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To this Hugh succeeded his eldest Son Sr. sr.

° Thos.

Thomas Wake. Besides the Mannor of Blyse- wake. worth, given to his Father, by Baldwyn Lord Wake. I find this Sr. Thomas possess'd of some other parts of the 'Estate belonging to this Family, in Depynge, in the County of Lincoln: But how he came possess'd of Them I cannot say. From thenceforth I find but little to observe with reference to those who" Succeeded in this Line. and therefore shall content myself barely to note the Succession of Them.

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daugher of Wm Catesby.

7 Baron: T. I. p. 542.

It was about the latter End of King Henry the sixth time, when these two Brothers Roger and William came especially to be taken notice of. The Elder of them Roger, was among those who stuck to King Richard the 3d. against Henry of Richmond afterwards King Henry the seventh. For this he was attainted by Act of Parliament and sentenc'd to forfeit his Honour and Estate, Yet this latter was again restored to Him, and so descended to his Family.

As for William, the younger Brother, he was first Servant to the famous John Duke of Bedford; and Surveyor to King Henry the sixth: And being made Knight at the holy Grave, was buried in the Church of Allhollows in the Town of Hertford.

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And here I must stop again, and take Notice of several Particulars, in this last descent, which ought not by any means to be pass'd


S Another Son and 2 Daughters.

How the Elder Branch of our Family, still continuing at Blisworth, their ancient Seat in the County of Northampton, descended from John the Eldest of the four Brothers, I shall in a distinct Pursuit of this Line, to the time of Sr. William Wake now living, plainly shew, by and by.

From William the second Brother, tho I have not so good a proof of it, as to put it out of doubt, yet such I have, as makes me not at all question, but that we are descended from Him. Certain it is, that either from this William, or from his Uncle of the same Name, we are to derive our Pedegree. And how this descent also lies, shall be distinctly considered in what follows.

In the mean time, neither his own Worth nor the Fame and Dignity of his Son, Sr. Isaac, the great Ornament of our Family, in this last Age, will permit me to pass by Arthur, the fourth Brother of this descent, without taking some little Notice of Him.

Being design'd for a Scholar, and accordingly from the beginning, bred up to Learning: He was at a competent Age, sent to the University, and entring into Holy Orders, became Canon of Christ Church, in Oxford A". 1567. He was at this time but very young, however promoted to so considerable a Dignity; and by that means was the more easily drawn away to follow Those, who from their pretences to a greater purity of Church Government, and Discipline, got to themselves the Characteristical Name of Puritans.

It was upon this account, and that he might the more freely enjoy his own Way, that in a short time after his promotion he retired from Oxford, into the Isle of Jersey, and there continued many Years.

However as he grew in Years and Judgement So he became better affected to the Establishment of the Church of England, and declared his Concern for having been so easily led away from the Comunion of it. For he was indeed a modest, and good Man. And being once return'd to the Communion of our Church, he never started any more from it, but continued on to the last in it. He dyed about the Year 1596: and was buryed at Christ Church in Oxon.

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