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had only one Daughter, Emma, marryed to Hugh de Wac, and who herself also took that Name, 5as is evident from an ancient Charter of the Abby of Brun, before mentioned.

How this can possibly be reconciled with the Charter of King Edward the IIId now quoted in which this Emma is expressly called the Daughter of Baldwin, I cannot tell: unless we should call in Question, and say, that she ought to have been stiled his Grand-daughter; which yet without some very good Reason for it, we ought not to do. But indeed I still think the Account already given to be the right; because, in an other Charter, belonging to the "Abby of Thorney, I find Baldwin Fitz-Gilbert, his Grandfather; and which, if he were, he must also have been Father, to Emma his Mother.

As for the Mistake of Dr. Dodsworth, if Sr. Wm. Dugdal be right in making Baldwin Fitz:Gilbert Brother to Walter, who was the Father of the famous 'Gilbert de Gant. Earl of Lincoln, it may possibly have arisen from hence, that this Baldwin had a Sister of the Name of Roesia, whom Mr. Dodsworth took for his Daughter; and who possibly might be married to 8William de Buscio, as that learned Gentleman has observed.

5 MoDasticonT. ii. p. 236. a. 12. 6 Monasticon ib: p. 469. b. 7 Monasticon T, i. p. 245. n: 54.

But be this Matter as it will: That Emma Wac was either Daughter or Grandaughter to Baldwin Fitz:Gilbert, that she carryed away both the Honour and Estate of her Family, and setled it, together with the Name, in Hugh de Wac, is on all hands agreed, and this is enough for my purpose. How our Family was from these continued, to the failure of its eldest House I shall now proceed, in my second Book to consider.

8 Wm. de Ruseis p. 18 and this Wn. de Buscio are surely the same Person. E. B.

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Hitherto I have traced our Name from its K.Hen. first Rise in Here ward, to its first Setlement in Hugh Lord Wake. I shall now pursue the Fortunes of our Family during the Time of its highest Eminence, and which was for the Space of about 200 Years. For Emma the Wife of Hugh Lord Wake having augmented the great Possessions and Dignities of Leofrick and Hereward by the Addition of the Wealth and Honours of three other very considerable Familys, setled it altogether in her Husband, and the Children descended from Them. As on the other side Margaret sister to Thomas Lord Wake, carryed not only this, but all that was farther added to it, into an other House;

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