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FROM the very depth of his soul did done ?-Whom has he injured ?” The Muzaffer, the Grand Vizir, detest the Vizir was of opinion that “ he was unipoor wandering Hebrew, Ben Hafi. He versally considered as a dangerous perknew but too well how to manage the son; there was a mystery about him which strings of the Khalif's heart, and firmly at best wore a suspicious appearance, resolved that not one should remain un- and although, in truth, he had as yet sounded till the entire destruction of this done no harm, yet, perhaps, he was hated stranger was accomplished. But only waiting for an opportunity to effect here, for the first time, he found his in- bis evil designs with the greatest sesidious arts baffled; a proof that recti- curity.” “ Perhaps so,” replied the tude of mind and innate purity of heart, | Khalif, “ and perhaps not !" Allah are such celestial and enduring gifts, who reads the hearts of Ben Hafi—of that although they may be sometimes you—of myself—of all-alone knows Overpowed by guile and falsehood, they what he means to do : we, Muzaffer can never be entirely destroyed. will content ourselves with knowing

The Khalif listened attentively to the what he has already done. Since his arguments of his Vizir, then paused for arrival in my dominions, no fault has a few moments, and replied by the been found in his conduct. He is chaquestion." What harm has Ben Hafi ritable, modest, wise : and does not my

faithful dwarf, Mejnoun, think well of this world and the next ;' for I swear to him ? Ah ! he of whom my little deaf thee, Muzaffer, by the eternal splendour, Mejnoun thinks well can never be a that had he been Khaliff, Abdallah worthless man for the spirit of truth would not have condemned his brother resides in the heart of Mejnoun—the unheard. No he would not; his acarrows of discernment shoot from his tions were as just as his affections were brilliant eye, and therefore needs not tender; his head was wise as his heart he the sense of hearing. Allah has was good." taken from him in one respect, but has Mighty lord,” replied Muzaffer, given him most bounteously in another. “ remember that Abdallah was not conHe conceives the meaning of men from demned by you, circumstances whose their looks, from movements of their illusion (as you say) you have since dislips to us imperceptible ; he deciphers covered, compelled you to believe him their thoughts expressed by the sinking guilty ; but before you could adjudge or falling of the eye-brow, or the mo his doom, he avoided your sentence by mentary play of the muscles of the a disgraceful flight.” mouth; he reads the heart through the “ Ah! Muzaffer,” said the monarch, bosom, and his eye pierces as deep as " thou art generally skilful in pouring is permitted to mortal man. Oh ! had balsam into the wounds of my bosom, 1 but always valued the advice of my but this is too deep an ulcer ever to be good Mejnoun, as it deserved, how healed ; it defies your art. He was different would have been my situation compelled to fly; to fly from his bronow! My brother, my Abdallah would ther-to preserve his life, and his brohave still been at my court, and I should ther from the commission of a dreadful still have possessed a real friend! When crime. Oh! where is he now ? In what all conspired to blind me —when my miserable hut does he hunger while I senses were bewildered by calumnies, revel here in superfluity, and lavish whose falsehood I discovered too late, away the treasures of Arabia ? In vain and whose author I still seek in vain- have my messengers traversed the globe: then did no voice speak in favour of no vestige of my brother can be found. Abdallah, none but Mejnoun's ! But I Perhaps he already appears as my acscorned the warning-my eyes were cuser before the throne of the eternal, dazzled by the splendour of my newly- and the spirit of my father stands by mounted throne-my ears were filled his side. Heavenly powers ! if so, what with flattery, and I shut my heart against a doom must I suffer." my brother. Oh! when I remember Muzaffer had heard these lamentations while our father was yet in life, what so often, and had always combatted them an affectionate friend—what a cheerful with so little success, that he made it a companion--what a disinterested advi- rule to listen in silence to his monarch's ser—what virtues and what talents, sure reflections, and now and then endeavour were mine in Abdallah, and how from to mark the interest which he did not the moment that I mounted the throne feel by a sympathetic sigh, a melanI repulsed him with that haughty cold- choly movement of the head, or a look ness, which by you and by my courtiers of pious resignation cast towards heawas termed necessary prudence, and ven, or rather towards the ceiling. He how I judged him to be guilty without had also frequently found that by allowhearing his defence ! Oh! 'twas most ing the stream of sorrow to run its course, unjust, tyrannical, and barbarous ; most it became the sooner expended. In the heartily do I wish that I had been the present instance he was correct, and younger brother, and that Abdallah had after some time spent in silent thought, borne the sceptre in my place, I should he again endeavoured to bring forward have gained by the exchange, both in the Hebrew, Ben Hafi, and thereby re

new the conversation respecting him. delusions, the enthusiasm of the heart, He therefore again pressed the Khalif Those plans, I contend, must come to on the subject, but Amurath would hear nothing which are built upon the idea nothing he could urge against him; and of ruling men through the medium of at length asked him “ Whether he was their good qualities, for that government

in truth afraid of the influence of this can only be of use to the whole which 2 poor simple Hebrew ?” The Vizir's is grounded upon a knowledge of the

answer was a contemptuous smile. depravity, the baseness, the selfishness, " Then why so much his enemy

?" re the incapacity of the individuals, of · joined the Khalif, “ trust me it does whom that whole is composed. I main

not please me when you express such tain also that the black drop which the aversion against a man whose conver angel Gabriel removed from the heart

sation has beguiled your sovereign of so of Mahomet, exists in the hearts of all ; many heavy hours. Ben Hafi's tales other children of Allah; that on ac

and descriptions of various countries, count of that innate depravity, the sofurnish me with much amusement and vereign should possess a sceptre of iron matter for reflection. With him I have as well as one of gold ; that he will find often forgotten that I am a monarch, it

necessary to use the former than the and he who makes a king forget the latter; and that true wisdom will make Sorrows of a throne, trust me Muzaffer him consider man merely as an animal can be no common man.”

who must be compelled to do that which They were here interrupted by the is useful, and abstain from that which little deaf Mejnoun, whom the Khalif is pernicious; the one by his passion had instructed to summon the Hebrew for pleasure, the other by his fear of to the seraglio: the portal curtains were pain. Such are my sentiments; I have drawn back, and Ben Hafi entered. the misfortune to find them disapproved The sun, when at mid-day he shines of by my lord, the Khalif, and but too upon the ocean, is not brighter than the often see him act from sentiments in smile with which Muzaffer greeted Ben direct opposition to them.” Hafi. But how he hated him at that “ And if your opinion were just,” moment ! Ben Hafi, was by the sultan's replied the Khalif, * why in the name request, seated on cushions arranged of the prophet did nature give the king opposite to the royal sofa; the dwarf a heart as well as the beggar ? A motook his accustomed station at his mas narch should be born without the feelter's feet, and the Grand Vizir, by a res ings of a man, to rule as you would pectful bow, requested permission to have him.”—“ The duties of a mobreak the silence; the permission being narch, and the feelings of a man, are granted, he thus addressed the object of always different, and always incompahis aversion and his fear.

tible," rejoined the Vizir. “ If that be “Worthy and wise Ben Hafi, there the case I pity both,” replied the is a point of some importance on which Khalif, “ but most the monarch! To our lord, the Khalif has long differed dare confide in no one-to be deaf to from the humblest of his slaves, and the pleadings of benevolence-to repress which I now submit to your experience all warm affections and generous senin the nature of mankind. I maintain sibilities, and to shut our bosoms against that a monarch, who has no other ma the whole world. Oh! if this be indeed terials to work upon, and no other in the lot of a sovereign, it is indeed a strument to work with than men, must dreadful one. God of creation ! unless govern his actions according to the dic you weigh my conduct by the measure tates of cool and unbiassed prudence, of my good intentions, how shall thy and without suffering himself to be in- servant stand upright before thee fluenced by that most dangerous of all The benevolent" monarch bowed his

head, and a tear stood in his eye.

Ben power were spoken, and a thick grey. Hafi who had remained respectfully cloud came rolling from the north. In silent during this conversation, now re its passage over the mountain Caucasus, joined, “ Doubt it not commander of its shadow fell on the pavilion of mortal all true believers ! at the last great day excellence, and immediately the bright our actions will be judged, not according picture was obscured, on which the geto their consequences, but according to nius Gela-Eddin was gazing. The roof the views with which they were com of this brilliant pavilion, is formed of mitted.” The Khalif, with a grateful moon-shine ; the golden columns on smile, replied, “ I trust so, Ben Hafi, which it rests, are beams of the sun, and will not therefore repine that my and in number a thousand and thirty; seat is a throne rather than a couch of its walls are composed of woven ether, straw. But we have wandered from meteor fires, and the condensed evapoMuzaffer's dispute with me. Tell me, rations of aromatic shrubs and flowers. Ben Hafi, unreservedly, is it better that A profusion of falling stars is showered a man—I say a man, not a monarch, over the whole pavilion, and it floats for in spite of all that has been urged to upon the clouds of autumnal evenings, the contrary, I cannot help flattering which form for it a floor of the most myself that they are the same ; is it, I brilliant crimson. This is the abode of say, better that a man should act ac the spotless and generous spirits of those cording to the warmth and enthusiasm who, while on earth, dignified and enof his heart, or that he should merely lightened human nature by their virtues, obey the dictates of that cold discretion and who have purchased for themselves, which before a step is taken, weighs after death, a seat in the society of the its merits in the nicest balance, and pure genii, by their glorious actions, examines it with the severest scrutiny ? and by self-devotion to the general Do not answer that the right thing is to good. Gela-Eddin, a superior genius, make a proper use of both. I know equally endowed with the light and love that already; but I wish you to decide of truth, is the happy ruler of these ilbetween two people, who seldom can lustrious spirits. make prudence and enthusiasm walk On the ethereal walls of this pavilion hand in hand. Muzaffer sees me act are continually represented every noble imprudently, without thinking of any and virtuous action from the first inthing but how to confer pleasure, and stant of its suggesting itself, to the mothen he shakes his head ; on the other ment of its completion. Nothing can hand, I see him act discreetly with be more brilliant, nothing more soft out caring whether he inflicts pain, and than the colours of which these pictures then I feel that my heart is bleeding. are composed ; unlike those of earth, Both of us are in the wrong: but which instead of fading, they become more of us is more so :” Ben Hafi paused bright and fresh with each succeeding for a few moments ; at length he raised day, except when the celestial motive his head, and the genius of inspiration which animates their authors is obscured sparkled in his expressive eyes. “Com and tarnished by weakness, apprehenmander of the faithful !” said he, “ the sion, selfinterest, indolence, uncertainty life of an illustrious person, who still respecting the consequences, or reflecexists, will be the best answer to your tion on the little merits of those for important question. Am I permitted whose benefit the noble action is intendto relate his adventures ?” Instant per ed. But, when a mortal, even to the mission was given. The Hebrew bowed moment of dissolution, remains faithful his head, and began as follows : to the heavenly inspiration, which in

cites him to glorious deeds; when the The words of might, the words of lamp of his life in expiring, still throws

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forth a 'fame which warms and en them, but who equally in benefits or lightens posterity with the remembrance injuries feel for them neither love nor of his virtues, then does the whole pa hate."

And whither is thy course vilion blaze with celestial radiance! addressed? Why hast thou left thy The reflection of this sacred shining gloomy islands ?" inquired the genius, light pierces through the thick vapours, * Amorassan summons me,” replied which compose our atmosphere, and the voice," and I dare not resist his illumines the horizon with a soft trem spell ; he calls me in the name of Solobling glow. The pilgrim stops and mon the great, the powerful, and the gazes in rapture on the lovely vision ; | wise !"_ Amorassan!” repeated the the ignorant man of wisdom affixes to genius in melancholy surprise, “ Amoit some unmeaning name, and leaves rassan the Grand Vizir of Guzurat ? the the matter just as he found it; and the friend and favourite of its Sultan ? who natural philosopher accounts for the has hitherto trod that crooked, slippery phenomenon falsely, and astonishes his path with steps so bold and steady? how auditor at the profundity of his science. can the glowing heart of Amorassan

The setting sun poured its lustre ever have desired thy aid "_" His through the transparent pavilion, gilded heart," answered the voice, “is woundits roof and pavement, and illuminateded by the perverseness and treachery of the pictures on the walls of ether. The mankind; he is disappointed by the spirits of the pure enjoyed in silent worthlessness of those with whom he is rapture the sight of the glorious actions destined to exist, and for whose welfare of the good on earth, when suddenly he has, till now, still lived and laboured: the airy fabric trembled to its very base ; he who has hitherto undertaken every a chilling wind breathed through the pa- right action, merely because he felt that vilion, and the words of power ascended it was right, will now weigh his proceedfrom the rolling globe beneath. The ings, not by their motive, but only by spirits of the pure veiled their heads in their consequences : keen foresight, sorrow; for at that moment the picture exact judgment, and justice impartial which displayed the conduct of one of and severe, must henceforth freeze the the noblest of their earthly brethren, ardour of his feelings, and overpower grew dim upon the brilliant wall. The the warmth of his heart. But hark! the genius, Gela-Eddin, approached the charm is repeated! the powerful words pavilion's entrance, extended his wand ascend even to the clouds ! Mighty and arrested the further progress of the Gela-Eddin, delay my flight no longer. grey and frozen cloud.

The genius sighed as he dropped his - Who art thou ?” enquired Gela- wand, and a tear glittered in his eye, Eddin ; “ by whom art thou summoned, when he saw the chill, grey cloud hover and on what business?" A voice issued over the palace of Amorassan. from the midst of the cloud—“ Powerful Gela-Eddin! I am a spirit of the Amorassan, the Grand Vizir of GuFrozen Ocean ; one of those who in- zurat, was a man such as Grand Vizirs habit the islands of chillness and gloom; seldom are. He was his '

master's favouwho sometimes careless of all sublunary rite, and yet was he more the friend of things, float in the atmosphere, which the people than the servant of the moevery where surrounds and supports the narch: he governed every thing, and earth, and at othertimes descend into the yet was he less anxious for the glory of lower, restless, whirling air, which mor the kingdom, than for the happiness of tals breathe, at once to govern and obey those whom it contained. He was Grand them ; who are by turns their slaves Vizir, yet he valued his place more beand rulers, their enemies and friends ; cause it enabled him to procure the welwho now injure them, now benefit fare of the Sultan's subjects, than be

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