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Christy Scanlon, “and by her death- “ do I indeed owe my life to thee? blessing I'll be with you to the last Bless thee, Morty-bless thee-bless of my life. Hear that now, and come thee !"— “ Procure my pardon from on, all of ye." The dilloskers stood Fergus Consadine, uncle," said Quann, irresolute. The sight of the gold and bowing to the revered Brehon king, jewels; the sudden appearance of old who had just re-appeared, “and let Morough, whom they at first feared as Onagh share your blessing as my bride. a Lepreghaun; and the daring manner I shall then be as happy-" " Thy of Trevenny, had completely over- bride, Morty!" interrupted Morough. powered them. For a moment their “ We have plighted troth together this passions were stagnant, and Jasper was night upon the beach,” replied Quann. just about to grapple with Christy, when “ 'Twas little she thought I stood a pale girl, on whose handsome features breathless at her side, listening to the present joy appeared to be struggling song she sang, while she stood by the with the memory of by-gone grief, fol- sea's edge, pondering so deeply (upon lowed by a tall figure, in the ruddy me perhaps too) that the white foam prime of manhood, glided like a spirit glimmered upon her brow unheeded. into the hut.

Her words would have won a harder A glance from the manly stranger heart than I can boast of, with all my instantly subdued the sturdy Cornish- guilt. You shall hear them, uncle. man, and the pale young beauty having Do you listen also, king Fergus, and taken down the wren-bush from the low prepare both of ye to give my Onagh roof, and placed it on the floor in front joy of her reclaimed and penitent spendof Christy, began to chant one of the thrift as the last words "melts

away verses which are still used by the merry her lips.” The moment was critical, wren-boys when they “ sound for col

and the bashful Onagh instantly placed lection along."

her hands in those of Morty, and

chanted with a faultering voice the fol"Op Saint Stephen's day, the little king bird In his green holly bower is always beard,

lowing simple rhymes.
Claiming homage and gift from maids and men :-
Heart-cankered be they wbo frown on the Wren!" " I smile by day, for the old man's sake,

Although my heart's at sea,
This fearful malediction from the With the flowers all pight I weep ápd wake,

They seem to pity me. honoured grandchild of the old beach

“ My kinsmen say, he was virtue's foe, king, poor Onagh, the spendthrift's

And ruder than the sea; victim, effectually smoothed the knotted But what care I, wben well I know, brow of Christy. Meantime Trevenny endeavoured to palliate his guilt, by Old Fergus listened with tears in his stating the cause of the uproar. eyes to young Onagh's song, and joined last," concluded he, “my little hero Morough O'Dwyer in a hearty benison said without a stammer, but outright on the heads of the plighted ones. and full as I speak it, that you, even

The hut then became a scene of joyous you, Morty Quann, was the roguish | uproar. The rude dilloskers pressed nevey he'd been prating about. That around Morty, and loudly welcomed was too much, Captain, I could'nt him to his home again. Onagh sat pouch it, to say nought of his beslaver-silent and happy, reposing on the bosom ing me:-So you see,” The Corn- of Fergus beneath the wren-bush, while ishman's speech was here cut short by old Sir Morough distributed largesse an exclamation of joy from the old man, from his

treasure-bag among the beachas he staggered into the arms of Morty boys. Even Trevenny was not forgot--for Morty himself the stranger was ten by the kind forgiving old man, not

My preserver! my kind-hearted, withstanding he had just aggravated his brave, forgiven boy,” said Morough, precedent delinquency, by churlishly

He once was kind to me?"

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observing that, " Fortune, in throwing | by a blow from my old father's tough Sir Morough on his native shore, and staff that was properly levelled at my putting gold in his palm again in his ex- own head; and if I won't stand by the treme old age, had played the part of the imp, and bear wi' his folly, who on fickle fishwife, who, in a fit of humani- the wide seas would, I wonder ?” The ty, pitched the mackerel into his natu- youth was occupied in draining a vessel ral element, after she had gutted and of meadh, and Jasper urged him to pickled him.” The Cornishman was, prolong his draught, by roaring this however, summoned to approach the old Cornish drinking-catch in his ear, board and take his allotted portion of

with all the mirth and carelessness of the treasure ; but he declined accepting one in whose presence nothing extrathe proffered gift, and turned towards ordinary had lately occurred. the youth with whom he had entered the hut, a mischievous half-lunatic elf,

" Drain the jug, drouthily,

Tipple boy, tipple boy: the eternal cause of sorrow and anger

Lay to it mouthily, to Trevenny, who patiently endured his

Swigging boy, swigging boy;

Warı it now nosily, manifold misdeeds; “ seeing,” said he,

Rosy boy, rosy boy, o that the cursed 'oosbert Iost his wits

And be not outfaced by brown ale."

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It's sweet to go with hound and hawk,

O'er moor and mountain roamin';
It's sweeter to walk on the Solway side,

With a fair maid at the gloamin';
But it's sweeter to bound o'er the deep green sea,

When the blood is chafed and foamino;
For the seaboy has then the prayer of good men,

And the sighing of lovesome woman.
The wind is up, and the sail is spread,

And look at the foaming furrow,
Behind the bark as she shoots away,

As fleet as the outlaw's arrow;
And the tears drop fast from lovely eyes,

And hands are wrung in sorrow; -
But when we come back, there is shout and clap,

And mirth both night and morrow.


On a harvest afternoon, (says the re- on the grass : the maidens sat plaiting lator of these traditions) when the ripe and arranging their locks into more grain, which clothed the western slope graceful and seducing ringlets : while of the Cumberland hills, had partly three hoary old men sat abreast and submitted to the sickle, a party of reap- upright

, looking on the Sea of Solway! ers were seated on a small green knoll, which was spread out, with all its roenjoying the brief luxury of the dinner mantic variety of headland, and rock, hour. The young men lay stretched and bay, below them. The mid-day

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sun had been unusually sultry, accom- slew so many of the gallant Dacres and panied with hot and suffocating rushes Selbys at Clifton and Carlisle-but the of wind; and the appearance of a huge Cumberland ravens had their revenge! and dark cloud, which hung, like a ca- I mind the head and yellow hair of him nopy of smoke and fame over a burning who slew my Forster Selby, hanging city,-betokened, to an experienced over the Scottish gate of Carlisle. Aye, swain, an approaching storm. One of I was avenged no doubt. But the son the old reapers shook his head, and I have left, has disgraced, for ever, the combing the remainder snow over his pure blood of the Selbys, by wedding forehead with his fingers, said, "Woe's a border Gordon, with as mickle gypsy me! one token comes, and another to- blood in her veins as would make pleken arises, of tempest and wrath on that bians of all the Howards and Percies. darkening water. It comes to my me- I would rather have stretched him in mory like a dream ;-for I was but a the church-ground of Allanbay, with boy then groping trouts in Ellenwater the mark of a Hielandman's brand on that it was on such a day, some fifty his brow, as was the lot of his brave years ago, that the Bonnie Babie Allan, brothers—or gathered his body from of Saint Bees, was wrecked on that rock, among these rocks, as I did those of my o'er the top of which the tide is whirl- other children !-But oh, Sirs, when ing and boiling,—and the father and did man witness so fearful a coming-on three brethren of Richard Faulder were as yon dark sky forebodes." drowned. How can I forget such a sea ! While this conversation went on, the It leaped on the shore, among these clouds had assembled on the summits shells and pebbles, as high as the mast of the Scottish and Cumbrian mounof a brig; and threw its foam as far as tains, and a thick canopy of them, the corn-ricks of Walter Selby's stack- which hung over the Isle of Man, waxed yard,

and that's a good half-mile." more ominous and vast. A light, as “ Ise warrant,” interrupted a squat of a fierce fire-burning, dropt frequent and demure old man, whose speech was from its bosom,—throwing a sort of a singular mixture of Cumbrian English supernatural flame along the surface of and Border Scotch,—" Ise warrant, the water,--and shewing distinctly the Willie, your memory will be rifer o' haven, and houses, and shipping, and the lovely lass of Annanwater, who haunted castle of the Isle. The old men whomel'd, keel upward, on the hip of sat silently gazing on the scene, while the Mermaid rock, and spilt her rare cloud succeeded cloud, till the whole wameful of rare brandy into the thank- congregating vapour, unable to sustain less Solway. Faith mickle good liquor itself longer, stooped suddenly down has been thrown into that punch-bowl ; from the opposing peaks of Criffel and but fiend a drop of grog was ever made Skiddaw, filling up the mighty space out of such a thriftless basin. It will between the mountains, and approachaiblens be long afore such a gude-send ing so close to the bosom of the ocean, comes to our coast again. There was as to leave room alone for the visible Saunders Macmichael was drunk be- flight of the seamew and cormorant. tween yule and yule--for by~"

The water-fowl, starting from the sea, “Waes me, well may I remember flew landward in a flock, fanning the that duleful day,” interrupted the third waves with their wings, and uttering bandsman : “ it cost me a fair son- that wild and piercing scream, which my youngest and my best I had seven distinguishes them from all other fowls, once-alas, what have I now-three when their haunts are disturbed. The were devoured by that false and unsta- clouds and darkness encreased, and the ble water—three perished by the sharp bird on the rock, the cattle in the fold, , swords of those highland invaders, who and the reapers in the field, all looked


pward, and seaward, expecting the tions, are unknown among the ruddy coming of the storm.

and buxom damsels of Cumberland. " Benjamin Forster,” said an old The maritime damsels of Allenbay are reaper to me, as I approached his side, not unconscious of their charms, or and stood gazing on the sea—“ I coun- careless about their preservation ; and sel thee, youth, to go home, and shelter to this sweet maiden nature had given these young hairs beneath thy mother's so much female tact, as enabled her to roof. The mountains have covered their know, that a beautiful face, and large heads—and hearken, too,--that hollow dark hazel eyes, have some influence moan running among the cliffs ! There among men. When she had wreathed is a voice of mourning, my child, goes up her tresses to her satisfaction, she along the seacliffs of Solway before she began to cast around her such glances, swallows up the seafaring man. Seven -suddenly shot and as suddenly with times have I heard that warning voice drawn-as would have been dangerous, in one season--and it cries, woe to the concentrated on one object, but which, wives and the maids of Cumberland !" divided with care, even to the fractional

On the summit of a knoll, which part of a glance, among several hinds, swelled gently from the margin of infused a sort of limited joy, without small beck or rivulet, and which was exciting hope. Indeed, this was the about a dozen yards apart from the main work of the maiden's eyes alone, for body of the reapers-sate a young Cum- her heart was employed about its own brian maiden, who seemed wholly in peculiar care, and its concern was fixed tent on the arrangement of a profusion on a distant and different object. She of nut-brown locks, which descended, pulled from her bosom a silken case, in clustering masses, upon her back and curiously wrought with the needle. A shoulders. This wilderness of ringlets youth sat on the figured prow of a bark, owed, apparently, as much of its curling and beneath him mermaid swam on elegance to nature as to art, and flowed the green silken sea, waving back her down on all sides with a profusion ri- long tresses with one hand, and supvalling the luxuriant tresses of the ma- plicating the young seaman with the donas of the Roman painters. Half in other. This singular production seemcoquetry, and half in willingness to ed the sanctuary of her triumphs over restrain her tresses under a small fillet the hearts of men. She began to empof green silk, her fingers, long, round, ty out its contents in ber lap, and the and white, continued shedding and dis- jealousy of many a Cumbrian maiden, posing of this beautiful fleece. At length, from Allanbay to St. Bee's-head, would the locks were fastened under the fillet have been excited by learning whose -a band denoting maidenhood_and loves these emblems represented. There her lily-looking hands, dropping across were letters expressing the ardour of each other in repose from their toil, rustic affection-locks of hair, both allowed the eye toadmire a smooth and black and brown, tied up in shreds of swan-white neck, which presented one of silk,- and keepsakes, from the magnithose natural and elegant sinuous lines, tude of a simple brass pin, watered with that sculptors desire so much to com- gold, to a massy broach of price and municate to marble. Amid all this beauty. She arranged these primitive sweetness and simplicity, there appeared treasures, and seemed to ponder over something of rustic archness and co- the vicissitudes of her youthful affecquetry ;—but it was a kind of natural tions. Her eyes, after lending a brief and born vanity, of which a little gives scrutiny to each keepsake and symbol, a grace and joyousness to beauty. - finally fixed their attention upon a Those pure creations of female simpli- | brooch of pure gold : as she gazed on it, city, which shine in pastoral specula- she gave a sigh, and looked seaward,

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