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degree from his vain, turbulent wishes, haunt his thoughts. The children,

, and his aspirings after unattainable en- whose endearments were now become joyments, to the duties and pleasures of indispensable to him, alone stood beactual life. Swanhilda bore her hus- tween the parents as genii eager to affect band two children, a son and a daughter; a reconciliation ; and, beloved by them the latter was mild and patient as her both, formed a uniting link between mother, well contented with her solitary them. Yet, as evil can be plucked sports, and even in these recreations from the heart of man, only ere its root displayed the serious turn of her cha- | has yet struck deep, its fangs being afracter. The boy possessed his father's terwards too firm to be eradicated; so fiery, restless disposition, tempered, was Walter's diseased fancy too far however, with the solidity of his mother. affected to have its disorder stopped, Attached by his offspring more tenderly for, in a short time, it completely tytowards their mother, Walter now lived rannized over him. Frequently of a for several years very happily : his night, instead of retiring to his consort's thoughts would frequently, indeed, recur chamber, he repaired to Brunhilda's to Brunhilda, but without their former grave, where he murmured forth his violence, merely as we dwell upon the discontent, saying: Wilt thou sleep memory of a friend of our earlier days, for ever?!borne from us on the rapid current of One night as he was reclining on the time to a region where we know that he turf, indulging in his wonted sorrow, a is happy:

sorcerer from the neighbouring mounBut clouds dissolve into air, flowers tains, entered into this field of death fade, the sands of the hour-glass run for the purpose of gathering, for his imperceptibly away, and even so, do mystic spells, such herbs as grow only human feelings dissolve, fade, and pass

from the earth wherein the dead repose, away, and with them too, human hap- and which, as if the last production of piness. Walter's inconstant breast mortality, are gifted with a powerful again sighed for the extatic dreams of and supernatural influence. The sor-, those days which he had spent with his cerer perceived the mourner, and apequally romantic, enamoured Brunhilda proached the spot where he was lying. -again did she present herself to his " Wherefore, fond wretch, dost thou ardent fancy in all the glow of her bri- grieve thus, for what is now a hideous dal charms, and he began to draw a mass of mortality-mere bones, and parallel between the past and the pre- nerves, and veins Nations have fallen sent ; nor did imagination, as it is wont, unlamented; even worlds themselves, fail to array the former in her brightest long ere this globe of ours was created, hues, while it proportionably obscured have mouldered into nothing; nor hath the latter; so that he pictured to him- any one wept over them ; why then self, the one much more rich in enjoy- should'stthou indulge this vain affiction ment, and the other, much less so than for a child of the dust-a being as frail they really were. This change in her as thyself, and like thee the creature busband did not escape Swanhilda ; but of a moment ?” whereupon, redoubling her attentions Walter raised himself up :-“ Let towards him, and her cares towards yon worlds that shine in the firmament” their children, she expected, by this replied he,“ lament for each other as means, to re-unite the knot that was they perish. It is true, that I who am slackened; yet the more she endeavour- myself clay, lament for my fellow-clay : ed to regain his affections, the colder yet is this clay impregnated with a fire, did be grow,—the more intolerable did -with an essence, that none of the her caresses seem, and the more con- elements of creation possess--with love: tinually did the image of Brunhilda and this divine passion, I felt for her


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who now sleepeth beneath this sod." bethink thee well, whether it will prové “ Will thy complaints awaken her : thy weal. Consider too, how deep the or could they do so, would she not soon abyss between life and death ; across upbraid thee for having disturbed that this, my power can build a bridge, but repose in which she is now hushed?” it can never fill up the frightful chasm.”

“ Avaunt, cold-hearted being : thou Walter would have spoken, and have knowest not what is love. Oh! that sought to prevail on this powerful being my tears could wash away the earthy by fresh entreaties, but the latter precovering that conceals her from these vented him, saying: “ Peace ! bethink eyes ; that my groan of anguish could thee well ! and return hither to me torouse her from her slumber of death! morrow at midnight. Yet once more No, she would not again seek her earthy do I warn thee, “Wake not the dead.'” couch.”

Having uttered these words, the mys“ Insensate that thou art, and couldst terious being disappeared. Intoxicated thou endure to gaze without shuddering with fresh hope, Walter found no sleep on one disgorged from the jaws of the on his couch; for fancy, prodigal of her grave ? Art thou too thyself the same richest stores, expanded before him the from whom she parted; or hath time glittering web of futurity; and his eye, passed o'er thy brow and left no traces moistened with the dew of rapture, there? Would not thy love rather be glanced from one vision of happiness to converted into hate and disgust ?" another. During the next day he wan

“Say rather that the stars would leave dered through the woods, lest wonted yon firmament, that the sun will hence- objects by recalling the memory of later forth refuse to shed his beams through and less happier times, might disturb the heavens. Oh! that she stood once the blissful idea, that he should again more before me ;-that once again she behold her—again fold her in his arms, reposed on this bosom !-how quickly gaze on her beaming brow by day, reshould we then forget that death or time pose on her bosom at night: and, as had ever stepped between us.'

this sole idea filled his imagination, " Delusion ! mere delusion of the how was it possible that the least doubt brain, from heated blood, like to that should arise ; or that the warning of the which arises from the fumes of wine. mysterious old man should recur to his It is not my wish to tempt thee ;-to thoughts. restore to thee thy dead ; else wouldst No sooner did the midnight hour apthou soon feel that I have spoken truth.” proach, than he hastened before the

“ How ! restore her to me,” ex- grave-field where the sorcerer was alclaimed Walter casting himself at the ready standing by that of Brunhilda. sorcerer's feet. “ Oh! if thou art in- “ Hast thou maturely considered ?" endeed able to effect that, grant it to my quired he. earnest supplication ; if one throb of “Oh ! restore to me the object of human feeling vibrates in thy bosom, my ardent passion," exclaimed Walter let thy tears prevail with thee : restore to with impetuous eagerness.

“ Delay me my beloved ; so shalt thou hereafter not thy generous action, lest I die even bless the deed, and see that it was a this night, consumed with disappointed good work.”

desire ; and behold her face no more.” “ A good work! a blessed deed!"- “ Well then," answered the old man, returned the sorcerer with a smile of “ return hither again to-morrow at the scorn ; “ for me there exists nor good same hour. But once more do I give ņor evil ; since my will is always the thee this friendly warning, Wake not same. Ye alone know evil, who will the dead.'” that which ye would not. It is indeed All in the despair of impatience, in my power to restore her to thee: yet, / Walter would have prostrated himself at his feet, and supplicated him to ful- trees; owls flapped their wings, and

' fill at once a desire now increased to uttered their low voice of omen ; the agony; but the sorcerer had already stars hid their mild, beaming aspect, disappeared. Pouring forth his lamen- that they might not behold so unholy tations more wildly and impetuously and impious a spectacle ; the stone than ever, he lay upon the grave of his then rolled from the grave with a hollow adored one, until the grey dawn streak- sound, leaving a free passage for the ed the east. During the day, which inhabitant of that dreadful tenement. seemed to him longer than any he had The sorcerer scattered into the yawnever experienced, he wandered to and ing earth, roots and herbs of most magic fro, restless and impatient, seemingly power, and of most penetrating odour, without any object, and deeply buried so that the worms crawling forth from in his own reflections, inquiet as the the earth congregated together, and murderer who meditates his first deed raised themselves in a fiery column over of blood : and the stars of evening the grave : while rushing wind burst found him once more at the appoint- from the earth, scattering the mould ed spot. At midnigot the sorcerer was before it, until at length the coffin lay there also.

uncovered. The moon-beams fell on “ Hast thou yet maturely deliberat- it, and the lid burst open with a tremened ?” enquired" he," as on the pre- dous sound. Upon this the sorcerer ceding night?”

poured upon it some blood from out “ On what should I deliberate?” re- of a human skull, exclaiming at the turned Walter impatiently. “ I need same time :-“ Drink, sleeper, of this not to deliberate : what I demand of warm stream, that thy heart may again thee, is that which thou hast promised beat within thy bosom.” And, after me—that which will prove my bliss. a short pause, shedding on her some Or dost thou but mock me if so, other mystic liquid, he cried aloud with hence from my sight, lest I be tempted the voice of one inspired: “ Yes, thy to lay my hand on thee.”

heart beats once more with the flood “Once more do I warn thee," an- of life: thine eye is again opened to swered the old man with undisturbed sight. Arise, therefore, from the tomb.” composure, - Wake not the dead'-let As an island suddenly springs forth her rest.”

from the dark waves of the ocean, raised “ Aye, but not in the cold grave: upwards from the deep by the force of she shall rather rest on this bosom which subterraneous fires, so did Brunhilda burns with eagerness to clasp her.” start from her earthy couch, borne for

“Reflect, thou mayst not quit her ward by some invisible power. Taking until death, even though aversion and her by the hand, the sorcerer lead her horror should seize thy heart. There towards Walter, who stood at some little would then remain only one horrible distance, rooted to the ground with means."

amazement. “ Dotard !" cried Walter, interrupt- Receive again," said he," the ing him, “ how may I hate that which object of thy passionate sighs : mayest I love with such intensity of passion ? thou never more require my aid; should how should I abhor that for which my that, however, happen, so wilt thou find every drop of blood is boiling ?” me, during the full of the moon, upon

“ Then be it even as thou wishest,” the mountains in that spot and where . answered the sorcerer; “ step back.” the three roado meet.”

The old man now drew a circle round Instantly did Walter recognize in the the grave, all the while muttering words form that stood before him, her whom of enchantment. Immediately the storm he so ardently loved ; and a sudden began to howl among the tops of the glow shot through his frame at finding


her thus restored to him: yet the night-, mitted through the lofty casements only frost had chilled his limbs and palsied while the rising or setting-sun faintly his tongue. For a while he gazed upon illumined the mountain-tops, the vallies her without either motion or speech, being still enveloped in shade. and during this pause, all was again Seldom did Walter quit Brunhilda's become hushed and serene; and the side : a nameless spell seemed to atstars shone brightly in the clear heavens. tach him to her ; even the shudder

• Walter !' exclaimed the figure; which he felt in her presence, and and at once the well-known sound, which would not permit him to touch thrilling to his heart, broke the spell her, was not unmixed with pleasure, by which he was bound.

like that thrilling awful emotion felt “ Is it reality? Is it truth” cried when strains of sacred music float under he,“ or a cheating delusion?"

the vault of some temple; he rather “ No, it is no imposture: I am really sought, therefore, than avoided this feelliving conduct me quickly to thy ing. Often too as he had indulged in

: castle in the mountains."

calling to mind the beauties of BrunWalter looked around : the old man hilda, she had nevy appeared so fair, had disappeared, but he perceived close so fascinating, so admirable when deby his side, a coal-black steed of fiery picted by his imagination, as when now eye, ready equipped to conduct him beheld in reality. Never till now had thence ; and on his back lay all proper her voice sounded with such tones of attire for Brunhilda, who lost no time sweetness; never before did her lanin arraying herself. This being done, guage possess such eloquence as it now she cried : " Haste, let us away ere the did, when she conversed with him on dawn breaks, for my eye is yet too weak the subject of the past. And this was to endure the light of day.” Fully re- the magic fairy-land towards which her covered from his stupor, Walter leaped words constantly conducted him. Ever into his saddle, and catching up, with a did she dwell upon the days of their first mingled feeling of delight and awe, the love, those hours of delight which they beloved being thus mysteriously res- had participated together when the one tored from the power of the grave, he derived all enjoyment from the other : spurred on across the wild, towards the and so rapturous, so enchanting, so full mountains, ás furiously as if pursued of life did she recall to his imagination by the shadows of the dead, hastening that blissful season, that he even doubtto recover from him their sister.

ed whether he had ever experienced The castle to which Walter conducted with her so much felicity, or had been his Brunhilda, was situated on a rock so truly happy. And, while she thus between other rocks rising up above it. vividly portrayed their hours of past Here they arrived, unseen by any, save delight, she delineated in still more one aged domestic, on whom Walter glowing, more enchanting colours, those imposed secrecy by the severest threats. hours of approaching bliss which now

** Here will we tarry,” said Brun- awaited them, richer in enjoyment than hilda, “ until I can endure the light, any preceding ones. In this manner and until thou canst look upon me with- did she charm her attentive auditor with out trembling: as if struck with a cold enrapturing hopes for the future, and chill.” They accordingly continued lull him into dreams of more than mortal to make that place their abode : yet no ecstacy; so that while he listened to one knew that Brunhilda existed, save her syren strain, he envirely forgot how only that aged attendant, who provided little blissful was the latter period of

, their meals. During seven entire days their union, when he had often sighed they had no light except that of tapers ; at her imperiousness, and at her harshduring the next seven, the light was ad- ness both to himself and all his household. Yet even had he recalled this to ever, still refused to yield to his passion. mind would it have disturbed him in his " What !” exclaimed she, “is it fitting present delirious trance ? Had she not that I who have been purified by death now left behind in the grave all the from the frailty of mortality, should frailty of mortality ? Was she not become thy concubine, while a mere cheerful as the morning hour of spring- daughter of the earth bears the title of affectionate and mild as the last beams thy wife : never shall it be. No, it of an autumnal sun? Was not her must be within the walls of thy palace, whole being refined and purified by that within that chamber where I once long sleep in which neither passion nor reigned as queen, that thou obtainest sin had approached her even in dreams : the end of thy wishes,--and of mine How different now was the subject of also,” added she, imprinting a glowing her discourse! Only when speaking kiss on the lips, and immediately disof her affection for him, did she betray appeared. any thing of earthly feeling : at other Heated with passion, and detertimes, she uniformly dwelt upon themes mined to sacrifice every thing to the acrelating to the invisible and future complishment of his desires, Walter hasworld, when in descanting and declar-tily quitted the apartment, and shortly ing the mysteries of eternity, a stream after the castle itself. He travelled of prophetic eloquence would burst over mountain and across heath, with the from her lips.

rapidity of a storm, so that the turf was In this manner had twice seven days flung up by his horse's hoofs; nor once elapsed, and, for the first time, Walter stopped until he arrived home. beheld the being now dearer to him than Here, however, neither the affecever, in the full light of day. Every tionate caresses of Swanhilda, or those trace of the grave had disappeared from of his children could touch his heart, her countenance; a roseate tinge like or induce him to restrain bis furious the ruddy streaks of dawn again beamed desires. Alas! is the impetuous toron her pallid cheek; the faint, moul- rent to be checked in its devastating dering taint of the grave was changed course by the beauteous flowers over into a delightful violet scent; the only which it rushes, when they exclaim : sign of earth that never disappeared.“ Destroyer, commiserate our helpless He no longer felt either apprehension innocence and beauty, nor lay us waste ?" or awe, as he gazed upon her in the the stream sweeps over them unresunny light of day; it was not until garding, and a single moment annihinow, that he seemed to have recovered lates the pride of a whole summer. her completely ; and, glowing with all Shortly afterwards, did Walter begin his former passion towards her, he to hint to Swanhilda, that they were illwould have pressed her to his bosom, suited to each other; that he was anxious but she gently repulsed him, saying :- to taste that wild, tumultons life, so well “ Not yet-spare your caresses until the according with the spirit of his sex, moon has again filled her horn.” while she, on the contrary, was satisfie

Spite of his impatience, Walter was ed with the monotonous circle of houseobliged to await the lapse of another hold enjoyments :—that he was eager period of seven days : but, on the night for whatever promised novelty, while when the moon was arrived at the full, she felt most attached to what was fahe hastened to Brunhilda, whom he miliarized to her by habit ; and lastly, found more lovely_than she had ever that her cold disposition, bordering upon appeared before. Fearing no obstacles indifference, but ill assorted with his to his transports, he embraced her with ardent temperament : it was therefore all the fervour of a deeply enamoured more prudent that they should seek and successful lover. Brunhilda, how- apart from each other, that happiness

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