P. Virgilii Maronis Æneis. Virgil's Æneid, with Engl. notes by H. Young

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الصفحة 13 - Edition. is. 6d. 49. Derivative Spelling-Book: Giving the Origin of Every "Word from the Greek, Latin, Saxon, German, Teutonic, Dutch, French, Spanish, and other Languages ; with their present Acceptation and Pronunciation. By J. ROWBOTHAM, FRAS Improved Edition. is. 6d.
الصفحة 31 - So spake the enemy of mankind enclosed In serpent, inmate bad ! and toward Eve Addressed his way, not with indented wave, Prone on the ground, as since, but on his rear, Circular base of rising folds that towered Fold above fold, a surging maze, his head Crested aloft, and carbuncle his eyes ; With burnished neck of verdant gold, erect Amidst his circling spires, that on the grass Floated redundant...
الصفحة 9 - Written and Selected from the Best Masters, by CHARLES CHILD SPENCER, is. 6d. 181. PAINTING POPULARLY EXPLAINED, including Fresco, Oil, Mosaic, Water Colour, Water-Glass, Tempera, Encaustic, Miniature, Painting on Ivory, Vellum, Pottery, Enamel, Glass, &c. With Historical Sketches of the Progress of the Art by THOMAS JOHN GULLICK, assisted by JOHN TIMBS, FSA Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged, with Frontispiece and Vignette.
الصفحة 14 - Italian Grammar, arranged in Twenty Lessons, with a Course of Exercises. By ALFRED ELWES. is. 6d. 28. Italian Triglot Dictionary, wherein the Genders of all the Italian and French Nouns are carefully noted down. By ALFRED ELWES Vol.
الصفحة 101 - Luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae, Pallentesque habitant Morbi tristisque Senectus, Et Metus et malesuada Fames ac turpis Egestas, Terribiles visu formae, Letumque Labosque ; Tum consanguineus Leti Sopor, et mala mentis Gaudia, mortiferumque adverso in limine Bellum, Ferreique Eumenidum thalami, et discordia demens, Vipereum crinem vittis innexa cruentis.
الصفحة 10 - Annuities, Life Assurance, and General Commerce ; with various Tables by which all Calculations may be greatly facilitated. By W. HIPSLEY. 2s. 86. ALGEBRA, the Elements of. By JAMES HADDON, MA With Appendix, containing miscellaneous Investigations, and a Collection of Problems in various parts of Algebra. 2s. 86*.
الصفحة 13 - DCL is. 12. Dictionary of the English Language, as Spoken and Written. Containing above 100,000 Words. By HYDE CLARKE, DCL 3s.
الصفحة 1 - ordering from this List it is recommended, as a means of facilitating business and obviating error, to quote the numbers affixed to the volumes, as well as the titles and prices. No ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING, ETC. 16.
الصفحة 12 - WILLIAM DOUGLAS HAMILTON, FSA, of Her Majesty's Public Record Office. Fourth Edition, revised. Maps and Woodcuts. 5s.; cloth boards, 6s. 5. Greece, Outlines of the History of; in connection with the Rise of the Arts and Civilization in Europe. By W. DOUGLAS HAMILTON, of University College, London, and EDWARD LEVIEN, MA, of Balliol College, Oxford.
الصفحة 97 - Talibus orabat dictis, arasque tenebat, Cum sic orsa loqui vates : 'Sate sanguine divom, 125 Tros Anchisiada, facilis descensus Averno; Noctes atque dies patet atri janua Ditis; Sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras, Hoc opus, hie labor est.

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