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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

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C. Baldwin, Printer,

New Bridge-street, London.


Angerstein, Mr., his Collection of Pic-
tures, 489.

Animals, on Cruelty to, 530.

Armstrong, Dr. Life of 241.

Art and Nature, essential difference be-
tween, 87.

Atrabilious Reflections on Melancholy, 277.

Authors, leading, causes of their popularity
explained, 436.

Bachelor's complaint of Married People,


Bacon, Friar, 561.

Bankrupts, (M. R.) 7, 23, 39, 55, 74, 90.

Beauties of the Living Dramatists, No. V.
Processions, 37.

Beazley, Mr. 374.

Beckford, Mr. 406.

Benefits of Singers, extraordinary number
of Tickets given away at, 90.

Bertaut, Jean, French Poet, 361.

Births, (M. R.) 9, 24, 40, 56, 75, 91.

Bohemian Literature, 288.

Books and reading, detached thoughts on,


Books, new, (M. R.) 6, 21, 38, 54, 71, 86.

, preparing for publication, (M.R.)
5, 21, 37, 53, 69, 85.

Boxing, 356.

Bracebridge Hall, review of, 436.

Calaber, Quintus, his Supplemental Iliad,


Cameos and Intaglios, 451.

Candles, why they burn blue in the pre-

sence of a ghost, 133.

Canova, 288.
Caxton, his eulogium on the Earl of Wor.

cester, 149.

Celebrity from trifles, 562.

Characters: W. Warpentree, 65–Baillie
Burnewin, 67–Lowrie Linchpin, 70–
Lieut. E-102–Harry Woodriff, 104
—John Corson, 153—John Crombie,
159 — a Hypochondriac, 250—Suett,
349—Munden, 350–Tom Barnes, 390
—Walking Stewart, 410–Cosway, the
painter, 409–Boatswain Borthwick,
425—Joseph Paice, 454—the Sailor's
Widow, 538, 546–Old B- the Sailor,
560—John Munro, 569.
Charles I., his courtship of the Infanta of

Spain, 564.

Childhood, on revisiting the scenes of, 549.

Chinese Tale, Hoti and Bobo, 245.

Christmas, a Few Words on, 495–Christ-
mas Eve, 495—Christmas Day, 496.

Cicognara, his catalogue of illustrated

works, 287.

Clare, J. Wanderings in June, 5–Sonnet,
272–The Last of Autumn, 413.

Cleopatra, Jodelle's Tragedy of, 80.

Cockneyism of the French, 293.

Cockney's Rural Sports, 498.

Cockpit Royal, 389 – qualifications o

Cocks, 393—description of the Cockpi

398—company, 399—battle, 400.
Coleridge, Mr. his superiority to Mason
Collectors, directions for, 447—stat
449—cameos and intaglios 451.

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Dinner parties, 30.
Diodorus Siculus, his character of the Gauls,

Dissertation upon Roast Pig, 245.
Drama, JULY. Kean ; Roman Actor,
85—Mountaineers; Kean and Kemble's
Octavian, 86—The Waterman, 87–
projected alterations at Drury Lane;
Haymarket Theatre, 88–Bill of Fare;
Mrs. Chatterley; Oxberry; Beggar's
Opera, 89–Aug. Summer Theatres;
English Opera-house, 185—Haymarket;
Liston, John Buzzby, Peter Fin, 186–
Love among the Roses; All in the
Dark; Gil Blas, 187—SErr. English
Opera-house; Gil Blas, 279–Gordon,
the Gipsy, 230–Oct. English Opera-
house; remarks on the present state of
the Drama, 313–Gretna Green, 314—
Fair Gabrielle; the Haymarket; Morn-
ing, Noon, and Night, 375–Nov. New

Interior of Drury-Lane, 466—Changes

in the Management of Govent Garden,

468–Infringement of Theatrical Cove-

nants respecting Actors, 469–Demands

of Performers; Miss Stephens, 470–

Mr. Young, 271—new performers, Mrs.
Hughes, Miss Chester, 372—Ali Pacha,
273–DEc. Drury Lane, Kean and
Young, 570–The Two Galley Slaves;
Braham; Provoked Husband, 571–
Covent Garden, the Galley Slaves, Miss
Lacy ; Miss F. H. Kelly's Debut, 572.
Dramatic composition, decline of, 174.
Legend, King Bruce's Bowl, 229.

Dramatists, Beauties of the Living, 37.

Drinking, remarks on, 29.

Drunkard, confessions of 117.

Dumfries, description of, 64.

Ecclesiastical Preferments, (M. R.) 10, 26,
42, 53, 77, 92.

Edgeworth, Mr., his acquaintance with

Darwin, 521—letter to, from ditto, 523.

Egotism, 114.
Eleanor, niece of King John, 172—Fu-
neral of, a ballad, 172.

Elf, etymology of, 221. -

Elia, Reprints of, 99—Sonnet to, 151–

Praise of, 251—Papers by, viz.: De-

tached Thoughts on Books and Reading,

33–Confessions of a Drunkard, 119–

A Bachelor's Complaint of Married

People, 261—The Old Actors, 349–

Modern Gallantry, 453—the Gentle

Giantess, 529.

Elizabeth, Queen, 553—her school studies,

553—translations, 554—letter to Gen.

Norris, 555.

English Smugglers, 101.
English and French Character contrasted,

Epitaphs and Monuments, 567.

Etiquette, on the moral influence of, 456–
anecdotes of, 458.
Eustace de Ribaumont, 325.
Eustace, Mr. incorrectly censured by Mr.
Hobhouse, 79.

Faces, 322.
Falls of Ohiopyle, 48.
Fishing, Cockney, 507.
Flaminio, translation from, of a Hymn to
the Morning, 77.
French, passage from Diodorus Siculus, il-
lustrative of their character, 387.
Poets: Etienne Jodelle, 80–

Philippe Desportes, 204—Jean Bertaut,

361—Maurice. Sceve, 413—Guillaume

Des Autels, 416.

Pretensions, 293—national cha-

racter, 294–patriotism, 295—poetry,

296–music, 297—painting, 298—use-

ful arts, 300—politeness, 302-travel-

ling, 499.

— Tragedy, 341.

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Machabées, review of Guiraud's Tragedy

of, 341.

Magazine Writers, 21—Magazine articles,


Malvern Hills, 213.

- Church, 214.

—— Spring, 215.

Mannerism and Egotism, 114.

Markets, (M. R.) 14, 30, 46, 62,78, 94.

Marmaduke Maxwell, review of, 460.

Marriages, (M.R.) 9, 25, 40, 56, 75, 91.

Married People, a Bachelor's complaint

of, 261.

Marshal Soult and his Murillos, 114.

Martin's, Mr., Act, for preventing Crcelty

to Animals, 530.

Mason, Rev. W., Life of, 10—remarks
on his writings, 16.
Matthews, his Gallery of Actors, 349–
anecdote of, with a Scotch nobleman,

Maundevill, Sir John, 243.

Melancholy, Atrabilious Reflections upon,
Memoirs of a Hypochondriac, 249, 352.
Sir Charles Sedley, 265.
Mermaid, account of the, 569.
Meteorological Journal, (M. R.) 11, 28,
43, 59, 72, 89.

Miscellany, the, 561.

Modern Gallantry, 453.
Monkeys, Darwin's hypothesis as to their
being the original of the human race,

Montgomery, his ‘Songs of Zion,” 504.

Monuments, 567.

Moral Influence of Etiquette and Parade,
Mountains, 215—mountain scenery, 216.
Muller, German engraver, anecdote of,

Munden, 350.

Munich, new gallery and riding-house at,


Munro, John, singular character, 569.
Murat, Napoleon's character of, 56.
Murillos, Soult's collection of, 116.
Museo Borgia, 484.
Music, French, 297—compared with Poetry
and Painting, 354.

Music, Report of: general remarks on the

present state of music, concerts, 90–

Catalani, Mr. H. Field, Master Ormsby,

Oratorio, 91—Mansion-house concert,

Kiesewitter, Mori, new publications,

The Grace Book, The Law of Java,

Bishop, 92—Mr. J. Cooke's Overture,

93—the Royal Academy of Music, 181

—Concerts, 183—Mr. Moschelles's, Mr.

Lafont's, new publications, Sticbelt,

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