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in the prime of life. This was the murmur into a capacious basin of marsurest method he could adopt, to revive, ble; from the middle of which there in its full force, the idea of a blooming ascended an amusing jet, that continugirl. New sentiments now arose in his ally fell back in a shower of large mind, of which before he had not the drops, which a gentle breeze alternatemost distant idea; he might be said to ly Ilung from side to side. Daisies

, be cast in a new mould; he felt him- primroses, violets, and a variety of other self restless, without knowing the cause; Howers, the produce of nature, diffused and his desires veered, without him, to their bloom around the brink; and a mark, for which he had no name. rose-bushes, interwoven with jessamine An irresistible impulse hurried him me- and woodbine, encircled the retreat at chanically towards the cascade, and he a proper distance. On each side of felt, at the same time, the strongest the cascade appeared the mouth of a repugnance to approach the emerging beautiful grotto, whose side and arch beauty in a state of manhood, or to glistened with the Mosaic livery of rush out of the thicket; though, as he many coloured ores, mountain crystal, strove to gain a distinct view from his and spar, topaz, ruby, emerald, and covert, he experienced no counteracting carbuncle,-all of them so bright and force, nor any internal struggle. sparkling, that the eye was dazzled at

The lovely object before him claimed behelding them. Added to these orfor her parent, the Duke Rudolpho who naments were disposed, in various reigned in the neighbourhood of the niches, the most elegant refreshments. Giant Mountains. It was her usual cus- In the middle of the pool stood a small tom to frequent the woods and thickets island, clothed with living verdure, on around the mountain, with her train of which an elegant pavilion reared ils attendant virgins, in search of sweet- glittering head,-a romantic bridge of scented flowers, or to gather (such was pure white marble formed a passage the frugality of the age) a basket of from the shore of the pool to the paviwild strawberries or mushrooms for her lion. The princess, on beholding this father's table. Frequently in hot wea- scene, was wrapped up in silent adipi. ther, she would ramble beside the cas- ration. She could scarcely credit her cade, to seek for refreshment; and oft eyes, and remained undetermined whetimes would she bathe in the basin. ther to fly the enchanted spot, or stay From this moment, the delicious en- there. At length, she ventured into the chantment of love fixed the spirit to grotto, and tasted of the delicious fruit, the spot. He never quitted it, even for which her warm imagination suggested a moment, but waited with the most had been placed there on purpose for eager expectation, and the fondest her. Having satisfied this desire, and wishes, for the return of the charming examined every particular of this wontrain of bathing nymphs. A considera- derful structure, she felt a strong inclible time elapsed, before this beauty nation to cross the bridge, and enter appeared : but at length the princess, the pavilion on the island. Her attenone summer's day, about noon, attend- dant, Brinhilda, endeavoured, by every ed by her companions, sought the species of artless rhetoric to dissuade cooling shade beside the water-fall. her from the attempt; and even binted But what was their astonishment, on that the wonderful change that had seeing the place entirely changed ! The taken place in the appearance of the rugged rocks were covered with alabas

spot, was the work of some diabolical ter and marble ; no longer did the water fiend. “Ah,” said the princess, " he dash in a wild stream from the steep must be a generous fiend to give us such precipice, but descended down a flight a magnificent landscape-a landscape of steps, and diffused itself with a gentle whose wondrous brilliancy dazzles the eye, and enraptures the imagination. choly circumstance. Just as he was Oh, he must build fine castles in the returning from the chace, the dejected air, whose powerful art has reared that train meet him, absorbed in sighs and edifice in water." And, so saying, the tears. They communicated the sad lovely princess placed her foot upon the intelligence to him in as gentle a manstep leading to the bridge. “Surely ner as possible. But, notwithstanding you will not cross it,” said the attendant, this precaution, he was so affected that hastily seizing her arm.“ And why he rent his robe in sorrow and consternot, Brinhilda?" said the princess, nation; he took the golden diadem from

” – “ will nothing give you courage ?- his head, and wrapped his visage in his dreary or gay, whatever be the prospect, purple robe, while he mourned aloud still you tremble like the aspen in the for the loss of his beautiful Stella. Havautumn wind. Come, follow me.” ing paid the first tribute of parental

Scarce had the lovely nymph crossed affection to the memory of his beloved the marble bridge, than it began to sink, daughter, he summoned up his fortitude, and thus prevented Brinhilda, who had and immediately repaired to the casloitered behind, from crossing. The cade, to learn the particulars of this

. princess, who had proceeded onward to dreadful catastrope. But no cascade the pavilion, was unmindful of the oc- met his eye. The charm was now discurrence which had taken place behind solved. Uncultivated nature was seen her, until alarmed by the shrieks of her in her native wildness; there was neiattendant, she turned round to see what ther grotto nor basin; not even a circle had caused the noise, when she felt of rose trees, or a sprig of jessimine. berself seized, and borne irresistibly The duke and his train returned in the onward to the pavilion. She was near- most dejected manner to their residence, ly deprived of her senses by the velocity and nought was heard but sighs and lawith which she was carried, when she mentations for the lost princess, who was aroused by a wild laugh of exulta- vas greatly beloved ; the houses were tion, which arose from her side, and a closed, and prayers were offered up for voice which uttered, “ The prize is her restoration. Meanwhile the beaumine irrecoverably mine!- Now sink tiful Stella was borne into the centre of we to the centre !"" Her attendants on the globe by her aërial lover; and having the shore in vain screamed for assistance. alighted, he conducted her, by a subterin vain did they ring their snow-white raneous passage, to a palace, far more hands ; in vain did they invoke the as- magnificent and elegant than any thing sistance of the Naiads; in vain run she had hitherto seen, and which the half-distracted round the edge of the earthy monarch had caused to be made marble basin. All they received for solely for her reception. When the anitheir anxiety was a sprinkling from the mal spirits of the princess were recruited, jet

, as though it had been played upon she found herself seated on an easy them in sport. No one had courage to sofa, clad in a robe of rose-coloured plunge in after her, except her favourite satin, and girt with a sash of the most Brinhilda, who immediately dived into beautiful azure blue silk. Here large the bottomless pool, with no other ex- cascades flowed among bowers of roses, pectation but that of sharing the fate of jessamine, and amarynth; there stood ber beloved mistress. But instead of splendid grottos, supported by massy sinking down, she floated upon the sur- pillars of golden hue, and pavilions with face like a dry cork, nor could all her tapering pilasters of brilliant silver, inefforts enable her to make the least im- laid with diamonds and other rich and pression on the watery element. There sparkling productions of the interior of was then no other remedy than to the globe. An elegant youth, attired acquaint the Duke with the melan- in silver and crowned with diamonds, with an engaging countenance, lay pros- store me to my father--to my friends trate at her feet, watching with the to every tie of life that renders life most tenderest solicitude her every look-her dear!" every motion, and apparently endea- As often would the elfin sprite reply, vouring to anticipate every wish, ere it with winning softness, “Nay, fair Stelhad been formed, and uttering the ten- la, cast your eyes around, and say, does derest emotions of love, which she re- this beauteous globe appear a sepulchre? ceived with the becoming blush of mo- -are these wanton zephyrs, that play desty. The enraptured spirit gave her upon the brilliant ruby of thy lip, like an account of his state and origin, de- the damp breath that swims within the scribed the subterraneous regions that gloomy charnel-house ? - banish far were under his command, conducted her such hideous thoughts. Here the pleathrough the apartments of the palace, sures reign-myriads of my subjects and shewed her all the riches and splen- shall bow in adoration at thy throne, dor belonging to it. The refreshing not with a dirge to chant thy funeral shade, which continually rested on the requiem, but to chase thy sorrow with turf, particularly charmed the princess : songs of unfading love, and melt thy her eye was delighted with the beautiful soul in transport."-Still the princess fruit trees, which bore ruddygold-streak- felt that she was a prisoner, and sighs

a ed apples. The bushes were crowded and tears would gush spontaneously with abundance of birds, whose harmo- from her eyes. In order to alleviate nious voices joined in more than com- her sorrow, the sprite desired her to mon melody. His look hung upon her name her every wish, which should lips, and his ear eagerly swallowed the instantly be realized. sounds that issued from her melodious “Have we not revels,” would he often mouth. Every word glided into his say, “ do not my people throng in duty heart, and remained there fixed as ada- round you?

a ?” “ Yes," would the prinmant. During his life of endless ages, cess reply, “ but the beings here whom he never enjoyed such rapturous hours I behold, are foreign to my race. Here

I look in vain for features, which, about transports of the lady were not, however, my father's court, had been rendered in perfect unison with his; her brow dear by custom. In vain I look for was clouded with heaviness; that soft lineaments of those still dearer, who, melancholy, that melting languor, which from my earliest years, were my comgives such irresistible grace to the fe- panions,-oh! were they here, I might male sex, betrayed some ungratified be happier.”—“ Well then,” replied wish that her heart concealed, some the elf, “ thy wish shall be accomplishfeelings that did not exactly tally with ed; and if my potent power can chase those of her lover. He soon discovered away dejection from thy lovely breast, this, and strove, by the most endearing that power is wholly thine," He imcaresses, to disperse the cloud, and mediately touched the ground with his cheer the heart of the dejected damsel, sceptre, and baskets of fruits and vegebut in vain. “Alas !" would she often tables, with turnips, large gourds, merepeat, “ what is it to me, that thou art lons, and pomegranates of an extraorai monarch of unbounded realms and dinary size arose from the earth. riches-what to me that thou art a sub- After gazing at her a few moments, terranean power whose potency exceeds with looks of the most affectionate tenthe sway of all those sceptered earth- derness, he thus addressed her :-“Fairest lings, whose heads are canopied by the among the daughters of the earth, reclouds, if I am destined always to reside sume thy native cheerfulness ; banish here within thy kingdom, a living all sorrow from thy soul, and let thy grave! Oh! (would she continue) re- heart be alive to the joys of society.

as he now owed to his first love. The 1

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Thou shalt no longer remain a solitary was so happy in her company, that she mourner in my habitation. These almost forgot to trouble her wand for baskets contain every thing necessary to a farther stretch of its wonder-working make thee happy, and as I see return- power, ing pleasure beam upon thy cheek, receive this parti-coloured wand, what- The watchful gnome now hugged ever it touches that vegetates, will himself on the penetration which he instantly yield the form wbich you imagined he had displayed in diving prescribe, and every form produced into the heart of woman; nor was he shall in every thing execute your will,

less elevated with the idea of the progress but, mark me, fair one, though nature he had made in the science of man. own my influence, nature's laws are The princess now seemed to him more still immutable-a higher power than beautiful, lovely, and cheerful than mine watches over them. I cannot bid ever. She, on her part, had at length the cedar and the rose outlive the term given animation to her whole stock of prescribed for their existence; and every turnips, gourds and melons. With her thing derived from things so perishable, enchanted wand, she had converted the must perish with them. Your compa- whole of them into the form of her atnions will wither when their parents tendant virgins. But having two more decay, and die when they die. Saying left than she wanted for this purpose, these words, he retired, leaving the prin- she gave to one of them the shape of a cess to follow her own inclinations; nor cat, and on the other she bestowed the did she delay one moment to act upon body of a monkey. She now establishhis instructions. Her first wish was to ed a court, assigned each servant her behold ber favorite maid: striking one portion of work, and was obeyed by of the gourds, “ Brinhilda, my dear them all with the utmost alacrity. The Brinbilda,” she cried, “ appear."

whole household, in fact, anticipated Obedient to her summons, her maid her wishes ; a nod was sufficient; no was prostrate before her, tenderly em- need of words : and every order was exbracing her mistress's knees, and bedew-ecuted without the smallest demur. ing her hand with tears of joy. The She enjoyed for many months the unindeception was so complete and perfect, terrupted pleasures of society; dances, that Stella started at the work of her songs, music, and merriment of every own hands. She was in doubt, whether kind succeeded each other from mornher real and trusty servant had appeared | ing till night in this enchanted palace; to her view, or whether a delusive phan- but time, that never-failing monitor, tom had not mocked her eyes. How- reminded her that the freshness of her erer, she could not refrain from giving companions'cheeks began to fade. The way to the sensations of joy. They glass in the marble saloon first suggestrushed into each other's arnis, bedewed ed this observation to her. She was each other with mutual tears. They astonished to perceive, that her comwalked together up and down the gar- plexion bloomed like a rose-bud; while den, expatjating on the beauty of the her attendants were shrunk like so maplace, and plucking from the trees, the ny withered flowers. One morning, gold-streaked apples with which they the beautiful princess entered the breakwere loaded. She made numerous en- fast parlour, where she beheld a comquiries after those she had left on earth, pany of helpless women tottering to her father, and even her former lover, salute her. They were supported upon

young Duke Ratibor, were not for- crutches, apparently quite decrepid from gotten.

To all ex quiries the fictitious complete old age. The monkey lay gave

the most discreet and stretched out and stiff, and the cat feil satisfactory answers; and the princess down, not being able to crawl. Stella



instantly rushed out of the chamber, very fields are in mourning. In the dreadfully alarmed at the horrid sight, vale beneath, winter enjoys bis reign and immediately hastened to the garden, unmolested. Thy presence alone fixed where she called aloud upon the sprite. spring to these rocks. Only wait three He quickly obeyed the call, and appear- moons, and thou shalt bave plenty at ed in an humble attitude.“ Malicious command.” Eloquent as this speech elf,” said she, in an angry mood, " why was, before he half finished it, Stella dosť thou envy me the society of the turned from him in disgust, and retired appearances of my former companions to her chamber without answering him -the only comfort of my unhappy life? a word. He, however, desired his chief Immediately restore to my attendants sprite to obtain a load of vegetable seeds

a that health and beauty of which thou of all descriptions, with which he sowed hast robbed them, or my hatred, scorn, some hundred of acres of ground. He and contempt shal) avenge thy audaci- then consigned the charge of the field ty."-"Fairest of mortals,” replied he, to the same attendant spirit, charging 66 whatever lies within the reach of my him to kindle a subterraneous fire, and abilities, only waits your commands; to ripen the plants with a kindly beat. but do not expect from me things im- The turnip-field prospered amazingly, possible. As long as any vegetative and promised an excellent crop in a moisture remained in the vegetables, the short time. The princess went every magic wand could transform the princi- day to view it; and though she seemed ple of life according to your desire ; but to take considerable pleasure in viewing ibeir moisture is now evaporated, and their progress, yet disappointment and they are near the verge of dissolution. discontent had clouded her azure eyes; But do not be uneasy. Another basket- her favourite spot was a plantation of full shall make thee amends. Now, gloomy firs, which was situated by the therefore, return to mother nature her rocky side of a brook, that discharged presents; thou wilt find companions its crystal stream into the valley. Here more suited to thy taste in the garden, she would often retire, and give way to on the grass-plat.” Having said this, the most profound melancholy. The the sprite departed. Stella immediate- gnome observed her behaviour, and was ly took the parti-coloured wand; and very niuch concerned at it. Though he gently touching her decrepid maids, plainly perceived he had not made the they all became withered turnips, gourds, least impression on her heart, he still and melons. She now tripped lightly hoped time, and his tender assiduities, over the verdant lawn, in quest of the would overcome her inaiden coyness, as basket; but she could not find it any he flattered himself no one had ever where. After a long while spent in possessed her affections. In this, howfruitless search, the gnome appeared at ever, he was mistaken. Prince Ratibor, the vine-walk with a sorrowful counte- a young neighbour of her father, had nance. “ Thou hast deceived me,” placed his affections on her, and received said she : where is the basket ? I have hers in return. The enamoured pair been seeking for it, to no purpose, above were looking forward to the completion this hour." “Gracious mistress of my of their happiness, when the sudden affections, chief delight of my heart, disappearance of Stella frustrated all replied the sprite, “ wilt thou forgive their hopes. The prince was distractmy thoughtlessness? I have promised ed; he rambled into the woods, without more than I ain able to perform. I knowing what he did. He even visited have traversed around my country, in the mighty wizard Zauberstarff, the quest of turnips and other vegetables ; chief of the Guebres, or workers in fire ; but they have been long gathered, and but even his cabalistic charms and Rosiare now rotting in damp cellars. The crucian sorceries availed nothing ; and

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