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Sabina's cousin, terrified by Conrad's below, from whence he will never be martial appearance, turned pale, and

recovered.” did not venture on any reply. On his “ My cousins ! Oh, my wicked coudeparture, the young soldier kissed the sins !” cried Sabina : “ Now has their tears from the beautiful eyes of his perfidious gift robbed us of all your bride, and hastening with her to a neigh- hard-worn earnings; and above all, bouring priest, to plight before him dear Conrad, you are yourself dange their mutual troth, and appoint their rously wounded.” wedding-day.

As to my wounds, they are no Within a few weeks after this, Con- thing,” replied her husband ;

" the rad and Sabina were married, and be- pair of oxen, no doubt, got me once gan to arrange their small household. between them when their fury was at The

young man had spent almost all its full height, and I was resolved not his gold and silver in the purchase of

to let them go:

But all this, heaven two fine oxen, a plough, seed-coin, and be praised ! I have got well over ; and household furniture. The remainder to-morrow morning, I shall make anwas just sufficient to guard, with pru- other attempt on the field of Terror." dence and frugality, against the priva- Sabina now tried, by every method tions of poverty, until

the next harvest in her power, to dissuade him from this season. However, when Conrad first resolve ; but he said firmly, that the went out with his plough and oxen to field, so long as he lived, should not labour he looked back laughing to Sa- be suffered to remain unprofitable ; bina, and promised her that the gold where a man could not plough, he must which he was now to trust in the ground dig; and the goblin would now no would not prove deceitful, and that by longer have to deal with timid irrational another year they would be far richer. animals, but with a steady and expeSabina looked after him anxiously, and rienced soldier, who scorned to run, wished only to see him safely returned even from the devil himself. In the from the Field of Terror.

course of that day, he had a butcher to Conrad, indeed, returned earlier

kill and cut up

the wounded beast; than she had expected, but in a mood and next morning, while Sabina had of mind by no means so tranquil as betaken herself to her new employthat in which he had set out. He ment of pickling and salting, Conrad dragged behind him his plough, broken had proceeded again upon his way, , in pieces, and laboriously goaded along scarcely less contented now when he one of his oxen, severely wounded, had but a pick-axe and spade, than on while he himself also was bleeding in the preceding day when he set out in the shoulder and head. Yet, after all, style with a plough and team of oxen. he strove to look cheerful and uncon- On this occasion it was somewhat cerned; and, with the unconquerable late in the evening before he returned : spirit of a brave soldier, tried to con- he was fatigued, and even looked pale ; sole the weeping Sabina. “ Now," yet he was more cheerful, and soon said he, “ you will have enough to do! tranquilized his timid and anxious wife. Salting, pickling, and cookery! The “ This kind of husbandry,” said he, goblins on the field of Terror have “ is rather tiresome, no doubt; beprovided us with beef enough for a sides, there is a strange ghostly-looking whole season. This poor animal has, figure, that starts up now on one side, in his madness, hurt himself so much and now on another, mocks at my

laas to be quite useless, and (at least as bour, and interrupts me both by geslong as he lives) incurable. His com- tures and words. However, he seems rade has run furiously down the moun- even himself to wonder that I take so tain. I saw him fall into the torrent little notice of him; and upon this I




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gain always new courage, which, in- with both hands in this manner ? Yet deed, never can be wanting to an honest to judge the extent of your grounds, you man, who is only desirous peaceably should be a rich farmer !"-Conrad 19 follow out his own proper avoca


well who it was that spoke tions,"

to him, and persevered in his usual In this manner many days and weeks way—that is, he kept silence, turned were spent. The resolute Conrad per- his eyes and thoughts as much as possevered undauntedly in the labour of sible from the goblin, and plied at his levelling the ground and rooting out lask more assiduously than before. But the weeds, digging and sowing in the

the collier did not in his usual manner most favourable situations. It is true, vanish away, in order to return in a indeed, that with the spade alone he form more hideous and distracting ; was able to cultivate but a very small but,, on the contrary, stood still, and part of the field; however, he redou- said, in a friendly tone-Conrad, you bled on this account his care and atten- do great injustice not only to me, but to tion ; and at length had the satisfaction yourself. Answer me with truth and to see a harvest spring up, which, if confidence. Perhaps I could point out not very rich, yet promised, and made a remedy for all your evils," --« Well, good, a profit fully equal to his expec- in God's name,” said Conrad, “if by tations. He was obliged, however, to your words you deceive me, the guilt is get through the toil of reaping and yours, and not mine !”—Then he beleading home as well as he could, with gan, without farther hesitation, to relate out the assistance of any friend or ser- accurately and truly all that had befallen vant. No day-labourers would, for him since his possession of that field ; any temptation of wages, venture on nor did he in the least conceal his inthe Field of Terror; and as to Sabina, dignation at the hobgoblin, who, by his her husband would not suffer her to go perpetual interruptions, had rendered it thither, more especially as he had rea- so difficult for him, with the assistance son to think that he would soon become of only a pick-axe and spade, to raise a father. The child accordingly was a sufficient harvest for the bare mainbom, and in the third year after their tenance of himself and his family. marriage, was followed by another, The collier listened to him seriously while, in other respects, no material and attentively; then, after some rechange had yet taken place in Conrad's Aection, replied as follows : “I think, situation. By courage and exertion, he friend, that you already know very well knew how to gain harvest upon harvest who I am; and it argues no little coufrom the field; and thus fulfilled his rage on your part, not to have abated assurance to Sabina, that in their mar- one jot of your honour as a soldier, but ried slate they would honourably brave truly and openly to have expressed how the world.

much you are dissatisfied with me. To One autumnal evening, when the tell the truth, you have had reason deep shades of darkness had already enough to be angry; but as I have provfallen around him, Conrad as usual ed you to be a brave fellow, I shall (his harvest having been reaped and now make a proposal which may do cleared away) plied industriously his you no little service. Now listen. labour with the spade. Suddenly there There are times when after I have, in arose opposite to him the figure of a tall wood, field, and mountain, played the muscular man, black and swarthy like fool, and terrified the people to my a collier, with a long iron bar or poker heart's content, there has risen within m his hand, who said to him-“ Is in

me a sincere and ardent desire of enthere not then one pair of oxen to be tering into the family of some honest, had in this country, that you labour householder, and living there regularly




and peaceably for one half year. Now dear master, your hand on the bargain! then, what if you should hire me for Conrad, however, insisted on some spethis half year as your servant ?”—“ It cial conditions ; first, that his new seris base and wicked in thee,” said Con- vant should never make it known to rad, “ thus to mock at an honest man, Sabina, or the children, that he had who has, at thine own request, given any connection with the Field of Terthee his confidence.”-“ Nay, nay,” ror, and still less, that he had come said the other, “there is no mockeryfrom the hideous gloomy caverns of the I am quite serious. You shall find an Giant Mountain ; secondly, that within honest labourer in me; and so long the limits of his master's house and as I remain in your service, not one garden, no sort of diablerie should ever phantom will appear in the Field of be exhibited ; and as Waldmann very Terror, so that you may bring a whole readily agreed to all this, the bargain herd of oxen thither without apprehen- was forthwith concluded, and they went

•That, indeed, would be some- home amicably together. thing,” said Conrad, meditating; “ if Sabina was not a little surprised at I only knew that thou wouldst keep thy this addition to her household, and enpromise; and especially, whether I, as tertained considerable feelings of terror a Christian, may venture to deal with at the gigantic swarthy figure of the new thee !"_" As for the last point, you servant. The children also would not must judge for yourself,” said the gob- for some time venture out of doors, if lin; “ but my promise I have never yet he were at work in the garden or farmbroken, and never shall, as long as the yard. However, by his quiet, regular, Giant Mountain stands ; neither am I and industrious conduct, Waldmann by nature very wicked—somewhat wild soon gained the good opinion of every and sportive, it is true but this is all.” one; or if at any time, in a fit of foolish

-“ I believe indeed,” said Conrad, merriment, he began to hunt about " that thou art the well-known Ru- with the dogs, or play tricks on the bezahl.”_

-“ Listen,” said the stranger. poultry, it was found to be more in jest somewhat angrily :

“ If you believe than really mischievous. Even then, a this, know also that the powerful ge- single look from his master was suffinius of this land cannot endure to be cient to bring him again within his accalled by that pitiful name, but chooses customed and prudential limits. to be styled the Lord of the Mountain !" Confiding in the promise of the moun“ He would have a goodly menial, for- tain spirit, Conrad had again boldly sooth, whom I must learn to style the ventured on the purchase of a yoke of Lord of the Mountain !” said Conrad. oxen; and with his plough newly re“ You may call me Waldmann, then,' paired, went once more merrily to the said the collier. Conrad looked sted- field. Sabina looked after him apprefastly at him for some time, and at last hensively, and yet more anxiously answered" Good! It shall be so !- waited in the evening for his return, Methinks I shall do no wrong in ac- fearing that he would at last come home, cepting thine offer. I have often seen not only with disappointed hopes, but that people take dogs for turnspits, and more dangerously wounded than before. use other irrational animals about a Singing, however, and driving his trac

a household—why not then a goblin ?"- table fine oxen before him, Conrad At this the collier laughed heartily, and marched (while the first evening bell said" Well! this is certainly the first was ringing) through the village. In time that such conditions were ever high glee he kissed his wife and chilmade with one of my rank; but even dren, and even shook his black servant for this very reason, and for the sake heartily by the hand. of variety, I like it the better. So then, Many times also did Waldmann lead


out and bring home the work oxen in heard the voices of his children painthis manner, while Conrad in his turn fully weeping-instantly he started up, staid at home and laboured in the farm- burst open the door of the parlour, and yard or garden. A large portion of the found them crouching together, under Field of Terror was ere long ploughed the stove, screaming with terror, and up, and all went on prosperously, to Waldmann jumping meanwhile, making the astonishment of the villagers, and hideous grimaces, with a coronet of envious displeasure of Sabina's avari- living fire on his dishevelled and staring cious cousins. Conrad, however, often hair. thought to himself, “ This is all but “ What the devil is all this?” said for a short time ; and how the harvest Conrad in great indignation, when, in is to be reaped and brought home hea- a moment, the portentous ornament on ven knows ! Long before that season Waldmann's head was extinguished ; Waldmann's servitude will be at an end, he stood humbly and in silence, till at and the goblins on the Field of Terror last he tried to excuse himself, by saymay be more troublesome than ever. ing that he had only made game for the Yet a labour of this kind,” added he, children, The little ones, however, “ will of itself strengthen both heart and came still crouching and complaining to hand, and perhaps Waldmann, as he their father, and told him how Waldhas indeed frequently in his mirthful mann had first terrified them with wild moments hinted, will, for the sake of stories, and afterwards appeared to old friendship, restrain himself till the them wearing a sheep's head at one time field is cleared of this one harvest at and a dog's head at another. “ Enough least."

- enough!" interrupted Conrad, “get The winter now had arrived; the thee gone, fellow! We don't remain labour on the field of Terror was another hour under the same roof toended ; and Conrad industriously plied gether !" With these words he seized with his oxen at the necessary task of Waldmann, thrust him out of doors, bringing home wood for the stove and even as far as the outer garden gate. kitchen hearth. About this time, it Meanwhile he commanded the children happened one day that Sabina was to remain quiet in the parlour ;—their called to a poor widow in the village father was now returned, and they felt who had fallen sick of a fever, and secure against every danger. whom she was in the habit of assisting The mysterious servant at first bore sedulously, in so far as her newly all this without a word; however, when amended circumstances would allow. he stood alone with Conrad, amid the Only she was now puzzled, in her hus- wintry landscape, he said, laughing, band's absence, how to dispose of the “ Listen, Master! methinks we must children ; Waldmann, however, en- again be reconciled to one another; I treated that she would give them in have indeed played a foolish trick, but charge to him ; and as the little ones shall never be guilty in like manner were accustomed to his stories, and were again. It was only one offence-you willing to remain with him, Sabina at must overlook it." “ Even in this last agreed, and without further hesita- way,” said Conrad, “ the same hution, cheerfully went on her charitable mour might seize thee again, and thou errand.

wouldst easily terrify my children to About an hour afterwards, Conrad madness. Our contract, therefore, is returned from the forest. He drew the at an end.” “ My half year is not at wood-cart into the shed, put his oxen an end,” said Waldmann, in defiance, into the stable, and then went merrily “ therefore I shall return unto thy home, to warm his stiffened limbs at the house,” “ Not a step,—not even to the comfortable kitchen-fire. Suddenly he threshold,” said Conrad, “ thou hast

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irrevocably broken our bargain by thy him, redoubled his blows with greater cursed hobgoblinry. All that I can do violence, till at last his victim called for thee is to pay thy full wages. There aloud, Let alone! Let alone! I do it is, and get thee gone."-- Full wa- not laugh at thee, but at myself, and I ges !” said the spirit, laughing in scorn, now humbly beg pardon !"' “ That is so knowest thou not my inexhaustible another affair,” said the generous Contreasures in the caverns of the moun- rad, who now immediately rose up, tain ?” “ It is not for thy sake, but for and assisted his conquered adversary to my own, that I pay thee,” said Con- get upon his legs. * I have tried this rad; “ for I am resolved not to remain way of life long enough, in all conin debt neither to man nor devil.” science,” said Rubezahl, still laughing, With these words, he thrust the money “ I dare swear it never happened to any with violence into Waldmann's pocket. one of my rank before to carry his edu" What shall now become of the Field cation so far! But, listen, friend, you of Terror ?" said the demon, half an- must at least confess that I have dealt grily, " whatever God pleases !” said honourably by you, for you well know Conrad, “Sixteen Fields of Terror were that I could have, in one moment, to me nothing when weighed against brought a whole troop of mountain one hair on the head of either of my spirits to my assistance. However, to children. Therefore be gone, I say, say the truth, I could not have called unless


first wish to receive a hearty on them for laughing." beating that you will remember !" Conrad looked thoughtfully at Rube“ Softly !” said the spirit, “ When a zahl, who continued his mirth, and at being of my class assumes the form of a last said, “I must acknowledge that man, he never fails to choose a stout thou hast reason now to bear me a one. In the beating that you design grudge, and of this I shall probably for me, you might chance to meet with feel the consequences, not only on the the worst, and then God be merciful to Field of Terror, but elsewhere. But, you !"-" That he has ever been," Sir, I cannot repent of what I have said Conrad, “ and his providence has done. I used only the right of an hoendowed me with stout frame also. nest householder, and all for the sake To thy mountains, therefore, begone, of my beloved children. Truly, if it thou hateful monster-1 warn thee for were yet to do, I should act heartily the last time !"

in the very same manner.” Then, Waldmann being at these last “ No, no !” said the laughing Rubewords violently provoked, fell upon zahl, “

zahl, “ give yourself no trouble. I Conrad, and a tough and obstinate battle have for one time had quite enough. raged between them. They struggled But for this much, however, be assured backwards and forwards, and twined -henceforward, from year to year, you their arms round each other, victory may labour on the Field of Terror, and remaining for a long while uncertain,

not one spectre, while the Giant Mountill at last Conrad, by a master-stroke tain stands, shall be visible there. Now, in wrestling, brought his opponent to farewell, mine honourable yet severe the ground, kneeled upon his breast, master.' and, continuing to pommel him heartily With these words, and with a familiar as he lay, cried aloud : “ Now shalt and confidential nod, he vanished, not thou learn what it is to lift thine arm did Conrad ever behold him again. against thy liege master, thou treache- Rubezahl, however, failed not to rememrous fiend of the mountains !”

ber his promise, which, indeed, was The prostrate Waldmann, however, much more than ful6lled. An exlaughed so heartily at all this, that Con- traordinary blessing attended all the rad, believing that he made game of labours of Conrad, and he was in a

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