man reputation at Hull. of Business; from this time he continued In his 74th year, the Rev. Edw. How.' gradually rising in the estimation of the man, rector of Gissing and Florden, and in Publick, succeeding first by the indisposi the commission of the peace for Suffolk. tion, and afterwards by the deaths, of Mr. At Knightsbridge, agedS6, Mr.Geo. Dent. Wood:Yard and Mr. Barry, to their princi Jan. 14. Of a dropsy, in her 30th year, pal characters, which he performed from Mrs. Auna Harral, wife of Mr. Harral, of 1776 to 1782, when he became Deputy Park-street, Islington, fourth daughter of Manager of Covent-Garden Theatre; and the late Wm. Empson, esq. of Isleworth, one of his first acts shewed his good sense, and sister of the late John Masters E. esq. in quitting the buskin for the sock, in surgeon of his Majesty's ship Castor. Her which latter his superiority was very ap- illness, sudden in its commencement, rapid parent. In this arduous station, he con in its progress, and fatal in its close, producted himself with so much propriety and ved to be a combination of anasarca and justice towards the Proprieturs, and with: ascites. It may be regarded as furnishing so much suavity of manners to xards his one of the melancholy proofs, which we brothers and sisters of the sock and buskin, daily witness, of the yet infantile state of that when, in consequence of a severe fit of Medical science; as, of three professional illness in the Spring of 1806, he was under gentlemen of acknowledged skill and ex;' the necessity of resigning the situatiou, perience, who were consulted upon the he retired with the best wishes of alte case, two entertained opinions directly at Since his secession from public life, he variance with each othe'; wliile the third became a joint proprietor with Mr. Knight felt himself incapable of deciding, till the in the Liverpool and Manchester Theatres; disease should have acquired a more dis- . which have fourished under their super tinct character. Thus, the unfortunate intendence, to the great advantage of the sufferer was deprived of the aid which she Company, and, to the delight of several m.ight possibly have derived from media audiences.-As an actor, Mr. Lewis was cine; and, in one little month from the unequalled in the sprightly cast of comedy, period of her first attack, she was snatched and there was an indescribable elegance in from the agonized embrace of connubiab his deportment, which no modern actor affection, and consigned to her native dust, could even imitate with success. In the leaving, for « another and a better world, sustaining a part which comprehended se a circle of loving and beloved friends, to rious dignity, such as Lord Townley, he làment her early and premature departare. was inferior to Mr. Smith and Mr. Holman; Deep, indeed, is their cause for lainentabut in such fashionable and ftippant cha tion, though not as those “ without hope," racters as Sir Harry Flutter, Tom Shufleton, for, to a natural sweetness and affability of and Sir Charles Rucket, he was eminently disposition, the deceased united all that attractive, and left all rivalry at a mea can endear a wife and a mother, every sureless distance. As a man, he was up grace that can lend a charm to society, alt right and good—as a husband, father, the virtues that adorn and dignify her sex. friend, he united all those endearing qua A purer heart than hers, more void of of lities which wilt make his loss irreparable fence to God or man, never animated the to his afficted widow, his affectionate human bosom. children, and to an attached circle of ac At an advanced age, Mrs. Parker, of quaintance,--Mr. Lewis's health had been Chelsea

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binson, esq.

At Tottenham, aged 74, William Ro Jan. 17. In his 20th year, Robert Mac

farlane Hammond, third son of Wm. H. In Bernard-street, in her 77th year,


esq. of Queen-square, Bloomsbury. Esdaile, relict of James E. esq. late of Al Witney, in his 77th year, Mr. T. Dix, Hoddesdon, Herts.

carpenter, and many years master of the In King-street, Bath, Mr. John Ring, a Eell public-house there. commissioner for taking special bail. He At Chiswick, James Mair, esq. formerly kept the public-house called the At Neston, Cheshire, Edmund Lyon, Beil, in Monmouth-street, the sign of esq. which bore this apposite inscription “I Jan. 18. At Northall, aged 87, Mrs. Ring."

Sarah Pott, relict of Percival P. esq. Aged 47, Mr. Wm. Bromley, coast senior surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hose waiter in H. M. Customs at Hull.

pital. In the Market-place, Leicester, aged Aged87, Mr.Carter, of St. Ebbe's, Oxford, 85, Mr. Clarke, of Castle Donington. At Duffield, Derbyshire, in her 861h

Mr. Joseph Turton, of Olveston. year, Mrs. Gould, widow and relict of

Found dead in his bed, Mr. Geo. Tar, Edw. G. esq. late of Mansfield Woodupholsterer, of Bath.

house, Notts. At his mother's house, Bathwick, Mr. F. In Chester-place, Lanıbeth, aged 78, Jarman, son of the late Mr. F. J. of Bath. Daniel Golden, esq. formerly of the

After an illness of a few minutes, at the Strand, -linen-draper. And, a short time house of Col. Gilpin, where she was on a ago, Dorothy, bis wife. They had been visit with her family, Mrs. Hampson, wife married 53 years. of Leonard Hampson, esq. of Luton, At his lodgings in St. Aldate's parish, Bedfordshire.

Oxford, aged 86, the Rev. John Webb, At Brading, Isle of Wight, in his 78th forinerly scholar of Wadham-college, Oxf. year, Mr. Thos. Midlane.

Jan. 19. In Bloomsbury-square, in his Jan. 15. At Elby, co. Gloucester, the 77th year, Edw. Ommanney, esq. Rev. John Pettat, rector of Quenington, Mrs. Denham, relict of the late Robert and upwards of 40 years vicar of Stone D. esq. of Chigwell, Essex. house, in that county ; a man who con At Grantham, advanced in years, the scientiously discharged the sacred duties wife of Rob. Calcroft, gent. of his office with fidelity and zeal. He en At Bath, Col. Luttrell, many years an deared himself to his family and friends by inhabitant of that city, and brother to his cheerfulness of temper, affability of John Fownes L. M. P. of Dunster-casile. manners, and a constant attention to their Jan. 20. The wife of the Rev. Henry comfort.

Plimley, vicar of New Windsor. At Edinburgh, after a long and painful At Turner's-hill, Cheshunt, aged 78, illness, the wife of J. Bogue, esq. W.S. John Relph, esq.

In Broad-street, Oxford, Mrs. Tawney, At Leicester, Mr. Wm. Leeson, cabinetrelict of the late Rev. Bradyam T., B. D. maker. one of the minor canons of Winchester Aged 80, Mr. Croft, formerly a painter; Cathedral.

but latterly on the establishment of the Jan. 16. At Francis Wilson's, esq. Charter-house. He was suddenly taken Battersea-rise, Major James Lloyd, of ill on Clerkenwell-green, and being con. the 3d reg. Native infantry, on the Bom- veyed home in a coach, expired on enbay establishment.

tering his apartment. At Wigmore, Herefordshire, aged 86, At Kirkby, near Sleaford, Mr. William Mr. John Oakley, many years the father Fisher, an opulent grazier, &c. of that place.

Jan. 21. At Woodford, Essex, Mrs. In New Bond-street, Mrs. Catherine Mathew, relict of Job M. esq. M'Douall, the oldest inhabitant in the In Harley-street, the Right Hon. Lady street.

Elizabeth Lee, daughter of Simon Earl At Huntingdon, Mrs. Bell, of Clinkord, Harcourt, and relict of Sir Wm. Lee, bart. daughter of Matthew Consett, esg, of At her son's, in Spa-fields, near IslingGuildford-street.

ton, aged 70, Mrs. Caley, of WalthamIn the Tower, Mis. Breese, relict of the

stow, Essex. late Wm. B. esq.

At her sister's, in Lower Seymour-street, Aged 59, the Rev. Dr. Johu Vardill, Mrs. Sapford, relict of Henry William S. rector of Skirbeck and Fishtoft, Lincolnsh. esq. of Walford, Somersetshire, and sister

At her son-in-law's, Mr. Wells, mer of Sir Geo. Yorge, bart. chant, of Hull, aged 62, Mrs. Yeoman, Suddenly, Mr. Lyons, many years the of Doncaster.

first bassoon-player in the orchestra of Whilst on a visit at Huntingdon, of Drury-lane Theatre. scarlet fever, Mrs.. Bell, a widow lady, Jan. 22. Aged 74, Mrs. Coltman, relict, sister to Mrs. William Johnson, of Stame of the late Mr. C. of St. Nicholas-street, ford.

Leicester. Though little known beyond


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her domestic circle, she was a character At Bristol, Samuel Fripp, esq.
of no ordinary stamp ; she possessed I. Clarke, 'esq. of Wacton, Norfolk.
great energy of mind, a sound judgment, In the Tagus, Capt. Houghton, of the
and lively imagination ; an ardent taste, Vestal frigate.
for the beauties of Nature (always asso. Rev. J. Shorland, rector of Martyr
ciating the Creator with his works) af- Worthy, Hants.
forded her through life present enjoyment. At Great Barr, Staffordshire, aged 75,
A long and intimate acquaintance with the Rev. Charles Blackham.
the Scriptures cheered and illuminated her Aged 85, John Givett, esq. of Icklinge,
declining years. As she advanced in ham, Suffolk.
age, her piety became more and more John Boreham, the Walsham postman.
animated, and at length rendered her soul It is estinated that he had, in the course
too ethereal to be confined in an earthly of 23 years, walked 86,112 miles.
tenement. Those who enjoyed her inti At Bath, Mrs. Mansel, relict of Capt. M.
macy, can alone appreciate her worth : At Westbury, Wilts, Mr. Edmund
they will long revere her memory, and Gibbs, late of Cutteridge-farin.
lament her loss.

Miss Anne Landeg, daughter of the late
At Southampton, Mr. Thomas Miles.

Roger I.. esq. of Swansea. In bis 61st year, John Lloyd, of Lay At Swansea, the Rev. Mr. Lucas, of tonstone, Essex, of the house of Taylor, Northamptonshire. Hanbury, Lloyd, Bowman, and Co. At Leominster, in her 78th year, Mrs. bankers, in Lombard-street. This worthy Medlicot. man was a member of the Society of At Winchester, James Duel, esq. forFriends; and was beloved and respected merly an Officer in the Army. hy all who knew him, as he endeavoured In Salisbury, aged 87, Thos. Safe, esq. to exemplify in his conduct the principles Suddenly, at the Field-house, near of Christianity. He was ever ready to do Stourbridge, the wife of Tho. Waldron, esq. a kind action; but his charity and benevo At Marazion, aged 86, Tho.Coleman,esq. Jence were not ostentatious. He was a At Handsworth, near Birmingham, member of the Committee of Subscribers Capt. Wm. Green, R. N. to promote the Abolition of the Slave The wife of Mr. Hunt, bookseller, of Trade, and lived to see their assiduous Worcester. labours crowned with success. He has At Newcastle, in an alms-house belongleft a widow, and 9 sons and daughters to ing to the Simpson family, aged 101, Eliz. lament their irreparable loss.

Wiems. Four years ago she walked to Jai

23. Mr. Nutt, grocer, Bélgrave. Bradley, a distance of 10 miles. gate, Leicester.

At Cashio-bridge, near Walford, Wm.'
Aged 68, Jane, wife of Thomas Trundle, Stonehewer, esq. of Cannon-street.
esq. of Crosby-square.

In London, Robert Coleman, esq. for-
Jan. 24. At Stockwell, Surrey, Mr. Wm. merly of Leicester.
Rich, many years venison-dealer on Lud Rev. Milward Southall, of Churchill,
gate-hill. He was a worthy benevolent near Stourbridge, Worcestershire.

His wife died not two months be Rev. Mr. Bowen, of Rhoscrowther, fore him.

At South Lambeth, in his 36th year, At Radley, Berks, in his 76th year,
James Julius Teush, esq.

Mr. Greenaway.
The infant son of Mr. Dardier, of Bury Rev. Isaac Davidson, D. D. minister of
court, St. Mary Axe.

Whitmore Manse, Scotland. Most sincerely and deeply lamented, At Birmingham, aged 31, Mrs. SomerMrs. N. Salomons, of Piusbury-square, set Richings. mother of Mrs. Edw. Guldsmid, and sister At Joan-hall, Pembrokeshire, W. Allen, of the late A. G. ese.

esq. Jan. 25. At his father's house, after a At St. Andrew's, Mrs. Gillespie, widow few days' illness, Mr. J. B. Edmonds, son of the late Rev. Dr. G. principal of St. of Mr. J. E. of Tetsworth, Oxfordshire. Mary's-college.

In Thavies-inn, Holborn, aged 2 years Aged 82, Mrs. Ewart, .of Troqueer, and 2 months, William-Bowyer, second Dumfries. son of Mr. John-Bowyer Nichols, printer, At Belfast, Mrs. Shaw, of Coohor, Kilof Red Lion-passage, Fleet-street. dare.

Lately. In Sloane-street, aged 76, John At Maldon, Essex, aged 76, W. Wal-
Fennell, esq. of the Navy Pay-office. tham, esq. one of His Majesty's Justices
: In Dublin, Mr. M'Cready, merchant, of the peace, and deputy lieutenant for
father of Mr. M. manager of the Birming that county.
ham Theatre Royal.

Charles, second son of N. A. Jaggers,
At Great Barr, Staffordshire, aged 84, esq. of the East Essex militia.
Mr. Rawlins.

Aged 50, John Walter, agent of the
At Cork, T. Hewitt, esq.






At Salisbury, Jane, wife of Wm. Hus At Peterchurch, Herefordshire, T. De- · sey, esq.

lahay, esq. Mrs. Robins, relict of Thomas R. esq. At Droitwich, Rob. Penrice, esq. son! of Trenure-house, Penzance.

of the late R. P. esq. solicitor. Thos. French ésig. of Cranlee-hall, Suff. At Rochester, aged 16, Mary, only

At Flushing, near Falmouth, Major daughter of Capt. Mansfield, R. N. Moore, of the 4th dragoon guards.

The wife of John Williams, esq. of In his 107th year, Jobu Robinson, la Hawford-hill, near Worcester. bourer, of Kirkby-Mallory, Leicestershire. At the Catholic chapel, Worcester, in

At Ward, Beer-Ferris, J. W. Foote, esq. . his 83d year, Rich. O'Farrel Caddel, esq. At Honiton, aged 70, Mr. J. Tooze. formerly of Harbourstown, co. Meath. Mrs. Pogson, relict of John P. esq. late At Saffron Walden, aged 87, Isaac of Rougham-place, Suffolk.

Gardiner, i esq. In his 79th year, Avery Jebb, esq. of At Frampton-upon-Severn, Mrs. Hole : Tapton-grove, near Chesterfield.

livgs, relict of John H. esq. of Stroud. At Ipswich, . Abbott, esq. And, in At Exeter, aged 81, Mrs. Nutcombe, his 85th year, John Dade, esq.'

relict of the Rev. Chancellor N. At Tonford-place, Kent, Wm. Willes," In bis 75th year, John Hussey, esq. of esq. late of Goring, Sussex. ,

Nash-court, near Marubull, Dorset.
Miss Phillips, only daughter of Philip
P. esq. banker, Haverfordwest.

*** The late Mary Verney, Baroness In bis 79th year, Thomas Hunt, ésq. Fermanagh in her own right, (whose death uf Cockshort Lydiat, Herefordshire. we have already slightly noticed in p. 591

Mr. Thos. Swayne, of Steeple-Langford. of our last volume) died Nov. 15, 1810, Suddenly, Rebecca, youngest daughter at May-place, Kent, aged 73. She was of Mr. Solomon Sweetapple, of West-, born Oct. 23, 1737, the posthumous and Haruham, near Salisbury.

only child of the Hon. John Verney, eldest Mrs. Gardiner, relict of C. G. esq. of of Ralph, Viscount Ferinanagh, Minchinhampton.

Baron of Belturbet, and first Earl of VerAt Scarborough, Geo. Salvin, esq. pay. ney, to which latter honour he was fromaster in 15th reg. of foot.

moted after his son's decease. Her LadyLieut. W. Loley, of the East India Come' ship's great-grandfather was Ralph Vise. pany's Marine service. He perished in Fermanagh, in which title he was succeeded the late calamitous wreck of the Elizabeth, by his son Ralph, created Earl of Vemey, off Dunkirk.

as before mentioned, who died Oct.4, 1752, In Stanhope-street, after a lingering and and was succeeded by his second, but eldest painful illness, Thomas Goode, esq. Navy- surviving son, Ralph, 2nd Earl, who was, agent.

one of His Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Aged 100, Hannah Garratt, of Rowley Council, a Fellow of the Royal Society, Regis, Worcestershire.

and successively M. P. for Wendover and Aged 103, Mrs. Court, of Beaudesert, Carmarthen. This Lord married Sept. 11, Dear Henley-in-Arden.

1740, Mary, daughter and heiress of J.Carmichael, M.D. late of Birmingham. Henry Herring, of Egham, Surrey, a dia.

Aged 84, Mr. James Highfield, of Wol-: rector of the Bank of England; but dying: verhampton ; and within the week, aged without issue, March 23, 1791, the titles 70, his brother Mr. W. H. of Bilston. of Baron of Belturbet, Viscount Ferma.,

In the parish of Inch, co. Antrim, aged nagh, and Earl of Verney, became extinct; 100, Thomas Torney.

but the estates devolved to his niece, Mary Aged 101, Alice Parker, of Hetton, Verney, only daughter of his elder brother, near Skipton.

the Hon. John Verney, who, as before At Blyth, aged 104, Mrs. Blakey. stated, died in his father's life-time, withAged 91, Mrs. Lamb, widow, of Newark, out issue male. Mary Verney was created

Aged 172, Capt. John Shilstone, one of Baroness Fermanagh in 1792, in about a the oldest ship-masters of Bristol.

year after the extinction of the antiert titles Mrs. Calaway, St. Paul's boarding- of her ancestors; but, deceasing unmarried, school, Bristol.

the title of Fermanagh becomes again exAt Exeter, Edw. Blagdon, esq. late of tinct, ipaking the 12th Irish Peerage which Blagdon-house, Devon.

has failed since the Union in Jan. 1301, Capt. Brayne, of Chester.

for default of male heirs,

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BILL OF MORTALITY, from Dec. 24, 1810, to Jau. 22, 1811.

2 and 5 140 | 50 and 60 136 Males 938


5 and 10 50 | 60 and 70 144 1868 Females 830 Females 690

10 and 20 42 70 and 80 108 Whereof have died under 2 years old 401 20 and 30 94 i 30 and 90 41 Peck Loaf 4s. 11d. ; 4s. 11d.; 5s.id. ; 45, 11d.

30 and 40 146 90 and 100 Salt of l. per bushel;"41. per pound.

40 and 50 152



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