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sin, for his want of honour-I will not Iserlt now appeared, with a torch in believe it."

his hand. “ Do you still doubt ?" he Then, after a few moments' delibe- enquired. “ Oh, Ali Sheing, where is ration : “But I will unravel this mystery. the fervid fire of Asia, the soul of the Yes; I will go at the hour appointed by followers of Alla? Where that noblethis traitor, and drag him to instant ness of spirit, which thou boasted of? justice.”

Will Ali Sheing stoop to slavery? Oh! With this resolve, he folded the pa- thou God of Heaven ! ennerve my arm per, and put it in his pocket, awaiting to stab the wretch who has subjugated the coming night, to descend to the the soul of Ali." vaults. The bell tolled eleven : all the “ Iserlt, he shall die,” exclaimed castle was still : Ali Sheing alone was

the frantic Moor. restless and disturbed : sleep could not “ He slew great Persia's Soldan: him close his eyes-gloomy thought devour- who gave to your arms the lovely Zuleed him.

Adelfred, whose life you saved, Iserlt flew to his chamber, as the half stabbed him who plucked his heart out, hour bell sounded through the courts, that

you might enjoy eternity of bliss.” and engaging him in conversation, drew With rage trembled the Moor, while him towards the vaults. Crossing a long he grasped his dagger. corridor, they descended a marble stair- « He slew the Soldan, yet spared you. case together, and the door was open Ah !-Zulema was present—what a before them that led to the caverns. horrible thought! Did he not lust for Adelfred was seen at a distance, bearing her ? By Heaven_-" a torch in his hand : he seemed much “ No! no! no !" cried the heart-torn disturbed, and often paced the narrow

Ali. passage, as wounded by suspense.

At You, in return, saved his life ; and length, he stopped, and raising the when he was in your power, was he not torch above his head, looked towards all affection ? Would Adelfred then Ali Sheing and Iserlt.

have thrown Ali Sheing from him ? “We are discovered,” cried the lat- He tore you from the arms of a wife ter, “ do not avoid but speak to him. you loved—from children-your own I cannot, so much I hate him for the children-the children of Zulema ! Just injuries he has done me.”

God! to save him, you sacrificed your He instantly retired; and by this own peace : and what is his return? time Adelfred came up with the Moor. You are made his slave. Already he

“Ah !" he exclaimed,” you here, hates and lothes you. Oh! it is certain Ali Sheing? But say, quick, quick, that power is wrested from the hands of what impelled you hither.”

the generous Ali-he can no longer “Curiosity,” returned the other, with save : his services are at an end.” acoldness of manner.

“ No more, no more-he dies !" “ Had you no motive ?”

“ For your wife and children, strike “ None. Why does Adelfred ques- the blow." tion me?"

“ He dies !" "Pardon me, Ali Sheing, but--leave “ For the Soldan.” me-leave me.-1-"

“ No more,” At this moment the bell tolled twelve. “ For the loss of your liberty." Adelfred expressed greater impatience. Adelfred appeared, wrapped in a ‘Away, away,” he cried.

cloak, at the farther end of the vault; Nay, you shall hear me,” cried the and Ali Sheing rushed forward with indignant Moor. “14”

drawn dagger. He stabbed; bathed in “ To-morrow, to-morrow," inter- his blood, the victim fell, and with a rupted Adelfred ; and pushing him from groan, expired. him, hurried down the vault.

Iserlt now alarmed the castle. The


Moor stood over the bleeding corpse in the concaved roof, which shed a dim an attitude of horror: the most dreadful light upon the dilapidated walls. Adelthoughts crowded upon his brain. All fred could scarce believe his eyes.the various passions were at work in his perfidious cousin !", after an interval bosom, and holding conflict with nature. of horror, he exclaimed. Elfrida raised No cry escaped his lips ;, his heart was up her head, on hearing his voice, and rent asunder; and retreating a few steps uttering a wild scream of joy, fainted from the body, he fell, heart-broken, upon his bosom. She soon recovered, and gave up life without a groan. and confirmed the words of Ruthwold.

Now various torches were seen in the Adelfred instantly conveyed her from different vaults, and numbers of vassals, the vault; and, directed by the torchos directed by Iserlt, approached the spot. of the vassals, came to the spot where All the caverns seemed in a blaze of the bleeding Owain lay. light. The vassals knelt over the bleed- During the confusion of Iserlt, Elfriing body, and with one accord exclaim- da was borne to a chamber in the caeed, “ Owain!" Iserlt himself drew tle, and every means used to recover near. It was Owain, who, instead of her. While Adelfred execrated bis perAdelfred, was slain. The villain trem- fidious cousin, Iserlt confessed how he bled on beholding the accomplice in his had worked up the passions of the geneguilt become the victim of their united rous, unsuspecting Ali; who, in an agony artifice. His cheek became livid and of theught, contemplating on the prime pale with fear ; a cold sweat hung upon he had committed, instantly expired. his contracted brow.

It appeared, that Iserli had made In this moment of confusion, Adel- Owain acquainted with his scheme ; fred himself was seen leading from an who, fearing the failure, had come to inner vault, a female, faint and languid, the vaults, which had a communication who hung upon his arm, while her with the convent, to which he had gaintottering limbs dragged upon the ground, ed access, habited for immediate Night unable to sustain her feeble frame. with Elfrida. The villain tortured by

The vassals now, with united voice, doubt, lest his victim should be discoexclaimed, “Long live Lord Adelfred !" vered in her confinement; and, seeking

Iserlt, with conscious guilt in his to avoid this, found a deserved death. face, threw himself at his feet, and Iserlt was ordered for immediate execonfessed the whole.

cution: the body of Owain was privately The Baron of Llanbedder, awaiting buried: while that of Ali Sheing was the promised coming of the author of interred with all funeral

interred with all funeral pomp. A rich the billet he had received, after he had ura was erected over his tomb : on it broke from Ali Sheing, and while tra- was engraven his many virtues; and no versing the vaults in impatience, heard breath of approach ever sullied the some faint murmurs from an inner cave, marble remembrance. and the voice that made these lamenta- Elfrida soon recovered ; and her fortions mentioned his name. Astonished, mer beauty once more revelled on her he paused awhile to listen ; the voice cheek. The nuptial rites were soon broke forth again in the same plaints ; performed, that made her the bride of and, eager to relieve distress, he burst the Baron of Llanbedder; and thousands into the vault from whence the sounds blessed the united names of Adelfred proceeded, where he beheld a female and Elfrida, for their nuptial-day was whom he instantly recognized to be El- the first of true happiness to the vassals frida, stretched upon a bed of straw. of Llanbedder, since the death of the A solitary lamp hung suspended from brave Caradoc.


glimpses of the moon. Here he holds his him. But what pen can describe his court in the mountains well known in astonishment at the total change he ob Germany by the title of Riesen-ge biirge served in the surrounding scenery, as (Giant Mountains); where his whole he beheld it from his station on the delight consists in sporting with the snowy summit of the Giant Mountain. feelings of men, and teazing them by No longer was to be seen the gloom of every species of mischief and terror impenetrable forests ; in their room apwhich his fertile imagination can sug- / peared arable land, whose surface was gest.

enriched with extensive crops of golden It may be necessary to inform the grain. . From the bosom of blooming reader, that this monarch is a contrariety orchards he could discern the thatched of the passions; cunning, rude, and wasp- 'roofs of many a social village just peepish, quarrelsome and insolent; tincturing forth, and chimnies diffusing forth ed with pride and vanity, and withal so their comfortable wreaths of smoke into inconstant, that no lasting criterion can the unruffled atmosphere. In some few be formed of him. To-day he 'may places, stood a solitary watch-tower, 00 appear your warmest friend : 10-morrow the brow of a hill, formed for the purhe will not deign to own you. Some- pose of guarding the land. The meatimes, indeed, the distressed have found dows below were crowded with sheep in him a kind and generous friend; but and cattle, enjoying the pasture: and he is so much, and so perpetually at the ear was ravished with the most harvariance with himself, that a traveller monious sounds, which proceeded from may follow a Will o' the Whisp with as beneath the refreshing shade of the much certainty as depend upon his pro- spacious oak. So far from feeling the mises or pretensions.

least displeasure at the planters, who In ancient days, when the sun and moon had presumed to take possession without were young, and creation had but just waiting for his leave, this lord of the burst into life, and long before the de- domain was so delighted with the noscendants of Japhet had reached so far velty and quietness which reigned northward as to clear and plant the re- throughout this landscape, that he had gions bordering on his domain, Number- not the least wish to disturb them. On Nip would then shoot aloft on pranks of the contrary, this sprite, in a placid love and mischief, and as he roved among mood, waved all privilege, and freely the barren heaths and rugged hills, would surrendered the territory which they had frequently exercise his mischievous dis- thus taken possession of. Nay, he went position upon the brute inhabitants of farther. He felt a strong desire to make the fields and forests,—urging wolves himself acquainted with the intermeto tear the mighty buffalo-bewildering diate species between a brute and an the weary traveller, blighting the fruit- angel, to learn their manners, customs, ful vine, and scaring whole herds of ti- and disposition. For this purpose, he morons deer down roaring cataracts and assumed the form of a hardy ploughman, gloomy precipices.

and hired himself to the first farmer Having amused himself this way till chance happened to throw in his way. he grew tired, he changed the scene, Whatever kind of labour he undertook, and thought proper to descend into the throve well under his hand; and our elfin regions of the lower world. He remain- monarch (now known by the name of ed for several centuries immerged in the Waldmann, i. e. woodman) was univerdepths of the globe, without a wish to

sally esteemed the best workman of the leave his golden caves; till at length the village. But his master was an idle, disdesire to feel the genial warmth of the sipated fellow, and continually in a state sun, and once more survey the works of of intoxcation. Through his excesses, external creation, again arose within he squandered away whatever advantages he derived from the exertions of his they were by human industry, he silentfaithful servant, and showed small gra- ly wondered that mother earth should "titude to him for his fidelity and indus- have thus kindly bestowed her gifts on try. It is not to be wondered, there- such an ungrateful and worthless brood. fore that the sprite soon released him- | Unwilling to be foiled in what he had self from such an employer. Being once set his heart on, he determined to highly esteemed for his abilities, a try another experiment, for the purpose neighbour iminediately engaged him; of studying mankind. Instead of apfrom whom he received the charge of pearing publicly, he now glided invisihis flock, which he carefully tended, ble into the vale, and lay concealed and drove it to distant wilds and inac- among the trees and bushes. In this cessible steeps, abounding in wholesome situation he kept a sharp look-out, and herbs. Under his direction, the Rocks at length perceived a sweet Silesian rapidly increased and multiplied ; not a maid, beautiful as Venus, when she single sheep was ever known to tumble arose from the world of waters. Like over a precipice, nor was a harmless that goddess she was unincumbered with lamb ever destroyed by the rapacity of drapery; for she was stepping out of a the wolf. In this master, poor Num- basin, in which she had been bathing. ber-Nip was again unfortunate. Her companions lay negligently around was mean, niggardly, and villanous. So her upon the grass, by the side of a far from rewarding his shepherd as he water-fall

, which flowed fromthe rocks, deserved, among his other actions, he and descended into the stream. In this i stole the best wether out of the flock, retreat the sportive 'maidens amused

and laid it to the negligence of the ser- themselves, and chatted with their misvant: for which, he stopped part of his tress in that innocence of heart which wages. Number-Nip found it absolutely knows no guile. The Gnome Spirit necessary to quit the service of such a was so affected at this tender scene, that kaave. He next entered into a judge's he seemed inclined to renounce his employ. Here he became the terror of ethereal nature, and ardently longed to thieves, and the indefatigable promoter share the lot of humanity. He gazed of justice. But this judge, instead of upon these lovely objects with as warm executing his office with impartiality desires as ever animated the breasts and justice, perveited the law, and de- of those belonging to the terrestrial cided according to favor and affection : | world; and he who never aimed till thus rendering himself, instead of a now above a village lass--a homespun blessing, a curse to the human race. blowzy wench, whose whole business As Number-Nip possessed too much consisted in driving her cow to the field, spirit to become the instrument of injus- or making hay in sunshine, now felt the tice and oppression, he gave the judge mould that clogged him, tempered and warning to quit his service. This so sublimed by a new flame'; and he dehighly exasperated the tyrant, that he termined within himself to become threw him into prison. Here his pow- possessed of the fairest star among the er, as'a sprite, was of service to him ; daughters of men. However strong the for be easily escaped through the key impression might be, at "first, which hole.

this beauteous maid had made on him, Thus examples he met with in his he found it must soon evaporate, as the first attempt to learn the ways of man- organs of spirits are too delicate to be kind, were but ill calculated to warm his susceptible of any lasting impression. heart to philanthropy. He therefore He found, that a body was necessary to retired, in disgust, to the point of the receive the image of the bathing beauty. rock; and, as he surveyed from that He, therefore, metamorphosed himself station the beautiful fields, cultivated as immediately into the shape of a youth

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