The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D.: The Rambler

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J. Buckland [and 40 others], 1787

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الصفحة 111 - Adam, well may we labour still to dress This garden, still to tend plant, herb, and flower, Our pleasant task enjoin'd ; but, till more hands Aid us, the work under our labour grows, Luxurious by restraint ; what we by day Lop overgrown, or prune, or prop, or bind, One night or two with wanton growth derides, Tending to wild.
الصفحة 142 - Up to our native seat: descent and fall To us is adverse. Who but felt of late, When the fierce foe hung on our broken rear Insulting, and pursued us through the deep, With what compulsion and laborious flight We sunk thus low...
الصفحة 289 - The nations between the tropics are known to be fiery, inconstant, inventive, and fanciful; because, living at the utmost length of the earth's diameter, they are carried about with more swiftness than those whom nature has placed nearer to the poles ; and therefore, as it becomes a wise man to struggle with the...
الصفحة 192 - The only advantage which, in the voyage of life, the cautious had above the negligent, was, that they...
الصفحة 137 - His praise, ye Winds, that from four quarters blow, Breathe soft or loud ; and, wave your tops, ye Pines, With every plant, in sign of worship wave. Fountains, and ye that warble, as ye flow, Melodious murmurs, warbling tune his praise.
الصفحة 336 - The works and operations of nature are too great in their extent, or too much diffused in their relations, and the performances of art too inconstant and uncertain, to be reduced to any determinate idea.
الصفحة 86 - Ordain'd by thee; and this delicious place For us too large, where thy abundance wants Partakers, and uncropt falls to the ground. But thou hast promis'd from us two a race To fill the earth, who shall with us extol Thy goodness infinite, both when we wake, And when we seek, as now, thy gift of sleep.
الصفحة 192 - Reason was able to extricate generally suffered so many shocks upon the points which shot out from the rocks of Pleasure, that they were unable to continue their...
الصفحة 141 - Thine own begotten, breaking violent way Tore through my entrails, that with fear and...
الصفحة 317 - His stanza is at once difficult and unpleasing ; tiresome to the ear by its uniformity, and to the attention by its length.

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