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Father, and were successively Partakers of his K.Ed*. Honour and Estate; to which Edmund the eldest, was immediately restored, after the Death of his Father, yet hoth dyed without Issue, and so the whole Inheritance finally settled, in their younger Sister.

Being now heir to two such noble Familys J°an it is not to be wondred, if many Applications tess of were made to her: And indeed she behaved herself so, that it is not easy to say, who was her Husband, or in what Order, to fix the Succession of them. But we will take the Matter, as it was prov'd in the Court of Rome, and according to which, Sentence was there pronounced in it. *And that was in short, thus. She was first contracted to, and after that carnally known by Sr. Thomas Holland: But being not actually marry'd to him, The Earl of Salisbury took the Advantage of his absence, upon some occasions that, it seems, had called him from Her; And contracted himself, in like manner to Her, and under that pretence, refused to restore her to her former Husband. Upon this Sr. Thomas Holland, sews for his Wife, in the Spiritual Court; and the Cause

5 Baronag: To. ii. p. 24. a.


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K.Edw: was so considerable, that it was finally heard by Pope Clement the sixth, and upon a full hearing, she was decreed to be the Wife of Sr. Thomas Holland; and the Earl of Salisbury was left at liberty to take, as he did, an other Wife.

Sr. Thomas Holland being dead, she was within a very little while again marryed to Edward the Black Prince, and by Him had Issue Richard the second. So that to set her Honour in one View, She was the Grandaughter of a King; the Wife of a Prince of Wales; and the Mother of a King; th6 the Death of her Husband prevented her from being herself a Queen.

And here then, I must conclude this second Age of our House, and with which all the Honour, and almost all the Estate of it, ended also. And all that now remains is, the Memory of what we once enjoyed. And th6 irrecoverably yet without any Crime, by the Providence of God, fell from. This Honour, however, we have that out of the Ruins of our Family rose two others: more eminent than it; the Houses I mean of Kent, and Huntington: llio the former of these continued not long: but was swallow'd up by him, who upon the ruin of K.Edw. many private familys rose at last to the Crown of England; I mean King Henry 4th.

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Having thus brought our Family through its highest pitch of Wealth and Greatness, to its final Fall from both, th6 it be but an uncomfortable prospect to consider what Estate it once had, and of which nothing but the Memory has, for many Ages remain'd to it; yet I will give the best Account I can of the Lands belonging to our Family, as I have already done of those who possess'd them.

6 Cognizance of Richard the 2d. A White Hart couchant gorged with a Gold Chain and Coronet under a Tree, derived from the Princess Joan his Mother. Pegges Curialia p. 104. E. 6;

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