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K.Edw. ceeded in his stead: And Thomas Lord Wake


was presently, thereupon, made Governour of the Castle of Hertford, with leave to turn his own Mannor House of Cottingham in Yorkshire, into a Castle also. And this was but a small part of the Honour that was done him, upon this Revolution: Tor if we may credit our late Historians, He was moreover made one of the twelve Governours assign'd, by Parliament to the King, during his Minority without whose Advice he was to do nothing; and who were every Year to answer in Parliament, for what was done during the time of their Administration. But this Establishment how prudently soever it was design'd, yet prov'd but of little benefit to the Realm: For the Queen, with Mortimer her Minion, managed all, and that to the dishonour, as well as dissatisfaction, of the Nation ; 8as by the Peace concluded with Scotland sufficiently appear'd.

Thomas Earl of Lancaster, having the Misfortune to fall under his last Attempt, in King Edward the seconds time; Henry Father in Law to our Lord Thomas, was now Earl of Lancaster in his Place; and with his Son, K.Edw:

7 So Daniel p. 218. To: Major, calls him Tho: Vatre: as if his Name had been Waters; but it was doubtless by a Mistake for Wake Hist: fol: cv: a.

8 Walsingham Hist: p. 128.

1 '3d.

Thomas, one of the Governours of the young King. Being enraged at the Queen, and Mortimers proceedings,9 he resolved openly to stand up against them, and redress those disorders by force of Arms, which by his Advice he could not prevent; With him Thomas Lord Wake joyn'd. And being summon'd to meet the King the next Year at his Parliament at Salisbury, An.s.ao. they refused to come, tho they were both of them in Arms not far from it. By these proceedings they fell, for the present, under the Kings displeasure; who yet by the Mediation of the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, was in a little time again reconciled to them.

It happened that the next Year following an.s.<io. several of the Nobility laid before the King their pretensions to certain Estates in Scotland and desired leave to proceed by Force to the Recovery of them. At the same time Baliol also laid claim before Edward, to the Crown: and they resolved to joyn together for the maintenance of their respective Interests there. Among these Thomas Lord Wake was one; and with the Kings leave, he entered Scotland

9 Walsingham Hist: p. 128.

KEdw. with them, and they proceeded with such Success, that in a little time, they 'crown'd Baliol King of that Realm.

He was scarce returned from this Expidition, before he was accused to the King of being privy to the design of Edmund Woodstock, Earl of Kent; and Uncle to King Edward. This unfortunate Prince was by Marriage Brother to our Lord Thomas: and being either really perswaded or pretending so to be, that his Brother King Edward the 2d. was still living, he took up Arms against his Nephew, to restore his Brother to his right, and lost his Head by it. Upon this the 2King seized his Estate: but being in a little while convinc'd of his Innocence, his Lands were again restored to Him.

Nor did the Kings favour stop here, but in farther Testimony of the Satisfaction he had of his Innocency, He, the next Year, made hiin 3Governour of the little Isles lying in the Channel on the french Coast, viz! Garnsey, Jersey, Serke and Aureney,

1 Knygton Col: 2560. 3 Baronag: To: I: p. 541.

3 Ibid An. Edwd. 5th.

Being thus honour'd by the King, He fail'd A^ not to lay hold on all Opportunities of expressing $-- i 'his Duty to Him. And therefore the War of Scotland continueing, and the King being resolved to go in Person thither; Our Thomas fail'd not among others to attend upon Him. And when, not long after, a War with France broke out, and was carried on with a more than ordinary Vigour, He was appointed by the

King to be Guardian of the Coast of Lincoln- An:

^ Edw:

shire, and to secure that Country, from any is.

Invasion that should be attempted to be made upon it. He was also, the same Year, by Order of Parliament appointed to be one of the Commissioners of array, for the County of York;* which was again renew'd the next Year, with very large Power, relating to the Peace of those parts.

And here. I must take Notice of an odd Accident, which happen'd about this time, and in which our Lord Wake was concern'd. The King was absent upon his Affairs abroad, and had in testimony both of his right to the Crown of France, aud of his Resolution to pursue it, joyn'd the Arms of ffrance to those of England. K.Edw. *He had committed the Care of this Realm to

4 Cotton Abrig: Records P. 23: 25.


his Ministers of State, and to the Duke of Cornwall as Guardian of it; and was himself at Antwerp with the Queen, who had newly layn in of her Third Son there. 6His Children were kept in the Tower of London; the Care of which was comitted to Mathew de la Beche, as Constable of it.

In this State of Affairs, the King alone returns, upon a sudden, about the beginning of February, into England, and, at Midnight, unexpected by any Body, lands in the River, at the Tower. It was a very sad Condition, that by this means, he found the Tower in. There were only his own Children, and 3 Servants in it. Upon this He presently Sends away for the Lord Mayor of London to come to Him; shews him the negligent posture in which he found all things: and commands him to seize upon his Ministers whom he had intrusted with his Affairs, in his Absence; and upon Thomas Lord Wake among the rest. Being brought before him, he committed them to safe Custody, in several places: 7Only Thomas was presently set at Liberty, and that, says my Author in a very honourable Manner.

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