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and by her brought the 9Lordship of Chester- K.john field, in the County of Derby, into his Family. He outlived his Father but a very little while, and dyed in the Year 1214. What other Children he left I cannot tell; but the Son who succeeded him was called Hugh, and is the second of that Name, which we meet with in this Line.

When this Baldwin dyed, his Son was left H,^h an Infant by Him. That therefore he might the better, both take Care of his Education, and preserve his Estate, 'William de Briwer his Grandfather obtained of the King the Wardship of Him. Being thus bred up, he took to Wife Moan Daughter and Heir of Nicholas de sStuteville, and so became Lord Wake and Stuteville: and added one half of the Demeans of that noble Family, to his own Estate.

From henceforth there occurs but little ofK.Hen. him, excepting only, what concerns his Charity to the Monks of Biland. Yet he lived many Years, aud deceased about the 26th. of King

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K.Hen. Henry 3d. An° 1241. being succeeded by his


Son, Baldwin, the fourth of that Name.

It may seem forreign to the Subject I am now upon, to take Notice, that this Year was fatal to a great *Number of Persons of singular Eminence, both in Church and State. But I ought to observe, that the concurrent Testimony of two of our most credible Historians will not suffer us to doubt of, that the next Year after dyed one "Baldwin Wake. Of this Wake I meet with nothing more, nor can I give any other Account of him, but that he seems to have been a younger Brother of this Hugh; forasmuch as the three preceeding Heirs of the Family were called by the Name of Baldwin, So that he could not be Brother to any of them.

Bald- Hugh being dead and Baldwin his Son and

win IV. ° °

Heir a Minor. Joan his Mother obtained of the King the Wardship of Him. It was about 18 Years before he came of Age; and then he was enstated in full possession of all such Lands, as by "Right of Inheritance descended to Him. In a little while after which, the War breaking out bewixt the 'King and his Barons, Baldwin K.Hen. sided with the latter, and was in Arms with them at Northampton An° 1264. and was among those who were taken by the King there.

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Among others who were his Companions in that Mishap, was his own Brother 8Nicholas Lord Wake: and of whom I shall therefore give some short Account, upon this Occasion. In the 4th. of Edward 1st. He was possess'd of the Mannor of Chesterfield by the Gift of his Brother Baldwin. In the 10th. of the same Edward He held a Knights Fee in Cropton, and Wreston, in the County of York; of the Fee of his Brother also. He had one Daughter, named Sibilla married to Rob? Salvain.

But to return to my proper business: The King having sent such of the Barons, as he took Prisoners, in the Battle of Northampton to diverse Castles to be secured, and refusing to hearken to any Overtures of Peace with Them. Simon Montfort, the Head either of this War or Rebellion, began to look more carefully to his Business: and succeeded so well in it, that at the 9Battle of Lewes the same Year, He not

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K.Hen. only beat the Royal Army, but took the King himself Prisoner, and reduced most of the Castles, in which his Friends had been shut up.

Thus was our Baldwin, among others, set at Liberty, and again in a Condition to pursue the same Course. Nor was it any long time before he again fell under the like Misfortune, being taken Prisoner by the Prince at Kenilworth, with many more, who came thither under the Conduct of young Montfort, and were hastening from the North to joyn Old Montfort at Gloucester.

How he got his Liberty the second time I cannot tell; but in the Battle of Evesham we again find him among those who under the Conduct of Robert Earl of Ferrers made Head against the King in Derby-Shire. But tho Ferrers was himself slain in the Battle of Chesterfield; yet Baldwin was one of those who had this time, the good fortune to escape into the Isle of Eli, where having held out for some time longer against the King, he at last upon Terms, submitted to Him, and was thereupon restored to his Lands, which he had forfeited, and which the King indeed, had given away from Him.

Thus Stood his Affairs about the 51st. YearK-Henof King Henry the 3d. The next Year after Robert de Quinci, his Father in Law dying, he was admitted to that part of his Estate, which fell to him in Right of Hanwise his Wife, and Coheir of the said Robert, presently after which he attended upon the King in his Expedition into Wales: An°. 1269.

From this time forward I meet with littleKEdw


farther Mention of him: yet he lived to the 10th. of K. Edward the 1st. and then dyed, leaving Hanwise, his Widow, behind Him; whose fortune was greatly encreased, about two Years after, by the Death of Joan de Bohun her Sister: in whose right she came to another part of her Father, Robert de Quincis Estate.

What Children he left behind him, I cannot tell: The Son who succeeded him, was the Lord John Wake, of whom I shall give an Account by and by. In the mean time I must take Notice, that before this time I find one 'Andrew Wake to have been Sheriff of Dorset; but whether he were a younger Brother of Baldwins, or how else related to him I cannot tell.

1 An. 1270. 53, Henrj i

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