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Having thus brought our Family through its highest pitch of Wealth and Greatness, to its final Fall from both, th6 it be but an uncomfortable prospect to consider what Estate it once had, and of which nothing but the Memory has, for many Ages remain'd to it; yet I will give the best Account I can of the Lands belonging to our Family, as I have already done of those who possess'd them.

6 Cognizance of Richard the 2d. A White Hart couchant gorged with a Gold Chain and Coronet under a Tree, derived from the Princess Joan his Mother. Pegges Curialia p. 104. E. 6;

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We have now beheld this ancient Family in its highest pitch of Wealth and Honour: We have follow'd it from its first Rise in one of the HereGreatest and bravest Men of his Age, to its faileur in another who was no less eminent: P°f


nor any less engaged in the Affairs of the Times Wakein which he lived. We have seen it grow, and encrease, by the Accession of the Riches of several noble Familys which by Marriage, emptied their possessions into it: And we have seen it expire, at last, by the same Means: both its Honour and Estate being carried off by an Heiress, into another Family, and having those who remain'd of our Name, in a very moderate, but for that very Reason, a more

safe, and durable Estate. We come now to view it in its Declension; and to See by what Means the Succession of it has been continued on to this very day.

When Baldwin the 4th. Lord Wake of that Name dyed, He left behind him two Sons: John the Father of Thomas Lord Wake and Margaret his Sister: and Hugh from whome waL. we are now to derive the Continuance of our Family.

To this Hugh his Father gave for his Portion the Lordship of Blyseworth, in the County of Northampton: and both the Family and Estate have, eversiuce, been drawn down, in a continued Succession of the male Line, from that time, to Sr. William Wake now living; and enjoyed that very Estate, which the Lord Baldwin gave to his Son.

What became of this Hugh, or what he did, I cannot say: All I find of Him, besides what I have already observed, is, that he was with King Edward the 1st. in his second War. A0. Regn: 34. As he was also with his Son, King Edward the 2d. in the 4th. Year of his Reign.

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